byExtreme Bohunk©

Nita realized her robe had fallen open, and Bob was treating himself to yet another free show of her feminine charms. She also noticed he was getting a hard on.

Words continued to fall out of her in bits. 'Uhhh, uhmm, So you can't leave until...?'

He finished the sentence for her. 'Until your husband fucks you silly! I'm here to make sure that happens. You clicked, he dicks! What's so hard to understand?'

Her eyes moved from the obscene cherub to the bag on the bed. Before she could ask, he told her, 'It's a nice little outfit he won't be able to resist. I'll take care of the rest.'

She blinked, trying to comprehend. 'You mean...'

Bob smacked his forehead. 'Son of a BITCH! Do I have to explain everything? OK, here goes. In about 10 minutes John boy is gonna come through the door. There's gonna be a drink waiting for him, his favorite. And then another. While he's relaxing, you're gonna sneak back up here, and put this little get up on. About 30 seconds after he sees you in this, I'm one step closer to getting the fuck out of here. Got it now?'

He snapped his fingers, she was instantly in a long black dress that accentuated her every curve. Another snap, and a full length mirror appeared in front of her. She gasped in surprise. The dress had a subtle shimmer to the fabric which highlighted her body with every motion. It clung to her, showing all, revealing nothing. Which was what she had on underneath.

Her hair, nails, make up and jewelry were perfect. A pair of silver earrings matched a tiny chain bracelet and anklet set. The shoes were a sexy tribute to her gorgeous feet. Nita had a hard time recognizing herself in the mirror.

A door closed downstairs. John was home.

Nita asked Bob 'What about you? What do I tell John?'

Bob gave a 'no big deal' shrug. 'He can't see me, only you can. Let's get this show on the road OK? Go downstairs, and say hello to your husband.'

She found John in the living room, shoes off, feet up, drink in hand. The same odd radio sation was playing, he had his head back and his eyes closed.

Nita moved silently behind him, covered his eyes with her hands, placed a soft upside down kiss, and whispered sexily, 'Guess who?'

John smiled and guessed. 'Uhhhh, Lana?'

Nita kept her hands over his eyes, and moved around in front of him. She gave a deeper kiss, and whispered, 'Nope, try again'

He crinkled his brow in thought and guessed. 'Carol?'

Her lips moved to his ear, and traced a trail of heat.

John gave a low 'mmmmmmm' and guessed, 'Uhhh, Bubba?'

She whispered 'Nooooo' and looked up to see Bob impatiently checking his watch. She slyly gave him the finger.

She stood, removing her hands from John's eyes. They opened and went wide, absorbing the vision that was his wife. She handed him his drink, he gulped it in one shot. She turned slowly, letting him see the whole show. He grinned from ear to ear.

He didn't know where to start. 'Wow! I-I-mean you look soooo..... WOW!'

She smiled, and went to get him another drink. Bob, floating, held one out to her.

She brought it to John, bending so he had a perfect view down the front of the low cut dress. Nita glared over the top of John's head at Bob, who had moved in for a look.

John didn't notice, unable to tear his eyes away from her display of freckled cleavage. He felt a heat building inside himself. It seemed the room was getting warmer.

Nita looked back to John, and noticed a flush on his cheeks. There was a gleam in his eye she hadn't seen since they were dating. She began to think maybe Bob wasn't so bad after all. She stood and told John, 'You relax for awhile, finish your drink.'

She moved to the stairs, and up, Bob floating behind her. They entered the bedroom, she closed the door.

In a hushed, yet sharp tone, she demanded, 'What the fuck? Are you going to watch my every move?'

Bob grinned and replied, 'I have to, best part of the job actually. Satisfaction guaranteed, remember? Besides, I happen to know there's a little part of you that likes to be watched.'

Nita's blush gave her away. Bob gave her a smug 'I knew it' grin.

He snapped his fingers, she was nude. His eyes again traveled her body, lingering on her newly shaved surprise. Without moving his eyes, he asked, 'You gonna get dressed, or do I get to look at Bald Valley all night?'

Nita sighed in exasperation, and opened the shopping bag.

She pulled out a pair of low cut white cotton panties, one size smaller than she normally wore. Next was a lacy white bra. It felt like it was made of smoke. She slid on the panties, saving herself from Bob's leering eyes. The bra was magic. It fit perfectly, and did things for her chest that nothing store bought could do.

Next from the bag was a pair of white, just above the knee stockings, made of the same material as the dress. Small silk bows decorated the top of each. They slid up her legs, and stayed perfectly in place. A pair of sexy black patent leather shoes with adorable little ties came next. And then, a small white shorty top. It left her midriff bare, the white of the shirt contrasting with her skin. She tied it under her breasts, leaving the buttons undone.

And finally, the classic red plaid skirt. Except this one was slit up the side to give a tantalizing peek at the panties beneath. And short, stopping just above her rounded cheeks in back, and just below her cotton covered mound in front.

Bob snapped his fingers, the mirror was back. Nita's reflection was the sexiest 'Fuck me' schoolgirl she had ever seen. Another snap, and a silver and black cross necklace appeared between her breasts. Nita felt a thrill of nervous excitement run through her. Bob leered and winked, admiring his handiwork.

'Babe' he said, 'You're about to get the ride of your life. Your gonna thank me every time you sit down for the next couple of days.' He snapped, the mirror vanished.

Bob went on, 'OK, now listen up. John's not gonna be able to get out of that chair until you say "Fuck me like the bad girl that I am". Until then, you can do anything you want, if you get my drift.'

Nita nodded, she had never felt sexier. She was already getting moist from the combination of anticipation and built up need.

Bob smacked her on the ass, shocking her into action. 'Let's go Chiquita! I'm on the freakin' clock here!'

She sauntered from the room, working her hips. A low sting remained on her bottom where the little cherub had so rudely planted one.

One by one, she made her way down the steps. The patent shoes really did reflect up, she could see her panties peeking out with each step.

She moved to the living room, noticing the same radio station still on, and in the center of the floor, a wooden stool, surrounded by a pool of light. It was the only light in the room. Nita paused, took a breath, stepped in front of her husband, and into the light.

John's eyes bugged at the sight of her. His mouth opened and closed, searching for words. He had been getting more and more uncomfortable waiting. The room seemed hot, his crotch was aching. He could think only of her, he was getting hornier by the minute.

Nita stood for a second, watching his reaction, and unsure what to do next. She let her imagination take over, slipping into the role of Naughty Schoolgirl.

'I'm sorry I'm late, Sir.' she lilted, getting into it now.

'I'll do my best to catch up on the work I missed. I think my books are right down here....'

With that, she turned her back to him and bent to a low shelf, knowing exactly what her skirt was doing behind her. Exposing her cheeks, with a white strip of cotton between them. She stuck out her bottom, and wiggled saucily as she 'looked for her books'

John tried to lunge from the chair, but couldn't. He had never felt a desire so strong. For him, the room was getting hotter, growing hazy, with a reddish tinge. She was just getting warmed up.

Having located her book, Nita turned back to him, and moved to the stool. She slowly straddled it, one leg at a time. Her bottom floated to meet the seat. She opened the book, pretending to read, crossing and uncrossing her legs. His eyes were locked on her panties, as they peeked out and then disappeared with each movement of her legs.

She set the book aside, and stretched deeply. Her back arched, the shirt pulled open, putting her beautiful cleavage on full display.

A hint of her perfume, and her own natural scent floated to his suddenly ultra sensitive nostrils. The beast that was John's lust roared, yet he remained riveted to the chair. Nita thought she heard him growl.

She looked up into red rimmed eyes filled with primal lust. He was like a caged animal, straining for release.

She cooed, 'Ooh, I'm sorry Sir! It's just seems to be getting so warm in here'

With that, Nita pulled the tie of her shirt loose, allowing it to fall open. At the same time, she raised her feet to the cross slats running between the chair legs. Her knees moved wide, fully exposing her cotton covered sex. A bit of her puffy outer lips peeked from each side of the white band.

She closed her eyes, cradled her head with one arm, while running her other hand down her neck, between her breasts, across her stomach, finally coming to rest just inside the waistband of her dampening panties. Had John been able to move, he would have ravaged her right there.

Nita was really into it now. She decided to take her peep show to the next level.

Her free hand teased back up her body. The other met it where her shirt hung open. With the flourish of a stripper, she peeled it off, her eyes locked on his. She held it to the side at arm's length, and let it drop to the floor.

John watched hungrily, a not so willing prisoner. She could feel the heat of his stare. Over his head, in the darkness, Nita could see the eerie glow of Bob's eyes as he too, enjoyed the show. She really enjoyed being watched, feeling so desired. The thought took her excitement and performance to a new plateau.

Her hands slid slowly down her body again. The fingers on one pulled the panties aside, giving John his first look at her newly shaved sex. His nostrils flared, capturing more of her wet scent. For a second, she could swear she saw a red glow from deep in his eyes.

She breathed, 'I just can't help myself Sir. I try not to, but it just feels...so...goooooood'.

The index finger of her other hand found her center of pleasure, tracing slow circles over and around it. Her eyes slid shut as sparks raced and collided with each other, growing with each movement of her fingertip.

She added another, and picked up the pace, pressing harder. Flashes of light went off behind her eyelids, her body took over.

Nita's knuckles went white as she pulled harder on the panties. Her body tensed, shook, the seat beneath her bottom grew wet with her juices. She grunted, her fingers working hard.

She peered from under heavy lidded eyes at her audience. Their expressions spoke more than words ever could. It sent her over the edge. She tensed, stroked furiously, and then let go.

A sharp, jolting climax ripped through her. Her mouth fell open, sounds of release escaping it. She pressed her thighs together, another vortex of pleasure crested and passed. Through a haze, reality floated back in.

She panted, faking embarrassment. 'Oh Sir! I'm so sorry! I'm such a bad girl!'

She looked down coyly, as if ashamed, but also to dislodge her feet from the slats of the stool. They found the floor, she slipped off the shoes. She rose on still trembling legs, and moved to John.

Nita leaned in close and in a sultry whisper asked, 'Don't you think I deserve to be punished Sir? I'm sooooo naughty! Would you like to spank me Sir? I really, really deserve it.'

Bob snapped his fingers, and John suddenly found he could move his arms. They shot out, roughly grabbing Nita, bending her across his knees.

In one motion, one hand caught Nita's arm, bending it up behind her back. The other raised her skirt, and began raining a quick tempo of stacatto palms to her upturned cheeks.

Nita yelped between each, 'Hey! OW! I thought-OWW! you-OW! saidOOH! he couldn't-OWWW! move until-OUCH! I-OW! said so! OW! OW! OW!'

Bob laughed cruelly, 'Yeah, I'm kind of a prick that way, ain't I?'

Nita's other hand came up to protect her stinging and now pink ass from John's assault. He made another quick motion, and both arms were pinned to the small of her back. She kicked her legs, trying to get free. It was no use, the splat of flesh on flesh filled the room, along with her anguished cries.

Tears of pain ran from Nita's eyes as she got the bottom warming of a lifetime. John began alternating his strokes. Faster, slower, harder, softer. She never knew what to expect next, except that it would really sting. And then he stopped. Somehow, that was worse.

She squirmed, his surprisingly strong grip still held her. The warmth from her tush began to creep forward. His fingertips played slowly across her abused flesh. A tingle went to her slit, a chill to her skin. Goosebumps stood out over her entire body.

A single hard shot took her by surprise. The jolt of pain shot through her, the tingles and chills set in again as his fingertips did.

He continued this pattern, merciless teasing and then the unexpected sharp impact. Nita found herself arching in anticipation of the next. She began to pant, her mouth hung open, the panties now soaked. It was sweet torture, building her desire to previously unknown heights. Her body shook, every fiber of her screamed with need. Finally, she could take no more.

'Fuck me' she begged. 'Fuck me like the bad girl that I am'

He roared to life, suddenly free of his invisible bonds. John had ceased to be a functional, thinking human about the same time Nita began her strip show. He was now only a creature of pure lust, and she was going to be on the receiving end of it.

He threw her body effortlessly over his shoulder. One hand tore at her skirt, it shredded. With an amimal grunt, he turned and fairly flew up the stairs, Nita bouncing on his shoulder.

She was shocked, he had never shown this kind of strength before. He also seemed bigger, more muscular, and hard.

With strong and purposeful strides, he stormed to their room. He stiff-armed the door, it blew open, rocking on it's hinges. Nita felt a push, and squeaked as he tossed her onto the bed. She landed hard, and would have flown off the other side, save for the rough grasp he put on her ankle. He grabbed her white robe, and pulled the sash from it.

Before she could protest, she found her wrists tied together, and then to the headboard. She was thrilled and terrified all at once. The man she loved was now a stranger to her, she was at his mercy. The thought made her wetter.

He moved to the closet, returning with two black leather belts, and a bandanna. There was no compromise in his eyes. Nita suddenly feared for her safety.

He looped the belts through their buckles. His hand shot out, catching an ankle. She tried to pull away, he tightened his grip. He fit the circle of leather around her ankle, and tied the loose end to the bedpost. A moment later, the other foot followed. She pulled experimentally against her bonds, they held fast.

The bandanna descended, covering her eyes.

Nita trembled. Lust, fear and trepidation each tried to overcome the other. He made her wait, the only sound was that of the radio.

Finally, she whispered, 'Bob?'

He replied 'Sorry Toots, I'm on lunch.'

She lost track of time. Her mind played between fantasy and reality. The thought that John was watching her was making her crazy. She squirmed, trying to rub her thighs together. She tried moving her still rosy bottom into the sheets. Nothing. The tension built, along with her desire.

She gasped and jerked as something; something soft touched the arch of one foot. And then the other. Jolts of pleasure ran up her legs and crashed between her thighs.

The softness floated it's way up her skin in a non pattern of stop and start sensation. When it touched her, the stimulation was almost unbearable. When it stopped, it was worse, leaving her breathing deeply, tensing against the bonds keeping her from the next touch. It tickled her skin, and sent sparks beneath it.

The exquisite torture moved higher, deftly avoiding her nipples. It was gone for a second, and then was at her neck. She shook as it found her ears, and played. As it crossed her lips, she realized it was a large feather. And then it was gone.

She was left panting, helpless, and wondering where she would feel it's next soft agony. She gasped loudly as it found the ultra sensitive spaces between her toes. It teased over and over them, never repeating the same pattern. Each served only to add more fuel to the inferno her body had become. It played her arches, between her toes, ankles, the tops of her feet. She groaned, becoming consumed by the sensations, not knowing where the next would come from. It traveled slowly up her legs.

As it reached her thighs, she was moaning loudly, arching her hips, desperate for any contact with her now flowing pussy. It teased ever closer, and then away.

A long groan of frustration filled the room. There was no way this could get any worse. She was wrong. A second, stiffer feather introduced itself the tender flesh of her stomach.

Her wetness gave a few involuntary contractions. The additional stimulation overwhelmed her senses, moving her to a state of delirium. Her entire body felt like one raw, exposed nerve. The inner flames licked her to near insanity.

Nita pulled hard on her bonds, biting her lower lip, every muscle tensing. The two pronged stimulation continued, keeping her a safe distance from the edge, but just close enough to let her think she could make it. She felt like she would lose her mind.

'Please' she begged, 'Please I can't take anymore.'

It stopped. Nita wailed in frustration. 'NO! That's not what I meant! Don't stop! Oh please, PLEASE DON'T STOP!'

She was left shaking and unfulfilled.

A moment later, the lacy bra was pulled from her body. She felt a strong hand in the waistband of her panties. A quick tug, and they ripped away. She only thought she had felt vulnerable before. Now she was completely nude, and still helpless.

A hard kiss exploded on her lips. The human contact surged through her, she kissed back with all the passion she had. A small explosion went off in her overloaded mind. She surrendered to the fire.

His mouth moved away from hers, leaving her panting. It began a slow downward tour of every inch of her skin. Nita moved back to a trance state as the mouth worked magic on her. She had several small orgasms, one after the other as his lips and tongue paid homage to her breasts, and the extremely sensitive nipples capping them.

It slowed at her stomach, licking trails of fire on the tender skin. Her breath came in shudders, between moans of delight. And slower still as it moved past her bellybutton, which received some exquisitely detailed attention. She panted as his lips grazed where her soft curls used to be. He lingered here, the tip of his tongue slipping over and over her newly exposed flesh until she thought she would scream. And even more slowly, lower.

She lifted her bottom off the bed in a silent plea, and then sank back in disappointment as that wonderful mouth alternated between thighs. Up and up, exploring the crease where her leg joined her body, achingly close to where she wanted it most, and then down the other. And then back up, her body tensing in delirious anticipation. She threw her legs as wide as they could go.

Nita felt his warm breath blow gently on her sweet, aching lips. Her entire being shuddered. A long, slow lick started on one side of her dripping folds, and moved to the other. More explosions went off inside her. Nita was a trembling pool of need as he licked and licked her outer and inner lips. She could feel each beat of her racing heart in her as yet untouched dark pink button.

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