A Beautiful Day Pt. 04


They reached the fence that surrounded the orchards and passed through the front gate. Now the road was less maintained, and the orderly orchards gave way to chaotic rain forest. Her original plan had been to catch a quick nap on the drive to Melep City, to make up for the sleep lost in Leon's laboratory, but that plan seemed unlikely now. She doubted that she could relax enough to fall asleep while feeling so exposed.

Yet fifteen minutes into the drive she started to nod off. Her long night in the laboratory combined with the steady rocking of the SUV as it navigated the rough road had her eyelids drooping, and she let sleep take her away.

She came in and out of a light sleep. Her eyes would pop open every five minutes to register that their surroundings hadn't changed significantly, then she would go back down. She had peculiar dreams, a mishmash of orchards and laboratories and driving along precarious roads that seemed to lead nowhere. They came in quick flashes as she slipped in and out of sleep, lacking any sort of cohesive narrative or structure.

She slipped deeper into sleep, and found herself standing at the front of a large conference room, facing a room full of men and women dressed in business suits. She was giving a presentation. Three naked men sat in chairs next to her, Melepria men. She realized she was naked as well, but found that she didn't mind. "The perfect soil composition will help them to grow," she told the room, and she reached for the cocks of one of the naked men, stroking it gently, making it stretch and harden. She did the same with the cocks of the other two men. "It's just nature," she told the room. "The red creeper. It tangles as it grows." She smiled at the room. "I'll demonstrate," she told them, and climbed into the laps of one of the men. She lowered herself onto his hard cock... because they needed to see how it entered her... she needed to show them...

Sara's eyes opened. She blinked, momentarily disoriented. She had slipped down in her seat, and her legs had opened a bit wider than was modest. She quickly straightened up and adjusted her seat belt.

Adam smiled at her. He typed something on his phone and passed it to her. It read, "Good nap?"

Sara took the phone. She typed back, "I had strange dreams."

The edge of Adam's mouth twitched as he read her message. He typed back: "That last one must have been interesting."

Sara glanced nervously at Linda. She typed: "Why?"

Adam typed back: "You were wiggling a little. And making some noises."

"What kind of noises?" Sara typed.

Adam thought for a moment, then typed: "Unsteady breathing. Murmuring."

Sara didn't ask him to elaborate further. She wondered if Linda had noticed. The lawyer had her eyes pointed straight forward and didn't seem to be paying any attention to the back seat, but Sara suspected she was more aware of what was happening back there than she seemed.

Adam typed something else on his phone. He passed it to Sara and she read: "Are you getting a little turned on?"

Sara handed back the phone and shook her head sharply in the negative. She turned away from him, looking out her window, but he was already typing a new message.

He passed her the phone. It read: "When we get to the hotel, you're going to have to walk up to your room completely naked. That's not exciting you a bit?"

She shook her head again and passed the phone back. He typed and passed her the phone.

It read: "Why don't you check with your finger?"

She reread it two, three times. Surely he didn't mean what she thought he meant? What else could he mean? Sara looked up at him to see if he was serious. He just nodded to her.

Sara passed him the phone. She glanced at Linda, who didn't seem to be paying any attention. She looked at Adam. He nodded again.

Sara let her hand slowly creep down between her legs. She watched Linda closely, alert for any sudden movement, but the lawyer wasn't looking. Sara stroked the soft line of her labia with her fingertip, then pushed her finger into her pussy. Of course he was right, she was wet inside, and only getting wetter as she slid her finger in and out. She looked up at him, acutely aware that she was nude and fingering herself in front of his watchful gaze.

He typed on his phone and showed it to her: "So? Are you turned on after all?"

Sara removed her finger. Despite the visible trail that her fingertip drew across her inner thigh, she shook her head.

Adam smiled. He typed: "No? Nothing?"

Sara shook her head again.

Adam nodded thoughtfully and typed again on the phone. He showed it to her: "Perhaps I should check for myself."

Sara licked her lips, struggling to keep her breathing normal. She looked up at Linda, who still showed no sign that she was aware what was happening in the backseat. Keeping her eyes on Linda, Sara slowly shifted sideways in her seat, until her back pressed against the door.

What if Linda turned to look? Sara let her legs spread apart, showing her pussy to Adam, inviting him to touch her. He reached down and stroked her smooth mons with his finger, then dipped his hand lower, wiggling his finger into the crease between her swollen labia. His finger disappeared inside her. Sara bit her lip, struggling to stay silent

What if Linda looked now? She would see Sara with her legs spread and Adam's finger in her pussy. No possible way that they could move fast enough to disguise what they were doing. Sara doubted Adam would even try. Would Linda say anything? Or would she just turn back around, and add another line item to the agenda of the promised future discussion?

Sara sighed as she felt Adam's fingers hunting for her clit. Was she going to be fired? Maybe. It might be better if she was. Better to lose her job than to have Linda tell everyone back in Chicago that she was sprawled naked in the back seat of a moving car while Adam from Finance played with her pussy like it was his own personal toy. She knew she was seen as very serious and professional in her office, and many of the other scientists would be quite interested to learn that she had discovered her inner exhibitionist in Meleprija.

Sara closed her eyes, feeling her hips push up reflexively against Adam's hand. Yes, she should stop, she should put her legs back together. This was crazy, this was scandalous, this was complete career suicide. But it felt so good... ah... so good...

Unable to control herself, Sara leaned forward with her lips parted, her mouth drawn to Adam's. He met her in the middle and she kissed him hard on the lips while he still had two fingers inside her. She savored the taste of him, the urgency of his mouth. He lowered his head, pressing kisses along the line of her chin and down her neck to her breast. He sucked on her nipple, his tongue teasing the tip of it, pulling it into a rigid point. She was astonished at the sensitivity of her breasts as he kissed and squeezed them.

Sara touched the line of his erection which bulged visibly against the front of his pants. Overcome with the need to touch his cock, she leaned forward, shrugging her shoulder belt behind her back. She unzipped Adam's pants and fished inside for his stiff pole, pulling it free. Immediately, she covered it with her mouth, wetting it with her lips. Her tongue slid over the throbbing head, tasting the salty tang of his cum oozing from the tip.

She imagined that Linda watched the whole thing, an audience for Sara's depravity. Sara had her legs splayed open, Adam's fingers grinding against her clit, while she greedily sucked on his cock. She bobbed her head up and down in his lap, pressing her lips tightly around his shaft, determined to give him the same pleasure he was giving her.

She couldn't say how long she went down on him. Time ceased to matter to her; she rode on the waves of pleasure that he summoned and teased from between her legs. Sometimes he brought her close to orgasm only to keep the fire smoldering; other times he made her body tense and quiver, the tiny shakes of a seismograph's needle that presaged a coming quake. When she felt his hands grip her shoulders to pull her up, she had so lost track of time that she thought for a moment it was because they had arrived at the hotel. But she could see out the window that they still drove through the endless jungle.

Adam flipped her over, positioning her so that she lay on her side, her head just high enough to see out her window. He leaned against her back, pulling her leg up, and she could feel his cock exploring between her thighs. Sara reached down and guided him to the entrance of her pussy. She took a sharp breath as his cock eagerly entered her.

He pushed in, deeper and deeper, filling her. Sara pressed her fist against her mouth, fighting to muffle her gasps as Adam had sex with her. It was almost certainly futile; if Linda hadn't noticed them by now, then she was either unconscious or a turnip. For all Sara knew, Linda could be staring right at them, a spectator to their fucking. Sara didn't feel like turning her head to look.

What did it matter? If she looked up to see Linda watching them, could she honestly say she would stop? She felt barely in control of her body, a slave to the uncontrollable need to feel Adam deep inside her. His fingers on her nipples were driving her wild and it was all she could do to stop herself from crying out in pleasure every time he thrust into her.

Poor Linda. The lawyer really just had one task, to keep an eye on Sara, to keep her out of trouble. Linda surely hadn't anticipated that five days into the trip, Sara would be stripping off her clothes and fucking a co-worker in public. What must be going through the poor woman's head?

And Taloga, sitting there in the driver's seat... Well... to Taloga, this was probably just another Saturday.

Adam began to move faster, and the pleasure he was causing between her legs became almost unbearable. Sara bit down on the knuckle of her thumb hard enough that she thought she might draw blood. She toppled over the crest and pleasure burst through her body. She flew on the wave of it, her eyelashes fluttering, her hand falling limply away from her mouth onto the seat. Her pussy clutched at Adam's cock as if jealous to keep him from pulling out.

Adam felt enormous and throbbing and Sara thought that any moment she would feel him climaxing, filling her with his cum. But he suddenly pulled out. She looked over her shoulder and saw that he had his erection in a mapa bag, and he was ejaculating in there.

A mapa bag? When had he obtained one of those? And for what reason?

Sara slowly pulled herself up in her seat, straightening and adjusting her seat belt. She glanced at Taloga and Linda sitting in the front seat, but neither of them made any comment or acknowledged what had just occurred. Linda looked like a statue, her head rigidly straight, her eyes directly aimed at the road ahead.

Adam cleaned up quickly, tucking away the filled mapa bag and zipping up his pants. In just a few minutes, he looked perfectly professional again, a well-dressed businessman sitting casually in his seat. No one could know by looking

at him that he'd just been having sex.

Sara, on the other hand, was still naked, and had no choice but to remain so. She wrapped her arms in front of her breasts, pressing her side against the door. She wished she could put something on, anything, even a towel to wrap around herself. This had already been more than enough of an adventure for her. Now she was ready to return to being Dr. Olson.

They would soon arrive at the hotel, and not only would she be stepping out of the car naked, but she felt like anyone seeing her would be able to instantly tell that she'd just been having sex. They would read it off her naked body. The valets would smell it on her.

Sara couldn't believe what she had just done. How could she have just had sex with Adam while Linda sat less than a meter away? How was she supposed to interact with Linda anymore? She wouldn't be able to look the lawyer in the eye without shrinking inside in shame. Sara stared out the window, resigned to enduring a long and uncomfortable trip to Melep City.

Just ten minutes later, she had again freed Adam's cock and was sitting in his lap bouncing on it while he squeezed her tits. She was amazed to find herself once again having sex with Adam, and so quickly after the first time. It had all happened in a blur. She'd been watching the trees pass out the window, preoccupied with worry about the scandalousness of their first coupling and the state of her career, when she sneaked a peek at Adam. He was gazing down at her naked body in a way that made her really hot, and she could see a tent growing in the front of his pants, which made her even hotter.

The next thing she knew, she was on top of him with his cock buried inside her. She was bouncing up and down on his shaft, although this required very little effort for either of them; the road was so bumpy that she just needed to sit there and let the movements of the vehicle move her up and down. The vibrations felt exquisite.

Linda sat right in front of them, and Sara could see the top of the blonde's head just above the rectangular headrest. Taloga in the driver's seat was at a better angle to be seen, the right side of his face visible in profile. He had his eyes on the road, but Sara still felt exposed, knowing how easily he could turn his head and see her.

Although Sara was looking right at the back of Linda's head, she tried to pretend the lawyer wasn't there. Linda was mostly hidden by her seat, and seemed determined to ignore everything happening behind her. At least, that's what Sara thought. She was shocked when Linda abruptly turned and peered around the headrest, looking right at them.

Sara froze like a rabbit startled by a bright flashlight, and she and Linda stared at each other in mutual shock. Sara knew how she looked: naked body gleaming with sweat; Adam's hands on her breasts, her nipples pinched between his fingers; her legs apart as she straddled him. The base of his cock clearly visible as it disappeared into the mouth of her smoothly shaven pussy.

Linda dropped her eyes, taking in the whole scene. Then she quickly turned back and faced forward. She didn't say a word.

Oh my god, Sara thought as she squeezed her eyes shut. So so so so embarrassing!

Then why was it making her so hot?

She leaned back against Adam, arching her back, pushing her pelvis against his lap. Maybe he had his eyes closed, or maybe Sara blocked his view; whatever the reason, Adam seemed oblivious to the fact that Linda had just observed them. His hands continued massaging her chest while his cock stood stiff inside her. The SUV rattled over a stretch of gravel road and Sara covered her mouth with her hand to keep from moaning.

But that was silly, wasn't it? Linda had just looked right at them, so what was the point in keeping quiet? Sara surrendered to Adam's slow rhythm, letting her 'ooh ahh ooh ahh' carry audibly through the SUV. After just a few minutes, Linda reached down to the middle console and country music began to play through the speakers. Sara smiled, knowing that she was being purposefully drowned out.

Adam wasn't in a hurry to finish. He had already filled his mapa bag and now he seemed content to let Sara sit on his cock for as long as she liked. That was fine with her; their first round of sex had been urgent and frenetic, and now she was happy to have a slow, lazy fuck. She wanted to see how many orgasms the vibrations of the SUV on the irregular road could bring her.

After a short time, she swiveled in Adam's lap, turning to face him. They kissed for a while and then he dropped his mouth to her breasts, pressing kisses against them. He sucked on her left nipple then sucked on her right. Sara closed her eyes and swayed with the motion of the vehicle, losing herself in the sensations of her body.

She lost track of time. Sometimes she faced forward and sometimes she faced Adam. She had one orgasm while she faced him, clutching the back of the seat while his fingers gripped her hips. Another orgasm while she faced away, her cries audible even over the loud radio.

Finally, Adam gave her a firm push on the side while nodding, signaling she should move back to her seat. Sara climbed off him. He readied the mapa bag while Sara gripped his cock in her hand. She stroked it several times, like rubbing a genie's lamp, and it began to spasm. She imagined she could feel the cum pulsing through it, launching into the bag.

Outside, the endless jungle gave way to grassy fields, and the rough road turned into maintained asphalt. Sara could see houses now, usually set back far from the road and sitting on their own acres of land, but a definite indicator that they were close to the city limits.

Adam zipped up his pants and put away the mapa bag. "Not too far now," he told Sara. "Better get ready."

Sara glanced down at her nakedness, wondering if he meant that as a joke. She didn't even have shoes to put on.

Now she recognized where they were. Taloga turned onto a freeway on-ramp, and she knew that the hotel would be off the third exit. Anticipation grew inside her, and she glanced down at herself frequently, trying to imagine how everyone would see her as she walked naked through the hotel lobby.

How could it be that thinking about it was making her so hot? It was like the more depraved she acted, the more eager she was to go even further.

Taloga took the third freeway exit, and now they could see the sign, "Melep City Hilton". Taloga turned left into the driveway and followed the road as it curved into the valet circle. A man in a blue uniform motioned them forward until their vehicle stopped in front of the hotel entrance. Two valets rushed over and started opening doors. When the valet opened Sara's door, she didn't hesitate. She accepted his offered hand and let him help her out of the vehicle. She didn't dare look at his face, for fear that she would see his reaction and it would provoke a reaction in herself.

Yes, I'm naked. So what? This is Meleprija.

Her bare feet padded on the asphalt as she went around the back of the car and met Linda and Adam on the curb. Perhaps Linda had spent the latter part of the drive considering how to respond to Sara's exhibitionism, because she no longer displayed any shock at Sara's appearance. Instead she raised her eyebrows and said cynically, "Well, it seems that you two had a fun drive." When neither of them answered, Linda glared at Adam. "Please give Dr. Olson her room key."

Adam extracted Sara's things from his pockets and passed them to her. He had to tap Sara on the arm to get her attention; she was distracted by the sight of two men exiting the hotel.

I'm naked! Sara thought as she watched the men walk past.

"Sara!" Linda spoke sharply. "You have some clothes in your room, right?"


"Clothes. In your room."

"Oh! Right. Yes, I do."

Linda gave her a flat look. "Then I look forward to seeing you wearing them, when we pick you up in two hours. Right here. Taloga and I will be back to pick you up."

Sara nodded, feeling suddenly very embarrassed by the way she was acting. "Yes. Two hours."

"See you then." Linda got back into the SUV. Adam pressed his hand against Sara's back, and applying a slight pressure, turned her around and started her walking toward the front entrance of the hotel. Sara could hear the SUV start behind them, and she could hear it drive away.

Sara was holding her breath as the front doors to the hotel slid open and she and Adam stepped into the lobby. The wide space stretched out in front of them, milling with people. Some people were waiting in line for the front desk, while others sat in chairs and couches at the scattered seating areas. Sara stopped just inside the entrance.

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