tagRomance33 Years Is a Lifetime

33 Years Is a Lifetime


It had been 33 long years since he saw her last. That day could just as well have been the day before, though, it was that fresh in his memory.

Dan's mind flashed back, as he sat in his car in the airport parking lot. Patty was a vision then, her body perky and soft, yet round with the exhuberance of youth. Her perfect B cup breasts were always partially exposed, she was that kind of woman.

"Sizzler" outfits were the dress of the day, incredibly overly short outfits with matching underwear designed to be shown off. The tops criss-crossed, breasts were almost supposed to show in peek-a-boo fashion.

Dan really liked that look. Patty wore those outfits everywhere.

It probably was what had attracted Dan to her in the first place.

Blessed with the long and flowing reddish hair that had every color possible for a woman to have mixed in it, then freckles everywhere, topped off by the gold wireframed round glasses?

Lord. One look was all it had taken.

She had slipped the extremely hot plate across the counter to him, telling him to be careful. The restaurant where she worked the breakfast counter always heated the plates, it was something that Dan liked so every morning he stopped to eat before heading on in to the gas station he owned.

The old lady in the kitchen had hands that always seemed to be moving, plates heaped with food rattled up to the window counter.

"Order up!" She would call out as her daughter Sylvia flowed up and down the row of mostly men, filling coffee cups and sliding plates back and forth.

Sylvia was tall, slender, her hair pulled back in a tight bun. She could give as good as she got, the men all loved her and teased her without mercy. Sylvia teased right back, nobody appeared to even notice that she was homely as a mud fence.

Then one day apparently someone did overlook that part, Sylvia hooked up with one of the regulars and Patty took her place.

Where Sylvia had been full of constant banter, Patty just reeked raw sexuality. Dan took note of that instantly, of course, so did everyone else.

There was a flash of the creamy white tops of her breasts as she leaned forward to set down the plate, her own hand covered by a hot pad. Dan looked, the lighter portion blended into brown, the freckles on that darker part of her skin seemed much more pronounced.

The word was smitten. No doubt about that at all. Patty caught his look and hesitated, then flashed a smile, her green eyes met his and the look was one of interest.

Dan knew he wasn't bad to look at, he was a solid 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, in shape with a slender waist and very broad shoulders. His upper arms rippled with muscle from his nightly efforts at home with the heavy weights.

Add in the fashionably overly long natural blonde hair, combined with a deep tan, and yes. Dan had no problems attracting his fair share of females.

One look at this amazing young woman and he wanted her. When she caught his look, an impish expression crossed her face and her eyes held his before turning away to tend to other customers.

That evening at home Dan's current girl friend Sarah called. It was around 9 PM, normally Dan at least called her for a chat, even more normal would be that they got together and did something. Sometimes it was just a drive out to the park overlooking the river, sometimes they caught a movie, or just hung out around the house.

Dan glanced at his watch, surprised. He had been sitting there with the TV on, just thinking about the redhead, sipping a beer.

Usually by around 9 PM he and Sarah were naked on the bed, or the couch, or the floor. They were often together, and nearly always mostly naked, too. Sarah was a very tiny brunette, overly heavy in the bust. Barely 4' 11", or so she claimed but the truth is she was just short of 4' 10". She weighed only 90 pounds, Dan could encircle her waist with his hands.

It had taken Dan over a dozen dates to get his hands inside her blouse, and another half dozen to get her pants off one night at the house.

Sarah had mildly resisted his efforts that evening, but then finally her own hormones got in the way. They ended up making a bloody mess of his bed that first time.

After that it was like Sarah just could not get enough. Up until then Dan had been with perhaps a half dozen different women, and he knew he could make a phone call and pick one of them for a nice night out, capped with sex.

After that one time with Sarah she became the item, and he just never called any of the others again. A couple had gone so far as to actually call him instead, but he mentioned he was seeing Sarah regularly, as he kindly put it and they all soon gave up.

Life became Sarah and experiments. She was always trying something new to tease him, there was no doubt that once started with her sexuality, she liked it.

Hell, Dan liked it too.

Dan had decided he was happy, there was lots of sex and he and Sarah got along fine. They often shared cooking duties, trying new and odd combinations. He would wake up to find her busy cleaning things around his house, putting things away. She sometimes wore just a pair of panties, the big breasts bobbing as she puttered around. Dan would lie there on one elbow and watch her until she noticed him. Sarah's breasts were easily as fine as any movie star on the planet, he could spend literally hours looking at and playing with them.

"What?" She would say when she looked up, knowing full well what his reaction was.

"Nothing, I am just looking at you."

"Doesn't that thing ever go down?" She would giggle.

"Not with you around!"

"Well, I better fix it then." She would drop what she was doing and head towards him with a smile. Dan loved those moments.

Dan seldom put anything away but he would get up and start helping her when she began to clean up, organize. Sarah always went back to her folk's house although sometimes it was pretty late or even the next morning. Her dad's name was Charles and he had long since accepted Dan as the future for his daughter.

There were a few hints from that corner from time to time. Then one day Sarah mentioned that her Dad was thinking of buying her a small house. She made sure that she took Dan over to look at it, wanting his approval.

Dan knew what that meant, he really wasn't concerned or upset, it all was just like a natural progression of things.

The idea of marriage had popped into his head, and he was actually getting close to asking her. He knew of course that she was going to say yes.

Then that morning at the coffee shop, one look at the redhead and Dan suddenly had doubts. One look was all it had taken, there were sparks in the air, he found his mind wandering at work to the way she smiled and looked at him.

It was just a week later, Dan had been struggling with himself but now he stopped in every morning, then again for lunch later in the day. Sarah had been over a few times in the evenings that week, and Dan found he was having visions of Patty while making love to Sarah.

She noticed, going so far as to ask him if something was wrong. He just shook his head no, muttering about working too hard.

Just a few short weeks later, his life changed.

"Hey, some of us are going on a picnic down at the park by the river this afternoon. Wanna come?" Patty flashed that bright smile that made Dan's knees weak as she set his breakfast in front of him.

"Sure!" He answered, forgetting he had plans to pick up Sarah after work and maybe take in a movie or something.

Dan rushed home after work, took a quick shower, grabbed his bathing suit and a bottle of wine and headed out the door. At the river he parked his Plymouth Duster right next to the little white Nova that he knew Patty drove.

It didn't take very long to find the party. Two other young women were sitting there on a blanket wearing bikinis, Patty had on a lime green bikini that was actually a bit on the conservative side.

Two young men sat with them chatting. Patty spotted Dan and jumped up, trotting his way. Lord she looked fantastic. She took his arm and led him down to her friends, introducing him all around.

Dan instantly forgot everyone's name, all he could think of was Patty's hand in the crook of his elbow, her soft breast pressed against his arm.

She sat right next to him on the blanket, so close he could feel the heat from her body. Everyone was laughing, Dan did his best to join in but mostly he was only aware of Patty sitting next to him. Every once in awhile her hand would reach out to touch his leg as she giggled at someone's wisecrack.

After all the usual laughing and drinking, the evening began to cool and everyone gathered up and drifted away. Finally it was just Dan and Patty, she stood up and pulled a soft sweater around her shoulders against the evening chill.

They walked holding hands back to their cars. She turned to him expectantly, Dan leaned down to kiss her soft lips. That made his head swim, she responded and pressed tightly against him. He let his hands drift to her waist, it felt so soft and wonderful. He struggled in his mind over what to say, how to ask her to come with him.

"I will follow you home." She whispered into his ear, a husky tone in her voice. He nodded, got into his Duster. Several times he glanced up on the way home, her headlights were right there.

Unlocking the door, he glanced at his watch. It was after 10 PM. He held the door for her.

"Want some coffee?" He asked.

"No." She turned to him and they kissed again, then they were tugging at each other's clothing.

Her body naked was also a vision, there were freckles everywhere, her pubic mound was covered with hair the same color as her head. Dan did things that night that had never crossed his mind before. He was trying to please this woman, he knew damn good and well that he was not her first, so he became determined to be her best.

Her body felt strange at first, larger and softer than Sarah's tiny and extremely firm flesh. Her taste was womanly, musky, it almost drove him mad with lust. It took a very long time for Dan to finally be completely exhausted.

The Sun was shining in the window when he woke up. She lay there naked, leaning on one elbow, just watching him. Then she got up and went into the bathroom, took a shower. She came out drying her hair, totally unconcerned with being completely naked in front of him.

Dan began to erect again at the sight of her in the bright light, Patty glanced down and saw that and grinned. She hopped on the bed and straddled his legs, her sparsely red hair covered lips spread open almost obscenely, then she reached out with both hands and began to masturbate him.

Dan lay there watching her breasts jiggle as she worked his penis furiously, grinning as he blasted off into her hands. She reached out and spread his sperm all over his chest.

"God I love to do that! You really have a nice looking dick, I like it when they still have the foreskin, it slides back and forth. So many guys don't have one, and I don't like the little ones." She said.

She reached down and took his now softening penis in one hand, slid it back and forth a few times, just staring at it.

"Well, I gotta go to work!" She hopped off the bed, went in and washed up, then reached into her carry bag and put on the white uniform type dress she wore at the restaurant.

Dan noticed she put on nothing else. That confirmed the suspicions he had had from watching her work.

Patty caught the expression on his face.

"I never wear any underwear." She giggled. Then she was out the door. Dan lay there thinking as he heard her car start, then fade out of hearing down his driveway.

She had a change of clothes with her, so she had expected to end up with him, he thought. Her attitude about everything was so completely different than what he was used to.

Sarah called later that day. She sounded a bit unhappy, wanting to know why he hadn't picked her up. Dan apologized, saying something came up. The conversation got pretty lame after that, finally Sarah hung up.

It almost sounded like she was crying. That made him feel badly, but he shook it off, telling himself that he wasn't married, and he really hadn't made any commitments.

He realized that Sarah probably didn't see things that way, but what could he do about it?

Dan stopped in at the restaurant, Patty was busy serving the customers. The place had seemed to improve some with her working there, he had to wait until a seat at the counter opened up.

"Hi, big guy! The usual?" She asked. He nodded, she jotted down his order and hung it on the little wheel in front of the kitchen.

She was so busy it was hard to talk much to her, finally he asked her if she wanted to come out after work.

"I can't, I have a date tonight. How about tomorrow night?" She said.

Dan hadn't really expected that, but what could he say? He told her sure, that he would stop by after work. She smiled and went to wait on another customer. As Dan got up he noticed a tall young man a few seats down from him was glaring at him.

He could figure out that part. Dan was parked down the street in the shopping center when Patty got off work that afternoon. Sure enough, she came out and got into a car driven by the same man who had glared at him.

Unhappy, but also feeling a little bit guilty for spying on her, he drove home. He sat and tried to watch TV but he couldn't concentrate. Finally he reached for the phone and called Sarah.

Her Dad Charles answered. Normally Charles would chat, this time he sounded mildly miffed. He said that Sarah had gone out with one of her girl friends and wouldn't be back until probably pretty late. Dan hung up, then he just went to bed. He lay there and tossed and turned, drifting in and out of dreams of Sarah and then Patty and then back. He woke up, realizing he had ejaculated in his sleep. That was something that almost never happened.

He stripped the bed and changed the sheets, took a shower and dressed for work. Then the phone rang. He reached for it quickly, thinking it was Sarah.

"Morning, Dan." It was Patty.

"Hi!" He answered, surprised.

"I just wanted to see if you are up for tonight?" Then she giggled.

"Yea, sure. Hell, I was up last night!" He laughed at his own wisecrack.

"Sorry about that, I had already made the date with Sam before I was with you so I figured I should keep it."

"That's OK. I understand."

"Anyway, I am looking forward to being with you again. You are lots better."

That made Dan hesitate. "Lots better?", She said?

"You mean you and that guy....?"

"Sure, it's no big deal. Besides, he was kinda quick and not very big. Are you going to stop by for breakfast?"

"Yea, I guess. It just surprises me a little. I guess we really don't know each other that well yet, and of course you have boyfriends from before."

"Before? Oh, I see what you mean. No, Sam and I never went out before. He took me to see a movie, then we went over to his house for awhile. It's no big deal, after all I did tell him I would go out with him. Well, see you later today." Then she hung up.

Dan really didn't know what to think. Patty and the way she was just turned him on but she seemed to be on the relaxed side about sex and everything in general. He wasn't real sure he could deal with that.

Later at breakfast, he overheard a different man ask Patty out. She turned him down, telling him she already had a date for the evening. He asked about later, she just smiled and told him "maybe, we will see how it goes."

Then she glanced down at Dan sitting there, smiled and went back to work.

That night Patty lay back in one of his beanbag chairs with her legs spread as wide as they would go as he licked at her without mercy. He could sense her struggling to climax, finally after a solid half hour of his efforts she whimpered and shuddered. Then he slid up into position and slid inside her, using every bit of will power he had to last as long as possible. When finally he could not hold back any longer he just let it fly.

Later, as they lay cuddled up beside each other in bed, he simply asked her.

"No, I never have had a climax with a man inside me." She said.

"Really? But do you ever...?"

"Yea, sure. When you licked me that first night I did, and again tonight. But not inside, I don't know why not. It's OK, I still like it!" She smiled and kissed his nipple.

Then she slid out from under the covers and straddled him, once again taking his penis in her hands. Again she had her legs opened widely, making sure he could see her.

"This is what I really like to do!" She said, as she began to stroke him. It was completely obvious that she knew exactly what to do, she built him to a climax that didn't actually end there, it just built up to a higher and even more powerful one.

It was something that Dan had just never exerienced before.

Two days later things came to a head with Sarah. Dan had become so involved with the situation with Patty that he had neglected her. Having missed another date he made with her, she demanded to know what was going on.

Dan really didn't want to say it over the phone but she insisted, so he just told her that he was seeing another woman. That was met with a long stone silence, then she exploded.

All he could do was take it, he felt bad when she broke down into sobs over the phone. Finally they hung up, he knew that part of his life was over.

Dan and Patty became an item very quickly, for several days after she moved in things seemed fine. She still teased all the men at work, Dan didn't mind that. She also kept a perfect house, in fact, she was almost obsessed with that.

In bed she was always willing, but her favorite sexual activity was to use her hands on him. For some reason she loved to do that. Things began to evolve into her doing that to him more than anything else.

The first sign of trouble was when he stopped in a bit early one day at her work to find her leaned over the counter talking eagerly with some guy. He was rather obviously looking down her blouse and she was rather obviously letting him.

There were a few snappy comments back and forth about that that evening, she finally ended it with yelling that it was good for tips and then went into the bedroom, slamming the door.

The next one was when she and one of her girlfriends went off to the beach for a "girl's day out" as Patty put it.

He watched from up above as she and her girlfriend sunbathed topless with several guys around. Then after an hour or so Patty and one young man walked over to where a nearby tent was set up and went inside. They came back out about a half hour later, the guy had a big grin on his face.

There was another big fight that night, Dan was accused of spying on her and he accused her of fucking around.

"I didn't fuck him, all I did was whack him off! Hell, you know I like to do that!" She once again slammed the bedroom door.

That was when she said it.

"WHAT in the HELL is the matter with you??" She yelled through the door at him.

Dan knew it was the beginning of the end. He tried to cope, but he could tell when he was losing ground.

Then one day he came home from work, it was Patty's day off. Her car wasn't there, and as soon as he opened the door he knew.

Everything was gone. Not only all of her belongings but quite a few of his, too. The relationship, if it could be called that, had not lasted very long.

There were several days of deep depression, a few phone calls from his crew wanting to know where he was, then finally Dan managed to get himself up and going.

He buried himself in his work, tending the islands at his gas station, that helped. One day blended into the next, all he did was work and go home, get up the next day and go to work again.

He looked up one afternoon about a month after Patty left to see a car pull in, the man told him to fill it up and headed for the rest room. He started the pump and reached for the tools to clean the windshield.

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