tagMature80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 01

80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 01


As my husband stood talking to our neighbor, my body was betraying me and reacting in ways I never experienced before. Our neighbor Mr. Stephens had the most commanding presence of anyone I've ever met, including my husbands grandfather, who my husband worked for.

My husband and I had moved into our home in Beverly Hills a week ago from Alabama. My name is Sara. I turned 20 on the day we moved to LA two weeks ago. I met my husband Brad at a church dinner two years before where I taught a Sunday school class which he also did. My husband Brad was attracted to my shy, conservative side, although there was more to me then he knew. I was by no means a slut, in fact I was very conservative, and on the shy side, but there were things about me that if he knew, because of his Christian, and very conservative side would have torn him apart inside.

Brad is 26, six years older than me and works as the head of marketing for his grandfathers successful business in New York and Los Angeles. He was finishing business school when we met and after a short time we became engaged. Although I was in love with Brad, a big part of the reason I agreed to marry him was that I knew he was going to have a successful job with his grandfathers business.

Mr. Stephens is one of the wealthiest businessmen in the world, owning companies in many domestic and foreign countries, companies he acquired by ruthless take-over. He has been on the covers of numerous business magazines and had the reputation of being feared by companies when he was interested in taking them over.

His reputation for firing thousands of people who worked their entire lives at a company without any remorse was known worldwide. He also had a reputation for always being in the company of very young and attractive teenage girls which was also well known throughout the world. I knew this to be true because form the day we moved in last week I must have seen 20 different young girls about 18 or 19 dressed in the sexiest cloths get out of one of his many cars.

When we moved into our house and my husband learned who our neighbor was he was very excited about the prospect of doing business with Mr. Stephens. This was how I learned of Mr. Stephens reputation in business and how he amassed his infinite wealth.

My husband knew that Mr. Stephens did business with a marketing firm in LA and that he spent over 100 million dollars a year with the company for his world-wide business and my husband was eager to entertain him in an attempt to get his account. When my husband saw Mr. Stephens drive up his driveway in his luxury Lamborghini (one of his many expensive cars he owned), he grabbed me by the hand and ran across the yard to greet him.

Every license plate on the cars he owned read LUCKY 13. I was reluctant to go and although I protested my husband ignored me and literally pulled me across the yard. Part of the reason I didn't want to go was the plain way I was dressed, and also because since we moved in I had seen Mr. Stephens with a different girl every day, sometimes two and three at a time, and they were always dressed in the most sinful cloths, which was the case today.

People are always stunned to learn that I am 20 because I look like I could easily pass for a much younger teen; in fact because of my braces, a lot of people mistake me for being 14 or 15 years old; a few thinking I was 12 when I would go shopping or to a movie.

Because of my almost boyish build I have always dressed very conservatively, in long skirts that go down to my ankles and very loose fitting blouses or lose sweaters which add to making me look plain and very young. I generally wear flat shoes without any or a very tiny heel, which adds to a very plain, conservative look. I stand 5'6" tall and am extremely thin. I only weigh 102 pounds.

My body is very slim, almost boy-like with a very flat chest and the tiniest pair of pink nipples that are smaller than miniature erasers. My nipples are so small that they barely extend off my flat chest. What also makes my chest look boyish is that I have virtually no areolas going around my tiny nipples. My skin is very pale almost milk-like white and I am covered in freckles. My legs are long and thin and my ass is small, but I admit has a nice round curve to it. It is my only feature that lets people who see me from a certain angle know that I am in fact a girl.

I have long, wavy brown wavy hair that I usually wear tied in a bun. My measurements are 29AA -21-32. Yes, I am very thin, almost boney, so skinny that you can easily make out my ribs when I am standing nude in front of a mirror. As you could imagine having only 29AA tits is totally flat chested Part of the reason I have always dressed very plain is because I was very active in my local community church and this was the type of wardrobe that all the girls my age and the older women wore, but right now I felt totally embarrassed by the way I was dressed.

As we came across the lawn I watched two young teenage girls get out of his Lamborghini dressed in the shortest and tightest mini dresses, the type of dress a young girl would wear in a nightclub, and both with classic high heel pumps on. From the day we moved in I saw a different young girl, sometimes two and three at a time come to his house, and they were always dressed in the most sinful cloths I have ever seen; generally skin tight mini dresses, with low cut backs or wide V cut fronts that showed a majority of their breasts right up to their nipples, and always wearing a pair of high heel pumps.

All of a sudden I felt so self-conscious by my plain appearance. When they got out of the car they each stood on the side of him with their arms around his waist. One of the young girls was Asian who stood about 5'8" tall in her high heels and the other was black who stood a few inches shorter. The Asian teen had on a sinful mini dress with a plunging front that went to her naval revealing a type of pendant. She was flat chested like me, and had very shapely, long legs that were accented by black stockings. The black teen also had on a sinfully short mini dress that barley came below her ass.

Both girls looked like they were going to a trendy club. The black teen was very slender, but had a very large chest; in fact her breasts were so big they seemed to defy her body's thin frame. She also had stockings on which were white and contrasted her pitch black skin. Their high heel pumps were both black, and made both young girls look absolutely sinful. Like I said, I never felt plainer in my life. In total contrast to them I was wearing a pair of jean shorts with a white, loose fitting blouse and a pair of sneakers on.

Actually, if I was going to describe myself I'd say I definitively fall in the plain category, especially compared to both teenage girls. I never felt plainer looking in my life. After my husband introduced himself, Mr. Stephens introduced the two girls as two granddaughters of two of his upper management employees.

He said that he was showing the girls his house then taking them out for a special dinner to celebrate their 18th birthdays that day. My husband, failing to introduce me started on his company and how he would like to discuss what he could do for the wealthy billionaire.

As my husband started talking, I could see Mr. Stephens starring me up and down in a way that made me feel like I was on display for him. I could instantly feel his dark, penetrating eyes all over me. I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable about how obvious he was, with no regard for my husband being right there.

"So who is this incredibility sexy young lady you have here Brad?" Mr. Stephens said his brazenness and bluntness taking me by surprise, as he cut my husband off in mid-sentence, while he starred directly at me, with a hunger in his eyes that made my pale skin tingle.

Calling me sexy showed his total confidence and total disregard for my husband, which I am embarrassed to say, sent a tingle through me and excited me. I instantly saw that Mr. Stephens was a man of power and wealth, a man that acquired his empire for being ruthless I was sure.

My husband, feeling embarrassed, apologized and introduced me to Mr. Stephens telling him I was his wife, and then went on to tell him how we were recently married and that we moved from Alabama.

As my husband talked detailing his marketing company I could see Mr. Stephens tune him out and deliberately scan my body from my slim, pale legs to my face. I felt like a laser was burning through me as he took in every inch of me. It was as if he was taking some kind of mental notes about me. Although I was wearing a sheer lace bra, I could feel my tiny, pink nipples come alive and poke out, as his eye locked onto the sight and caused a sly, knowing grin to cross his face.

"Oh my god he sees what he's doing to me," I thought to myself as my body began to get excited because of him.

Feeling embarrassed, but also turned on that he recognized the fact that I was getting hot, I grinned back in a sly way, showing him my silver braces. All of a sudden I saw a movement in his pants that caused my eyes to go wide and made me think my eyes were playing tricks on me. The movement went all the way down his left leg, pushing out right above his knee.

My eyes suddenly went wide as Mr. Stephens grinned again knowing I caught the disbelieving sight, and I suddenly saw the two teenage girls grin at me themselves. Breaking the frozen state I was in Mr. Stephens interrupted my husband and told him that it was too bad we weren't here a week earlier, to celebrate his 80th birthday, because there were a lot of potential clients there for him. I knew Mr. Stephens was an older man, but when he told my husband that he was 80 years old, my husbands and my jaw nearly dropped.

My husband went on and on about how he couldn't believe it, saying that he looked decades younger, while I was in shock, thinking he looked like a very handsome and distinguished man in his late 40's, or early 50's at most. Although he had white hair, it was full and thick and also he had the most distinguished features.

He stood about 6' tall and had a very slender and well-toned build. His facial features were of an upscale man, very distinguished, with a Hollywood actors face. He was wearing a very expensive jacket and pants and had a white shirt tucked into his pants. By the tightness of his shirt I could make out an impeccable physique, without an ounce of fat, unlike my husband who had gained 40 pounds since we met.

While my husband kept going on and on about his youthful appearance Mr. Stephens kept scanning my body up and down as if I was standing in front of him in the nude for his very own pleasure. Although I would have felt extremely uncomfortable if another man was leering at me that way, I was actually feeling very excited and at that moment imagined myself dressed in a sexy dress in a pair of high heel pumps on, standing beside him. Although I have never worn a dress that short and that tight, I suddenly had a desire to be dressed like they were.

Mr. Stephens had such a commanding power about him. He exuded a confidence I had never experienced before, including my husbands grandfather who is a very imposing man, and very electrifying. I couldn't believe it, but as he stripped me with those deep-seeded black eyes I began to wish I was dressed like one of the teens and in a deep kiss with him.

God, I felt so naughty, but he had such a magnetic personality I was sure he had the same effect on every girl or women that met him. While he scanned me up and down, I also had strange feeling that he could read me like a book. Although I was very conservative with my husband, I did have a past that would absolutely shock him. This was something that I kept very secretive, but somehow felt Mr. Stephens could see right through my shy conservative exterior and knew that there was much to his new 20 year old married neighbor next door.

Mr. Stephens eventually broke off the conversation telling my husband he would contact him about marketing a company he just bought in Japan. As we walked home I turned my head back as my husband was talking and saw Mr. Stephens run his hands over the asses of the two teenagers mini dresses. I then saw him turn his head quickly and instantly saw the Asian teen letting her tongue out to meet his.

After a few seconds he turned his head to the waiting tongue of the black teen and instantly met her flicking tip for a few hot seconds. I could not believe the sight, and just before I turned my head he looked back at me with a sly grin, as he watched the look of surprise on my face.

When we went home all my husband talked about was the business possibilities and the money he could make from such a high profile account. As he went on and on about business with our wealthy neighbor all my mind was on was how distinguished and youthful Mr. Stephens was and the way he distillery looked my body over and over, as if my husband or the two sexy teens weren't even there.

I also couldn't believe seeing what looked to be the most the staggering sight in his pants when he watched my nipples get hard and when he saw my braces through my knowing smile, and then seeing him with his hands on both the 18 year old asses then kiss them both had me to the point where I was climbing out of my own skin.

My husband had to share his excitement with his grandfather who owned the company and drove to the office to talk to him about meeting Mr. Stephens. Brad was in charge of the LA office, and his grandfather was in town for a few days going over business plans with him. Since he was going to be gone for a few hours I decided to go out by the pool and get some sun. After getting a half hour of sun I moved to a shaded part of the deck and began reading a book I had started.

Although I was flipping page after page, all I kept thinking about was Mr. Stephens. I could not get him out of my mind. As my mind drifted to the way Mr. Stephens deliberately scanned my body I began subconsciously rubbing my throbbing clit through my bikini bottom. As I closed my eyes I began to imagine myself dressed in a very sinful mini dress and high heels and getting out of his Lamborghini and kissing him hotly as we made our way to his bedroom, or where ever he wanted to take me..

Just as I was about to cum I opened my eyes to the sounds of girls, almost shouting, "Oh fuck, look at the size of that cock." From the shaded area of my deck I thought I couldn't be seen by Mr. Stephens or the two teens, and what I saw would be embedded in my mind forever. As I looked across the yard I saw was the wildest sight of my life. It was the two teens walking towards the futon-type of chair near a fire pit on Mr. Stephens deck.

It was from what I thought was a secluded area, but from where I was sitting I had a direct view. The girls, stripped of their dresses were walking in their stockings and high heels with a wine glass in their hands. It looked like a porn-set. When they sat on the futon they put down their glasses and began kissing each other. I was in total shock as I watched them kiss each other then play with each other's tits.

They each took turns kissing each other nipples, the Asian teen had huge nipples that stuck out over and inch and the black teen had an equally huge pair. They were groaning and moaning for a few minutes until they stopped and starred like two deer in headlights, until the Asian teen mumbled out loud," Look at that fucking cock."

All of a sudden I dropped my book when the sight that had me thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me appeared before my eyes. Walking out of his sliding glass door with nothing on except an expensive watch was Mr. Stephens, and between his legs was something that looked like a giant tree trunk.

It was without a doubt the biggest cock I had ever seen, as it hung down between his legs right to the top of his knees with the width of a large soda can. As he walked it bounced from knee to knee in an almost angered state as he approached the two sexy teens. It was hard to calculate from the distance I was, but his cock easily looked over a foot long.

My mind could not process what I was seeing. I then took notice to his amazing physique. There was not an ounce of fat on his body. His skin was tanned and the contrast of his huge, untamed cock made the scene almost seem surreal.

When he got to the girls they immediately stood and they all began kissing. All three of their tongues were flicking wildly in anticipation of what was about to be an amazing sexual encounter.

Suddenly the sounds in the air were filled with groaning sounds of lust from the two teens, moaning in throaty voices, separated by the words of "how huge his cock was."

The way they were licking his massive cock and groaning about how huge it was made it seem as if they were in trance of some type, as if they were there for the sole purpose just to please every inch of his massive cock, which I had no doubt they were eagerly doing.

My body was instantly on fire, every inch intensely feeling like sparks were igniting under my skin as I watched Mr. Stephens take command of the action. Within seconds both girls were squatting on their high heel pumps and eagerly licking all over his staggering cock. Although I knew that they were both 18, the way they dressed and acted made them appear to be much older.

As soon as they squatted down the backs of their feet came out of their pumps, while the tips of their high heels were anchored to the deck. Seeing the backs of their feet come out of their high heels while the tips were anchored to the deck looked so naughty and so erotic. As they took his huge cock in their four outstretched hands I saw him look over their solders and groan as the two lust-filled teens worshiped a cock as big as a baseball bat.

He said in a very confident voice, "That's very nice girls. Play with that big cock," as they stroked him in a trance-like state in a steady rhythm with all four hands pumping back and forth. I could not believe that even with four hands messaging his shaft that there was still 8 inches of exposed flesh that they were using their flicking tongues to please.

As the teens moaned about how huge he was, he stood sipping his glass of wine while admiring their lust filled attention to his huge cock, telling them how sexy they both were, as he listened to them moan about him having the biggest cock they'd ever seen.

As they pumped him with a devoted reverence, in a trance-like state, he bent forward from time to time to meet each of the sexy teens in a hot kiss. It was so erotic to watch. I was going crazy from watching the sinful sight of the distinguished 80 year old man with the two 18 year old teens. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen or imagined.

At this point I was so turned on by the shocking display that I moved my bikini top to the side and began rubbing my tiny tits and my hard as a rock, bud-like nipples and began pinching each one as I felt my pussy begin to boil. After 10 minutes I heard Mr. Stephens begin to moan and saw the most unbelievable sight. Out of his huge cock began what I thought was cum, but was actually his pre-cum. It was as if someone turned on a faucet, as a steady flow of clear liquid began flowing out of his giant, grapefruit sized cockhead.

"Oh fuck, look at what his huge cock is doing," the Asian teen groaned. "Did you ever see so much cum," she groaned as the liquid seeped through their pumping hands.

"Fuck, this huge-assed dick can really cum," the black teen shouted, thinking what we were all thinking, and that was he was cumming.

As the clear liquid flowed through their outstretched hands, coating their hands and lubricating his massive shaft, liquid began to drip to the wooden deck in large drops that formed a small puddle. This went on for almost a minute as the girls were going crazy kissing each other as they pumped his giant shaft, groaning about how much cum he had in his huge cock.

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