tagSci-Fi & Fantasy300million: Cecil's Revenge

300million: Cecil's Revenge



A tale of the Nymphocalypse

It all made sense now; and she could feel him - feel a man nearby. The voices and images that had bombarded her made sense now - and they had washed away her old reality. All she remembered was being sucked up by the blue light into the alien warship, and the gas she and the other women had been subjected to....no, not gas exactly, the were tiny particles like...dust or...spores. Spores. She knew that now.

Finally, the it all made sense. She had eons worth of memories; the biologically-encoded memories of a great race, an ancient race. The body of knowledge that filled her brain overshadowed all ethical, political, or religious beliefs; her race-memory was all. She had awakened at long last from a prison of petty, weak, female morality and anxiety, And she knew what she had to do.

Increase. Reproduce. Again, and again. It was not a means to an end, reproduction was the end. It would be beautiful; she was beautiful. She had been given a gift when the aliens sprayed her with their spores; she knew that she did not need to age, she need not fear rejection. She knew that she had a choice of any man... she was erupting with the power of limitless seduction - no matter a man's station, committment or preferences - she could have him...she could possess the best men...but... but...she didn't want the best man...

Snarling, she ran a hand across her slippery cunt. No, she wanted...all men! All of them! She would spread her legs, shake her ass for any chance to copulate. She laughed when she realized that normal women would be selective for the most suitable man. Foolishness! What mattered was breeding! When she had been human; she had wanted only to attract the right man; now she could attract any man, and wanted them all!

She closed her eyes, and felt a sweet sensation. It was an aura that teased her senses like electric sugar. She could see glowing blue threads in the air, many of them with a common root - but with a few wild branches. The glowing threads that waved and wandered in front of her seemed to radiate that energizing sweetness.

She grasped a tangential strand, and gained a flash of images - massive breasts, platinum blond hair, metal studs and piercings, a feminine shape. She visualized herself putting the glowing strand in her pussy, and the sugary bliss intensified and stimulated her yet more. She was dimly aware of her flesh flowing, bones popping, chest expanding. And in a flash, she knew that she had become the very soul of desire! The sweetness grew more intense, and was accompanied by a sense of invincible power. She was desireable now, a perfect match...but....for what?

For a man...she could practically smell his lust; it was not the nature of the man himself, but the strength of his libido that drew her. It made no difference what he looked like; she knew that she would spread herself for any male even...males from other planets? Yes...yes...their libidoes captivated her, made her wet, made her pulse flutter with longing. Imagine! There was a time when she would have rejected a man based on meaningless emotional impulses! She scoffed at the human woman she used to be, she was.... yes, a slut. She embraced the term as normal, natural. She had reached the inevitable evolution of the female organism - absolute promiscuity. She looked forward to impregnation - she knew that she could birth offspring quickly, easily, without pain or risk of injury - in her new, advanced body she realized the process would be highly pleasurable! And imagine, she had been afraid when the aliens had first captured her! No...not aliens...

"Coit'ii," she breathed. She was one of them now, they were her people, her species. It was human women that were alien now. Her new sisterhood ruled this planet; and they would steal every living male away from their own women. But that had already been done; Only a tiny handful of men in the most remote places on Earth could have possibly escaped the Great Harvest. She knew that ships had even combed the Kalahari Desert and Amazon rainforests, to capture every possible male to ejaculate for the Empire. But there was one left; he must have somehow escaped; he had a cunning, powerful mind, but his lust was strong. That was what drew her, the greater the male's lust, the more her own sexual craving was fed - and she knew she had taken the shape of a deep-rooted desire.

She was drawn to him like a magnet, from his sperm, she would derive both pleasure and sustenance, from her cunt, he would gain a potent addiction. She loped forward to follow the strands of desire across the stripped soil where blue moss from the Coit'ii Homeworld had been planted. There was a ship; it was a small shuttle made from rough, bluish-purple crystalline blocks. Not Coit'ii manufacture; her race memory told her that it was made by an ingenious, telepathic species smarter on average than humanity, but far less fertile. Nonetheless, the males of that race could not restrain themselves from the limitless sexual indulgence the Coit'ii promised - and had thus become one more planet of lesbian savages and stud-slaves. Now, there were Coit'ii who had added that race's genious and greater telepathy to the gene pool at large; making them all the more capable to conquer Earth.

"Intelligence is limited; Lust is eternal." She droned, her race memory feeding her a popular Coit'ii maxim. The mating instinct was a weakness shared by the smartest, strongest, toughest species - none could resist The Empire. And the leaders of this planet had been so eager to ejaculate their freedom and power into the accepting pussies of the First Wave agents. This ship's presence here was a mystery. A mystery that she would explore after she'd gotten a crotch full of sweet, virile, human semen.

A mystery that was fleeting, it seemed. The bluish blocks began to fracture, crack and smoke. In a few moments, it was clear that somehow, the ship was disintegrating from some reaction inside its own structure. The blocks fragmented and faded into sandy debris, flowing downwards into a pile around the crash site. Beneath the blocks oozed a substance that resembled molten metal that flowed in steely rivulets. In less than a minute, evidence of the alien craft had vanished, and what remained could easily resemble the melted wreckage of any human-manufactured aircraft.

And in the center, stood the Man. He was wiry, of medium height for his species, not bulky, but with a hint of lean muscle. Clean shaven, his brownish hair resembled a spiky crew-cut, and there was a fierce gleam of cock-sure certainty in his smouldering eyes. And his rod... his manmeat stood poised, half-erect as if ready at any moment to surge into steely rigidity. His sausage-like cock throbbed, seeming to beckon her forward.

Knots of desire twisted in her gut, and her cunt began to quiver with the raw instincts that burned in her blood. She thrust her pelvis towards him, willing her mating musks towards him, and instinctively she began to growl. With the power of her mind, invisible fingers reached out towards the nest of strands that surrounded his aura, and she poked at his mind, provoking the parts of his brain that controlled lust and aggression. His eyes closed as her telepathic assault continued; sometimes sentient males had false ideals of honor and chastity that interfered with mating, she knew that her attack would amplify his deepest, animal urges and remove the threat of his morality. It was working, the male smiled as he rushed to meet her, and she would melt in his arms, and his cock would melt in her pussy, and he would seed her womb, and she would grow ripe with his young.

She was almost counting the seconds before his steely meat was within reach of her dripping female portal, closer...closer...and further...further away... what? There was a humming sound, and a waviness to the air as if a powerful energy field were near them, what would...

Above, a Coit'ii flier made a sweep of the crash-site, matte-green and with lateral panels that glowed pink on the bottom. The male was drawn away, magnetized upwards to cling to the ship as it carried off a wayward prize. She grasped for his cock, snarling her outrage. But there were two ships on approach; one of them was identical in manufacture, except with blue-glowing lateral panels, this one magnetized a group of feral human tribeswomen, binding them to the bottom of the ship and out of the way as it slowed to hover close to the ground.

Yes, this was for her. They knew that she had become one of them, and they would take her now to her new home, where she would have a place among those who understood the Call of the race memory, where she would have ready access to cock and sperm.


Her heels clicked softly against the white, sterile metal of the laboratory. "Shoes..." Began Dr. Cox as she paused for a moment, appraising herself. She was entirely naked save only for a pair of ruby-red, stilleto heeled women's shoes. "Normally, we Coit'ii detest the gross textiles that lesser females cover their bodies with, but these...I could get used to wearing shoes. The high heels encourage a posture that seems to push my breasts forward - they draw attention to my sexuality, rather than conceal it. Yes, this is an Earth custom that I could accept."

"It's a beginning." I replied, gasping for breath and trying to calm my upset stomach. I kneeled on a white, absorbent circular pad on a raised dais inside a technical room with a multitude of the hovering, spherical screens that were typical of Coit'ii computer systems. Despite my distress, the computer nerd in me was asking questions about their hard drive capacities, if their operating system could beat Bill Gates, and if they had Wi-Fi. But I had more pressing concerns at the moment, I was really feeling the gut-twisting effects of sex-withdrawal that the recorded scientist had warned me about. And like that scientist, I too had lost count of the aliens I'd knocked up since I'd escaped from the Reality Simulator. I had also felt that euphoric, floating pleasure that followed an orgasm into the cunt of a Coit'ii - and I was paying for it.

That was their hold over men; the sex they offered seemed to be free and clear - why not have as much as possible? Then you'd realize that you have to keep screwing them and only them - or the withdrawal from the pleasure of their pheromones and sex-oils would be fatal. I knew this had happened to me because my cock just kept getting harder, and I'd been sick before - any other time my gut was wrenching, or my head was spinning like this, sex had been the furthest thing from my mind. Not now; my body seemed to know what it needed; the greater the suffering, the longer, harder, more rigid I became. I knew the Coit'ii where the enemy, but I'd long ago fallen into their trap - and I'd die unless I played by their rules.

Just as well, because there was something that they didn't know. I'd gained something on that ship before ordering it to self-destruct. The sultry invaders wouldn't understand the weapon I possessed until it was far too late.

"All sentient species survive based on their ability to adapt..." The red-haired sex-demon continued. "My kind are expert at this; in more ways than the obvious." She riveted my with her wide, blue eyes. " I can adapt to wearing women's shoes, when most clothing is abhorrent to the Coit'ii, so then you too shall adapt to your own circumstance.

"You...Cecil are the annexed property of the Empire; you are an Imperial Stud-Breeder for the Coit'ii, and every last sperm cell you produce is the property of our Empire."

"I didn't intend to make you angry with my escape." Basically true; I was trying to foment revolution, I didn't really care whether the alien invaders would be angry or not.

"I am not angry, I am simply stating fact." The alien xenoneurologist began rubbing her own nipples together. "We like our Studs to be cunning and aggressive, and to pass those qualities on to the daughters they father upon us, so outbursts are to be expected for males clever enough to awaken from Simulation." And I was the first human to do so. "The simple reality is that we are now in absolute control of this solar system, this planet, and you." Her eyes narrowed with a sinister gleam. "Make no mistake human, we will have your sperm, you WILL cum for us. You will either enjoy it, or you will not." She ran her fingers down from the canteloupe slopes of her cleavage across her taut belly to her hot bush.

"But I think that you shall enjoy it, because the Coit'ii specialize in Pleasure to enforce Power. In time, you will accept the demands of your male sexuality. In time you will grow accustomed to the sight of Coit'ii bellies fully gravid with your offspring."

"Is that what happens now?"

"Soon enough, Cecil. But first you will be taught discipline." She squeezed a floating, pink orb that hovered nearby, and a shimmering curtain of energy cascaded down around me. I'd watched enough of the Sci-Fi channel to know a force-field when I saw it. She began to sway her hips in a kind of stripper-manuever that all Coit'ii seemed to understand instinctively. And then came her purr.

I had felt it before, but that didn't mean I was able to resist the empathic-psychic lures that these beings turned on stubborn men. As Dr. Cox rolled her perfect ass in a circle before me, I began to feel my emotions twist. Yes, my beefy cock sprang to life, but when the Flier had captured me, a machine had reattached the clear plastic cock-cap that would prevent masturbation - and of course I couldn't rip the thing off without wounding myself.

There was sense of power, entitlement. I deserved to blast my seed into every pussy in the galaxy! To hell with anyone that would deny my inherent right to breed! I threw myself against the energy field, to be gently repulsed by an intangible, yet irresistable motion. As she bounced her ass at me, she would turn back, smiling sharkishly as she growled; the noise seemed to sing to my very manhood, enflaming my urges to a fever pitch of rutting aggression.

I pushed with relentless abandon against the force-field, straining every muscle past the breaking point to lay claim to the teasing feminine flesh so close. Cox turned around, groaning, snarling eyes closed as she groped herself in front of me. She pinched her nipples, panting savagely - and she seemed able to entice her nipples to harden, lengthen from mere eraser heads to plump thumbles. Were her aureoles spreading further across her breastflesh? Yes...like an ever-widening stain of eroticism as her breasts jerked and throbbed.

Her nude torso undulated against the force field, allowing her crotch to graze the outer edge, I watched her labia engorge before me, lips ripe and ready to receive my phallic intrusion. And I deserved it! But I could only howl as my cock enflamed, my mind clouded with rage and lust, and my blood boiled. In my savage lust, I knew that she had made a mistake; I was stronger than their technology, I would find a way through and ravish the alien tease as no cock had done before! I howled in a primal passion somewhere between rage and rut. I pressed myself against the immaterial repulsion, uncaring for the strain to my muscles! Always her growl simmered in the back of my mind, banishing morality, restraint, and intellect. And Dr. Cox shimmied her jiggling chest as she continued her deliberate stripper-dance - not exactly a strip-tease, since she wore nothing but high-heel shoes.

I was the one who felt stripped, divested of covering. She was not trying to entice me to mate, as had the first Coit'ii I had met, she was subjecting me to a rare form of sexual torture. My higher motivations were being torn away by her psychic lust attack - and my mind could only descend deeper into a depraved web of cock-hardening madness. Not being able to touch her, while her telepathic powers faned the flames of my desire resulted in a rabid anguish that I had never imagined possible.

The alien neurologist squatted, her ass and cunt raised before me, as she grasped up one of the ubiquitous penis-robots and began to leisurely masturbate her hot slit. "So much better... after the male suffers a severe withdrawal reaction... when the male craves me more than his own life...his own sanity." again more growling as she pressed home her telepathic waves of lust.

"I am.... principle overseer of your case.... as such; I am entitled to five copulations per Yearn." I still wasn't sure what length of time that represented. "I've been saving them, saving them for whatever stunt I knew you would attempt - knowing that you would try to resist your normal male urges, and you would feel the pangs of addiction that men of all species suffer when they flee the Coit'ii. *NAAAHH*" Her dialogue broke down for a moment from the jolts of self-inflicted pleasure she was directing at her own cunt.

"Yes, human...free sex forever, but when a man ejaculates into a Coit'ii cunt, he belongs to us, whether he wishes it or not! He must come back to us, groveling for the change to impregnate us once more...and he shall have it! He must only surrender everything....body, soul, power, and loyalty. That is what I crave, Cecil. A man so desperate for my body, so maddened with lust to impregnate me that he has abandoned himself to the beast!

"We...my kind...this is what we lust for. To encite lust! We lust for males to lust after us...until they gladly abandon the lesser women of their own species! And now..." a louder growl... " It is your turn, Cecil. You have sired many offspring upon my kind, and thought that you could escape... now you feel the folly of your hubris. The suffering will end, all you must do is surrender....surrender to my cunt!" I didn't see any switches, but the force-field was gone, as was any and all resraint.

I mounted the sultry alien like a crazed, male grizzly bear at the height of the mating season. With one liquid thrust, I had rammed myself up to the hilt in the hottest reaches of her cunt. Bareback we began to move against each other, a cacophony of moans, snarls and grunts coming from both our throats. There was no coy, girlish reluctance - this was a bitch in heat that craved cock as much as any man could crave pussy.

My groping hands reached around to her chest, where I could feel her melons swelling

in my grip; engorging nipples digging into my palm like cut diamonds. Her scent slammed into me all at once; the aroma of wine and peaches of her sex-musk seemed to enhance my arousal into an intoxication of libido. Within seconds, her panting, quivering flesh beneath me was slick with her fragrant, alien body oil as her first orgasm hit. Her cunt clenched my raging shaft with enough dexterity to achieve what felt like suction.

Time and space vanished as our mating accelerated; kneading the fluid bulges of breasts whose size I feared to estimate, ramming myself against the swells of her tight ass, I began to fade in and out of normal consciousness and a bestial delirium willing to commit any crime for a chance at some hot pussy.

The Coit'ii scientist emitted a low wail that rose in pitch until it became a piercing whine of passion which in tone and lust exceeded any normal human range. In the corner of my vision, I saw her eyes begin to glow that same shade of radiant pink just like I'd seen in the video with that blond seductress and the general. The scent that blasted me next was so strong I thought I could taste hot apple pie.....triumph...victory....Enticing sentient males to breed them brought these beings their greatest feeling of accomplishment. And now our entire planet had been seduced.

She rose, my cock still within her as she undulated against my naked torso. She bent her arms back to hold and caress the back of my head, thrusting her bosom forward...I could dimly sense that she was about to cum again, and her body trembled - her pussy rippling around me until it settled into a vice-like grip around my manly rod. As her back arched, her breasts began to leak. Hot, white lactation began to run in rivulets, then in thin streams as I felt her mammaries tighten.

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