tagRomance24 Gwendolyn

24 Gwendolyn


Written just for Gwendolyn by JD "PurpleHazeFL69"

"24 Gwendolyn"


1~~ Sweet Arrival
2~~ The Appetizer
3~~ The Main Course
4~~ A Full Second Plate
5~~ Finishing Breakfast

1~~ Sweet Arrival

Typically an early Autumn Wednesday in Florida like any other... clear blue skies and toasty heat during the morning, with short but powerful thunderstorms at 5PM like clockwork. Working from home through my internet connection has it's rewards where I can get a lot done and not be bothered, however today carried a special perk.

I was expecting a guest from out of state. She'd driven down to attend a large horror movie convention where the who's who of horror and makeup were scheduled to appear. Her name is Gwen, a delicious Georgia Peach, party girl and sensuously evil temptress.

We'd interacted online for several months before she became curious enough to give me her phone number. Her voice was neither high nor low toned, a middle-of-the-road-sexy-as-hell-hint-of-a-Southern-drawl spiced by quite an infectious laugh.

Although I'd not yet met her in person, I had seen photos of her online and some she'd sent to me via email. An all natural beauty with no surgery-enhanced features (as can be the norm 'round here in the Sunshine State). No balloon boobs, no padded bubble booty... Just the prettiest eyes and smile, surrounded by the cutest bobbed auburn hairdo, connected to two perky mouthfuls of naturals, a lovely thick waist and hiney connected to some very lucious legs. The camera loved her, and she worked it with her sexy eyes, and for that I love the camera.

But these long distance adorations would soon be demystified as she'd announced she was coming into town and would like to finally meet. I'm certainly no fool, and had given her specific directions and prepared for her arrival for quite some time. I had just finished coding new logic into a software project for work when I heard padded footsteps near the front door, a bit of a screamed expletive followed by the lazy bing-bong of the front doorbell. My eyes widened, heart raced and smiled to myself "She's HERE!"

My home office is in the master bedroom at the back of the house. As I made my way through the living room layout, her playful attitude induced repeated fist-pounding on the door mixed with a constant press of the doorbell...BOOM BOOM BOOM BING BONG BING BONG "JIIIIIM! IT'S THE POLICE, OPEN THIS DOOR GOD DAMMIT!" BOOM BOOM BOOM... My pulse made me feel rather giddy in anticipation. I decided to take a breath and see what I was in for.

I peered through the mirror coated door glass. Oh, my God. I was SO in trouuuuuble! MmmmDamn! She'd been driving for several hours and was dressed in a purple, white and blue striped spaghetti strap tank and jean shorts. Very nice Gwen stems flowed down from each leg opening, each tipped with elevated flip flops drawn through cute popsicle toes.

She shifted her shades from her eyes to a resting place atop her hair. Her head turned to the side as if to listen for any sign of me opening the door while raising her hand to knock yet again. She raised her legs alternately to stretch them now that her long drive had come to an end. She'd apparently gotten some rays on the drive down and her skin glowed with the slightest sunburn. Her breasts were softly cradled in a silky fleshtone bra with straps that paralleled with those of the tank. Giving her such an intense once over made me quite... ferociously emotionally erect to say the least.

A cloudburst was rolling in overhead as she knocked again, a little softer and less confident that I might answer. As the thunder rumbled and heralded in the hissing rain, the bolt lock popped open and her head snapped towards the direction of the door.

I turned the knob and the door creaked slightly as the threshold yawned open in front of her. Once the door was fully ajar, I stepped from behind it with a shit-eating grin. Gwen's face went from semi-grin to a nearly ear-to-ear pearly white teeth bearing smile as she shrieked then trumpetted "YEEEAAAAAH BABY!"

She held out her raised arms and with playful baby steps walked unabatedly forward as my hands raised and open to catch her. With the last few skittering steps, she slowed and with her head slightly cocked looked up to me with her lips in full pout.

"Hello Beautiful, how ya doin'?" I replied as my hands slid around her waist and my head lowered and turned to meet her pout. Her arms slid around my neck in a full-on love hug as our eyes locked and lips met. She felt like heaven and smelled so nice, a hint of coconut, and her lovely pearlescent lips tasted sweet.

Locked in the very welcome hug, we swayed from side to side and both said in unison "I'm so glad to see you!" For a moment we stopped and gave each others eyes a glance as if to find the other's intensions, wisdom or soul inside.

"You look incredibly edible, Gwen" I said in all honesty. She lifted one foot behind her and lowered the flipflop to it's tip, pivoting it playfully as her hand slid across my chest and grasped the bottom of my grey goatee.

"You're looking mighty sharp yourself, darlin'", she said, her cheeks rounding her warm smile. Still grasping my beard, she guided my lips back to hers for another kiss, lingering a bit longer before our lips parted this time.

Stepping to the side and raising my hand in an ushering gesture, "So come on in, stretch out and relax, no worries here Sugarpuss!" I said.

She raised to her tip-toes and arched her back with arms over her head giving a bit of a gasp while she stretched, then suddenly her taut stance released as she laughed and took a stumbling step forward, gave me a playful punch in the belly and exclaimed "Sugarpuss?!? I drive all the way down here and one of the first things out of your mouth is Sugarpuss?"

I laughed and one of her eyebrows lifted as the other lowered, indicating I was a nut. "Sssssshuuuuuu gaaaaaah puuuussssssy, tha's riyat ma'am!" I quipped in a heavy southern accent. "And that's a sincere assumption it is!" I concluded with a smile.

Her expression went to one of amazement and her mouth rounded in a loud gasp and laugh as I gave her hiney a slight smack with my fingers as she passed by me into the living room.

"Wow, VERY nice place you got here, Jim, VERY nice! You're not into horror and movies are you?" She said and chuckled looking around at the layout.

I have a split level home with a staircase that winds around the living room to the second floor guest rooms and bath. The ceiling in the living room is vaulted and the thirty foot walls sport some full sized theatrical banners from various horror and science fiction movies. Mixed in are theater-sized posters, framed celebrity autographed photos and various bits of movie memorabilia. The center of the back wall is home to a 50 inch TV and stereo system and two wrap-around sectional sofas make for choice seating.

"I have friends out at Universal who give me first pick on certain things that arrive" I explained. "I do things for them during the year, like portray Santa at the Cineplex at Christmas and do mystery shopping, and they do things for me, ha ha."

"You've got some cool shit! Ooooh, look at that, and how did you manage to get those?" she replied, her eyes scanning the wide open wallspace coated with hard to acquire items as an outstretched finger followed her glances over each item. She had turned around several times, even scanning the second floor walls and she was now with her back to me looking up and around.

"Glad you approve!" I said, and placed my hands on her shoulders.

My thumbs began massaging the tightness in her shoulders. "So should you ever decide to move down here or visit, there's plenty of room and you're more than welcome" I said in a lower voice close to her dainty pierced and bejeweled ear.

The vibration of my voice must have tickled her as she kind of lowered that side of her head and giggled and gasped. "What? Is my voice turning you on?" I said lower and more breathy closer to her ear, continuing the massage.

She shrieked "Yes! My ears are VERY sensitive!"

"Ooooooo well don't stop then, eh mate?" I said, my hands lowering to rest on her waist and hold her to me.

"Perhaps a movie quote then?" my voice now lowered to full vibe mode, heh...

"Yippee kiyay, amuddafuk" I said and she laughed out loud.

"...Is it safe? Vee haff weys off mekkeeng yoo tok!" I whispered and she giggled trying, but not very hard, to wriggle from my grasp.

Her twisting motion as she bent slightly forward accidentally grinded her butt into the bulge in the front of my jeans. She stopped and straightened her stance without pulling away and just said slowly "Oh... my...".

"Naw coffer yore eyez, mein fraulien!" her commandant commanded as she was thankful the auditory torture session earned her a temporary reprieve.

Gwen's hands covered her eyes as I guided her through the dining room. The smell of warm melted chocolate and brandy filled the senses.

"Chocolat? I know your favorite!" I said, guiding her to the kitchen bar.

Her eyes popped open "Jim, you're kidding me! You did this for me? Look at this, it's awesome!"

A fondue pot full of a mixture of milk chocolate, white chocolate and brandy was simmering. A large serving tray was prepared with neatly sliced mandarin oranges, marshmellows, brownies, buttercake, bananas and strawberries. The fondue forks awaited.

"Thank you, I'm so hungry, I haven't eaten in hours..." Gwen said while spinning out a barstool near the tray of treats. I sat next to her, open legged on another barstool, not nearly as hungy as I'd had several tastes already in preparing it. She picked at the tray with her fork. Each treat was a burst of flavor in her mouth as the warm chocolate complimented each bite of coated delicacy. At times she picked chocolate coated items off the fork with her fingers once they'd been dipped and laid them upon her tongue.

"What, you're not going to eat?" she asked.

"No, I'm fine, I might try some in a little bit" I returned.

"Bullshit!" she said. As she licked off her sticky digits, she gave me a glance as her index finger slid into her mouth and emerged clean of chocolate. She then took the same finger and gently ran it around the inside rim of the fondue crock.

A generous dab of melted chocolate coated her finger as she turned her barstool and leaned forward to me saying "Jim, I'm going to eat...AND you're going to eat!" She held her dripping chocolate finger for a moment in front of my mouth and looked at me straight in the eyes with a slight smirk.

"If that's what you like" I said quickly and opened my mouth smiling at the edges.

She gave a slight single breath snicker as she pushed the chocolate into my mouth. My eyes never leaving hers, I cradled her finger with my tongue around as it went in, sucked until i felt her flesh and then brought up the hardened the tip of my tongue to run along the bottom of her finger. I then opened my lips and sucked her finger back in, running my tongue again hard along the bottom as she hesitantly withdrew it from my lips.

Perhaps I'd telegraphed the sentiment strongly enough as she was speechless for just a moment. I looked down and noticed a drip of the chocolate had escaped her finger and landed right on the side of the bulge in my pants.

"God dammit Gwen!" I said playfully, "look what you've done! I've had a premature eCHOCulation!"

She turned in her seat which put her legs between mine. She steadied herself by placing her small yet warm hand on my thigh then glanced at my fabric-and-chocolate-covered cock and just laughed. She gave my leg a slight squeeze as she laughed. My cock responded and it wasn't shy. The head pushed hard against the inside of my pants as it inched forward.

"Jim, you must REALLY like chocolate" said Gwen glancing at the shameless tent.

"Lets see how much you like it Sweetheart!" I said, rounding my finger along the inside of the crock. I placed my hand on her arm so she would not spin away, then brought my chocolate treat towards her face. She pursed up her lips as if she was going to resist.

"MMmmph MMMPH GDDMMT" she muttered through closed lips as my finger followed her mouth from side to side as she turned her head to avoid it. I poked a finger just below her arm into her rib cage and she laughed out loud.

"Uh huh, that's it baby..." I said positioning my finger to her mouth.

She opened her lips as if to take it in, leaned forward then stopped. She looked into my eyes and gave an ear to ear smile then grabbed my wrist with both hands. She guided my finger to just in front of her open lips and I felt her breath on my hand. She turned her head to the side avoiding my finger and lowered her lips to my palm, closing her eyes as she went. She stopped at the bottom of my palm and I felt the tip of her tongue slowly glide back up along the outside of it as she breathed through her mouth to add to the sensation.

I fidgetted slightly and hunched once in my seat as she traced her tongue on the outside of my palm, then up the side of the chocolate coated finger. She leaned a bit more forward, transfering more weight onto her hand on my thigh. It tugged the fabric of my pants a bit more taut across my growing pleasant ache. She then started licks from the bottom of my finger to the top, each time stopping to savor the taste and lick her lips, then start a new lick from the bottom again.

With the last two licks, she looked up at me and my expression. She regained that ear to ear grin and laughed through her mouth during each slow agonizing lick.

"Why Jim, you taste pretty damn good! Mmmmm" she purred and finished off the last lick then gave the palm of my hand a breathy sucking kiss.

"I was just thinking the same about you, Sugarpuss..." I replied. The brandy in the fondue had a mellowing effect, a slight ringing in the ears but an overall smooth buzz, enhancing our flirtatious torture of one another.

Gwen glanced down to see the more pronounced outline of the swelling head of my penis trying to push it's way through the fabric of my pants. Her eyes then followed down a bit further and she noticed a huge splatter of chocolate had dripped down her chin, into her cleavage and along the outside of her left breast.

"Crap!" she said while running a finger to catch the drop running down the front of her tank. She raised the finger to her lips and sucked the candy off, but her eyes returned to my stiffness. She had swivelled between my legs and just the feeling of her lovely presence having it's way within that space felt like heaven.

She opened her fingers and gently placed them over the bulge and gave a single squeeze. I heard her whisper something to herself, could have been a 'damn' but I didn't quite hear it. She then opened her left hand and placed the bottom of her palm under the bulge and started to slowly push it down the length of the swelling.

My hand went softly to her chin and guided her gaze from below up to my face to kiss her candy coated lips. She leaned up into the kiss more forcefully, a bit more tongue than I had expected, but it was most welcome indeed. Her palm slid from the front of the head of my cock down to the bottom of the shaft where she gently squeezed my balls through my pants. The motion had pushed my cock into a more comfortable position and promoted further growth with less constriction.

As we finished our kiss, our eyes slowly blinked back open. I whispered "You know what, Gwendolyn?"

She rested her head gently on my chest then looked back up at me and whispered "Whats that Jim?" as she squeezed near the base of my bulge and ran her fingers back up the length.

I smiled a shit-eating grin and said "I'm really, REALLY happy you're here!"

Her eyes squinted as she laughed and shook her head "You dumbass..." her grasp a little more firm to the flesh beneath the clothes "Are you happy Jim?" Pushing her palm down again "Yep, you're really happy to see me alright...heh heh"

As I raised up in my seat she was hitting an excellent spot and my leg twitched. Putting my hands under her arms, I led hear up on her barstool.

I tugged at the bottom of her tank and said "I need to get this in the washer real quick for you." She gave me a bit of an 'Are you kidding' type look then conceded, winked and raised her arms. I lifted the tank halfway up until it just cleared her mouth then pulled it back so her arms were trapped while her eyes were covered and I kissed her, very passionately.

She gave a quick "Hey!" and a gasp, then her tongue entered my lips as she welcomed me. I leaned forward, holding her around the waist, and licked the chocolate that had run between her cleavage. Pausing to suck an area here, an area there beneath her satin bra covered breasts. I felt her tense stature ease as my tongue made little circles where spots of chocolate had spattered. My breath on her skin made her arch her back and her nipples hardened through the silky bra as my tongue slid along her sternum.

She finished removing her tank as i let go of it and she ran her fingers through my hair as my mouth glided upon her. She definately was wearing something coconut as my tongue slid over chocolate then coconut and back. Gently running my teeth over a hardened silk covered nipple, my lips ran softly over the material. She gasped and turned her torso, placing the other nipple front and center for attention. I placed it between my lips and hummed. She giggled surprisedly as it tickled her senses.

"I'll be right back, Gwen..." I said, grabbing her tank from the counter.

"You'll need to wash those too" she said licking a finger and pointing to the spot of chocolate on my pants which had now been rubbed into the fabric.

I stepped into the garage and started the small batch of laundry. She grabbed a strawberry off the tray and dipped it into the chocolate melt, then savored the mixture of flavors as it disappeared in her mouth.

2~~ The Appetizer

"Would you like to wash your hands?" I asked as the garage door closed behind me.

"Yes darlin', if you don't mind" She stood from her barstool, with hands crossed in front of her.

I had emerged from the garage without my jeans and my boner was standing out like a front porch flagpole, loosely covered by my briefs. She laughed and pointed at it, not making matters much better.

I held out my hand "Well come on then, follow me".

She took my hand and got behind me, as if to keep herself warm from the cool breeze of air conditioning flowing from the vents in the rooms, her other hand rested on my hip. I led her through the house to closed wooden double doors at the far end of the living room. I opened them both inward at the same time.

"Oh wow, Jim, that's a nice bed!" she said, eyeing the kingsize brass bed before her. Covered in leopard print sheets and cases it beckoned to any weary or horny soul.

"This is the master bedroom and my home office, this is where I was when you came to the door" I explained. My office desk wraps around in one corner, forming a letter 'J'. The walls are covered with yet more autographed pics and banners and posters.

A huge Jessica Alba Sin City poster on the wall behind the bed, a standee of Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in one corner, posters for Underworld and Gothika, signed autographs from Tiffany Shepis, Marilyn Chambers, Sid Haig, Robert Englund and others. Lots of computer and video equipment abound.

"Jim if you were locked up in this room, you'd be set for a few days, ya think?" Gwen commented.

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