tagLoving Wives$20 Million Ch. 01

$20 Million Ch. 01


I met Carrie five years ago and we got married two years later. She had two kids from a previous relationship. A daughter, Nadine, who is now 20, and a son, Trent, who is now 18. Carrie was only 16 when Nadine was born. I'm seven years younger than Carrie which makes me only nine years older than Nadine.

Until recently, we lived a pretty typical middle-class family life. I definitely butted heads with the kids at times but overall we got along pretty well. Nadine moved in with her 22 year old boyfriend, Ethan, just over a year ago, and Trent is almost never home.

Ethan always seemed a little too confident to me but as he was smaller I just kind of attributed it to "small man's complex." He would often flirt with Carrie, hugging or touching her a little too often for my liking. When I would mention this she would just shrug and say that he was "just being friendly."

Physically, we are a fit bunch. We all exercise and eat right. I'm 6', 195 lbs., brown hair, brown eyes. Carrie is 5'3," 115 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes. Nadine is 5'1," 105 lbs., reddish-brown hair, blue eyes. Trent is 5'8," 155 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes. And Ethan is 5'5," 145 lbs., black hair, blue eyes.

Every thing changed when I got all of the lottery numbers right. Twenty million bucks! Holy shit!

We bought an excessively large, 9,000 square foot house on a 250 acre ranch. It had everything we wanted: indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs, riding rings and stables for horses, a recreation room with a billiards table, big screen TV, and a fully stocked bar. A four car garage held our new cars and truck. A workshop with every tool I could name and then some.

I was running a small business when we hit the jackpot and I figured that I would keep working, but not as hard. Carrie had worked from home, but decided to spend her time raising horses and taking care of the house.

One day I came home from work to find a moving truck in front of the house. Curious, I walked up and found two movers emptying stuff into the house. Once inside, I saw Carrie and asked what was going on. "Nadine and Ethan are moving in; this house is too big for just the three of us."

I must admit I was a little put off. I was kind of happy when Nadine moved out in the first place and I was biding time until Trent left so that Carrie and I could finally live alone. Now, not only was she moving back in, but she was bringing Ethan with her. What really got to me, though, was that nobody bothered to ask me.

After some time cooling off in my workshop I decided that maybe it wouldn't be that bad. After all, it was a huge house and they would have their own "apartment" with everything but a kitchen. Maybe I wouldn't even see them that much. They both worked shift work so how much could they be home?

Going back into the house I went to my bedroom to change. Carrie was in the two person bathtub and invited me in. I'd had a particularly strenuous day at work, and wasn't really in the mood, so I declined, telling her I would just have a quick shower instead. "Awww Rick, I'm horny though and I need you..."

"Not right now, Carrie, I'm bushed." So she just pouted, started draining the tub, and got out. "Come to the rec room when you're done then," she said, "we'll just have a quiet evening together."

By the time I got out and got dressed Carrie, Nadine, and Ethan were "celebrating" their moving in the rec room. The music was louder than I usually like and Carrie and Nadine were dancing with Ethan looking on. "So much for the quiet evening," I muttered to myself.

I do enjoy having a few drinks, though, so I started draining a few beers. The three of them were just slamming them back. Carrie is capable of drinking many men under the table, but usually Nadine isn't much of a drinker, and Ethan, being smaller than average, wouldn't appear to last long at this rate. What I didn't know at the time was that Ethan and Nadine had taken magic mushrooms earlier. Not only that, they had given some to Carrie, who normally doesn't touch drugs but I guess she figured she would for this special occasion. They probably didn't offer me any, or bother to mention them to me, because I never touch drugs myself. For anyone that doesn't know about mushrooms, they give you the ability to drink far more alcohol and still seem to be fairly sober. They can also make you horny.

By 11:00 p.m. I was too tired to notice, though, and after four beers I just had to head to bed. I told this to Carrie and she just said "okay, 'night hun." I was a little surprised that she didn't even bother to try to get me to stay and party with them, but she was just having fun, so I figured I'd see her in the morning and help her nurse her hangover.

Something woke me up at about 4:00 a.m. and I looked over to find the rest of the king-size bed empty. Guessing that Carrie had probably passed out in the rec room I went to get her and bring her to bed. I had to pass Nadine and Ethan's room and as I passed I noticed the door wasn't completely shut. The walls and doors in our house are very thick and the bedrooms are almost sound-proof. With the door open a crack, though, I could hear the sounds of a very happy couple getting what sounded like the fuck of their lifetimes. In my mind I kind of wondered if she was faking it since, as I said, he's a smaller guy and really, how big could his cock be? But all that aside I had respect for him because he was sure going strong at four in the morning.

Upon my arrival to the rec room I found the lights off and the room quiet. Crossing the room to the far end where the big couch was I could hear a quiet snoring. I pulled the blanket off and picked up the passed out body of my woman and started walking back to bed. Just as I was passing a window moonlight shone in and out of the corner of my eye I saw the woman I was carrying had reddish-brown hair. WHAT THE FUCK - Carrie has blonde hair! Turning into the moonlight I confirmed that I was indeed carrying Nadine. That could only mean that Ethan was fucking my wife.

Strangely, I remained fairly calm and after placing Nadine on the couch and covering her up again, I walked back to the bedrooms. On the way I was just thinking. Why? Why would she screw this little bastard. Her daughter's boyfriend? She always said she only likes big cocks and at eight inches and thick I figured that, while hardly the biggest, I was plenty to satisfy her. Besides, this guy was seven inches shorter than me. How big could he be that she would cheat on me with him? He always wore baggy pants and I certainly never noticed any kind of tenting or bulging that indicated he could be very well endowed.

Arriving at the door I just stood and listened. The same noises were coming from the room. He was still fucking her. For some reason, instead of barging in the room, I slowly opened the door just enough to slip inside the room. The suite was L-shaped so they couldn't see me yet. The clothes Carrie had been wearing earlier were apparently torn off her and dropped on the floor on the way in. The only light in the suite was coming in from the full moon. There's a large mirror on the wall opposing the bed so, being careful to stay in the shadows, and leaning back against a wall, I got my first glimpse of my wife in bed with another man.

My chest felt heavy as I watched them fucking in the missionary position and heard her making sounds like she never had made with me. Why was I just watching? Why not go break it up? I thought about the fantasies I'd had about threesomes with my wife and either another woman or another man. Was this what was stopping me? I decided it was just curiosity. I really do love my wife but I'm not a selfish man, and she sure did seem to be having the best fuck of her life.

All of a sudden he just stopped fucking her, backed himself off the bed, and stood there. He sure does have a nice body. His shoulders, arms, and back were cut with perfect muscles. His legs were strong looking and his body was well proportioned. While I would normally consider myself a straight male, I caught myself staring at his ass. It was so desirable. And for the first time I noticed that my manhood was swollen. So far I couldn't see a hair on his body. As Carrie sat up to look at him her eyes just locked on to his cock with a look of wanton desire. He told her he wanted her to suck it and started moving to the side of the bed. Now I could see his cock and I was in total shock. As it swayed back and forth, I realized that I had seriously under-estimated his size. It was huge! At first I thought that it must be an illusion. I mean at 5'5" even my cock would look huge, wouldn't it?

It was when she grabbed it that I fully comprehended just how big it was. With both of her hands wrapped around his giant member there was still five or six inches uncovered. While she may have smaller hands, they are big enough to wrap easily around my prick, but not his. There was at least two inches left over between her finger tip and thumb tip. It was like she had gotten a hold of a tree branch and it appeared she would hold on for dear life. She started to lick it and then made an attempt to get some of it in her mouth. I'll give her this, she gives great head and I'm sure Ethan would agree with me. She was sucking him for all she was worth and he was loving it. She moved one hand to that rock-hard ass of his and began squeezing it. Then I saw her slip her fingers down into his crack and begin gently rubbing his asshole. While I couldn't see this, I knew what she was doing because she's done it to me and it feels incredible. Jerking his massive cock slowly, she withdrew it from her mouth and, looking him in the eyes, begged him to fuck her more.

With his huge dick twitching as though it had a mind of it's own, he grunted a "yes" and, first, pushing her flat on the bed, then rolled her over on her stomach and nudged his steel warrior into her waiting snatch. "You are so tight," he said, "just like Nadine when we first met." Chuckling, she told him, "Rick thinks I'm pretty loose, guess his little willy isn't as big as he thinks it is."

Now that hurt, as I said, I'm far from the biggest, but she'd always told me I was the biggest she'd ever had. With one exception, Wayne, but that's another story.

Once he had gotten as much of his cock in her as would fit, he fucked her hard through at least three orgasms that I counted, for about ten more minutes until, with guttural moans and a lot of shuddering, they came together in one final explosion. He must have pumped at least five shots of cum into her before he pulled out and, stroking that beautiful massive prick, starting shooting thick streams on to her ass, back, shoulders, and hair. After two amazing spurts, she flipped herself quickly onto her back and took the next shot right on her overly fucked pussy and ass crack. The last two explosions from that real man's weapon covered from her belly button to her forehead.

I remember hearing that the average man ejaculates somewhere around a tablespoon per session. Ethan is by no standard average. Each of the ten spurts from his soldier must have been at least twice or three times that much. What a man! I'd never really been attracted to a man before but I realized at that moment that I'd seldom wanted any woman as much as I wanted Ethan. I would have traded just about anything to have been able to walk up and lick up some of that cum. Preferably, off his shrinking but still stunning missile.

The thought triggered my own orgasm and while limping out of the bedroom I came in my own pants. Four big pulses and I was done. Ashamed, confused, and exhausted I headed back to my room. I took off my cum-soaked pajama bottoms, wiped myself, and laid in bed.

I wondered if Carrie would come back to our bed or just stay with Ethan. I didn't wonder long as our bedroom door quietly opened and Carrie stumbled in. She barely seemed to make it to the bed. As she flopped down she said, "so, did you enjoy the show?" Stunned, I just lay there in silence. How could she have known? I had made no sound and she had seemed to be pre-occupied. "The mirror looks both ways, you know. I saw you when I sat up to suck his dick." I opened my mouth to speak but couldn't form any words.

"Well," she said, "what did you think?"

"It was amazing," I managed to mumble. Curious, I asked, "how did it happen?"

"After you went to bed we just kept drinking. Nadine and I were dancing together. As you know she's a bit of a light-weight when in comes to booze so she passed out about an hour after you left. When I realized she was fast asleep I told Ethan that I was going to head to bed. He told me I should stay and keep dancing, but I said I didn't want to dance alone. So he got up and said he'd dance with me. After a few songs a slow one came on. He just grabbed me, wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me close. I guess it was just the mood I was in, but I didn't resist. I did tell you I was horny tonight. Once I felt his body close to mine I just lost control and started to kiss him. He's a great kisser and I just couldn't stop. One of his hands grabbed my ass and the other went up my shirt and squeezed my tits."

"You know that I only like really big cocks and I soon found that I would not be disappointed. I thought it was the drinks or maybe my imagination when I felt his bulge against me. I couldn't believe what I was feeling and I had to find out if it was true, so I reached down and felt it. It was so thick and hard that I knew that I wanted him to fuck me. You know, just thinking about it right now is making me even wetter right now. Why don't you feel for yourself?"

With that she took my hand and place it on her swollen, abused cunt. She was drenched. Cupping my hand she brought some of her and Ethan's mixed cum up to her face and licked my hand. Then repeating the process she said, "your turn."

Naturally, I was hesitant, but after hearing her openly confess to the night's events with no sign of remorse, obviously all rules had been thrown out the window, so I just figured, what the hell?

So, I licked their love juices off of my own hand. Having eating her many times, I well knew her taste. The addition of his salty, thick cum was like a finely blended cocktail. My desire for Ethan hadn't left my mind so as I savoured the flavour, I imagined the masterpiece of a man that it came from. Then she really surprised me.

"Now, eat my pussy. I'm going to be fucking that young stud an awful lot so you may as well get used to the taste now."

As hard as my cock already was, it got even harder. Without any more hesitation, I slid down her body and laid face to face with her sweet cunt. I started kissing her thighs and ass, and licking all around her used hole. I told her I wanted to hear the rest of her story. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled my head so that I had my mouth right on her pussy. The taste was indescribable, and I just couldn't get enough.

"So we're in the rec room and I have this monster serpent in my hand. He told me that he'd wanted me since he met me and that tonight was the night. Well, I wasn't about to argue, so I said ' then let's find a bed.' He told me that he planned on being tired by the time he was done with me so he suggested that we go to his room. That way he could just pass out after. Once we were in the bedroom door, he just tore my clothes off of me and pushed me to the bed. He told me to start undressing him. As I got his shirt off I realized just how hot of a body he has. Damn, he's gorgeous! Then, I undid his pants and slid them down. Obviously, I was watching his bulge and I couldn't believe how long it was. I realized he was WAY bigger than you."

"By the way," recalling what she said, "you told me I was the biggest beside Wayne."

"Umm," she said, "I may have exaggerated."

"Well," I asked, "then where do I fit in?" Shrugging her shoulders she told me, "I've been with twelve men including Ethan, and you'd be the twelfth biggest."

I'd have to bring that subject up again at a later date.

"Anyway, as I was saying, at that point he wasn't even fully erect. With his pants finally out of the way, I just ripped his boxers off and just about fainted. I immediately fell in love with his cock. I stammered out, 'just how big is this thing?'"

"By the time it's full-size it's about thirteen inches."

"I had my first orgasm of many at that point. That meant his cock was even bigger than Wayne's, and Wayne is 6'6," over a foot taller than Ethan. I started sucking him as best I could, and then, after him spending a half-hour eating my cunt, we fucked. And we fucked. And we fucked. By far the best fuck I've ever had. I've never been so satisfied in my life as I was with that pocket rocket in me. We carried on like that for almost four hours by the time I saw you. He must have cum in my mouth and cunt five times by then. A far cry from your best, eh? By the way, how are you doing down there?"

Still just loving the taste of this ultimate dessert I said, "I think I've just about got you cleaned up."

"How do you like man's cum?"

"It's incredible."

"Glad to hear you say that. Like I said I will be fucking Ethan's cock many, many more times, and you'll be on cleanup duty. Oh yeah, one more thing, you may even be invited in next time..."

To be continued...

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