A Bad Date Ch. 01


Clair moaned and screamed because her pussy was ready to rip apart. She felt like a filthy whore who was getting fucked by two dirty bums or a school girl who was being raped by two thugs. It was good that there was no Paul's cock in her mouth now but it hurt even better and the girl wanted to have it stuffed again.

Clair remembered that Mike wasn't wearing a condom and she screamed, "Please, don't cum inside me! Don't..."

Paul laughed out loud when he heard her screaming like a pig. He knew that his brother would never miss the chance of coming inside that silly girl. If the man was lucky, Clair would be pregnant and her stupid boyfriend would consider it as his own.

Mike felt that he was on the verge of orgasm and grabbed her hips. Holding them really tight, he started hammering into her like there was no tomorrow. The idea of getting her pregnant was driving him crazy.

It didn't take much time before he began to cum. Mike had done more several thrusts and pressed his body tightly against hers. His cock immediately erupted thick streams of baby-making cum straight into her teen belly as the pussy walls milked his cock as if asking for more. Gasping, Mike tried to catch his breath and the drops of his sweat dripped on Clair's back.

When he came to himself, the girl kept her position except of her head and the shoulders, they rested on the carpet. He could hear the college-girl's gasping breath. Mike looked down at her ass and there were many red fingerprints of his on its tender skin. Her ass hole looked puckered and her pussy was grotesquely stretched with the huge piece of meat in it.

Mike slowly began pulling his cock out of the ruined pussy and it was covered with a mix of his cum, her juice and blood. When he got his entire cock out, a thick stream of cum poured out of her pussy lips that weren't even trying to close at all. The man knew that the girl's pussy would have to have much time to tighten up to the previous width.

Then he walked around the distressed girl and stood near her head. The man just grabbed a handful of her hair and started rubbing it around his cock, making it clean. It was too much for Clair and she didn't protest. She just wanted to put an end to it as soon as possible. The girl also knew that the other man hadn't come yet.

When he finished, Mike said to Paul, "It's fan-fucking-tastic, bro! You should give it a try, too!"

Paul had been excited for a very long time and his balls were ready to burst up splashing his cum around. The sight of his brother banging that teen girl and cleaning his cock was awesome. He knew that he wouldn't last too long. So Paul stepped up to Clair as Mike flopped down on the sofa.

The night was young and the man made up his mind to deposit the first portion of cum in her teen mouth. He stood in front of her face and his body was filled with lust. Without giving it a second thought, he yanked by her hair. The girl looked up and read in his eyes what he wanted from her. Like a good girl she took his cock in her sore mouth. The baby-sitter hoped that the blowjob would put an end to her tonight's encounter.

Paul's cock was getting burned with her hot breath. The girl's mouth took the tip of his dickhead inside and her lips slowly slid down that hard meat. The man could feel her agile tongue caressing the shaft's tender skin as Clair tried to swallow the rest of his cock. As soon as the head of his monster cock hit the girl's throat and her nose got buried in his pubic hair, Paul felt the college-girl's tongue swirling around the shaft. Then, with a choking noise, her mouth slowly started its way back.

Clair did her best in order to satisfy him and she succeeded in it pretty well. It was the first time when she was so eager to please her torturer. The girl just wanted to put an end to her tortures. Clair guessed that she would be let go after he finished.

The college-girl tried to imagine that she was deep-throating her boyfriend's cock, although she had never done it before. What would her boyfriend think of her if she swallowed his cock like this? But Clair tried not to think about it and increased the tempo of that good cock-sucking.

Her head bobbed up and down that monster cock and Paul stood with the closed eyes. It was great that the girl was smart enough and did what she was told. Other girls usually tried to struggle with him and his brother but Clair was another thing; she was a natural-born slut.

Mike sat and watched as the naïve girl tried to satisfy them, two horny males. The bitch just didn't know that it was only the beginning of her nightmare. He knew that Paul was about to cum and Mike decided to make it a bit of spicy.

"Fuck her throat! Fuck that slut's throat!" the man yelled.

His words brought him from bliss to reality and Paul grabbed the poor girl's head. He could feel his cum rising up the vein-covered shaft as he started fucking her skull. The man didn't give Clair a care and her slurping sounds only excited him more.

Clair's face was red from that rough fucking and wet from her saliva. That entire evening she was being used like a cheap filthy slut without thinking of her emotions at all. It was too much for her because she was always faithful.

The rhythm of mouth-fucking was increasing and then it froze. Paul's cock hit the back of her throat in the final time and it started erupting. Hot sticky liquid was splashing around, coating her throat. The poor girl choked on it and tried to free herself but his grab was dead. Clair thought she was about to get drown and the only way to survive was to swallow it all.

Paul was savouring the moment of planting his seed straight into her stomach. Her elastic throat clenched around the head of his cock and it drove him crazy. It felt like Clair's throat milking every drop out of the man.

He came to himself in about a minute and stepped back from her. There was the submissive girl on her knees. Her face was red from that intense mouth-fucking and her tears of humiliation. Her saliva around her mouth spoilt her appearance and it was dropping on the floor. Clair was trembling.

Paul liked what he saw and he said, "Not bad for the beginning of a good evening!"

Clair listened to him but she thought of getting out of those maniacs' lair. It occurred to her that it wasn't the end. He clearly said that it was the beginning of coming events. It was very dirty and vulgar, how worse it could be?

"Kneel down on the sofa," Paul commanded and added. "Sweet cheeks, you don't think that we are through, right? Get your fucking arse on the sofa. Now!"

Scared, Clair hurried to do what he wanted because she knew that there would be some consequences.

To be continued...

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