4731J-3 Ch. 07



Consciousness first returned to Councillor Troi with the awareness of physicality. This awareness was indistinct at first, a concept her mind almost disregarded until the first, gentle wave of sexual arousal washed over her. She shifted, briefly writhing to a different position, enjoying the curiously satisfying ache in her anus.

Opening her eyes, she was at first surprised at her surroundings until memory and a more situational form of awareness, compromised as they were, brought her up to speed. Even by the queer light of 4731J-3, Deanna could tell it was early morning. Then came flooding the memories she'd retained before she passed out the day before.

It had been a free for all, the three women no more than sex objects to the Mongos as they fought over them, taking turns with tails, cocks and long tongues. She couldn't remember passing out and she had no idea how long it had gone on or how she'd gotten where she was at the moment.

And her Vagina felt odd. In a good way.

She was lying on Torgo'li's bed. Turning her head to the right, she saw Nurse Ogawa sleeping beside her. Looking to her left failed to locate Dr. Crusher.

Then the bed shifted with a moan from near her feet. Raising her head to look down her body, she was presented with the view obstruction of her own enlarged tits. With a small gasp, she got up to look down to the foot of the bed, seeing Crusher laying across it, also still asleep. Before she could get back to her increased bust size, she also saw the very confusing sight of a Human penis between her legs. It was actually lying on her body, long, thick and uncircumcised. Alarmed, Troi assumed it to be quite lengthy to lay on her lower abdomen the way it was from below, where the man it belonged to must have been.

But there was no man beneath her because the only Human male on the planet was Wesley Crusher, and he was...

Her features knotted with confusion, Troi slowly reached down, encircling the somehow curious looking phallus with her fingers with the intent of lifting it from her body. Her senses jumped at her own touch, adding to her confusion as she dropped the cock like it was a Rigellian hectopod.

Gasping again, she sat up, staring down into her lap while trying to mentally process the impossible. Gingerly, she reached out, touching the uncircumcised head with her fingers, twitching again at the sensation of touch from her own fingers.

"Beverlyyy!" she screamed.

She hadn't meant to fall asleep, but Dr. Crusher was instantly awake that early morning to the sound of Troi's scream. Furthermore, her mind had been kicked into 'fight or flight' mode which, for Crusher, was a blessing. It helped her to quickly remember the councillor's mutation and just as quickly deduce this as the reason for the mind shattering morning alarm.

She was looking down at herself, at her genetalia with an expression of utter horror and disgust, almost hyperventilating with panicked sobs. Her bulging eyes fixed on Crusher as though she were begging the doctor for relief.

"Deanna," she gently, awkwardly began, getting up from the foot of the bed to go to her side while wondering what exactly was said to a woman who woke up with a penis. "I- We've all been... mutating in subtle ways, some of us more than others. Well, I mean... y-you more than others."

"Whyyyyy?" she hysterically demanded.

"I don't know. I don't have my tri-"

"Oh my god!"

It was Alyssa. To Crusher's own horror, the woman had been snapped back to her senses by Troi's scream as she had. Now there she was, as rational as that moment when she looked back to Torgo'li's hut the day before, the sacrificial lamb looking wide eyed at the superior officer who'd made it so.

With further dread, Crusher realized that the nurse had spent so much time in the mindset of a brainless bimbo since they'd crash landed, snapping back to full awareness for her would have to be an extremely traumatizing-

"What the fuck?" she demanded.

"A-Alyssa, I know how you must be feeling right now, but-"

"I have a penis!" the councillor shrilled. "Peeenis!"

"We have to get out of here!" Ogawa uselessly demanded. At least she wasn't accusing. "Right now!"

"Alyssa!" Crusher authoritatively demanded. "We have a medical-!"

"Heeelp meee!" begged Troi, still fixedly staring at her new genetalia in shock and horror.

"We have a medical situation here, and I would appreciate your help!"

Ogawa, finally clued into the reason for all the screaming, now also stared with a hand over her mouth in astounded half belief of what she was seeing. Beautiful Councillor Troi now had a respectable cock and a pair of swollen, slightly large balls.

"Oh my god!" she blurted.

An instant later, the nurse's thighs were spread wide as she inspected her own genetalia, her relief at finding a vagina evident as she looked back to Councillor Troi.

As normal Human or Betazoid penises went, this one, Ogawa observed, was sculpted very well, but in a curiously feminine way despite its thick eight inches. Even the uncircumcised head was somehow female, more like a tight skirt that invited-

"Why are you staring!?"

"Deanna, it's alright," Crusher tried to assure, her bedside smile strained beyond credibility as Ogawa kept staring anyway.

"I HAVE A PENIS!" Deanna repeated as argument.

"We can deal with this on the Enterprise." Crusher told her. "We'll make it all go away as soon as we're rescued."

The truth, unfortunately, was that almost anything within modern medicine was possible, but there were still certain limitations to what a surgeon could do. Having never performed such a procedure as the one Troi would require to put her back the way she was, Crusher couldn't even be completely sure it was possible within any limitations at all. As far as that went, without her tricorder, Crusher had no idea how extensive the mutations had been, making such speculation ill advised to begin with.

"Naaa-haaaa-haaaaaaa!!" Troi wailed, her empathic abilities obviously unconvinced by Crusher's emotions.

At this point, Beverly would have been hard pressed on the choice between a tricorder and a sedative. The only positive aspect of the situation was her own mostly functional frontal lobe, but even that was slipping as her body's 'fight or flight' reaction to the councillor's screams slowly dissipated.

"Deanna, just let me look..."

Moving back to the foot of the big bed, Crusher got to her knees and made her way a few feet closer to the medical emergency. Taking one of the councillor's thighs in gentle hand, she slowly spread it while her nurse took the other and did the same. The junior medical officer stared with wonder and a building lust as her own clarity began its slow fade to bimbo. When Deanna looked uncertainly at her, the helpful nurse offered a sincere smile as she nervously licked her lips.

Spreading her own knees wide, Crusher got down on one forearm to begin with Troi's scrotum. In almost every regard, it appeared to be a normal Human scrotum, save for its slightly larger size and lack of hanging folds or wrinkles. Was this because of their swelled condition? If Troi's new genetalia were fully functional, if she could actually cum, would those shapely balls still be so tight and lovely?

Councillor Troi was able to de-escalate her hysteria to snorting sobs as Dr. Crusher finally seemed to be actually doing something. When Nurse Ogawa sidled closer, wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulders, she gratefully accepted the little woman's comfort. The start she received when Crusher touched her perineum was out of both pleasure and surprise. She made a surprised hiccupping sob as Crusher continued to prod and probe with her finger, making her flinch as she rubbed her well used, but already fully recovered anus.

It was then that she noticed something about Dr. Crusher. Though it was only a fleeting thought, the physical sensation that arose from the sudden realization of how inviting the doctor's hips were from that angle was the real shocker. A moment later, when Crusher's hand was covering her scrotum, gently kneading and prodding here and there, her moans sang almost as much physical pleasure as personal distress.

But it went deeper than that. Troi had appreciated the curves of other women before, but this was different. This wasn't just an appreciation, but a need to conquer, a sexual drive she'd felt many times before... from males. She had a sudden, primal drive to shove her cock as far up Crusher's pussy as she could.

Crusher's hand lingered on Troi's incredible balls. Her breathing had become heavier and her touch was now much more that of a woman than a doctor, but her professional opinion of a mostly normal Human scrotum remained. With a brief tremble, her hand hesitantly moved to Troi's shaft,

Running two fingertips along the front of it, slowly up to her head. Judging by Troi's jerking reactions and accompanying moans, the penis itself seemed to Crusher to be quite sensitive to tactile stimulation. Slowly wrapping her fingers around it, she began lightly pumping the beautiful shaft, looking up at Deanna with a much more sincerely reassuring smile.

"How does this feel?"

"Uhh-hh..!" Troi gasped in astounded reply.

Ogawa watched with mounting excitement as Troi's body jerked, jiggling her large, firm breasts. In all the excitement over her penis, the nurse had failed to notice until then that the councillor's chest had grown to what must have been a G gup with perfect separation and just the right amount of sag. And from their fat, long, fully erect nipples seeped a thick fluid that resembled the oozing fluids of their pussies.

"Look doctor..."

Crusher looked up from her exciting medical exploration of Deanna's shaft to see Alyssa playing with one of the Betazoid's nipples. Like Ogawa, she hadn't noticed their latest transformation in all the excitement over the one between Deanna's legs. Her jaw lowered slightly, looking at the sexy, perfect tit meat as her scientific mind took note of how her seeping nipples seemed swelled. An instant later, Ogawa's kneading produced a strong squirt of the fluid, splashing Crusher's face.

"Oh-h!" she gasped, twitching in surprise. Some had gotten into her mouth and it tasted oddly like the Mongo cum.

"I'm sorry, Doctor!" Ogawa gushed, her features conveying surprise and taboo excitement as she kneaded Deanna's tit just behind the nipple, producing another, heavier squirt.

"Uhh-h!" Crusher replied, her hand tightening around Deanna's shaft.

"B-Beverly..." Troi warned.

But Beverly had locked her lips to Troi's nipple, allowing Ogawa to squeeze and knead jet after jet of the syrupy essence into her mouth. While she sucked, she thoughtlessly squeezed, pumping harder and faster.

"Oh-hh!" Councillor Troi complained as the sensations coming through her cock took over.

She found her hips straining to fuck the doctor's hand as she was pulled back down to the bed so Ogawa could begin sucking at her other nipple. The horror of waking up with the wrong genetalia had been replaced by the pleasures of said genetalia and her broken sobs had turned to broken moans.

"Ohhh! Ohh, Beverly! Ooohh-hh my fuuuck!"

Moments later, Councillor Troi's body suddenly tightened as she felt the first mighty blast of cum leaving her balls. With a strangled groan, her mind flickered as it pumped through her shaft to squirt from the tip of her cockhead. Beverly only kept on pumping the mutant between them, possibly heedless of the councillor's first orgasm with male genetalia as the hot, sticky fluid spattered over and over between them.

Squelchis has blessed me

By mid-morning, Crusher's gut told her the settlement of the curious was becoming restless. Four of them were loitering around the street with clearly nothing to do as they stared at the hut occupied by the three women. Others were calling out the word, 'Warglobat', some from the settlement and some from the nearby surrounding forest. From behind the unguarded door of Torgo'li's gronquila, the doctor struggled to order her mind.

She hadn't gotten off during her latest exam gone awry, and she cursed herself for allowing that opportunity to slip away in the sudden realization that she'd jerked the councillor to a messy orgasm while sucking the tasty fluid from her fat and pleasing nipple. She had no idea what that excretion even was, yet...

Crusher heaved a sigh, idling wondering who or what Warglobat was before she could get her mind back to more immediate concerns, such as how they could survive the next however many days like this until their rescue. Of more immediate concern was the knowledge that there'd been some sort of plan revolved around said rescue but, for the life of her, she couldn't remember what it was. This was particularly worrying because, if she couldn't remember the rescue plan, how could they be expected to be rescued in the first place?

Ogawa, the last Beverly had seen of her, was eagerly throwing her thigh over Troi's hips, her behavioural and intellectual norms already seriously degraded. She wouldn't expect the once again bimbified nurse to remember any rescue plan.

It was possible that Troi would remember, her mind having not suffered as badly in intellectual terms. At the moment, however, Beverly didn't feel entirely comfortable with such a conference. When she'd fled the scene on Torgo'li's bed, the shell shocked Betazoid lay still hard and completely vulnerable to the squirming Japanese bimbo. Her eyes were glazed, but fixed on Crusher's as she stumbled away in personal shame for having once again taken sexual advantage of a patient.

And where was Torgo'li?



Councillor Troi's voice came from behind, startling the doctor.

"I'm sorry," the brunette said, "I didn't mean to frighten you."

To Crusher, her voice sounded huskier than normal, but her tone was reassuring and friendly. These observations were aside from the sudden nervous tension she felt as Troi moved directly behind, her breath creating a soft, warm pattern on the back of her shoulder with every word.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. I was just unprepared for... my penis."

"Well, I didn't handle it very well either," Crusher uncomfortably admitted without turning around. "I apologise as a doctor and..."

"A friend?" Troi asked, the head of her erect cock nestling between the doctor's soft, lower ass cheeks.

"Y-yes, a... so, you're not angry with me for what- what I did in there?"

"No," Troi replied with a soft hand on Crusher's outer thigh. "I'm still out of sorts about... this... but I understand that we're all doing the best we can."

Troi's cockhead was pressing harder, burrowing deeper, suddenly touching Crusher's anus and then just as suddenly penetrating her flower.

"Uu-hh!" Crusher groaned, feeling herself stretch around Troi's unannounced intrusion.

"Mmmm..." Troi replied, the hand at her thigh softly caressing as her other hand reached around to find the doctor's hardened clitoris.

"Uhh! Ooooh, Deannaaa!"

Inch after slow inch filled Beverly's ass as she moaned and shuddered. The inescapable fact was that she was enjoying it. Compared to the pain of being sodomized by a Mongo, the pain Deanna's cock gave her ass was satisfying and so wonderfully dirty as she played her clit like only another woman could. She parted her feet, leaning over enough so that she could more effectively rotate her ass to a better angle.

"Oh my god, yesss...!" Troi breathed from behind, shoving herself further up inside until her lower abdomen made further penetration impossible.

"Oh- oh, god," Crusher moaned, arching her back as she gripped the thick branches of the window. "Deanna, my ass!"

It was so twisted and wrong, but it felt so good. Crusher's already compromised will folded quickly as she felt an approaching orgasm, the promise of ensuing clarity along with it.

"Oh, Beverly, fuck!" Troi whined, giving the doctor's posterior a slow grind that was quickly coaxing an orgasm of her own.

"Deanna, I- I'm going to cum!" Crusher warned, her mind becoming fuzzy as the empath quickly learned how to best stroke her hardened nub. "Uhh! Oh, De-annaaa! Ohmigod! OH, FUUUUUCK!"

The orgasm Dr. Crusher had been looking for finally broke over her senses, washing away confusion, blotting out sound, sight and feeling. When the world came back, Deanna was gasping in a sexy and sultry way that somehow added to the feel of the brunette's cum filling her ass.

Moments later, they were both breathing heavily, Troi's cock still buried up Crusher's anal cavity as she held the quivering redhead from behind.

"I... hope that was okay," Troi shakily said just above a whisper.

Of course it wasn't okay. Deanna Troi, Ship's Councillor to the Enterprise, had just sodomized her to orgasm with her new mutation of male genetalia, and she'd enjoyed it. How could any of that, Beverly vaguely pondered, in any way be okay? But she'd gained clarity, could feel it with the shame of how she'd acquired it.

The hardened lump of flesh was still giving her pleasure with the slightest of their movements and her voice faltered as she replied, "I- yes, it was- uh- f-fine."

"Mmmmm... Tell me the truth... Will you really be able to put me back the way I was?"

" ... The truth is that I can't. What I can do is refer you to a certain group of Starfleet surgeons who specialize in covert activity procedures. On certain occasions, their skills have been used for reconstruction, and I'm sure I could... I hope you understand, I was only trying to calm you down."

"I understand," Troi softly replied from behind her ear. "In the meantime, I suppose this isn't so bad. I never could have imagined... this. I must admit, I can much better understand Wesley's actions now."

For an instant, this last admission confused Crusher. After that instant had passed, the clarity of orgasm allowed full memory of Wesley's presence on 4731J-3 to reintroduce itself to her mind.

"My go-od!"

Troi had taken a half step backwards, allowing her cock to languidly slide out of Crusher's ass as the doctor expelled the only words that she could utter in the face of what she'd allowed to happen.

"Wesley! I forgot all about Wesley! Again!"

Though she could feel the doctor's alarm, this being the reason she'd physically withdrawn herself, the councillor was surprised to hear her admission. Following her surprise was concern. If Beverly had forgotten about her own son, her higher functions must be seriously degraded. She wondered how long it would be before she too began to forget such things, especially as she could already feel a marked improvement her own intellectual and behavioural patterns after orgasm. In the immediate moment, however, Dr. Crusher's own improved higher functions were setting priorities.

"We have to get him back!"

"It's possible," Deanna positively speculated, "he's engaging in important diplomatic rituals with their... what do they call whatever it is?"

"We have no way of knowing that!"

"I suppose not, but what can you really do anyway? Maybe you should just sit down and wait for Torgo'li to return."

"Who knows how long that will be?!"

"Beverly, some of the Mongo's are beginning to feel suspicion and fear of us. I have no idea why, but it's not worth taking a chance on going-"

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