tagInterracial Love(5) Superheroes for Hire

(5) Superheroes for Hire


"There are rare, gifted people among us! They look like us, they walk and talk like us. But by all means, they are not like us. Believe me, I have witnessed these people. They can do things normal people like you and I cannot do. They are not normal. I have witnessed things only gods are supposed to do, but yet they do it. I will not let this be. We must FIGHT! We must fight, my brothers and sisters, and stand UP for ourselves! Unite and STAND with me against these freaks of nature! Stand with ME!"

The crowd applauded and cheered for Cardinal Smith. Hundreds of people gathered at the cathedral to hear Cardinal Smith speak on 'Nature's Wrath,' a movement against gifted people. Cardinal Smith stood tall in his white robes, waving his massive arms at the crowd. His jet black skin shined in the candlelight. A large sloping forehead connected to a severely scarred bald cranium. Cardinal Smith was a giant of a man. He had a commanding presence.

'Nature's Wrath' was a movement that demanded the deportation of gifted people. Gifted people had mysterious powers like super strength and super speed and telepathy. Normal people were afraid of gifted people and wanted them gone. The movement was started by Cardinal Smith himself. He was an advocate who believed these powers were best left to higher beings.


Jinx Girl: My real name is Tiffany Lang. My codename is Jinx Girl. I am a 23 year old gorgeous blonde, with full 36C breasts, a 24 firm waist, and a 36 heart-shaped ass. I'm 5'7" and 125 lbs. I am the nominated leader of (5), a group of gifted people seeking justice and equality. My superpower is the ability to drain a man's life force through his sperm. But there is a catch; the sperm must be in my pussy for it to work.

Second member of the team is Selina Ong, a.k.a. Dream Woman. She can hypnotize people for a short period of time, useful when collecting information. Selina is a sexy dark-haired Japanese girl with an incredibly tight body. Her petite frame is a 34B-22-34 at 5'5" and 105 lbs. She is also 23 years old and my best friend.

Our third party member and financial supporter is Rachel Borja. Her family has held a prominent place in society, so she grew up spoiled. Rachel was diagnosed as gifted at an early age. She has telekinetic powers. Since her family had leverage, they sheltered her and sent her to a private school, Sacred Heart. She liked it there so much she took the name Heart Queen as her moniker.

David Samson goes by the name Mr. Mega-Boy. His passion is food. His body reacts differently to chemicals than most people, making him extremely resilient to certain substances, like extreme temperatures. He is albino, so his skin is powder white. His hair is, too. I think of him as the gentle giant; he's 7'0" tall and 500 lbs. At 30 years old, he is the oldest of the group. He said he was the big kid everyone always made fun of. He said he's lucky to be part of the team.

Ax Matsuo is the latest member of our group. His codename is Ax-Man. He is a 22year old Chinese man standing at 5'9" and 200lbs of pure muscle. When I first saw him he was working heavy labor; sweat shined on his powerful muscular torso, his chiseled chest gleaming at me. There was an inner fire, a strength and willpower I sensed in him. He possesses super human strength and super speed, and has trained extensively in the art of war and combat. I recruited him after I freed him from a military concentration camp. That is why Ax and I have a special kinship. He has saved the team on a number of occasions and I'm glad he's on our side. He is a fighting machine.

Together we form team (5), superheroes for hire. We are like a Black-Ops group, or contract mercs for the government. But we all have day jobs, well, except for Ax-Man who trains all day.

I am a government employee of the Department of International Trade and Affairs, spreading our government influence to other countries. That's how I knew Ax in the first place. I know it's not very democratic or very popular, but it's a job. Selina is an exotic dancer, as she calls it, but we all know it's just a fancy way of saying stripper. She works at the most upscale gentlemen's club in the city, however. And that gives her an advantage when it comes to gathering information. I think her job and her powers go hand in hand. Rachel works for her family's private law firm, which deals with many high profile cases. David, or Mr. Mega-Boy, owns and operates a restaurant in town called the Jew N' Chew. It is his passion and customers like the food.

(5) fights crime everywhere, battling organized crime and evil organizations across the globe. The most dangerous and evil group being the Black Militia, led by Moss Fern a.k.a. BBC, or Big Black Cock. Their mission is to terrorize and rape young beautiful women.

The reason (5) got started is kind of ironic, though. I was a rape victim of BBC. The reason he's called Big Black Cock is because, well, he has an extremely large black cock. I experienced it personally. The long, thick, hard, jet black steel shaft, the dark purple ring around the large cock head, penetrating me with deep strong strokes, will never disappear in my mind. I can almost feel the big bulging vein running the length of his big black cock just by thinking about it.

I remember that incident very clearly. I was a cheerleader in college, traveling with the football team to all the games. That one game, I saw him staring at me, tearing my uniform off with his eyes. He was huge black man, a linebacker. His eyes, gazing; I faltered. After the game we headed back to our locker rooms. That's when he caught me. I tried to cover my exposed body as much as possible, but those eyes knew I couldn't keep anything from him.

He stood there, his big black cock hanging from his body. He was a huge man, towering over me. His essence made me tremble. There was no one else around and no one to help me. I stared in awe at that powerful black cock. The tremendous thick shaft, the large swollen cock head, growing and pulsing in its menacing presence, intimidating, threatening, and scaring me. It was really big, and very black.

It was THE biggest cock I had ever seen. And I knew I was about to take it inside me. BBC was an ugly-looking black man with huge features everywhere. He stood at 6'0" and over 300 lbs. He had a big bald head, a big nose, a big jaw. He had no neck, just huge shoulders and a huge body with muscles everywhere. He had a HUGE cock, and he was going to rape me with it.

I stood there trembling, scared, and in shock. I just waited there for him to make the first move.

BBC grabbed a handful of my blonde hair, then he forced his tongue down my throat. I knew that wasn't the only thing he was about to force down my throat. He pushed me to my knees, and now I was staring at his big black cock right in front of my face. It was twitching maniacally, waiting for me to open my mouth, waiting to tear me up.

He told me to suck it. I parted my lips and proceeded to take the swollen cock head into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around it and licked the bulbous cock head. I had trouble sucking it because it was so thick. The cock head took up all the room I had in my mouth. I had to open my mouth all the way just to accommodate the cock head. He put his hands on the back of my head and that's when I knew he was going to force that HUGE cock down my throat.

BBC wasted no time pumping his big cock down my throat. He thrusted his cock in and out, my mouth and throat being stretched out to the limit. He was fucking my mouth like a pussy. I naturally choked and gagged on that thick shaft, but there was nothing I could do. My shaved pussy was really wet because my body knew I had to be well lubricated to take in that big cock.

He pumped, pistoned, and thrusted his big black cock down my tight throat, stroking that thick man-meat at my expense. I felt his cock grow even bigger and even thicker than it already was, and he fucked my mouth and throat harder and faster. I was choking on his engorged shaft, making a weak attempt to protest. That only made him pump harder.

His entire body was jerking and jolting, his big heavy balls slapped against my chin. I could feel his boiling hot cum traveling the length of his thick shaft as the cock head exploded.

The big black cock pumped load after load of thick gooey semen as it erupted in my throat. I didn't want to, but I swallowed it as there was nothing I could do. I swallowed all of it.

When he finally pulled out of my throat, I gasped for air. BBC shot so much cum in my mouth that it was still clinging to the walls of my throat. It was then I realized that his big black cock was still hard. In fact, it was rigid. I didn't even get a chance to recover when he told me to bend over. I got up, turned around, and put my hands down on the bench, raising my ass to him.

His big black cock was aiming at my soaking wet pussy. He rubbed his big cock head on my pussy lips before penetrating me. He pushed his thick rigid shaft in with ease. The enormous cock stretched out the walls of my pussy as it went in deeper. I felt so full as my pussy expanded to take him in.

He fucked me hard and good for a long time, groping and squeezing my breasts and nipples. That big heavy ball sac made a familiar slapping sound as it hit my clit with each thrust.

He was fucking me with his big black cock. It was really thick. I couldn't believe I took in his entire cock. I remember my pussy was sore, tender, raw, and swollen for a long time after that.

BBC increased his fucking speed and the power of his thrusts. His forcefulness reached a new peak. Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore and pass out, I felt his cock cum inside my pussy.

That's when it hit me. That's when I realized I had a super power. That's when I realized I was gifted.

I felt the power of his cum, and I felt my body absorbing that power. I was draining his life force. I could sense his body weakening, and I knew he could feel it, too. He was distracted for a moment, then he ran off.

I remember him telling me he liked fucking big titted white bitches before he left. I didn't know what to make of all this. I didn't know what to do with my new found power.

This is why I started (5), to stop these evil monsters from terrorizing innocent people. I believe I am the only one who can stop BBC and his Black Militia.


All American University:

"Class, we have special guest speaker here with us today to talk about the growing concerns and dangers of gifted people and how to avoid them. She is Tiffany Lang from the Department of International Trade and Affairs. Please give her a warm welcome."

Tiffany didn't like the way the professor talked about gifted people, since she was one herself, but she was here today to tell them about the rogue groups, the evil organizations, especially Black Militia.

"Thank you. Hello, my name is Tiffany Lang. I actually attended All American University in modeling. But now I work for the Department of International Trade and Affairs. We deal with many different issues around the world and because of this I believe I have a great deal of experience and hopefully I can share some of that with you today. The main reason I am here today is to tell you about certain rogue groups, terrorists plaguing innocent people like all of you sitting here. All of you are beautiful young women who are potential targets if you don't be careful. I want to talk to you today about a special group, known as the Black Militia."

Tiffany straightened her silk blouse and mini-skirt and walked over towards the projector. She flipped a switch.

"This is Black Militia, a group of 5 black males determined to rape and destroy young beautiful women like you. The group is led by giant black man you see in the middle. His name is Moss Fern, otherwise known as, BBC."

A young woman in the audience raised her hand, "Ms. Lang, what does BBC stand for?"

"Well… BBC, it… stands for," Tiffany clears her throat, "Big Black Cock."

The audience let out a low indistinguishable mumble amongst themselves.

"Ms. Lang, why does he call himself Big Black Cock?"

"Uh… well, because, *throat clears* he has a big black cock."

The audience let out another low indistinguishable mumble.

Tiffany could feel her nipples pointed out from her blouse and her pussy starting to get wet. The thought of big black cock going through her mind distracted her.

"In fact, they all have big black cocks. That is why they want to rape beautiful women. These men are evil, and we must watch out for them."

Another girl asked, "Ms. Lang, exactly how big are their big black cocks?"

"Extremely big, and extremely thick. I think they are fifteen inches long."

Again the audience muttered indistinguishably.

"Have you actually seen one, Ms. Lang?"

"Yes, yes I have. I have put out, I mean, I have been out there, tracking down, these big black cocks, I mean black men. What I mean is this group, Black Militia."

"What makes them gifted?"

"Their big black cocks. That's what makes them gifted. That, and the impossible amount of semen unleashed when they cum. Their appearance may seem normal to you, well, except their cocks, but samples of DNA taken from scenes where they may have battled and been injured, signify they are much more than that. Their blood shows an abnormal amount of T-cells, allowing them to withstand more pain. This makes them very hard to kill."

"How can we tell who they are?"

"All of them stand over 6'0" and weigh over 300 lbs. They are muscled up all over. It is difficult to tell one from the other, since they are all so big and black. Not to mention that they are also all bald. The two hulking men to the right of Moss Fern are Leroy and Elroy. They always work in teams and are also the most cruel in the group. They call themselves 'Road Warriors'. Their impressive muscular physique is accompanied by equally impressive, and very equally MASSIVE, big black cock. Not only do Leroy and Elroy have really thick big black cocks, they have the ugliest ones."

"How do you know Ms. Lang, have you experienced them?"

"Uh, no, but I know someone who has, and I urge you all not to find out. Their cocks have warts, scars, and blotches all over."

Tiffany was embarrassed by the questions and curiosity these young women displayed. She didn't know she would reveal so much about big black cocks from the men she hated most. That someone she was referring to was Selina. Tiffany knew the details of Leroy's and Elroy's big black cocks because Selina, or Dream Woman, was taken and raped by them when she went on a scouting mission. Since then, Tiffany and Selina have been best friends and tell each other all their intimate secrets. Part of Tiffany felt sorry for Selina but also wished she had experienced the brutal tag team double penetration for herself.

"The one on the left only goes by the name of Steel. He, too, has a tremendous large cock but what makes him unique is the semen. He can shoot sperm over an incredible distance. And also, his cum has a paralyzing effect on women, making him the perfect candidate for stealth missions. Steel is definitely the sneakiest of them all. The last man standing in the back is still a mystery to all of us. He is the biggest man of the group and we assume he is the strongest. We know he has a huge cock, maybe even the biggest. He wears his shades to cover his identity. The only distinguishable mark on him is that he has a severely scarred cranium."

Tiffany's (5) alarm went off and immediately she knew that Black Militia had struck again. The other (5) members should be there fighting Black Militia.

"Sorry, I have to take this."

"Thank you, Ms. Tiffany Lang. Let's give her a big round of applause."

Tiffany grabbed her briefcase and quickly walked off the stage and out the auditorium. Her superhero instincts allowed her to react quickly and calmly. She just hoped she would get there in time to confront BBC.


Ax-Man had gun and sword in hand, ready to do battle. He always used guns and swords, but he was also a master martial artist. His sword was made of a special steel alloy that made it stronger. His gun used a higher caliber that enhanced stopping power. He donned battle armor that resembled traditional samurai outfit. All his equipment was custom made by the best craftsman in the world. Out of all the members of (5), Black Militia feared Ax-Man the most. He was a skilled fighter and could do some serious damage.

Even though Black Militia can endure the beating, it was something they didn't look forward to. They always tried to avoid a confrontation with Ax-Man.

"We are not here for you," BBC said in his low thunderous voice.

"Sorry pal, you got me."

Black Militia had even tried to recruit Ax-Man on numerous occasions, but failed.

Ax fired the first shot. The bullet had hit BBC directly in the shoulder, but with his gifted endurance the bullet ricocheted off of him. A visible scar could be seen where the bullet hit.

A normal man would have died but these are not normal men.

Several meters away the giant bald scarred man with the shades clashed with Mr. Mega-Boy. They exchanged heavy-handed blows, neither of them giving way to the other. This was an even fight. They both knew this was going to be a good challenge.

BBC charged in with a flying fist but was easily dodged by Ax-Man. With a quick stroke of the sword, Ax-Man slashed a deep wound into the cross of BBC's back. This match would be no contest. Ax-Man was stronger, faster, and a master fighter.

BBC was tough, but he had no desire to fight this one. All this was to buy time for Leroy and Elroy.

Elsewhere close by, the Road Warriors taunted the young sexy Dream Woman.

"Come on, Dream Woman, you know you can't win. Give us the files, we know you have the files." Leroy chuckled.

"Yeah, if you don't give it to us, then we'll take it from you. Then we'll take you! Or have you forgotten about us already? Maybe you need to be reacquainted with our big black cocks!" Elroy chuckled.

The thought made Dream Woman wince. The memory and experience were equally painful.

"No! I don't have any files! I don't know what you're talking about. And no! I won't be reacquainted with your big black…*gasp*…" Dream Woman muttered.

Dream Woman was distracted by movement above her, she looked up to see Steel grinning his evil grin at her, and his monstrous big black cock beaming at her.

Heart Queen was supposed to back her up, but Dream Woman looked behind her to see Heart Queen was knocked out cold with her face covered in cum.

Steel had caught her off guard, and had caught her with her mouth open as well. That was all he needed to shoot his paralyzing sperm wad right into her mouth.

Dream Woman thought she could react quick enough but she was wrong. It was too late.

The thick gooey cum clogged her throat, forcing her to swallow. It was a heavy load, too, because the semen had filled her mouth and some had spilled out down her chin. She didn't mean to, but instinctively she closed her mouth and covered it with her hands to prevent the sperm from dripping down her body.

"Mmrph! Mmrph!" Dream Woman managed to let out a muffled shriek.

Normally she would try to keep the cum in her mouth and swallow as much as she can, but swallowing Steel's cum is a bad idea since it causes momentary paralysis.

Steel enjoyed watching Dream Woman struggle so much he shot another load right on her face, plastering her face completely. That was enough to knock her unconscious.

Mr. Mega-Boy heard the muffled scream and lost focus of the battle at hand. The bald giant monster of a man took the opportunity and clobbered Mr. Mega-Boy into the wall.

"We got what we came for. Retreat!" The heavily scarred and wounded BBC commanded.

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