tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Beautiful Day Pt. 04

A Beautiful Day Pt. 04


Author's note: My name is Jessica Tang Von Harper and I hope that you enjoy this latest chapter.

Recap: Sara is a botanist on an assignment to inspect orchards on the island of Meleprija. She has been warned to remain professional and impartial, but can't resist her attraction to Leon, who oversees the orchards. She is also drawn to the Meleprija culture which has a permissive attitude towards nudity and sex.


Sara's eyes opened. The light of the morning streamed in her bedroom window. Her phone sat silently on the bedside table. She'd come awake before the alarm could go off.

She took in her surroundings. This was the bedroom in the guest cottage. She was in bed, with a blanket over her. Sara lifted the covers, noting that she was wearing magenta silk pajamas. A woman's pajamas, but not hers.

She had fallen asleep in Leon's bedroom. Had he carried her back to the cottage? Had he dressed her in these pajamas and helped her into bed? She was grateful that she wouldn't need to explain to Adam and Linda why she was walking back from Leon's house in the morning. Nevertheless, she found it a little unnerving, the efficiency with which she was returned to the cottage and put to bed.

Did she remember returning? She had a vague memory, of being carried, of someone talking to her and being too sleepy to answer...

Sara got up and walked to the closed door. She peeked behind the fleece bathrobe hanging on the back of the door to find that that the silky black robe had been restored to its hook. Sara pinched it between her fingers, rubbing the smooth fabric, and felt a strange weight in the bottom corner which caused the robe to tap against the door. The robe had pockets, which were mostly decorative, but Sara could feel something inside the left pocket. She reached in to investigate, and extracted a black rectangle, close to the shape of a credit card but slightly thicker.

A key card. But what door did it open?

Her phone chimed. Time to wake up. Sara turned off the alarm and went to the dresser to pick out her clothes for the day. Before she chose the shorts and tank-top she would likely ruin during the day's orchard inspections, she tucked the key card under her pile of socks.


Taloga arrived at the same time that breakfast was delivered. They had enough food for ten people. Eggs, bacon, waffles, fruit, just about every breakfast food they could want. Linda, Adam and Sara helped themselves while Taloga sat in a chair nearby.

"Will you have some?" Sara asked Taloga. "We can't possibly eat this much."

"I have eaten already," Taloga replied. "Please... you need your energy, Dr. Sara. Have as much as you like."

Sara put a waffle on her plate and poured syrup on it. "Will Leon join us?" she asked, trying to sound casual.

"I'm afraid not. He had hoped to eat with you, but he received an urgent call that he was needed at one of our other facilities. He will not return until tomorrow, at the earliest."

"Not until tomorrow?" She was careful to conceal her disappointment as she bit a piece of bacon.

"Yes. Did you need to speak with him? I can put in a call to the other facility."

"No, that's all right. I'll see him when he gets back." Sara sat down with Linda and Adam. She joined in their conversation, trying to put Leon out of her mind.


Taloga drove her to the next inspection site. Sara felt like she was becoming accustomed to the humidity, but after several hours of taking soil and root samples, she still found herself drenched in sweat and covered in mud. In addition, she felt exhausted. The previous day's exertions should have been followed by a good night's sleep. Instead, she'd spent a good part of the night with Leon.

Taloga kept her supplied with water, but Sara felt like she was sweating it out as fast as she drank it. When lunch time came, Sara accepted a sandwich, then asked Taloga if it would be acceptable for her to stretch out under one of the trees and close her eyes for a few minutes. Taloga jumped on his radio, spoke some words in Melepria, and ten minutes later, they had a hammock set up under one of the saganas. Sara dozed for twenty minutes, swinging in the hammock, and thought she'd never had such a restful sleep.

At the end of the day, Taloga asked her if she would like to shower before they drove back to the cottage. Sara could see one of the shower facilities in the distance, and she was dying to wash the layer of dirt from her skin, but she said no. Instead, she climbed into Taloga's ATV for the drive back to the cottage.

It wasn't that she minded showering in a co-ed facility. She had already experimented with public nudity several times on this first trip to Meleprija, and standing nude in a shower was significantly less public that the busy city street she had stood on earlier in the week.

But she hadn't expected the shower environment to be so infused with sexual tension. She had been the only woman there, with four naked men, and their furtive glances and growing erections clearly displayed their desire for her. Back in Chicago, she was considered unremarkable, just another pale woman in a city that had plenty of them. But in Meleprija, she was considered exotic, and that was definitely something she wasn't used to.

And the sexual tension flowed the other way, too. She couldn't deny that it was exciting, to stand naked in front of a room full of muscular men, and to know that having sex with one of them might be as easy as beckoning him over. Not that she ever would. Right in front of their staring eyes, she could wash herself, scrubbing every inch of her naked body, and all they would do is watch her.

It was because the prospect of showering with them turned her on that Sara had to say no to it. She had started a kinda/sorta top secret relationship with Leon, and who knew how far it might go. Maybe it could get serious. It wasn't the time to be flaunting her body in front of strangers. Not to mention Linda and the company wouldn't consider it the most professional of behavior, should they hear about it.

Adam was working at the kitchen table when Sara walked in and he winced when he saw her. "Look at you! Rough day? Tell me, did you leave any of the soil out in the orchards, or did you bring it all back with you?"

"Ha ha." She scowled at him. "I'm sure you had a rough day as well, figuring out how to position yourself right under the air conditioning vent."

"No, actually that was quite easy," Adam replied. "They didn't provide you with one of their uniforms today?"

"Not today." Sara walked to the stairs, but paused with her foot on the first step. "Are we eating with Leon tonight?"

"No. He's away until tomorrow. We're eating here. They've given us a menu to order from. Would you like to see it?"

"After," Sara said. She walked upstairs to take a shower.


Just after midnight, Sara's eyes opened, and she found herself wide awake. She had gone to sleep before Adam and Linda again, excusing herself from the after-dinner conversation after less than an hour. Adam and Linda had undoubtedly lasted another couple hours, but the silence of the cottage suggested they had finally surrendered to sleep as well.

Sara slipped out of bed and went to the window. She could see Leon's house in the distance. Several of the windows were lit, and she felt a flutter of excitement. Did that mean he was back?

She quickly removed the shorts and tank-top that she had worn to bed. For a moment, she considered slipping out of her panties and walking to Leon's house again wearing only the silky black robe he had given her. But she wasn't in the mood to take such a risk, especially when Leon might not even be home. Instead, she put on a t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. If she ran into Linda or Adam outside, she would just tell them that she was going for a walk, which wasn't technically a lie. She retrieved the key card from her dresser and stuck it in her pocket.

She cracked open her door and peeked out. The cottage was dark and quiet, and the doors to Linda and Adam's rooms were closed. Sara silently descended the stairs and slipped out the front door. No one noticed her escape.

She followed the road to Leon's house, walking swiftly. The air still felt warm, even so late at night, and Sara noticed some clouds passing low over the valley. Perhaps it would rain sometime in the night. Meleprija had a reputation for sporadic bursts of rain, which would appear suddenly and end just as abruptly.

At Leon's door, Sara raised her hand to knock, then noticed a doorbell next to the door. She pressed it and heard nothing. After a minute, she pressed it again. She waited. Then she knocked, and waited again.

Maybe he really was still away.

Below the doorbell, she saw a black square as big as her palm. A card reader. Sara took out the key card and held it up to the black square. A light flashed green on the square, and she heard a click as the front door unlocked. Sara turned the doorknob and the door opened. She stepped inside Leon's house and let the door close behind her.

The house was dimly lit and quiet. Sara found a light switch and turned on the light in the entryway. "Leon?" she called, but by then she wasn't expecting an answer.

Well, if he really was still gone, maybe she should head back to the cottage and go back to sleep. That was the smart thing to do.

Instead, she walked to Leon's lab.

It didn't surprise her when she touched her finger to the fingerprint scan and the door unlocked, although she did wonder how exactly Leon had obtained a sample of her fingerprint. Sara pulled open the door to the lab and turned on the lights. Thousands of dollars worth of new equipment glowed under the white lighting.

"God, I hope I don't break anything..." Sara murmured as she walked around, gazing at the expensive machines.

Next to the microscopes, she found an envelope with her name on it. She opened it and read a small note:

"Sara, please feel free to use anything in this room, just as Dr. Albert Chen has in the past. Leon"

"I should go back and go to sleep," Sara said out loud. But next to the microscope, she saw a box of slides labelled 'stem cross-sections'. She took the first slide and put it on the microscope.


Two hours later, Sara stood in front of another fingerprint scanner. She put her finger against it, and this time she was a little surprised when the door unlocked. She pulled the door open to reveal the night, and just as she had suspected, a curtain of steady rain now fell on the garden outside.

Sara stepped outside, protected from the rain by an awning. She gazed at the rain for a moment, then started to undress. She removed everything, leaving her clothes in a dry niche under the awning, and stepped out into the garden naked. Tiny drops of warm rain fell onto her bare skin, quickly covering her in a wet gleam. Did she do this to preserve the dryness of her clothes? Or was it because Leon had brought her here naked the night before, and now she felt almost like it was a sacred area which she shouldn't defile by wearing clothes? She followed the path, and saw the statue of Kon Om Ma on her left.

The path was difficult to follow in the darkness and the rain, and Sara told herself she was crazy. But then she saw the small clearing and the three sagana trees. Leon's secret project, his incredible hybrids of Whitney-Britt and Enderburg saganas. Two very advanced types of saganas, and very different. How Leon had mixed them successfully, Sara had no idea.

She crouched next to one of them and took a soil sample.


"You sleep okay?" Adam asked Sara the next morning, as she fumbled with pouring a packet of sugar into her coffee.

"No..." she said. "I kept waking up." She took a sip of the coffee, burning her tongue.

"You went to bed too early," Linda commented. "It messed up your rhythms. Better to keep the same schedule, even if you're tired."

"Maybe that's it," Sara mumbled.

"I slept great," Adam said. "It rained a bit last night, you know. I find the sound of the rain pattering on the roof to be very soothing."

Well, good for you, Sara thought grouchily. She couldn't wait to nap in the hammock again.

Taloga walked her to the ATV after breakfast. "Do you expect Leon to return today?" Sara asked him.

"I don't believe so, Dr. Sara. I know that he wishes to be here, but he is dealing with a flooding situation at one of our other orchards. It may be several days before he returns. Do you wish me to send him a message?"

Sara wondered if Leon already knew she had entered his house and his laboratory in the middle of the night. The card reader and fingerprint readers that she had accessed no doubt kept a record of entry. Maybe that was enough of a message to send to him. "No," she answered Taloga. "No message. Just, if you talk to him... I hope you'll let him know I'm looking forward to seeing him again."

Taloga nodded. "Are you ready?"

Ready for another day of sweat and mud. Sara fastened her seat belt and they left the cottage behind.


This day's section of orchard lay closer to the inhabited areas, and after napping for half an hour in the hammock, Sara walked to a small restaurant to get some lunch. The valley had a single, enormous cafeteria, but it also had a number of commercial food options. The restaurant Sara chose sold Italian food, and had a shady outside area where she could eat without being self-conscious about her messy appearance.

Taloga gave her a black card with a gold star on it. "Show them this," he said. "It will let them know to not charge you." Sara accepted the card and headed to the restaurant.

While walking, she observed a Melepria man sitting naked on a bench, chatting animatedly with a few male friends, who all wore the green Pariva uniforms. Sara didn't pay much attention to them until she noticed a pretty Melepria woman, also in a green Pariva uniform, approaching the group. The naked man saw the woman and called out to her, saying something in his language, probably a greeting. The woman didn't respond, but walked straight towards him. The woman walked wearily, as if she'd worked some hard hours and now wanted nothing more than to slump down on the bench and rest.

"I really need to learn to speak Melepria," Sara muttered as she tried to watch them without being obvious about it. The woman stopped in front of the naked man, and the man smiled and said something to her. The woman didn't bother to answer. Instead, she started to pull off her uniform, shrugging out of her clothes like she'd just come home and wanted to be more comfortable. She stripped everything off, leaving herself naked, her clothes discarded in a pile next to the bench.

The men paused their conversation and watched the woman as she stretched her arms out, twisting at the waist as if trying to loosen a crick in her back. The naked man said something to the woman that made her shake her head. She reached down between the man's legs, took hold of his penis and started to stroke it. The man chuckled as he quickly became erect.

The woman turned to face away from the man and the man held his cock up while the woman lowered herself onto it. Her eyes were closed and she had a contented smile on her face, as if she was lowering herself into a warm bathtub. Sara knew she was probably staring, but she couldn't look away as she watched the man's cock disappear into the woman. The woman began to bounce slowly up and down on the man's lap, fucking him. Meanwhile the man looked back at his friends and continued the conversation.

Sara forced her eyes forward, increasing the pace of her walk, as she was positive she'd slowed down while gawking at the Meleprias. She could hear the rhythmic hiss of the woman's breath, other noises which her imagination worked hard to identify. The chatter of the men. She wondered if they were talking about her, pointing out the odd-looking foreigner to each other, while paying no attention to the woman having sex right next to them.

Just a few days ago, she was that woman. Standing naked in the middle of downtown, clinging to a street lamp while Leon entered her from behind. It was incredible to think about, and Sara fought the urge to look back at the bench, to watch the young couple fucking and imagine she was watching herself, the way she had looked with Leon.

For a moment, she imagined herself as the woman, and Leon as the man sitting on the bench. She would turn to see him, sitting there, and she would immediately change direction towards him. She imagined stripping off her dirty clothes as she walked, carelessly tossing them aside as she approached Leon. Reaching for his cock, stroking it, maybe putting it in her mouth. Feeling it harden and extend between her lips. Turning, positioning him between her legs, sinking down on him.

The fantasy was so palpable that Sara felt her body trembling. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else, anything else. Something bland and boring. Organic chemistry tables. Latin names of plants. TTX corporate documentation guidelines. Anything to distract herself from the urge between her legs.

Had she become spoiled by Leon so quickly? She'd endured long periods of involuntary abstinence before, with scarcely a thought. Now, after just two days with Leon, she felt so deprived by his absence. Her body yearned for his touch so much that it startled her.

"Maybe he'll be home tonight," she thought. "And if he isn't... I'll just imagine he is." She could walk again to Leon's house, let herself in. Lie naked in Leon's bed, with the lights out, and the windows displaying the view of the valley. She could take her time, touching herself, bringing herself to a climax. It wouldn't be the same as being with Leon, of course... but it might clear her head.

Do it now, a wicked thought whispered in her mind, and the lunatic thought provoked an immediate surge of adrenaline. Sara trembled as she imagined entering the restaurant, sitting at a booth, undressing. Sitting naked, casually leaving her legs open, her hand against her pussy, stroking herself with one hand while the other hand poked bits of rotini with a fork.

You could do it, the voice whispered. If you wanted to. It's not common for a woman to publicly masturbate in Meleprija, but it's allowed. Why not?

"Because it's crazy." She spoke out loud. "Control yourself, Sara." She pushed the door open and felt a welcome blast of air conditioning as she entered the restaurant.


She did walk to Leon's house that night, and she did strip off her clothes and stroke herself in his bed. She even brought herself to an orgasm, but it felt small and forced, a surge of rough pleasure that quickly left her. Frustrated and restless, she dressed again and went down to his lab. For the next two hours, she studied soil samples, comparing them to bark and root samples from the three special trees in the garden.

As she suspected, the trees required significant human intervention to grow. As each tree grew, its roots increased the acidity of the soil, and due to the hybrid nature of the tree, it didn't have a tolerance for the acids. On the contrary, it had a sensitivity to them, like an allergic reaction. If Leon didn't constantly monitor and adjust the soil around the trees, they would swiftly poison themselves.

Maybe a symbiotic plant might be the solution? Something that thrived on the soil that the hybrid trees produced, and converted it back to ideal soil for the hybrids? Sara could think of a few possibilities off the top of her head, and she hunted through Leon's greenhouses, finding samples, testing them.

When she finally wobbled back to the house in the early morning, she felt exhausted and unsatisfied. She'd burned away her precious sleep hours, and hadn't made any progress in solving the soil problem. Which she really shouldn't have been working on in the first place. Her body hadn't been placated by her solo session in Leon's bed, either. It had only made her long even more for the real thing.

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