2008 Ch. 05


"Whatever you wish, Master." She said, holding her voice calm. Her body was all over me, helping me get naked and kissing me. I got the message.

We got the sheets back on the bed, the towels folded and put away and the kitchen cleaned up. I called my uncle and told him we were going home. I told him about the food and asked what he wanted us to do with it. He said they were coming up the next weekend so leave the fridge on and the food in it. I said I'd mail him the keys. He said to keep them and if we wanted to use the cabin again, we'd already have them.

Once the cabin was locked up we walked to the car. Beth had put clean clothes for us on the hood of the car as we got ready to go. From her suitcase she put a folded towel on her seat. I took her hand and walked her back to the hot tub. The lid was on and the water too cool to get in. I lifted her up and put her on the edge.

"Put your sweet tokhes (butt) in the air and your shoulders on the cover, please."

She moved quickly and said, "As you wish, Master!" It put her ass and pussy at exactly the right level for eating. I used my face to spread her juices around and my tongue to tease her pussy. She made appreciative noises and pushed back against my face as I pushed forward.

Minutes later I added a thumb to the play, placing it at her anus and pushing it slowly in. Her moans got louder. I sucked on her clit as I worked my thumb in her ass. She began to tremble. I kept at her until the tremble became an earthquake complete with sound effects. She came all over my face.

We held still for a few moments.

I said, "Stand up." She did, facing the cabin. I stood between her legs faced away from the cabin and said, "Lower yourself down." I held her ass in my hands as her pussy passed in front of my face.

"Keep your feet on the lid." She would have fallen if I weren't holding her ass in my hands. When her open vagina got to my cock she said, "Oh Pete! I'm folded in half!"

Her knees were between her chest and mine. My cock found her opening and I lowered her all the way down on me. She looked up and saw a pipe running above her head between the rafters. She grabbed it and together we began lifting and lowering her on my cock. It felt incredibly good.

When I was feeling the urge and urgency I turned around and deposited her on the lid again. "On your back please." I said.

"Which way?"

"I want your mouth." She lay back on the lid and lowered her head over the edge. Her beautiful tits pointed at the sky and her mouth opened wide. I went up in my toes and pushed into her mouth as I held her tits in my hands. I took twenty long slow strokes into her mouth and then I pulled all the way out. Beth's eyes were closed.

She said, "My lover is going to fuck my face and I will love it! Even if I gag I will love feeling him all the way down my throat! He will hurt me, too!"

I pushed back in and kept pushing until I was all the way in. She almost gagged, but only almost. I tightened my grip on her tits and fucked her mouth. She began to tremble again. I felt my juices start towards her mouth. I let go of her left breast and slapped her spread pussy, hard! She jumped and suddenly flooded my hand with juices. Her body trembled and twitched with aftershocks as she sucked and drank all my cum.

She made no move to disconnect from me. I wilted and she didn't care. She sucked and tongued me gently. When I pulled out she didn't move, she just relaxed. I noticed we had left evidence of our cumming on the lid. I kissed her face and helped her off the lid.

I turned on the hose and rinsed her cum off the lid. "Want a rinse?" I asked.

"As you wish, Master." Since the hose was connected to the faucet of the service porch sink, I turned on the hot water and as soon as it was warm I rinsed her. We walked to the car with our arms around each other, got dressed enough to drive home and got in the car.

We were on the road at just about dark. Two hours later we stopped and had dinner in Oceanside. When we got back in the car I said, "I want you to feed me tastes of you once a mile. Then I won't taste dinner, I'll only taste you."

"You didn't like the dinner?" Beth asked as she stuck two wet fingers in my mouth.

"Dinner was good, but not as good as your pussy. Thank you."

"I know what you mean, Master." That was as close as she could get to asking for some time with my cock in her mouth again. I'd had eleven tastes when I pulled off the freeway into a rest stop. There were two semi's and no cars in the lot. I parked as far from the trucks as I could. Before I shut off the engine I rolled down the window on her side.

I got out, walked around and opened my pants. Beth got on her knees facing me and sucked me through the open window. It was exciting and the excitement helped me get hard and shoot quickly. She didn't lose a drop. She tucked me back in and zipped me.

When we were back on the road I realized she hadn't swallowed. She was holding my load in her mouth!

Ten more miles of tastes and I said, "Enough. You keep that up we'll have to call it masturbation."

We were almost an hour away from home when Beth's cell rang. She swallowed, found her phone and answered. She put it on speaker. It was Alison.

"Have you been listening to the news?"

"No. We've been busy."

"The police are looking for Pete. Pull over and call them."

"Which police? Why are they looking for me?" I asked.

"I don't know more than what I just told you. Call me back when you can, Ok?"

Before either of us answered she hung up. I pulled over and dialed 9-1-1.

"California Highway Patrol. Are you reporting an emergency?"

"We don't know," I said. "A friend just saw on TV that the police are looking for me. I'm Pete Peterson."

"Where are you Mr. Peterson?"

"We're on the 405 headed north about a mile from the El Toro off ramp. We're in a 2009 Dodge parked on the shoulder."

"Stay right there."

Two minutes later two CHP cruisers pulled up and parked behind us. I said, "Put your hands on the dash and keep them there until they tell us to move them."

"Pete, I don't have panties or a bra on."

"I think that's the least of our worries, Sweetheart." I watched as an officer went to the passenger side and behind us and the other one came up alongside my window.

"Mr. Peterson, please lower your window." I did.

"Mr. Peterson I want both of you to exit the vehicle, your passenger first." Beth looked to me and I said, "Do as he asks, nice and slow." She did.

"Now you, Mr. Peterson." I moved slowly as well and we both ended up at the back of our car facing into the CHP headlights.

He quizzed Beth first. "Where have you been?"

"At a cabin down near Julian."

"When did you go there?"

"Friday afternoon."

"Is there anyone who can vouch for that?"

"You mean someone who knows we went there?"


"The guy Pete got the cabin from. Our co-workers knew we were going away, but not where, and Pete's wife."

"Pete's wife?"

"They're getting a divorce. She went with us to work on getting back with Pete, but it didn't work out. We took her to the bus station in Julian last night."

He turned to me. Can you prove where you were in the last four hours?"

"We ate in Oceanside. I have a receipt." He asked for it, looked it over and went back to his car to use the radio. When he came back he said, "I'm sorry we needed to ask the questions we did. We have cleared you of having any involvement in what happened."

"Tell us what's going on, please." I said.

"Mr. Peterson, all we were told was that you were a person of interest in a case being handled by the Culver City Police. They needed to know where you were for the last four hours. They will be waiting for you when you get home. That is where you are headed, isn't it?"


They thanked us for our cooperation and let us go. We were both a bit shaken as we got back on the road. A few miles farther and we were calm enough to call Alison.

It rang once and she answered, "Are you Ok?"

"A little shook and totally in the dark, but we're back on the road and we should be home in two hours. When we get home the police will be there wanting to talk with me. Let us get back to you in the morning about moving, Ok?"

"Yeah. If we hear anything shall I call you?" Ali asked.


We drove in silence the rest of the way home. I had intended to drop the car back at Alamo and drive my truck home. I decided the cops might want to see the car before we returned it, so we went straight home.

A plain, easily identifiable police sedan was parked in front. Two men in suits drinking coffee were in the front seat. As I parked they got out of the car.

"Mr. Peterson?" The driver asked. I nodded.

"Mr. Peterson we need to speak with you."

"Want to come inside or talk out here?" I asked.

"Inside would be acceptable."

The four of us walked to the back door and I unlocked it. I reached inside and turned on some lights. The two officers led the way in with Beth following and I closed the door behind us. We sat in the living room. Beth looked around, taking in everything she could see. She had never been in my home.

When we were all seated I said, "Ok, what's going on that I'm a person of interest?"

"Mr. Peterson, how long ago did you and your wife separate?"

"Legally or emotionally?"


"It's been less than a week."

"When was the last time you saw her?"

"Friday night at about midnight at the bus station in Julian, down by San Diego. I gave her five hundred dollars in cash and left her there."

"That fits with what we found. She had a bus ticket from Julian and almost three hundred dollars cash when she was found."

"When she was found? That sounds like she's dead."

"She is. If you didn't know that, I'm sorry to be so blunt but in my experience there's no gentle way to tell someone about a death. Initially it looked like a suicide, but when the coroner saw names written on her body, twenty men's names and the name of a woman it raised questions. Each name had been crossed out."

"We know about the names. They are the names of all the men and woman she cheated with while we were married. I wrote all those names on her, except the one of her last lover. He had her get his name tattooed on."

It took a few moments for all that to sink in. Then he asked, "But you didn't cross them out?"

"No. Why would I?"

"I have no idea."

"What did she do?" I asked.

"So far we know she spent two hours making phone calls from a motel room, and made the last call to us. She said she was reporting the death of a slut. She left the phone off the hook and shot herself. She was found sitting on the bed next to the phone."

From a binder he carried he took a plastic covered copy of a sheet of paper. He handed me a note, actually a copy of a note. She took responsibility for screwing up our marriage and the marriages of other people as well. She apologized for not being good enough to be my wife. Even though she was right on every count, reading her note I could feel her pain and anguish. She hadn't thought about all the lives she fucked with as she was spreading her legs and lips. I let a few tears fall. They were honest. I would miss her, and would cherish the good times we shared. On the back of the note was the list of people and phone numbers she had made for me. Every name had a check mark next to it.

"Ok. What's next? I asked. He said the coroner would release the body when the investigation was over. I could contact a mortuary and they would handle everything. He left me some paperwork, got Beth's name and address and then they left us. On their way out he said I could take the car back, they didn't need it.

We stood together in the dark kitchen for a long time. I leaned against the cabinets and Beth leaned against me. My arms wound around her and hers around me. Intellectually I had already let Kaye go, with plenty of strong opinions about what she had done. Emotionally, I was wounded and wanted to somehow make it better, fix it, stop the pain.

When she sensed it was time, Beth helped me to the bedroom and got us into bed. She unplugged the phone. She spooned against me and wrapped me in her arms. I started crying and felt Beth cry with me.

When I woke up I was surprised. I had been aware of crying and then aware I was awake and it was daylight. Beth was awake and still spooned with me.

"Hi," I whispered.

"Hi. May I use the bathroom?"

"Yes! Go." She flew from the bed. As she moved I realized she had stayed holding me until she was sure it was Ok for her to move. In her mind her job was to comfort me, share my sorrow, my pain. When she came back to bed I turned and wrapped her in my arms and held her.

"What can I do?" She softly asked.

"Stay close. Very close." I glanced over her shoulder and saw that it was ten in the morning. "Can you reach the phone?"

She could and did. She handed it to me and I didn't take it. "Call Ali. Tell them to come at noon. No, just dial. This conversation should come from me."

She dialed. Alison picked up on the first ring. She said, "We know. Pete we're so sorry."

It took me a minute to be able to speak. Beth spoke, knowing Alison could hear her. "Pete is devastated. She screwed up her life but..."

"But no one wanted her to die." I said.

Alison waited and a minute later I said, "Meet us at Beth's at noon. Is it possible to get a truck besides mine?"

"Pete, we're at Beth's. My husband borrowed a truck and he's got it half loaded. Get here when you can, Ok?"

"I don't want to grieve and hurt all day. I will but being busy will help. Having you all with us will help too."

"You like pizza?" Ali asked.

Beth said, "Sausage and extra cheese." Then she hung up the phone and kissed me.

Sunday was moving day. Beth was in by that night. I was in shock. She moved me around like a marionette for the next few days. Somehow we got to the funeral, got all the paperwork handled and closed out Kaye's accounts, and job. I sold everything in her storage place for cheap so I never even had to look at it. I knew everything inside would remind me that she lived a lie, making me believe she was being a wife.

Beth taught me how well she understood where I was. I was at anger. She took me to the batting cages and let me beat the hell out of over a hundred baseballs. I came away with sore shoulders and feeling much better.

She took me home and rubbed ointment into my muscles and then put me in my recliner. She climbed into my lap and held me. It was perfection. I cried, felt loved and comforted and I slept. When I woke up I kissed her and said, "I'm hungry."

She said, "It's about time. What would you like?"

"Is there a way to get delivery that will bring it right here to the chair? I don't want you to get up."

"I can do it!" She said. She dialed a number and said, "He's back and he's hungry. Can you go to Louie's and bring a lasagna? When you get here just walk in. We're in the living room." She paused and said, "You'll understand." Then, she hung up.

"Alison?" I asked.

"No. Alison is busy tonight. She's ovulating."

By the time the door opened I was starving and horney. I had decided to give whoever was bringing food five more minutes, and if the food wasn't there I was eating Beth. The door opened and a woman who looked familiar, almost like Beth except Beth had chocolate brown hair and this woman was a blond. walked in carrying a covered aluminum tray. Her hands were in big padded gloves. She looked at us and said, "I understand."

The food got on the table. Plates, implements and drinks got to the table. Then Beth climbed off my lap and said, "Pete meet Liz. You met her at the funeral, but you don't remember."

"Hi. Sorry. I've been pretty out of it."

"Glad to see you're half-way back."

Beth dished lasagna for all three of us and said, under her breath, "I hope the other half comes soon."

"If Liz had waited another five minutes she would have walked in and found you on the table with your legs spread." I said.

"Liz has seen me with my legs spread before. You know I'm yours. Say the word and I'm naked and on my back, Master." She smiled because she was already naked, as was I.

I looked at Liz and she shyly smiled and looked down.

"On the table please. Naked."

Suddenly she was on her back inches from the tray of lasagna, holding her legs spread wide. As I stood I noticed Liz was taking her clothes off. My attention went back to Beth and I plunged into her. Days and days of gentle care and cuddling, emotional pain and feeling powerless exploded in lust and wild animal fucking. I focused on Beth. Forgetting all about Liz.

I knew we would both be bruised by the time I came and I didn't care.

Just as I thrust in deep and unloaded into her, I slapped her breasts! She yelped and shuddered. She shuddered harder and I felt lots of her juices and mine spilling out.

Suddenly I felt a sensation I'd never felt in my life! I was buried deep inside Beth and a tongue licked at the junction of where we met. A face pushed my balls aside and licked up our combined juices. I remembered Liz.

"Beth, I love you." I bent to her face and kissed her. Liz was still licking at us. I asked, "By the way, who is Liz?"

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