80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 03


It was the wildest and most powerful sight I ever saw, and as he shot-off I kept pumping him wondering when and if he was ever going to stop. It was as if I was siphoning his huge cock, and that he had an inexhaustible reservoir of cum. The sounds of cum splashing against the wall triggered my pussy and as I squatted on my pumps I rolled my eyes back and came in a violent rush. After he finally finished I continued to worship his cock, licking all over it and messaging it with my outstretched palm.

"I guess you didn't fuck today," I teased, looking at the staggering amount of cum that shot out from his huge cock that had formed puddles across the room.

"Not yet baby," he said hotly, which caused me to groan and my pussy to twitch, while he pulled me up to him.

Pulling me up to him we instantly started kissing and I was shocked to feel his huge cock throb and expand again. I could not believe that a cock so huge could recover so fast especially after just cumming so hard and for over two minutes, and for him being 80 years old.

Little did I know that that was just the beginning of how much he could cum and how many times he could explode that violently in a night. I was about to find out that he was incredibly virile and could fuck for days without losing interest or stopping. For being 80 years old he put all teenage boys to shame. Even Brad's father and grandfather, who were out-of-their minds horny for me when we fucked didn't recover like this, and they are both younger than Mr. Stephens, Brad's grandfather being 6 years younger.

I was about to find out that Mr. Stephens had incredible staying power, with the ability to fuck for hours and hours without pause and could cum again and again at will, rebounding within minutes of cumming, or if he was inside my pussy fucking, would stay rock hard through two or three orgasms at a time.

"Let's go back to the bar area baby. It's time to fuck Sara, and I want you on a nice, high stool, so that I could look right into your eyes and at that sexy body while I'm fucking you," he said in a deep voice that had me groaning as my high heels clicked on the marble tile while he lead me by the hand.

As we walked to the bar area my heart was beating a mile a minute, from the thrill of knowing we were finally going to fuck. The days and nights I imagined his huge cock and him and I fucking was finally going to happen, I thought to myself as the sounds of my clicking high heels matched the beating of my heart.

Reaching the bar area in the house we kissed hard, our tongues flicking in a blaze as his hands ran all over her non-existent tits as I pumped his huge, angry hard-on in both of my outstretched palms; his huge 13 inch cock dwarfing them. We started our incredible fuck on the tall barstool as he held each of her high heel pumps in his hand, and told me to line his big cock up to my pussy.

"You control it Sara," he said as he looked into my eyes then leaned in to kiss me.

Taking his enormous cock in my outstretched hand I was going crazy at the sheer size and heaviness of it. When I lined up his huge cock to my pussy I nearly died when I looked to the side and saw in the mirror how far away the base of his cock was from my pussy.

"Oh fuck it's so huge," I groaned as he began parting my wet fuck lips, as he began slow fucking me, expanding my pussy wider than I could ever imagine, twice as wide as Brad's grandfather.

I never in my life believed that something so frighteningly huge could fit inside me. It looked more like a giant log at the mouth of my pussy.

"Take your time baby. Let your sexy pussy adjust to me first.

I was so sure that this was something he said to every teen.

"Oh fuck, its so fucking huge," I groaned as I felt his enormous cockhead push through the opening of my pussy, spreading my lips far to the sides.

"That's it Sara, short breaths while your pussy takes this big cock," he said in a stern, but calming voice as he held my pumps and inched into me slowly.

He then said in a voice that sent a chill down my spine, "Once your pussy adjusts to my size than I'm going to really fuck you Sara."

"Oh god, sooo big," I groaned as I felt stretched wider than ever before.

"Oh yesss, this is a pussy that had a real big cock in it," he groaned in a way that I knew he was really pleased.

" Brad's grandfather opened me up, but nothing like this," I groaned as I came all over his grapefruit-sized cockhead.

As soon as his huge cockhead entered the mouth of my pussy I came in a flood. I already felt so overstuffed with just the giant head inside me, but I knew I wanted every inch, and knew he was determined to have every inch buried deep inside me. I knew that Mr. Stephens was going to want a lot more than just the huge head inside me. By him saying, 'I'll really fuck you," this slow fuck orientation to his huge cock was the calm before the storm.

I knew that once he bottomed out he was going to fuck me the way he wanted, real hard, and that turned me on like crazy. I wanted to experience the same fucking he gave all his 18 year old fucks. Doreen had warned me that he fucked real hard, and I was going crazy at the thought of his huge monster fucking me the way he fucked every teen.

"Beautiful pussy Sara," he said through clinched teeth as he inched his monster cock between my wet pussy lips. "Incredible cunt," he uttered as the huge cockhead entered my wet hole.

As he fucked into me I saw a look of deep concentration of his face, as if he was thinking of something and in an almost surprised and delighted way.

"There's something very unique about this pussy Sara. Such an incredible fit on this big cock," he groaned as I threw my head back and rolled my eyes into the back of my head from being fucked by such an enormous cock.

"Oh fuck, I've never felt so stretched-out...soooo stuffed," I groaned as I felt my pussy begin to draw him inside.

"Brad's grandfather Sara," he said in a deep voice as he looked at me while he held each of my high heels and pumped into me slowly.

"Oh god he's real big, but not even close to your huge size," I groaned taking fast, short breaths as his huge cockhead pried my open pussy wide apart.

"Remember, I'm going to fuck you real slow at first Sara. I know it's a big cock and can cause a certain amount of fear and trauma.

Leaning forward we snaked our tongues across each other's from being so turned on. I was delirious from the massive size of his monster cock. He was right about the fear that could come from a girl my age and even the 18 year olds that came to his house every day after seeing his enormous size could cause, but I had a very good idea my pussy could adjust to his freakish size and fuck him the way he wanted.

"Oh god baby," I groaned as he began sucking my tiny, rock hard nipples as he continued to work his giant cock inside me as he held my pumps and I guided him inside. The sensation of him fucking into me and having my nipples sucked drove me crazy, and I felt myself explode all over him.

Groaning as I came I reached down with both hands to feel his massive fuck-pole. I couldn't believe that he only had a few inches inside me, as my outstretched hands couldn't fully cover the exposed part of his giant shaft. Looking over at the mirror, the effect of what I saw had me trembling in ecstasy and lust. This was an experience that I would never forget.

"So much cock," I groaned as he leaned in and kissed me.

"Slow baby. Slow fuck first, then once your pussy can truly adjust to my size, then I'm going to really fuck you Sara. Fuck you the way I want," he said in a commanding, and confident voice that let me know he was going to fuck me the way he wanted, without any concern if I wanted to or not.

His power and control was intoxicating to me. All that seemed to matter to him was having his huge cock pleased. I knew this was the same for every teen he fucked. Mr. Stephens was a man that fucked the way he wanted to, and I myself like every young teen was happy to let him fuck the way he wanted. Our sole purpose was to please his huge cock; to fuck him the way he liked.

"Oh god, all I know is that I want your great, big cock buried deep inside me," I groaned as we kissed hard.

"You're so sexy Sara," he said nibbling my ear then kissing my neck. "Your pussy feels incredible wrapped around my big cock baby," he groaned. "Such a sexy pussy. A pussy I wanted to fuck the second I met you," he groaned, then leaned into me so that we could meet in a sexy kiss.

As he fucked into her he couldn't stop thinking how different her cunt felt compared to the hundreds of teenage girls he fucked. She was unique to all of them, and this drove him mad with lust.

"Oh god, if you only knew what my days and nights were like imagining this great big cock fucking me," I groaned as he continued to inch his monster into me, angling it from side to side in a way that would give him a little more room.

At one point, when he was almost half-way inside me, he began to snarl, and I felt his huge cock throb violently inside me.

As he fucked into her pussy the 80 year old business magnet was going crazy by the way his 20 year old neighbor's cunt muscles were gripping and seemingly sucking on his massive cock. Each time he pulled back her amazing cunt would grip his shaft and literally suck him back in. He fucked hundreds of teens and never had a pussy do what her cunt was doing to his huge cock.

"Oh fuck your cunt is too good," he growled.

Suddenly, he pulled his huge cock out and began to shoot a wild load of cum that flew over my shoulder and hit the bar mirrored wall. Each blast had so much power behind it that it sounded like hail pelting a car window.

"Fuck such an incredible pussy," he snarled as his cum continued to explode from his massive cock.

I was groaning like crazy and went out of my mind in disbelief from the power and amount of cum he shot. As soon as he finished he took his cock and lined it up with my pussy again.

"Oh fuck, still so big," I groaned as I felt his cockhead split my lips again.

I could not believe that a man could cum so hard and recover so fast, especially for his age.

As he fucked into me again he leaned in and we kissed hard.

"You have an amazing pussy Sara. In all my years I've never had a cunt do what yours is doing to my big cock," he said as he looked into my eyes with a penetrating glare.

I was so thrilled to hear him say that. This was a man who fucked every day and had hundreds of different teens. As he fucked into me my pussy, going deeper and deeper with every stroke I came in waves of lust that had me groaning out loud, as my turned on pussy coated every inch of his monster cock while my fuck lips sucked on his shaft like a tight, clinging glove.

I did know from fucking Brad's father and his grandfather that my pussy did have this type of muscle control and that it drove them both crazy when they fucked me, especially his grandfather because he was even bigger, but it never happened with Dan because he was so small in comparison. It only happened when I was fucking their big cocks.

I watched him look over at the mirrored wall with a gazed look as he watched his huge cock being drawn into my pussy.

"Amazing. Such an amazing pussy Sara," he said, commenting on the way my pussy clung to his massive shaft and open and closed around it rapidly and sucked it in like a vacuum.

He just stood in place holding onto each of my black pumps and watched fascinated as my pussy gripped his huge shaft and drew it into my wet fuck hole.

"Your cunt is absolutely amazing Sara. "It's fucking me on its own!" he said in a deep resonant voice. "In all my years I have had a few suction pussys but none as thrilling as yours Sara," he groaned.

"Oh god, it loves clinging to your huge cock and jerking and sucking on it baby," I groaned lustfully as I felt my cunt muscles draw him back in.

I was so thrilled that he was turned onto my pussy. He seemed haunted by it. I knew that he was a man that fucked all the time. Since moving in two weeks ago I've seen at least 50 different teens get out of one of his luxury cars dressed in a sinful mini dress with high heels on and knew that they were there to fuck him. Here I was thinking I was so plain an ordinary, and now he was going crazy for me and what my pussy was doing to his monstrous cock.

"You love cock don't you Sara," he said watching my cunt take his massive shaft on its own.

"Real big cocks," I groaned from the ecstasy of feeling my pussy clamp down and suck his huge shaft. "Especially your huge cock," I said glaring at him slyly as I ran a tongue across my upper braces. "The biggest cock I've had," I groaned as he fucked way up inside of me.

"So much more to you than meets the eye Sara," he groaned as he let my pussy suck him in until he pulled back on it groaning as it gripped him like a velvet glove.

I grinned at him slyly as his huge cock bottomed out again and again. This seemed to really get him going, to really stimulate him. Looking over at myself I groaned in disbelief that his cock seemed like it was going to cum again.
"Oh fuck, it feels like that huge cock is going to pop again!" I said in a shocked voice not believing that he could cum again so fast from the huge burst he had just shot two minutes before.

I grinned at him slyly, showing him my braces. Sensing what I was thinking he sneered,

"Oh fuck, you know what that wild pussy is doing don't you?"

"Oh baby, I want to suck that huge cock dry," I said looking at him slyly.

After 5 more strokes he felt her cunt do the same thing and it caused his huge shaft to twitch and explode again. This time shot-off inside her amazing pussy.

"One of a kind pussy Sara," he groaned as his huge cock began to expand again.

"Oh fuck, I groaned as I felt him blast his hot load inside me.

He was cumming so hard that I felt it burst off the walls in the deepest part of my cunt.

"What a cunt....What a fucking cunt," he howled as he kept fucking me as he came and then after he stopped.

"Oh god, I can't believe that cock," I groaned in disbelief that he could cum so hard and still keep fucking without losing that huge hard-on.

As he skillfully fucked me I was in a constant state of lust, filling the room with sounds of crazed passion as his massive cock pounded into me. His grunting about how incredible my cunt was and how deep he could fuck me had me going wild. Over and over, my deep gowns were mixed with me telling him he was so huge, and that he fucked me better than anyone in my life, including Brad's grandfather.

I told him over and over how I wanted to fuck him from the moment I met him, and now wanted his huge cock in my pussy every day. After almost two hours passed he had finally reached the base of his cock. During those two hours of introducing my pussy to his huge cock he would pull his enormous shaft out and squat down and kiss my pussy, telling me how sexy it was an incredible it felt wrapped around his big cock. It was his way of calming my pussy from being stretched so wide and keeping me so turned on.

Every time I took in another inch I would explode violently. As I exploded in a wild orgasm we kissed hard and he pinched my tiny nipples. His hands and his cock drove me insane with lust. When he finally got to the base of his huge cock I groaned wildly as I saw stars and squirted all over his shaft in a violent orgasm. I was so thrilled when he reached bottom and was able to take his entire cock inside me, and seeing his expression turned me on like crazy.

As I came I felt his rhythm increase and I instinctually matched his fucking with mine. He was beginning to fuck more forcefully, the way he wanted and I felt his huge cock expand which almost made me pass out. I kept spiraling my ass around his cock telling him to cum, which caused him to groan.

As he fucked into her incredible pussy he kept thinking to himself how she was so different for the hundreds of young teens he had fucked. He had fucked teens of every race and from numerous countries, but this pussy felt unlike all others, and did things to his huge cock that none have ever done.

"Oh fuck what an incredible cunt Sara. I've never felt a pussy as exciting as yours wrapped around my big cock. Never before Sara," he roared as he plunged his enormous cock way up into the back of my pussy, fucking me harder and more punishingly than I could ever imagine.

"Oh god, so many girls Mr. Stephens," I groaned as my pussy shuddered again and coated his giant shaft in a warm bath of cum.

"None like you baby," he growled.

Holding onto my high heel pumps he fucked me hard, like a machine, so fast that I thought I was going to pass out from the non-stop battering.

"You're pure sex Sara.....Pure sex," he growled as he slammed his massive cock into my wet, deep fuck hole.

Grinning at his comment and showing him my naughty braces made him pulse deep inside me.

"Gonna cum baby. Your pussy's too fucking good Sara," he snarled and for the next two minutes erupted deep inside me, causing me to spasm and cum from the incredible feeling of his hot cum blasting deep inside me.

"Oh god, fill me again baby. Fill your newest pussy with that hot load," I groaned as I exploded with him.

I was so uninhibited now, and growing in confidence from knowing my pussy drove him crazy. I wasn't worried about getting pregnant because Mr. Stephens had told me he had a vasectomy years ago. He came so hard and for so long I thought a dam broke.

His hot cum was flowing out of me like a river and dripped to the floor. As he fucked his massive cock into me he bent forward and sucked my burning nipples. The sensation of his giant cock exploding inside me while he sucked my aching nipples made me delirious and had me cumming like a faucet.

After he stopped cumming he kissed me hotly for a few minutes as my pussy calmed from cumming so hard. He then pulled his cock back to the crown and looked me in the eye with a penetrating gaze. I was shocked that he was still rock hard, especially after just cumming so hard inside me.

Every other guy I fucked (there were two others, they were Brad's best friends in High school) not including my husband and his grandfather didn't recover this fast.

"Now I'm going to really fuck you Sara," he commanded in a voice that had me groaning in ecstasy, and then began thrusting his huge, throbbing cock way up into my pussy.

"Oh baby," I moaned as my pussy sucked and milked his giant shaft once again.

As he held my pumps in his hands he fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I was going wild form the unrelenting pounding of his giant shaft, feeling his huge balls smack against the bottom of my ass as he fucked me into the chair and thrust into me like a jackhammer.

"Oh fuck," I snarled as I came with each pounding thrust. "You fuck so hard," I wailed then groaned in a sexy, throaty voice," Your huge cock's gonna fuck me right off this chair baby."

I now knew that this was the type of fucking Doreen had talked about. The kind of fucking Mr. Stephens liked and what it did to a girls pussy. It was the kind of fucking I now knew I really loved and needed, as my pussy was cumming harder and faster than I ever have, even with Brad's grandfather.

As he fucked into me like a man controlled by the devil, I knew It was all about him pleasing his huge cock, and I was more than happy to let him use my pussy any way he wanted and as much as he wanted. He pounded his huge cock into me like a wild man, as my pussy squirted all over his squirted all over his fat shaft and filled the room with slushy sounds that reeked of lust.

"Fuck it baby. Fuck it just the way you want and need," I groaned, biting my lower lip as I came in a flood, coating his huge cock in my hot liquid, which allowed him to fuck even harder.

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