tagRomanceA Beautiful Day

A Beautiful Day


David is done with work for the day - and it is only 10 in the morning. A beautiful, sunny, fall day beckons him outside his window. As he contemplates the possibilities, the phone rings in his office. A wonderful surprise! His beautiful friend Jenn, with the alluring, silky voice and the captivating French accent is on the line.

Jenn recently moved to Colorado and took a job with a very successful engineering firm. She is very happy, this place feels to her like her future and her destiny in life. She has never been more confident, working with talented people, establishing her own reputation, and contemplating exciting new possibilities for her career and her life. And the chance encounters with her friend and secret lover David make the transition to a new life even more comfortable and exciting, if sometimes confusing. But this is how it is for now. David and Jenn are happy with what they have. And, today an afternoon and early evening together is the perfect thing!

They meet at the cafe down the street from Jenn's Denver office. David hugs her warmly and kisses her deeply, he is so happy to see her. A short 30 minute drive out of Denver and they are beside a rushing Colorado river. Warm sunshine beats on them through the ponderosa pines and sweet mountain breezes caress their bodies. They are alone together, wrapped in the tender embrace of nature and the beauty of the Colorado foot hills with an intimate picnic for two. David has outdone himself and Jenn is happily surprised with the bottle of wine and light picnic lunch he has brought for them. They make small talk, get closer, hold hands. As they finish lunch, they kiss tenderly and take a nap on the blanket in each other’s arms. For a moment before they both fall into light sleep, their hearts beat together and they feel as though they have melted together into one.

Jenn stirs. They should be getting back to town, but she thinks it is time for some fun she wants to give David a "preview."

Jenn starts massaging his chest and stomach gently. David responds, his thick cock rises in his shorts as she loosens his pants, brushing lightly against his thighs and the bulge under his briefs. She slides her hand in under the leg of his shorts and lightly caresses his balls, sliding her hands up both sides to his now rock-hard and pulsating cock. She smiles and talks to him, teases him. They laugh. David is holding back, wanting to enjoy Jenn's aggressiveness.

But he cannot wait. He reaches up and slides his hands over Jenn's tight tank top where he finds a sexy lace bra. Her hard nipples press through and her firm round breasts heave. David takes in every curve with his hands and then slides them down and under the bottom of her tank top. He slides her top gently over her head. A breeze blows through the trees and Jenn shivers, goose bumps on her smooth skin. Her nipples push harder through her bra. Her breasts ache to be released and she presses her body closer to David. David slowly lifts off Jenn's bra, sliding his warm hands gently over her breasts and pulling her naked torso down to him. She can feel the lips of her vagina and her clitoris fill with blood, swell and throb. She can feel the pool of her sweet creamy wetness build up inside of her.

David prolongs the pleasure and the agony, sliding his hands over her back, tickling, caressing and stroking up through her shoulder blades and down again to the small of her back and the sides of her breasts.

They are pressed together in a warm kiss and Jenn enjoys the massage. David pushes Jenn back and gently on her back. He is in charge now and feels the thrill of exploration. David pushes his shorts down and begins to gently stroke his throbbing penis while sliding his balls between Jenn's breasts. David loves how Jenn watches. In the mid-day sun, David's thick, throbbing, purple cock is an incredible sight for her and she loves seeing him pleasure himself. Jenn knows what David wants and takes his balls gently into her waiting, soft wet mouth, sucking and licking at his balls and stroking his thighs, his tight ass and his stomach in her hands.

Jenn takes over with her hands, lightly stroking his cock, pulling it down into her mouth, teasing and smiling. David is excited at the sight of the tip of his throbbing dick sliding in and out of Jenn's mouth. She sucks gently on the head, small drops of precum glistening on her lips and tongue. She swirls her tongue around and slides it down the length of his cock, again sucking his balls into her mouth.

David is ready to explode, but wants to prolong the moment. He pulls away, laughing, and leans down to taste his own precum on Jenn's mouth, pressing his tongue deeply into her hot mouth. He slides his mouth down her neck as her breasts rise. She lets out a gasp as he softly takes each hard nipple into his mouth, sucking it in deeply and then backing away and circling her brown aureoles lightly with his tongue. He takes her entire aureole into his mouth, sucking hard and then gently, one breast then the other. He gently strokes her sides and caresses her smooth stomach, pulling her hips up toward him as she arches her back and sighs.

Jenn can't wait any longer! She slides her shorts off and begins to remove her lace panties. David laughs and pushes her hands away, removing the shorts but keeping the panties on. He wants to have some fun, explore the possibilities. He brings his hot mouth down to her now soaked panties, her pussy lips and her swollen clitoris are bulging and plainly visible through the thin film of her panties. David licks and sucks gently, cupping Jenn's ass with his hands and pulling her up off the blanket. Jenn is swelling with creamy hot pussy juice and the image of David sucking and lapping up her sweet honey while slowly sliding her panties down her hips is just too much. David is just in time! He slides her panties off, turns her on her side, brings one of her legs up so he can explore her most precious places. The daylight reveals all, wet pussy dripping creamy honey down across her tight asshole. His thumb gently stroking and massaging her soaked, slippery clit, he pushes his tongue down in to her pussy and back and down to her tight, waiting ass.

His tongue flickers lightly over her asshole, making her gasp and quiver. Then he pushes his tongue gently into her tightest hole while pressing two slippery fingers into her now pulsating cunt. David is wild with desire now, the taste and feel of Jenn's pussy and asshole just driving him over the top. Jenn is massaging David's cock now and gently stroking his balls while David rocks his tongue in and out and over her pounding clitoris. Jenn feels her orgasm rising and presses David's face deeper into her. Her pussy is David's whole world now, hot, wet, creamy and just pulsing and throbbing ever harder. Jenn comes in a torrent, rocking her hips hard over David's probing tongue. She comes so hard the sweet juice splashes out over David's tongue and mouth, and down his chin.

He is in heaven, tasting her, drinking her. As her first wave subsides, David turns her over, lifting her hips and her soaked pussy in the air. He presses his pounding cock into her. It is wrapped tightly by the slippery lips and walls of her pussy. He almost cums immediately from the surprise. He can not hold back now and begins pumping his dick into her, pulling her hips back on him, massaging her ass and sliding his hands up her back and around to cup her tits. Jenn begins to moan. He reaches his hand around and slides two slippery fingers up over her clit, massaging and stroking her tender spot and he feels his own balls pounding against her pussy.

They pump harder and faster. She feels a second orgasm welling up within her. David presses his finger harder on her mound and rocks in and out with his cock and fingers working together. He pumps fervently now, focusing all his energy on her hot, creamy cunt and the unbelievable explosion that is welling up from his balls. He looks down to see his dick sliding in and out of her. The vision of this is too much. She looks back at him, moaning with surprise and delight as another wave of orgasm approaches. With a final thrust, David pulls his cock out quickly and shoots a powerful hot creamy load on Jenn's open pussy and her asshole. David's thick, hot cream splashing into her clit drives Jenn over the edge to her second orgasm. David strokes his cock and presses out every last drop of cum.

Jenn can't resist and brings his cock into her mouth, tasting his cream, licking his balls and gently squeezing and sucking on the head of his dick. She cups his balls in her hands, laughing and looks up at David who has spent a huge load right onto her waiting cunt. David and Jenn collapse together naked on the blanket. Another breeze kicks up and both get goose bumps. David pulls Jenn into him. They are warm now and he pulls the blanket over them and they talk and play with each other for a while.

They drive back to town and decide to swim at David's health club. Both are athletic and toned and have a passion for the water. This is but one thing they share. There are so many other things and they will discover more as their friendship grows. They swim. They swim hard. They race each other for fun. David is a smart aleck as usual but is humble when Jenn pulls ahead and watches from the end of the pool as David pumps hard to catch up. Jenn grew up swimming and has other secret talents too that David will only discover with time. They both laugh. Their hearts are pounding from the workout in the mile high, rarified air. Jenn's skin is cool to the touch and her hard, taught nipples are pushing through her sleek, one-piece bathing suit. David feels his cock rising again in his spandex swimming trunks. His erection is outlined clearly through the suit and Jenn playfully strokes it under the water, laughing and flirting with him. He's not sure he can get out of the pool just yet!

They retreat to the shower and sauna - but not to linger. The renewed tension has both of their hearts racing and the expectation of more exploration and passion is almost too much to bear. They leave quickly and head for Jenn's new apartment, a sunny and breezy place not far from the base of the Rocky Mountains. They are just steps in the door and David takes Jenn to the wall and kisses her deeply, their tongues intertwining playfully. It's only early afternoon. They still have some time.

Jenn's bright eyes shine with delight as David kisses her deeply and presses his tall athletic body to hers as they fall against the hallway wall. Their tongues probe and swirl deeply. David can taste Jenn's hot passion and lust for him in her urgent kiss. She shivers and trembles in his warm embrace and feels his thick hard bulge pressing into her. Jenn can feel her pussy begin to throb and quiver again as her warm creamy liquid melts and slowly begins to drip into her panties. David laughs and takes Jenn by the hand to the shower.

David turns the lights on as they stand outside the shower, playing, holding hands and kissing. David wants to see, taste her, feel her tremble and quiver under his touch and watch her eyes as she reveals herself to him. David can see Jenn's rock hard nipples through her bra. Jenn pulls his hand to her pussy and he can feel the bulging, open folds of her pussy and her slippery wet juice through her panties. He kisses her deeply and slowly peels her bra off of her shoulders, nibbling gently on her ears and neck. He takes off her bra off her round, beautiful, waiting breasts and lightly strokes her back, then cupping her breasts in his hands he leans down to take her throbbing nipples and aureoles into his warm mouth. Jenn gasps, arching her back and pressing her tits into David's face. The feel of his hot mouth on her cool, hard nipples drives her wild! David pulls Jenn gently to him, her breasts pressed against his pounding chest.

The tension rises and they can barely stand going so slowly. David slides Jenn's panties off and marvels at her beautiful, shaved mound and her swollen pussy lips which are already quite visible and shining and glistening with her dripping honey. He has to taste her now. Has to feel her sweet, swollen pussy lips and her quivering clitoris in his mouth. Jenn sits down slowly on a towel on the side of the tub and lifts one leg high onto the tile wall. She wants David to see her most intimate place, wants to pull him into her and feel his hot, exploring tongue deep within her. David is ready to explode just at the sight! He decides to have some fun. He will go down for a taste in due time! He straddles Jenn, his hard, thick cock bulging through his briefs. Jenn slides his shorts down slowly and lets his pulsating cock drop easily right into her mouth, immediately pulling his cock deep into her mouth. He is stunned at the feeling and almost cums immediately! She pulls him out and gently fondles his balls and massages his stomach, looking up with a devilish grin. She licks his balls and the length of his shaft, then taking the large round purple head of his dick between her lips, squeezing and swirling her tongue around his tiny hole.

She has to stop or he will finish before he starts! He pulls his cock out of her urgent hot mouth and decides to go swimming again in her creamy hot pool of tasty honey waiting for him. Jenn is so wet now she is dripping all over her thighs. The feel of his cock in her mouth got her so turned on a wave of sweet liquid is now flowing down out of her tight cunt. David presses his mouth into her waiting, open, dripping hole. She is spread wide now, fully revealed. Her tight asshole dripping with pussy juice too. He slides two slippery fingers gently up into her pussy, slowly massaging her from the inside and then begins to fuck her slowly with his tongue. She tastes so good. She is so hot and tight that his cock is still throbbing. Jenn looks down now, as he slides his fingers in and out of her and massages her thighs and ass while probing and sucking on her cunt. Jenn can feel her orgasm rising.

She closes her eyes and begins to rock harder on David's tongue and fingers. David can feel Jenn's hands pull his face deep into her. She is obsessed now, just wants David up in her cunt, pressing her clitoris from both sides and bringing her closer and closer to a deep climax. Jenn begins to gasp and she is urgent now. Crying out to David to press harder, deeper, faster. They are rocking harder now and Jenn begins to orgasm, slow at first, but she feels the intensity building. She is going to explode! David presses his tongue and fingers deep into her and pulls her ass hard onto his face. Jenn lets out a scream as she arches her back and begins to cum, waves of hot liquid rushing out of her and into David's waiting mouth. She rocks and shake and quivers as two waves of deep orgasm sweep over her. David is covered with her sweet cum, her quivering clit and pussy lips still in his mouth. He drinks her and suck on her pussy with abandon now. He licks her pussy gently, sucking softly on her clit and slides his tongue up her belly, stopping to gently suck her nipples.

She wants to taste her own pussy on David's mouth and pulls him to her in a deep French kiss. Jenn knows that David is so turned on, one touch to his swollen thick cock and his tight throbbing balls will send him over the edge. She has that devilish grin again. She is ready for some more fun. Jenn wants to watch as she brings him slowly to the edge and back, to the edge and back, again and again. Jenn has been thinking about this for a long time. Jenn has a bottle of baby oil waiting by the tub. She gently pours the oil over her hands, her breasts and David's now huge cock. David begins to slide his cock between her tits, slowly. Jenn teases the head of his cock with her tongue and lips, looking up and laughing. She reaches down to massage his tight balls. David is pumping harder between her tits now and Jenn slides her oily hands around to David's ass, slowly sliding a slippery finger up into his tight hole. David gasps. He has to slow down, or this will be over too soon. The sight of his cock sliding between her breasts, slipping into her mouth and the feel of her finger gently probing his ass and massaging inside him is driving him wild. Jenn takes both hands now and begins to stroke and massage David's thick, throbbing penis, his balls, his stomach and thighs.

The sensation is too much. David is close and can feel a huge explosion welling up within him. Jenn sucks his balls, stroking his dick slowly, too slowly. David is urgent and wants to fuck her hands and cum all over her oily tits. Jenn laughs and tells David to just be patient. She is licking the precum of the head of his cock, stroking him slowly, massaging him and sliding her finger in and out of his ass slowly and gently. Smiling and laughing and looking in his eyes while she works him to the edge. David is ready to cum, his legs shaking, his whole body quivering. Jenn is moving slowly and deliberately. She is in control. Jenn knows David is too close. She avoids his shaft, instead just massaging his oily balls, his thighs, that soft tender spot between his testicles and his asshole. She slides two fingers now into his slippery ass hole now, making him gasp and arch his back and quiver faster now.

His cock is throbbing and shaking. Jenn is ready. Pressing her fingers deep into his ass and massaging up inside, she takes his cock all the way in her mouth, sucking hard and sliding her tight lips from the base to the tip. Jenn is pumping his ass with her fingers and slides her other hand around his cock and pumps him hard. He throws his head back and explodes in a torrent of thick, hot, creamy sperm, all over her heaving tits, her nipples and her belly! He shoots load after load of his white juice onto her as she continues to pump his hole and his dick, smiling the whole time. He looks down and she is massaging his cum into her oiled up tits and licking his cum off the head of his dick. They both laugh at the relief and the beautiful sight of his now subsiding cock as it falls gently between her glistening breasts.

David runs a warm bath, turns out the lights and lights a few candles around the tub. The gentle afternoon breeze makes the candles flicker. The sun sets over the mountains. They slide into the bath together, Jenn resting peacefully on David's chest. Light music is playing in the background and they share a glass of Chardonnay as they play quietly together in the bath, exploring each other's soapy smooth bodies, joking, kissing and laughing. They know this is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

After playtime in the tub, David and Jenn get dressed and head back down to the cafe by Jenn's apartment. They have tiramisu and coffee. Jenn kisses David sweetly knowing he has to go. Their hands linger and look into each other's eyes, they don't want to let go. But David has other things he must do and Jenn must get back to her new life too. They smile one last time and laugh softly at their situation. David says goodnight and drives off into the dusk.

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