tagErotic Couplings9 Stone Cum Queen in the Mirror

9 Stone Cum Queen in the Mirror


(This is my first story for Literotica.)


Here I am. I weigh nine stone. That's a perfect weight for my height. A doctor told me. That's me in the mirror. It's two in the morning. I look much the same as I did at eight o'clock this evening. The strap of my black satin dress has slipped from my shoulder. You can see my bra-strap. I have a ladder in my stockings.

I have cum on my face.

It is the cum of a stranger. It's white against my glossy red lips. A little of it is under my nose, two drops upon my bottom lip. A big glob sits on my chin. A droplet hangs from the bottom of my face. If I let it drop it would fall on my satin dress. It would run down my breast. I scoop the droplets from my chin and place them in my mouth.

He tastes fine. This strange man tastes just fine. He is salty and sweet. I didn't taste him earlier. I saved him for now.

Here I am in the mirror, tasting some cum. I wanted some cum so I got some.

Here I am earlier in the evening. Do you know what I look like? I look good. I would make you come. I would make you look for so long at my tits, my ass, and my face. For so long I would make you sit there before I crawled towards you on all fours and the tip of my tongue would touch the end of you cock.

Just one touch; you would empty yourself.

My hair is died black. It is cut into a short bob. Its high at the back, it shows my neck. My skin is pale. My mouth is small but my lips are big and always painted a glossy blood red. My eyes are pretty. I wear black eyeliner.

There is always a string of pearls around my delicate neck. They rest on my collarbone. They hang above my tits. I never take them off.

You would like my tits, pale and big. 30D, they stand proud. I pull my shoulders back. I stick them out. The small brown nipples extend.

If you were to stick your cock between them, I would push them together. They would wrap around your cock. I can make them feel like a cunt.

I think that men like tits that can be made to feel like a cunt. I think men like it when I use the word 'cunt'. Wouldn't you? I like to walk up to a man, and whisper in his ear; "I can make my tits feel like a cunt."

He says; "Pardon?"

I say; "If I were to let you put your cock between my tits. I could push them together. I could make them feel like a cunt for you."

Men like that.

My waist goes in like a waist should go in.

My hips go out like hips should go out.

I have a big ass for a girl my size. It's tight though. I'm 27 and my ass is still tight and high. Sticks out like a little shelf.

When I'm on all fours I can arch my back low. I can stick my ass high in the air.

I can stretch my ass checks apart wide. I can look at my hole in the mirror. I know what my ass-hole looks like and you don't.

I have a beautiful cunt. I look in the mirror at my cunt. My cunt is shaven and clean. I can make it twitch. I can make it wink at me in the mirror.

My cunt will quiver in the company of a cock it likes. If the cock is right then I will feel my cunt ache.

I think my cunt is tight. That's what men tell me. It feels tight. When I lower myself down onto even an average sized dick, it feels tight. I can close my cunt walls around a small cock, and make it a perfect fit. A big cock will stretch me. A big cock would pull my cunt wide. It would hurt a little. I would like it.

I know how wide my cunt can go. I know how far apart I can stretch my legs.

I push my fingers between my pussy lips. I bring them to my nose. I've been washing my cunt in the shower but I can still smell me.

Tonight I will keep my cunt to myself. Tonight will be about a stranger and his cum. It will be about spunk lying on my face.

But later in bed it will be about my cunt and me.

Me and my lips.

Me and my clit.

I will tell you more about my cunt in the fourth story I write for Literotica.

I have long strong legs, they could pin you down. You wouldn't escape. My long, strong, pale white legs could wrap around your back. I could hold you tight.

I could kneel on your shoulders and hold you there. I could grind my cunt into your face.

I have pretty feet. You take my word for it. My toes are painted red, just like my lips.

What to wear? What to wear?

I have lots of underwear, drawers full of expensive panties and bras. It's all classy and retro. I have suspender belts and corsets. I have stockings and hold ups

In my seventh story for Literotica I will tell you about two men sharing me whilst I wear a corset and hold-ups. I took one man's cock in my mouth, and another took my cunt.

They fucked both my holes and then they swapped.

They fucked both my holes and then they swapped again.

Don't mistake me for anything cheap if you buy me underwear then you will spend a lot.

I choose my underwear. These panties are red, a deep red. They are little shorts. The backside is a sheer material, you can see right though.

The cups of the bra are sheer too, but with lace frills. You can see the nipples stretched flat by the material as I fix the clasp at the back.

If you were here then perhaps you could help me on with my bra. You could pull the straps together. You would see the pearl necklace hanging round my neck. Your hands might brush against my skin.

You would lean forward and smell me.

I want to wear silk stockings tonight. I will wear them for no one else but me. They won't be for show. It will be about me knowing what lies underneath my dress. It's about me feeling the silk against my legs. It's about the feel of the suspender belts against my skin. It's about the bare skin of the tops of my thighs against the tight satin dress.

In my eleventh story for Literotica I will tell you how I made five me come on my favourite stockings. It happened in a park. I made them take their turn, one by one. They did as they were told. My legs were covered in cum.

I slipped on the suspender belt; it matched my bra and knickers, deep red.

I sit on the edge of the bed and pull stockings slowly up my legs. I make a real meal of it. The stockings are black but light in density. You can see how pale my legs are underneath them. They have a seam that runs up the back. The seam helps show the curves of my legs. I have strong calf muscles that curve out.

I want you to know that I love all hosiery. I love cheap nylon hold ups. I like coloured tights. I like knee length white socks. In the eight story that I will write for Literotica I will tell you how someone ripped open the gusset of my tights, to get to my cunt more quickly.

I stretch the suspender belts and attach them to my stockings, one by one. I stroke my beautiful long stocking legs.

It would be fine to just stay in. I could stay in and spend all night stroking my legs, fucking myself with my fingers, just a girl alone with her stockings.

But I have a plan. Tonight I want a stranger's cum across my lips and chin.

I choose a black satin dress, but you know that already.

Do you know how long it is? It stops just above the knee. It isn't short but it clings. It clings tight around my ass. The satin stretches across my cheeks. I think I chose a size too small.

It has a slit up one side. The slit does not run up very high. You cannot see the tops of my stockings. When I sit, you can still not see the tops of my stockings. Only when I cross my legs, which is hard in this tight dress, will you see the tops of my stockings but you would have to be at the right angle and looking very hard. You might have to be on your knees in front of me, and then if I pulled one leg over the other slowly, then you might see my stocking tops.

The dress has inch wide shoulder straps and a low cleavage. If you met me tonight, you wouldn't look at my face you would stare at my tits and you'd still be thinking about them when you were jerking yourself off in the middle of the next day.

The dress is shaped closely around my tits. My bra has pulled them up high, and the smooth satin is tight across them. My bra is made from a thin material and so is the dress. When it's cold later tonight, my nipples will go hard and they will be seen through the bra and dress. A man at the bus stop will see them. I will want to say; "Why don't you place you teeth around my nipple and squeeze. Bite me hard through the satin, and the sheer material of my bra. Do one tit and then the other and then I'll be on my way. Tomorrow at around midday I'll think of you whilst you are wanking yourself off in your bedroom. I'll frig myself off too. We will wank tomorrow at the same time, thinking about you biting my hard nipple at the bus stop."

But I won't.

The dress comes in at the waist like a dress should but is helped by a thick red patent leather belt. The belt is three inches wide and done up tight. It has a big buckle at the front.

The belt is made from patent red leather, so are my shoes. I have more shoes than you can imagine. I like high heels, although not always the highest. I can walk in four-inch heels no problem. I own five-inch heels, but a two-inch heel can be sexy too, you'll see.

I will wear heels in all of my first ten stories except the fifth story where I will wear boots. I like to keep my heels on all the way through sex. If I have to take my tights or stockings off, then I will but I will put my heels back on afterwards. I will nearly always fuck in heels.

If you come on me, I will have my heels on.

These shoes are red patent leather. They have a four-inch heel. They have two tiny ankle straps. When I walk in them they make my ass swing. They make my calf muscles pop out.

If you fucked me hard and straight in the missionary position (which I rarely do) I would hook my legs over your shoulders. My four-inch heels would be up by your ears.

Only I know how far apart my legs can go. Only I know how high I can get them.

Here I am. I am the nine stone cum queen and I'm ready to go out.

I want cum. I want a load of cum, shot across my mouth. I want it from a stranger. I don't want him to touch me. I want to stay clothed. Only I know the pleasure this will give me. The thought will stay with me for days.

I have friends I could phone. I could phone my friend John. I would dial his number and when he answered I would ask; "John, have you come tonight?"

If he said no, I would say; "Would you mine doing something for me? I really need some hot spunk shot across my mouth. I don't really want to swallow, well not straight away. I just want to look in the mirror and see what white jizz looks like with this bright red lipstick. After that I would taste it. I hope it's not too much bother. It would only take a few minutes. Just get a cab over; I'll pay. You don't even need to come in. We can do it right in the doorway when you get here if you like. I'm wearing my black satin dress and my stockings. When I open the door, I'll get straight on my knees, and pull my dress up so you can see the tops of my stockings, and you can just jerk off in my face. Although I would appreciate it if you tried not to get any over my dress."

I could do that if I wanted, but it wouldn't be a stranger.

I step outside. I get comments as I walk down the street. Two boys call me a slut. I'm not a slut, I'm beautiful, but you can call me a slut if you like.

You can sit back in your chair, I'll knee in front and give you a gentle hand job. As I make you come and you can call me a slut.

I go to a club called, 'How Does It Feel' in central London. They play the music I like to dance to. They play sixties girl groups, they play Kinks, they play Rolling Stones.

In my second story for Literotica I will tell you what I did in the toilets here once.

This music makes me dance. Dancing makes me feel free and sexy. I grind my ass, I shake my hair, I swing my tits.

Boys look at me.

Girls look at the boys, looking at me.

No-one bothers me here. I get myself a little drunk.

I leave at one in the morning. Dressed like this I could get myself raped, but I walk with a confidence, men are terrified.

I have a power that turns me on.

I'm a horny bitch with a slim waist, big tits and a big ass. I'm wearing a tight dress and high heels. No part of me thought that I wouldn't be able to find a man, who wouldn't want to empty his cock over my sweet face.

I chose a man who was in an all night store on the corner of my street. I didn't choose him because he was attractive. I chose him because he was near to my flat. I chose him because his cum would still be wet and fresh on my face as I walked up the stairs to my doorway. I chose him because he might see me on another day, and I would act as though I had never seen him in my life before.

He was thiry-something.

He was ordinary.

He didn't matter.

He bought some cigarettes and some chewing gum.

I bought nothing and followed him down the street. My clip clopping heels echoed loudly. I called to him to stop. He turned and I walked slowly up to him. Swinging my hips, pushing my tits out.

I stood a foot away from him.

"Don't speak," I said softly and clearly. "Don't ever speak to me. I am nine stone, that's the perfect weight for a girl my height. A doctor told me. I have great tits, fantastic tits, can you see? Under this tight dress I'm wearing deep red lacy underwear. I'm wearing stockings. I look like the type of girl you wank about. I don't want you to speak to me. I don't want you to touch me. I want you to take your cock out, right now."

He went to speak.

"Shhhh," I said, "It's ok baby. I'm not going to hurt you. I'm the girl of your dreams, now slip you cock out. You're going to do something you'll never forget."

This street was quiet; there were no cars. The light from the all night store was behind me. He nervously undid his fly and took out his limp cock. It was fine, an ordinary cock. Just a random cock that I picked out because I knew I could have it. My cunt twinged. My sweet little pussy ached a little and called out to me. I knew this would happen. I knew I would think about riding that cock when I got this far. I had to stick to my plan.

"Ok honey, this is what's going to happen. I need you to get yourself nice and hard for me. I want you to wank yourself until your big and stiff, because that's what I need. What I really need more than anything else is for a stranger to come across my blood red lips."

He stroked his cock, his mouth hung open.

"Baby, I'm going to get on my knees for you, ok?"

I got down on my knees. I felt my stockings tear against the pavement.

"Oh honey, I've laddered my stockings. I've laddered my beautiful stockings."

His cock started to grow.

"I hope you believe that I'm wearing stockings," I leaned back, still in a kneeling position, and pulled my dress up my thighs. It was tight in this position. It was hard to pull the dress up. I got them just above the stockings.

"Here you see baby? These are the tops of my stockings. This is where the suspender belts attach. They clip on here and here and hold them in place. They look so neat but now I've gone and laddered them. I've laddered my stockings by getting on my knees in the middle of the street."

A light turned on behind him. Someone was looking at us out of a window.

"Can you see the white skin above the tops of my stockings?" I lift the dress a fraction higher. "My skin is smooth and white, all the way up to my shaven cunt."

I pull my dress down a little, so it covers my stocking tops again. I put my hands to me on the pavement. I pull my ass up a little and lean forward.

"You can see down my dress can't you? You can see my tits. Please try not to get cum on my tits or dress. Please just try and aim your cum at the lower part of my face ok?"

I will get just a little cum on my tits in my second story for Literotica. I will get a lot of cum on my tits in my fifth story for Literotica.

His dick was bigger than I thought, not massive but bigger than average.

"Can you see how my bra pushes my tits together. Can you see the crack between my boobs. When a man places a cock between my tits, I can push my tits together and make them feel like a cunt."

He had a good rythmn. His cock was fully hard. He would come soon.

"You cock is nice, but not the biggest I have seen. I have a small mouth but I could fit all of your cock in my mouth if I wanted. I could close my sticky red lips around your helmet. I would leave lipstick on your cock."

I get on to all fours. My face is less then three inches from the tip of his cock. I can smell the mustiness of a cock that has been inside trousers all day.

"I can smell your cock. I'm wearing high heels. I am on all fours, I have laddered my stockings and I can smell you cock. Don't you think I have a big ass for a girl my size."

I arch my back. I stick my ass out.

My dress strap falls from my shoulder, showing my bra strap.

"Earlier tonight I pulled my ass checks wide apart. Only I know how far. I stared at my little ass-hole in the mirror."

Not until my ninth story will I tell you how I like to be fucked up the ass.

"Think of my ass-hole, baby."

He grunted a little.

"Think of my tits squeezed around your cock."

He was jerking fast.

"Think about my filthy laddered stockings."

He was going to come.

"Think about your cum shooting across my bright red lips."

He let go. His cock pumped. His jizz hit just above my mouth. The second shot was bigger and landed a big glob of goo on my chin. A tiny third pulse landed some drops on my bottom lip.

My cunt ached for my hand or anything to touch it.

He sighed and stepped back.

Cum started to run down my chin.

I get up and straightened my dress. I leave the bra strap showing. I do not wipe the cum from my face.

The light in the window is still on. I wonder if another man can see cum on my face.

He puts his cock away. I turn and walk away. I feel like the cheapest whore. I feel like the filthiest slut. I feel great. I swing my ass. My heels clip clop. I have a ladder running up my stocking. I have a stranger's cum on my lips, anyone can see that. My dear little cunt is aching.

Here I am.

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