tagBDSM24 Hours Ch. 03

24 Hours Ch. 03


You stand there.

Legs spread apart.

Blindfolded face looking sightlessly ahead.

Not moving a muscle, not saying a word.

Just as I told you to.

Your wrists are roped together behind your back, a second length of rope pulling them high up your back before encircling your upper arms and torso, loops between your arms pulling the rope tight impressing its pattern into the flesh of your upper breasts and arms leaving you with little of no possible movement in your hands, making it impossible for you to protect your ass or lower body.

But you know this.

You've been standing like that like that for 5 minutes now and I've not touched you since I positioned you there, but you know you stay like that mute and still no matter what I do to you or if as now I chose to do nothing, just making you wait.

The desire to make you disobey me is getting strong now, I quietly kneel in front of you and insert my tongue between your legs then trace a line of wetness upwards to your navel. I feels your belly tense, your breathing quicken as I lick your navel. You taste salty but still you remain silent, immobile, almost defiant.

I move behind you now, touch your leg on the inside just above your ankle and draw my hand upwards along your inner thigh barely touching you, yet I notice your fingers are writhing my hand continues its journey along the crease of you ass just one finger now stopping only when it reaches the small of your back.

I do the same on the other leg carefully skirting but not touching your pussy. Your breathing is quite rapid now and your body is giving of a not unpleasant scent of sweat and musk. I wonder how long it will be before you crack, I don't want it to be too soon, I'll have to give you something else to think about.

The cane feels cold and smooth in my hands, I crack it against my palm warning you of it presence. I see you flinch and your lips tighten you know what's coming but not where. I draw the cane across your soft belly, You tense yourself, bite your lip, now you know.

I strike once, not hard enough to wind you but the red line slowly emerging on your skin testifies to its effect as does the catch in your breathing, yet you remain still. I strike again, another red line forming an X. I think how this temporary disfigurement enhances rather that distracts from your beauty. I kiss you where the lines intersect.

Stepping back I consider which part of you to give my attention to next. Your nipples are so hard and protruding they just beg for attention, gripping each nipple between the thumb and index finger of each hard I begin to roll them slowly increasing the pressure as I watch your face. You bite down on your lower lip and I see you fight your body's desire to thrust you pelvis forward. I release the pressure, I don't want you cracking yet, I have more plans for you before that.

Your back is damp now, I lift your hair to one side and kiss you just below the base of your neck. you feel the cane between your legs and tighten your buttocks in response, I draw the cane slowly out along the parting of your ass letting you feel each irregularity on its surface, you tense in anticipation of pain, but this time I spare you. I notice the cane is slick with your wetness, since you like the cane so much I think you should ride it for a while.

Sitting relaxed cross legged before you I rise the cane to your pussy taking care that it is seated between your lips and slowly increase the pressure, I watch you rise onto your toes with one foot and then the other the muscles in your throat start to stand out, your lips part. I wait until you start to lower your head and a slight tremor appears in your thighs then I lower the cane, hear you gasp with relief.

I stand walk to the chair, sit down and roll a smoke. I looked at you, still unmoving silent. I'm proud of you but still I make you wait until I've finished my smoke.

Making no attempt at stealth I remove my shirt and go to you, sliding one hand behind your back and one flat on your belly I press my chest against your breasts and slide three fingers of my hand between your thighs, pressing against your wetness. You moan, I lift and insert one finger. You crumble.

Your mouth kissing my chest, your body pressing down on my hand gasping small incoherent sounds. I pull your head back by your hair.

"I think that constitutes disobedience, don't you?"

You try to avoid answering but I still have you fast by your hair.


Holding you by the ropes across your back I guide you to the bed, throw you face down and quickly bind your ankles to the bed posts.

Sitting besides you on the bed I stroke your ass.

"That will cost six strokes of the cane."

You lay still.

"And because we don't want to scare the local wildlife you are to accept it in silence."

You say nothing.

"If you are too noisy I'll simply gag you and give you twenty strokes."

I hear a muffled.


"Or if you think you'll be unable to remain silent." I pause.

"Tell me now and I'll gag you and only give you six."

I can almost hear you thinking. if you tell me to gag you you'll be unable to ask me to stop but the idea of twenty strokes also scares you, you could ask me to stop now but you don't want to but this will hurt but you don't want to chicken out, quite a quandary.

I wait.

"Gag me."

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