80-year-old Neighbor Ch. 03


I was so turned on that I was talking to him in ways I never did with anyone, including Brad's father and grandfather. After I came I fell into him, and kissed him hard as his massive cock lodged inside my cunt, hard and throbbing, in need of a lot more of my pussy.

As he fucked into her incredible cunt, pounding his giant shaft into the depths of her pussy, he was delirious as he thought of her having the most incredible pussy he ever fucked.

As he pounded his massive cock into her pussy he could not believe her reaction to the constant, unrelenting attack on her cunt. He could not get over her slender body and how it took his huge cock almost effortlessly. Every teenage girl would be either screaming at the top of her lungs or pleading with him to slow down or would be grunting like wild from the constant battering his huge cock would be giving her vulnerable pussy.

But this newlywed bride didn't seem fazed at all by the enormous monster that was expanding her insides. Seeing her grin at him while he pummeled her harder than he had ever fucked any teen caused him to grit his teeth and fuck her with wild abandon and at a lightning fast pace.

As his giant cock was slamming into my cunt I was cumming non-stop. He was fucking me so hard and so fast that I couldn't stop exploding all over his massive shaft. It was the most incredible feeling I have ever experienced and I never wanted him to stop, I thought to myself as he fucked me in a rage-like state.

"It's your pussy Jack. Fuck it as hard and as deep as you want baby," I said in a sly, throaty voice.

"You have a special quality Sara. A pussy unlike any I have ever fucked."

As he pounded into me I was so turned to be pleasing his enormous cock. Pleasing it the way it deserved to be pleased, I thought to myself hotly.

"So fucking good Sara. Brad's never getting you back," Mr. Stephens snarled in a deep, resonant voice that thundered around the room, as he looked to the side and watched his giant cock going in and out of his young neighbor without any resistance.

"Oh fuck, you can have him killed for all I care," I said in a delirious, lust-filled voice.

"This pussy is yours forever baby," I groaned as I saw stars as he fucked into me even harder after hearing me say 'I didn't care he had my husband killed."

"I like that idea Sara," he said as he pounded his monstrous 13 inch cock into my burning fuck hole.

He then added in a dark voice that had me so turned on, "And trust me when I say Brad wouldn't be the first....or the last!"

Grinning slyly with my braces luminosity showing in a very naughty way I was so turned on knowing that Mr. Stephens wanted me bad enough to actually have my husband killed. At that moment all I cared about was getting fucked by this enormous cock. I was out-of-my mind delirious and snarled, as another wave of an orgasm shot through me,

"Do it baby, get rid of him. I just want this big cock inside me forever, without him ever being around again.

"DONE BABY!" he snarled, as his massive cock expanded inside me causing me to breath hard from being stretched out even further. "Incredible pussy," he snarled as his monster cock bottomed out with his huge balls smacking against the underside of my ass

"Cumming again baby," he groaned as he pounded his huge cock deep inside me and shot a load that was so powerful it literally sprayed out of me and formed a large puddle at the foot of the stool.

As he came he kept fucking through his powerful orgasm he stayed rock hard, pounding me and driving me insane. I just could not get over his amazing stamina to fuck and cum so hard, and to recover instantly. Brad's grandfather could fuck incredibly, but nothing as wild as Mr. Stephens. I went wild from the punishing fucking he was giving me, and came myself in disbelief of him being 80 years old and fucking this hard and staying hard after his third orgasm. I was going to find out that he could easily cum up to 10 times in a night. Even Brad's grandfather could not cum that much.

"Oh god baby, you're amazing," I groaned as his huge cock continued to fuck and reach places I never knew existed.

"It's you baby. I never fucked a more perfect pussy," he snarled as he pounded into me at a million different angles.

"God and you really know how to fuck," I groaned, using the word fuck as if it was a common word.

"Just getting started baby," he said as he lifted me off the bar stool and carried me around the room, fucking his giant cock into me as his arms went under the backs of my knees and as his hands gripped my ass.

"Oh god, so strong," I groaned as we started to kiss.

Although I only weigh 102 pounds I was amazed at his strength and stamina, and that he had the ability to fuck non-stop for so long without slowing down or stopping. He was in better shape and had more energy than a 20 year old. As he walked me around the room I felt weightless as he held me as if I was a feather. As he kissed me, his huge cock pierced in and out of me causing my pussy to shudder and cum all over his enormous shaft.

At one point he held me and leaned forward causing me to go in a horizontal position and he fucked straight into me as he slammed my pussy against his thrusting cock. I went crazy as he used my pussy to please his giant cock. As he fucked into my pussy it was being stretched and contorted from each angry thrust; each harder than the one before.

He stretched me out wider than i ever imagined as he fucked into me from every angle imaginable.

"Such an incredible pussy Sara'" he said as he fucked me the way he knew would satisfy his angry cock.

"I want to fuck you from behind Sara," he said in a deep voice as he carried me to the bar while kissing me.

He put me down and instantly spun me around, as I grabbed onto the edge of the bar. Spreading my ass he took hold of his huge cock and lined it up with my pussy. He then put his right arm around my waist and lifted my left knee with his other hand. I was now balancing on my right high heel pump as his arm went around my waist. Slowly he pushed his huge cock into my pussy.

"Fuck me back Sara," he commanded, looking into my eyes with a burning lust, as I began slowly dropping my pussy down onto his huge, expanding shaft as he fucked up into me.

"Oh god what a cock.....So huge I groaned out loud as I looked at him with a sly grin.

Slowly, we fucked like this for almost an hour, our eyes never leaving each other's gaze, occasionally kissing to release some of the built-up tension. As soon as the tips of our tongues met, the groaning got louder and deeper. As we fucked I would look at him slyly, and grin showing him my braces, as I told him how much I loved his huge cock. It was the most incredible feeling, being stuffed by his enormous cock. I would just groan from the delight of being so stuffed.

I was so uninhibited fucking him that I even began spiraling my pussy around as I slowly dropped my ass down the length of his enormous shaft. At one point he held me tight when his huge cock was buried to the base and I felt it expanding.

"Oh god, you're gonna cum aren't you baby," I said as I grinned slyly at him while my pussy continued spiraling up and down his giant cock.

"Oh yesssss," he groaned then began dumping an enormous load inside my pussy that went on for over a minute. I felt like a fire hose was exploding inside me as I felt each powerful, hot burst of cum deep inside me. Every time Brad came inside me I never felt a thing except him slipping out after he finished (which was usually in a few minutes!).

As he continued fucking into me through his huge cum I could hear dripping sounds hitting the marble floor which triggered my pussy into a wild, explosive cum. As we each came he continued to fuck me slow, until he leaned in and met my tongue in a sexy flicking kiss. From there he brought me to his chest and lifted me behind my thin thighs and fucked me up and down while my pussy suspended from his huge cock.

Mr. Stephens fucked me in positions I would have never fucked my husband in, partially because I would have been embarrassed and especially because you needed a huge cock to fuck in many of the positions Mr. Stephens fucked me in.

When we weren't fucking, we were playing with each other. Mr. Stephens kept me in a constant state of arousal. We would be on the sofa near the bar, with me leaning into him, kissing him hotly as I ran my manicured fingers up the length of his huge shaft that towered all the way up his tight chest almost touching his pectoral muscles.

As I ran my fingertips over his huge cock I was insane with lust for how huge he was, marveling his staggering size and heaviness of his massive shaft. As our tongues flicked across each other in a sinful and heated dance he was playing with my wet pussy, inserting one, then two fingers into my boiling cunt then bringing them to my mouth so that I could taste myself.

He had me climbing the walls with the way he controlled the sexy play. We would sit there for an hour sipping champaign, and kissing and playing with each other. As we played with each other I continued to explode in the wildest orgasms and he shot loads of cum that were absolutely staggering in size from me pumping him off.

From there he would roll me onto his face and we would enjoy each other in an amazing 69 position. Having the view of his staging cock towering in front of my face was so empowering to me as I licked up the sides and bent my head way up to suck his huge, grapefruit sized cockhead. As I worshiped his monster cock my pussy exploded over and over from the masterful way he knew how to eat a girls cunt.

From there we went back to lying next to each other. It was so sexy for both of us. Here I was a newly married 20 year old bride coming from a very religious and conservative life, now lying next to the most distinguished and powerful 80 year old man dressed for fucking in a pair of sexy nude thigh high stockings and black high heel pumps, while stroking his giant cock as he kissed me hungrily and finger fucked my tight, wet pussy. I was lost in sexual lust that I knew wouldn't end for me.

While he kissed me and finger fucked me his hand went across my ultra-flat chest and tiny, eraser-like nipples, totally getting turned on by my non-existent tits. While we kissed, I was thinking how lucky I was to be lying next to the man who had so many young teens at his disposal. I thought about how lucky I was to be stroking the biggest cock that could cum in waves without losing an erection.

After he came he kissed me hard as he fucked his fingers into my wet fuck hole, and when he came I leaned down and put his huge cockhead to my mouth and drank and drank every ounce of cum out of his monster cock, loving the fact that I was pleasing the man who had so many teens.

After we came we went right back to kissing and playing with each other, until we worked ourselves up to another session of long, hard, sexy fucking. Throughout our wild fuck, I could not believe how amazing he was, and all the ways he made me cum with his enormous cock.

In the bar area when he was fucking way up into my pussy as I sat on the high stool the stool didn't have a back, and was very tall. I commented slyly that he must have bought them knowing they'd be great to fuck someone on. As I locked my high heel pumps into the rung of the chair I pushed my ass out as he lined his massive cock up with my pussy, as my ass hung over the edge of the stool.

He was going crazy, fucking his huge, tireless cock almost straight up into my pussy in this position making me cum like an open faucet all over him, as my cum squirted all over his massive cock, then flowed out onto the expensive, hard-wood floor.

After an hour of fucking straight-up inside me, he grabbed onto my knees and lifted me off the tall stool walking to the front of the large window overlooking the city. With all the glass windows I was able to see the incredible cityscape. On any other occasion I would have been captivated by the incredible view, but my sex starved pussy was too busy getting fucked by my 80 year old neighbors tireless 13 inch cock, to thoroughly appreciate the multi-million dollar view.

He literally pounded his monster cock into me so hard my high heels were dangling off my feet. After half an hour he shouted that he had to cum again and for the next two minutes shot a load so big inside my wet pussy that it flowed out and left a long trail as he carried me around the living room, fucking his shooting monster cock way-up inside me.

For the next two hours it was as if he and I were lovers, going from intense, passionate kissing to molding into the sexiest 69 position, as he ate my sex starved pussy masterfully while I worshiped his huge cock as it towered and swung in front of my face, way over my head, then shifting to me sucking his enormous cock while he laid back on the futon watching me as our eyes made contact, and finally to him eating my pussy while I laid back and watched him lick all over my pussy lips and my swollen clit, as he ran his hands up and down my stockings and across my flat chest.

While fucking me, he would suddenly stop and say he had to eat my pussy, his mouth and pouty lips making me cum so hard, and while I was cumming he would put his massive cock back inside me and go back to fucking and kissing me, as my turned on pussy continued to explode over his shaft without stopping.

At one point he put his hands behind my thighs and pushed my legs against my chest. This forced my pussy to angel right up into his face. He stiffened his tongue then used his hands to roll my hips across his tongue. I was going wild from this incredible sensation and came in seconds. After I came he kept me in this position and continued to fuck me with his piercing tongue. I was going insane with lust and at one point actually squirted cum from my cunt. He was an absolute master at fucking and controlling a girl.

As he fucked me, he always told me how sexy I was and that I was the best fuck he ever had. When I was riding him, I would tell him how much I loved his huge, cock and that I wanted it in my pussy since the first day I met him. I'd pull it out of my pussy and bounce off and lick it all over then get back on it and fuck him hard.

As I fucked him I told him how his great, big cock got me off better than any cock I ever fucked, which was the truth. During those two hours, fucking like sex crazed lovers I was never hotter and never exploded more in my life. During that incredible fuck, we both let each other know that we wanted this to never end.

During those two hours he would lead me to different places in the room, to fuck me from a different angel, positions he knew would really please his huge cock. At one point he bent me over his desk and fucked into me from behind. He then led me to a chair where he fucked into me while I laid back, then switched positions with me riding him.

I climbed over him while he laid back and put my left high heel pump on the arm rest, and fucked just the head of his huge cock. Looking across and seeing myself in the mirror caused me to moan excitedly from the disbelief sight of his huge, 13 inch cock lodged into the wide-open mouth of my white pussy. Seeing just the head inside me with another 12 inches of pipe connected to his tight, body was the sexiest sight I ever saw.

I looked so naughty dressed in my stockings and heels. Like a young school girl fucking a much older man. To a lot of people it would be considered immoral, but to me it was an absolute turn on.

I fucked his huge cockhead for almost 10 minutes, swirling my wild, turned-on ass around and around before dropping my wet fuck hole down on it. Like I said, I did things to his huge cock that I have never done before, even to Brad's father and Grandfather.

From there we moved to the fireplace mantel where he bent me forward and fucked into me from behind. The mirror was there and the sight of his huge, cock going in and out of me was the most erotic sight I have ever seen. While he fucked me his hands were roaming up my stockings, and to my tiny tits. The sight of his solid and toned body fucking into my soft, pale white skin, and my nude stockings and high heels was so hot, and when I turned my head to kiss him the orgasm inside my pussy lasted for ten minutes, as I shuddered and came all over his 13 inch cock.

The contrast in skin color and age was so thrilling. We ended the non-stop two hour fuck with him fucking me missionary style on the futon couch, as he kissed me hard and I locked my high heel pumps around his back, holding my breath as I met each of his long, penetrating thrusts.

Looking over in the mirror and seeing his tanned body on top of my alabaster, white skin was so erotic and sexy, that it caused me to cum for nearly 10 minutes, with him joining me and exploding deep inside me.

Although it was intimate and erotic when I fucked my husbands father and his grandfather, there was something even more thrilling and sexy during the fuck of my new neighbor that drove me insane with lust. He was the oldest of all the men I fucked. 60 years my senior, and had the biggest cock of all of them. He also had the most amazing stamina of any of the men I was with.

Lying next to each other as he kissed my flat tits and my tiny nipples then my mouth as he fingered my pussy was so erotic and sexy as I felt like we were lovers. There was something unexplainable about how my body turned on and responded to him, even more than Brad's father or grandfather that I could not explain, and the orgasms I had with him were the most intense in my life....at that point!

At one point he was standing off the futon, fucking his huge cock into me as he wrapped his hands around my legs, pulling me to his huge cock with every thrust. As he pulled me to him he pounded his huge cock into me, making me see stars as I exploded all over his giant shaft, as his giant hanging balls slapped against the bottom of my ass.

Each time I came my pussy coated his fat shaft and allowed him to pound into me just the way he wanted.

"You cum real good baby," he snarled. "I love the way your pussy coats this big cock when you cum, " he said in a deep rasp as he thrust it deep, up into the back of my pussy.

"Oh fuck I love cumming all over your great, big cock. I've never felt so stuffed," I moaned back, as I felt my pussy build to another climax.

As he was fucking me I started to cum and he instantly pulled out and lifted my legs behind my ankles which angled my pussy straight up in the air. He then went down on me, eating my cunt as I came violently. He then inserted two fingers in my cunt and two in my ass, and fucked me forcefully.

"Keep fucking cumming baby," he snarled as he fucked me like a mad-man using his four fingers.

"OH FUCK,"I yelled as my pussy and ass came hard. I was so delirious, and came over and over in a tsunami, because my father knew just what he wanted to do to get me off.

"Oh god, you really know how to fuck," I moaned as an intense orgasm washed over my trembling body.

I was so glad that he was fucking me just like all his other teen fucks, instead of being timid like by husband. The way he was fucking me and making me fuck him was the farthest thing from how my husband and I ever fucked.

I was so turned on to being one of his many fucks, and being one of his best fucks. As I was cumming he went back down and kept eating me, holding my legs so that my pussy was attached to his mouth.

"Oh fuck, I can't stop cumming," I shouted as I exploded all over his face.

After I came he pulled me off the futon and kissed me hard. At one point I was on the couch, squatting over his monster cock, bouncing up and down on it as my pumps anchored to the cushion. As I was fucking him a need to suck his cock and pump him off overcame me.

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