tagBDSM21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 10

21st Century Subterranean Slavery Pt. 10


One-eight-six waited in her madam's bedroom for her twice-weekly reward. She couldn't believe her eyes when the door opened; she was looking at a miniature Greek God. Like the red head he was not a midget or dwarf but not much taller than one. His wavy almost blonde hair was set in a page cut ala early Beatles. She waved him over as the guard left, revealing a face prettier than most females with wide almond green eyes, a small straight nose, small chin and full pouty lips.

His pubes were shaved of course like all male slaves but his skin seemed nearly hairless with an almost soft female quality. He stared at her with an eager ready to paunch expression. His penis rose quickly to a slender six inches that looked large for his short stature.

"You're a slave too, why am I here?" He spoke in a soft feminine seductive mellow tone.

"You're my reward for special services rendered to the syndicate." She reached and grasped his ass cheeks pulling him into her body his stiff throbbing cock settling in her cleavage. He immediately began to rock his pelvis and in about ten strokes splattered a larger load reaching as far as her neck. "That was quick sweetie," she bent over and sucked him clean. "You have served a meal on my chest dear, how's your appetite?" He dropped to his knees and eagerly slurped his own semen out of her cleavage and neck. She kissed him passionately when he finished.

"Wow...I like your full figure; I'm still horny can I fuck you now?" She rolled back on the bed and he jumped on her, quickly penetrating her cunt. He wasted no time and pumped her hard, coming in about fifteen strokes.

"Hey you didn't wait for me." She pushed him down and mashed his face into her cunt. He licked her skillfully and she held him there until she'd cum three times. She pulled him back up and kissed him passionately again. His cock was still hard as a rock against her belly as he played with one on her tits. "You're not done yet my love." She asked him as he fondled her body ravenously.

"Blow me please," She pushed him off her and swallowed his cock getting a load in her mouth in a short time.

"What are you my love, a semen machine?" She kissed him, pouring some of his own cum in his mouth. He sucked hard on her mouth getting as much semen as he could before answering.

"Semen is my life and I can cum twenty times in one day." She kissed him again while hugging him tight.

"How long have you been here?"

"I'm four weeks out of the pit and I love being a sex slave."

"Really, where are you from and how long have you been sexually active?"

"Northern Ireland and I had barely reached puberty before my older cousin Gary made me blow him. He was very surprised that it gave me a hard on and then he sucked my cock too. He was living with us because his parents were working overseas. We shared a bedroom, so sucking cock became a nightly occurrence and I learned to love swallowing. After a few more months, I began to produce semen. He said we should both swallow so there would be no tell tale stains on the bed sheets.

"One night a distant relative Devon, who was staying with us for a few weeks because of a small fire in his house, caught us having sex. We soon became not only his lovers but also in his words his personal bitch sex slaves. He demanded and taught us to perform erotic massages and tongue baths. Compared to us he was quite well hung and he began training us using breathing techniques to deep throat each other and then his thick weapon. We had to kneel and kiss his feet and thank him sincerely for serving him. I found the experience exhilarating to say the least; to obey and submit to any sexual request seemed to be my calling.

Did you ever have a woman at that time?"

"My first woman was my piano teacher. She was about thirty and besides piano lessons; she taught me how to make love to a woman, including oral sex. Then later my history teacher had me come to her house for extra lessons that I didn't really need. That turned in to sex as well. She was into weird stuff like having me suck and eat a banana and other food items out of her pussy. She called it the gourmand dining experience.

"I found that everyone, men and women were after me because of my size and girlish face. People called me cutie pie, sweetie or the pretty one and many other sweet handles. Most of course did not go after me in a sexual way but I could always sense sexual tension. I hated it when I was little because I wanted to be tough like other boys but I learned later on that my feminine looks was a one way ticket to sexual intercourse which became an obsession. I know the word nymphomaniac relates to women. I looked it up on the internet, in men its satyr or something. All I know is that I can never get enough and I don't care from what gender."

"That makes two of us dear, but go on."

"About six months after becoming Devon's bitch sex slave I was sent to a boy's boarding school. I had heard that older students in these schools used juniors as their personal servants. One of the seniors told me to come to his room the very first night and informed me that I was his servant. I had to clean his room, do his bed, polishing his shoes, wash his socks etc. With my obedient attitude, I accepted his orders and spent an hour performing various tasks. When done he inform me that I had to play the bagpipes for him. I told him that I could play piano but not the bagpipes. He dropped his pants and pointed to his genitals telling me that that was my bagpipes.

"I caught on immediately and knelt to kiss his feet before beginning, giving him, the benefit of Devon's total submissive training. He gasped in disbelief when I began by deep throating his substantial weapon while expertly fingering his balls and taint. I held his cock down for maybe five seconds before proceeding with the actual blowjob. He exploded filling my mouth in less than ten seconds groaning with pleasure. I swallowed his cum noisily, moaning with pleasure as taught by Devon and then sucked him clean. I then kissed his feet again before thanking him royally for letting me pleasure his cock.

"I ended up sucking him several time every evening but was disappointed that he never joined in a duet. What he did though was to spread the word, bragging that his servant was the best bagpipe performer in the school. That led to me being farmed-out or traded for other juniors. I soon became known as a musical maestro or virtuoso, giving concerts sometimes three or four times nightly. I did tell my senior after a few days that I was a little disappointed not getting satisfaction myself. Because of my busy schedule, he had brought another student in to do his menial chores and he gave me permission to use him as my slave, providing that I teach him my skills. The other students name was Dennis and he eagerly followed my instructions [laying my bagpipes several times a night. After a few weeks, Dennis became good enough to satisfy our senior and he was then farmed-out for concerts. That led to me giving private music lessons to several other juniors who of course practiced their musical exercises on my instrument.

"I was abducted while at that school two days before my eighteenth birthday. I used to jog in an adjacent park where other people not from the school jogged as well. Running got my mind of sex for some reason. For about a month or more, a man with a British accent in his mid twenties befriended me. We used to stop when he got out of breath and sit on a bench talking about this and that; then one day while talking, he put one arm around me, grasped my thigh and moved his hand up and touched my crotch.

"I don't know why but sitting close shoulder to shoulder made me horny. So I already had a hard on, which he had probably noticed. He grasped my cock hard through my flimsy running suit and told me he wanted blow me. Once I got hard, I had no resistance with just about anyone and I agreed to go with him to a public washroom where he gave me three great blowjobs in about half an hour. We met every few days after that, blowing each other.

"One day while sitting on a bench with his hand fondling my crotch, another man showed up. He introduced him as his pal Tex. He was in his mid thirties and spoke with a broad Tex accent. He sat down with us and I thought because of limited space put his arm around me. Then suddenly...out of the blue he kissed me. I was a little surprised but since my regular friend had a good grasp on my stiffy, I was helpless and I kissed him back. He suggested because it was starting to drizzle that we go to his van parked in a paved lot nearby. It was a tradesman's van with no windows in the back. I noticed that the van had a well known rental name and a phone number on the side. The rear was empty except for a large camper's air mattress. The American undressed me while my British friend drove the van. He used a towel to rub and massage my entire body even though I was not really wet. After that, he hugged, kissed and fondled me for a while and then blew me again. He then proceeded to fondle and kiss me before giving me another great blowjob. The Van had come to a stop somewhere and my friend came back to join us. He wanted a blowjob with me laying on top of him in the opposite direction while Tex watched. He fingered my nuts and stroked my cock making me cum on his chest. The American began to grope, hand spank and kiss my ass cheeks. Then just as my mouth filled with a delicious load of hot semen, I felt a needle in my ass. You know the rest."

"What did you think of our mistress and the warden?"

"I love the madam's thick fleshy midget body. The warden not so much but as I said before, once someone touches me I get horny as hell. I had never been buggered before but he had the guard insert a butt plug the first day and then I allmost got to enjoy it. At least I didn't have to look at him when he did me doggie style. He corn-holed me three times a day for two days before I was sent to a supervisor." One-eight-six asked what division.

"There are six females midgets and one slender red head my size; I'm the only male there. I'm being trained to look shy, scared and obedient along with the midgets and the red head. Since I can ejaculate so often he uses me to teach the midgets blowjob skills, you know slurping and swallowing and all that. I do get to have any kind of sex with his female assistant almost every day. She really has a thing for me.

"I don't get to have regular intercourse with the slaves in the cell block but I have fucked two of the midgets and also the redhead a few times when paired for a client and once at an orgy. We were photographed together for the library, you know naked and in school uniforms and fucking in various positions.

"The uniform is why we're so popular. Her, in a very short skirt and me in shorts, you know with the white stockings and all that. The clients usually want to catch us necking and then punishes us in various ways, usually hand spankings before having some kind of sex with us. In one case, the client told us to undress and then have sexual intercourse to teach us how to do it properly. Then he spanked us fairly hard; he would spank one while the other sucked on his cock. We took turns doing that four or five times until he came in my mouth. Then I was ordered to spit his semen in her mouth. We both made the appropriate sucking and slurping sounds while eagerly competing to suck the remaining cum out of his cock. He must have blown me four or five times and fucked the red head three times that night."

"I've been at several orgies, what was yours like?"

"Yes, that was quiet a night. We were prepared in the afternoon by our super and paired with a full figure female like you. She was to be our fake mother, all of us dressed in eighteenth century peasant's rags. In the evening, we were taken to a party room. There were three client couples on one side of a long table set up with food and wine served by two black females in maid's uniforms. You know with their nipples, cunts and asses exposed.

"In addition, there were three midgets, not from my cellblock on the table, lying on their sides facing the clients with one knee held highs to show their cracks. They were all moaning passionately while constantly, twisting and squirming their little bodies seductively to please the clients.

"One of the male clients addressed our fake mother and ordered her to undress the redhead and me.

She looked shocked, "but milord they be my young ones; I cannot...please milord."

"You...a lowly peasant servant dare defying me your lord and master. I'll have you flogged along with your offspring until you all bleed." She reluctantly began to undress us and we pretended to be horrified lowering our heads in shame as she exposed our naked bodies. We both covered our private parts while sobbing uncontrollably.

"Your offspring are insulting me, your lord and master by hiding their body parts" Undress yourself wench." She quickly obeyed and faced him naked. He rose, picking up a riding crop and ordered our fake mother to turn around. He gave her five lashes and then addressed the redhead and myself.

"You two are here to satisfy me, your lord and master, my lady and honored guest sexually without question. Any time you cover yourselves and stop looking at me or my guests while smiling obediently I will lash this ungrateful wench of a mother, until she screams in pain. He took a hold of and raised each of our chins and ordered us to look the clients. We uncovered our genitals and the red head her tits and tried to smile.

"That's much better, don't ever forget you are only peasants, and I...your lord and master have every right to do as I please with your lives and bodies. He grasped my arm and returned to his chair lifting me on to his lap. He then pointed at the red head motioning for her to go to the far end of the table where a female client lifted her on to her lap. They began to fondle, ravish and kiss us with an almost violent passion while the other clients talked, ate and drank. Every little while we were lifted to the next lap, and eventually ended up at the other end of the table.

"While moving from one lap to another I was amazed watching the midgets. Each of them had the handles of five or six pieces of cutlery in their cunts. When a client needed one they would pull it out, stick the handle in the midget's mouth to be sucked and then wipe it on her tits before using it. The midgets were constantly moaning with pleasure, gasping pleasurably as the cutlery was removed or reinserted. They were constantly squeezing their cunts on the cutlery actually moving them while rocking their pelvises seemingly in a constant state of orgasmic pleasure.

"When most of the client's finished eating, one of the maids using a bakers icing tool filled the three midget's cunts with leftover food. Again, each midget would moan with pleasure as her cunt was stuffed. They would then stand up and walk along the table spread their thighs a bit showing each client that their cunts were not leaking. Some of the clients would stick a finger in their cunts trying to make them leak but the midgets had full control of their vaginal orifices.

"After a while, one midget would be ordered to lie down on her back and another would squat down until her cunt was a hands breath above her gaping mouth and then release the mixture a little at the time. For the second midget the redhead was ordered on the table and fed the same way. I was ordered then to fuck the third midget's food filled cunt on the table and after ejaculating eat the mixture. That was only the start; I had oral sex with every male client and sex or oral sex with three female clients, three midgets, the two maids, the redhead plus my fake mother. That's thirteen bodies in one night, hallelujah!

"The food filling went on for a while as two of the female clients wanted to be fed that way. They seemed fascinated filling the midget's cunts, also the maids, the redhead and our faked mother's cunts For convenience, slaves who were to have their cunts stuffed mounted the table with their thighs wide open giving the clients easy access. The women spent a long time using the tool to fill the cunts with various types of food. I watched one female stick a fork into a small piece of steak barely wider than the tines. She then pushed it into a midget's cunt who, while taking a deep breath apparently tightened her orifice as the client pulled out the fork. She then used the baker's tool to insert peas, mashed potatoes and a lot of gravy.' The other female clients copied her, filling a midget and a maid's cunt.

"Two of the women got on beds at one side of the room and were then fed by squatting slaves. I was ordered on the table and was fed by a midget, eating everything coming out including small pieces of steak. The cunt stuffing and feedings went on for quite a while, making all of us very full.

"After the novelty of cunt stuffing wore of, they started making us play games. First, a large thick foam mat was dragged to the middle of the room. Two midgets were ordered to go to either side of the room and then run as fast as they could, slamming into each other with their arms spread wide then falling to the mat. After getting up they were then given a few minutes to wrestle or cat fight. One midget was then replaced and another loud body slam resulted, followed by more fighting that turned into sexual intercourse. The midgets were of course well trained and put on quite a wrestling and sexual performance.

"Next, our fake mother was ordered to lie down on the mat on her back holding her huge tits close together. Then one midget at the time was ordered to run from the wall and make a flying leap slamming down on her well-padded rubenesque body. This went on for quite a while with the three midget taking turns. Finally all the midgets were ordered to jump on her, running from the wall two seconds apart creating a disorderly pile of midget flesh on top of our fake mother. They were then ordered to catfight or wrestle and then turn it into a four-way sex act. I didn't see all of it since one of the clients wanted a blow job. The excitement of watching the four-way however made him cum quickly and he made me stand so he could blow me.

"Finally the two black maids who were of course naked by now were told to lay on either side of our fake mother in the opposite direction and the three midgets were ordered to jump them at the same time. That was repeated with the three large women on their stomachs three times. The two black females were large muscular bubble ass types. After the last jumps they were ordered to wrestle or catfight, the midgets being thrown around like rag dolls sometimes right off the mat. They were of course strong and experienced wrestlers and dove right back into the melee with their short little arms and legs flaying all about, kicking clawing as well as biting any piece of flesh they encountered. I had never in my life imagined anything like this and my cock remained stiff as a board. The client I was serving suddenly picked me up and threw me into the fray. I landed on top of the bodies of at least three thrashing females. He then ordered me to fuck the black midget. She was on the bottom and I struggled to claw my way through the churning mass of flesh to her body and with some difficulty penetrated her.

"I had my hands clamped hard onto the midget's ass cheeks, while her fat little arms and legs clamped viselike around me. Despite the pounding, I managed to stroke her while her pelvis rocked almost violently on my cock. I was in seventh heaven and tried my best to delay ejaculation but the excitement of all that female flesh hammering me made resistance impossible and I eventually groaned loudly while filling her cunt with my juice.

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