1994: Expanding Our Game Ch. 02


Karin was smiling, but Carina didn't look all that outraged either.

"I'm sorry," I muttered, embarrassed: "You didn't say anything, and I assumed you were on the pill..."

She shook her head in what could be understanding, disappointment or acceptance, and I lost contact with her, since Karin had suddenly swallowed my cum-dripping cock into her mouth.


I closed my eyes and enjoyed her blowjob. She got me before my poor cock could ever start deflating, so she took very little to consolidate my hardon.

She left her nasty meal and looked at me: "Good! Now your nuts are empty and you can fuck me longer..."

She lied on her back and spread her legs again.

I know my duty, so I rose again and went back between my woman's naked thighs and aimed my weapon at her still gaping cunt.

Karin shook her head no: "Fuck my ass, now."

Carina gasped in shock, and I wasn't less surprised than her. The pure idea of cornholing my woman next to her friend was a turn on like nothing before.

I lowered my weapon to the newly assigned target while she lifted her legs and stuffed a pillow under her hips; her hole was already wet with saliva and pussy juice, while my cock was still smeared in Carina's and my sticky spunk... And naughty Karin was already adding some cream to her entrance.

I roared my happiness and drove to target in a slow, powerful move.

"Ouch!" Karin gasped, at feeling her sphincter so roughly stretched, and my cockhead slipped into her hole.

I felt her fingernail sink into my sides as my cock sank into her ass.

Exhausted as she was, Carina rose to an elbow to watch in awe as her friend got sodomized in front of her.

I moved in a way to offer her the best view, and Carina got the chance to see my cock slowly pump into Karin's hairy arse.

"Oh my God," she panted astonished: "You've got it all into your ass!"

"Hmmm... You bet!" Karin sighed in pain and pleasure, "It's so good and so nasty, you know... I love it!"

I started fucking hard my girlfriend ass, and my pleasure was doubled by having a public for my perverted performance.

I was pounding Karin's ass in a full front position, and Carina enjoyed the full view of our unholy act. She lay naked next to her friend's heaving body, breathing the scent of her steaming pleasure. The sight of my cock pumping in and out of Karin's forbidden hole must have being turning her on again for the pure perversion of the act in itself, before after a second of bewilderment, Carina started slowly touching herself.

"Hmmm... Oohhh... Yes, fuck me... Aahhh..."

Karin's loud screams were a great turn-on too, and it was good I just came a few minutes ahead, or I would explode on the spot.

Carina's hands started stroking her clit and her tits while her eyes stayed transfixed on her friend's violated asshole, and soon she started panting and moaning in tune with her.

I held Karin's feet by the heels of her boots while ramming into her by now completely stretched asshole, enjoying the strength of her rectal muscles clenching at my ploughing shaft. It was the best fuck I ever had, and I knew it was going to be a long one too.

It was. After at least fifteen minutes of brutal sodomy, Karin pulled me out and added some more cream to my shaft and inside her hole, and then I plugged her hole again, resuming my rhythm into her bowels.

Carina didn't lose a move, spelled by the lewd view we were offering to her. After a while, her masturbation peaked and she came with a shrill. She closed her eyes for a moment, panting hard, then she reopened them and there we were, still having anal sex in front of her.

With a desperate moan, she resumed stroking herself, and after another little while she still wanted more.

I never slowed down fucking Karin's rectum while Carina lounged over my abused girlfriend and slowly kissed her gaping mouth.

Taken by her own lust, Karin instinctively grabbed her friend's head and pulled her closer; in a second, a soft kiss turned into an outright lesbian mouth-fuck.

Carina's right hand stopped stroking her own's breast and moved to Karin's. The blonde arched and thrashed, moaning loud into her friend's mouth.

I felt my cock squeezed hard by the contractions of the abused sphincter, and I instinctively pushed harder into the hole I was fucking.

Karin squealed loud, spitting out her friend's probing tongue.

Carina lowered her head, and her mouth found the swollen nipple her hand had just been kneading. She started sucking on it in earnest.

"Ah! Ah! Ah! Aahhh... AAARGGHHHHH!!!"

I had pushed back Karin's leg just a bit, and my cock just hit the back of her G-spot, with the result of triggering a devastating recto-vaginal orgasm that washed her through.

The girl trashed about, twisted around, convulsed and quivered madly, shouting obscenities and spitting out her lounges for the sudden, total release her abused body was experiencing.

It lasted long, the longest orgasm Karin ever had in front of me until then, and it was awesome.

After a full minute of convulsion, I felt myself taken over the edge, and painfully came deep inside her bowels, washing her insides with loads after loads of thick cum.

I held my ground for at least another minute, emptying myself into Karin as her convulsions slowly subsided, but in the end I collapsed over her shacking body.

I don't know which mouth I kissed dryly, which breasts I caressed, which hand rubbed my hair.

I just felt two naked, warm female bodies closing on me with a double full-body soft embrace, and I fell asleep between my two well-fucked ladies, spent.

Ysa wake me up as usual very early in the morning. She had been confused, since I wasn't as usual on my side of the bed, but in the very centre of it, surrounded by two snoring human ladies, but had the sense to jump on the bed from the bottom, so to avoid waking them up.

I wore something light, walked her down for her morning recce, then I prepared breakfast as usual. I went to the bath to wash up, cleaning up in particular my dick using an intimate soap, and went back to bed.

The two girls were still fast asleep. Karin had somehow thrown away her boots during the night, but for the rest they were as I left them when I fell asleep between them: naked, facing each other, and with a thin trickle of cum oozing from their holes between their naked thighs.

What a sight!

My freshly cleaned cock started stirring, and I knew it wanted more of all that pussy in front of it...

Tell me whatever you want about hospitality, but I still felt my fiancé had priority.

Carina wake up at the bumps of the bed, as I was trying to bang Karin awake, and quickly offered to help me, well knowing how difficult it can be to have her back conscious after a night's sleep.

She went on her face while I kept slamming her pussy missionary style and kissed her eyes and mouth open. When Karin started fucking me back, I reached her mouth too, and joined her kiss.

"Good morning, my love."

"'Morning..." she croaked.

The three of us fucked each other stupid until our stomachs started shouting with rage, and we left to the kitchen.

We desperately needed fuel for our spent bodies before getting back at it.

We went on and on, and the memory of the day is a blur. I wasn't allowed to do Carina's ass though: Karin claimed that as her own private territory... And I didn't get to see the two of them getting at each other either, since my wife was so much against girl-on-girl as far as it involved her. I am not sure Carina was that interested either; all I could exact from them was some more (almost) innocent kissing and touching.

But I didn't mind: there was more for me to do!

Every time I couldn't stand any more, the two of them went down on me and helped each other resurrecting me with their mouths and tongues... And we started again.

Eventually, we had to stop.

They left the bed for getting ready, Carina went to the shower and Karin lovingly covered me with a sheet to let me rest.

I fell asleep on the spot.

I woke up when Karin came back from the airport; Carina left to Holland, and then she was due to the Caribbean with her friend Mathilda May.

Karin's eyes shone as she lay back on the bed next to me.

I kissed her, and she fondly kissed me back. I moved my hand between her bare legs, and got the warm surprise to find her naked under her miniskirt.

"Hmmm... I had no time to find clean knickers when we rushed to the airport..."

She never got the time to undress: I fucked her on the spot, just lifting her skirt.

Before switching off the light and sleep, that night, Karin kissed me again and whispered, "So, lover... Did you like my threesome? Better than yours, I'd say!"

I could only agree, and with a wide grin.

This story is 90% true. Of course the names are changed, and I reported all the ludicrous exchanges with sweet Carina as best as I could remember them: I also synthesizing them, otherwise this placement should have fallen under the "Humour and Satire" entry.

Being a real story, it left some threads open. We never saw Carina again, since she ended up settling in St. Maarten with a rich and aging white husband and a young and well-hung black lover.

By the way, we ended up with a standing invitation to go and see her over there. I can't help imaging another kinky story to take place one day in a beautiful tropical island as a change... Anyway, we kept contact for a while, since I wanted to be sure there were no undesired consequences to our threesome. There weren't any. The upsetting bitch was off the pill all right, but we had been lucky. Actually, I discovered later that the whole thing hasn't been only a very accurate set up by Karin for my own sake, but also a small revenge from her side about something that happened back at High School, when Carina had stolen Karin's boyfriend while she was performing the Year's final ballet.


Please give me feedbacks! As I wrote in my profile, I write essentially for fun, and to improve my written English. While I can't do much to change the stories as such – since they are essentially true – I think I can for sure improve the way I write them, both in grammar and style. Your help will be much appreciated!

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