tagRomanceA Bed Time Story

A Bed Time Story


The woods smelled of pine and spring flowers. The grass of the fields remained a deep green from the spring rains, as they rode on into the forest. They rode mostly in

Silence. Afraid to start a torrent of words with just one, like a river that starts with a single drop of rain. They did however continue to glace and look at each other. Sometimes their eyes locked and she blushed and looked down trying to hide a longing.

The road they traveled wound through the forest, going here and there like a pilgrim wandering. It crossed more the a few streams bridged by wooden logs. Some streams ran calm, deep and still, like him she thought. Other ran and bubbled and played music like a young maiden at a fair, like her own personality.

She also wondered if it was a good idea to be here riding along with him in the first place. She accepted his offer of escorting her to the fair, since he was going there himself to enter the joust. Still she had second thoughts the minute she said yes, perhaps a little too quickly.

It was around the mid afternoon when he decided to find a suitable site for the nights rest. He led her, her mount and the pack horse off the road down a side trail. Turning to her, "My lady, we will find a pleasant spot just a bit further down this trail, if my memory serves me well, sheltered with sweet water near enough."

"That is well my lord, I seem to be unused to riding this long, and I could use to stretch my legs." What she though was her rear end was sore, and she wondered if it was all worth the trouble just to go to a fair.

Reigning up his horse at the edge of a meadow, he dismounted and went to her side to help her down off her horse. Leaning over to him, she wondered at the strange feeling she had in her chest as his hands and arms lifted her off the saddle and on to the ground. Her hands griped his arms as she slid down his body and he set her down close to him. Still surprised at how much taller he was when she was this close to him. He smelled of sandalwood and sun kissed warm wool when he was this close, and the tingling in her chest spread down to her belly.

With little small talk they set about making camp. She often caught him looking at her and when she did he would just smile at her and continue with what he was doing. He set up the one pavilion and picketed the horses down stream from the camp site.

"One pavilion my lord, where will you sleep tonight." She asked aloud, thinking of where she would want him to sleep if she dared.

"Aye My Lady, just one for you," He cast an eye at the sky and gauged the weather. "seems the weather will hold it will be a passable night for sleeping outside."

"As you wish my lord." She answered, if just a bit disappointed.

Once the camp was set, he excused himself to fetch water and clean up. Promising to bring back some water to heat up on the campfire for her use.

She waited a few minutes, and then followed him down to the stream, watching him from the safety of a Willow tree that bent down over the water. He took off his tunic and sword belt, and stripped off the thin under tunic leaving him bare from the waist up. Time had added some padding to his middle but his shoulders were broad and still muscled. He splashed the cold water on his chest and she giggled as his sounds reached her. Standing back up he loosened and remover the leather riding pants he wore. Now he stood naked next to the stream. Her breath quickened as she felt her breasts swell and nipples stiffen against the fabric of her bodice.

As she watched him he waded into the stream and washed himself. As he turned to soap himself with the tallow bar she caught a glimpse of his front. She was surprised that he was smooth with little hair, and what there was still remained blonde. Thankfully his chest still looked like a man's chest, so many men as they aged gained unsightly female looking breasts which she hated.

Coming back to the bank he began to dry off with his under tunic. She left the safety of the Willow and crept back to the camp knowing he would soon be back. She affected indifference as he returned with two large cans of water to heat for her. Setting the hot water vessels behind the pavilion, he bade her to clean up.

" M'Lady, your water is ready, I will go currycomb the horses, and see to them while you wash, then I will make us dinner."

"As you wish my Lord, I will await you return, since I am starving." She watched him gather some grooming tools and head down the stream to where the horses were. As she undressed, she wondered if he would doubled back to watch her, as she had done to him. Her bodice came off releasing her full breasts, nipples erect in the sudden chill. Sliding out of her slip and dress, she looked down on a smooth belly, which sloped to the cleft between her legs. Using the tallow soap and hot water she washed herself, still wondering if he watched her from behind a tree somewhere.

After dressing she perfumed herself with a spice from the east, and dressed in new soft clothes, her bottom was still smarted from the hours in the saddle. He arrived in time and set about cooking dinner for them. She marveled at his skill with knife and spices, strange for a man of arms, and in short order the dinner was done. It was wonderful, shared over wine and an open fire as the sun set and the shadows grew into dark. They spoke of many things, she asked questions of his travels and battles, he spoke of far away lands where even the stars are strange, and the sunset is mystical.

"What of the women of these lands, my Lord, did they not please you?"

"I could never deny all the sweet things... I have tasted, My Lady."

"Did none steal you heart?"

"All of them did, but I yearned to return home." He remained quiet, staring at the glowing ember of the fire.

Dark settled on the woods, bring with it the night sounds. She arose and retired to her pavilion, pausing at the door she looked back at him. He still stared at the fire, cloaked in thoughts of what she knew not, or perhaps locked in a moral struggle of his own mind.

Lying abed she fought the temptation to go to him, her body was aroused and feverish. Her hands played his part, wandering over the sensitive flesh of her chest and between her thighs. Still the thought of him just outside and the release she so desired did not come. Falling into fitful half sleep, her mind wandered and she surrendered to the night.

Jolted awake by the crash and boom of thunder, she sat upright, letting the covers fall about her. A lone candle still burned in the tent, casting weird light on the walls. The rain began in earnest, the wind billowing in the sides of the pavilion. Suddenly he was in the door way, his under tunic plastered to his chest with the wet.

"Lady, tis I was wrong about the weather, it is quite wet out there now." She could see his smile in the candle light.

"Come in dear sir, no fault of yours the heavens opened up, pray, dry your self." She arose as he entered and handed him a spare shift for his need. Just then a close lightning bolt shattered the night air, with a ripping crackling boom. She jumped and shook in fear; he closed the distance between them in a second. He gathered her in his arms protecting her from the storm. His face was close to hers and the rain water dripped off of his hair and beard onto her face, he held her tightly against him.

"Take this wetness off." She managed to say, but not wanting him to release her. He stripped the wet shirt off in haste, she returned to hold him close as the thunder echoed around them.

He slid his hand under her chin and tilted her face up to him, his mouth closed to hers. Her eyes closed as he pressed his lips to her, she responded as her hands went by them selves to hold his head. His tongue gently pried open her teeth, and in probing her mouth finding her own tongue waiting and willing. Emotions ripped through her like a fever. He tasted like wine, and smelled of the campfire. His hands slid down from her chin to cup her breasts, as his mouth was still fixed on hers. Feeling his hardness pressing against her belly she pulled back. She looked up into his eyes and then looked down to his waist, pulling back... her hands slid to his hips. She pushed down his pants over his waist, exposing the hardness of his desire, barley contained in a light linen shorts.

He stepped back slightly, allowing her room for her hands to do their work. Sliding down his shorts, they stopped and were hung up on his cock head; she pulled them out and down. Finally free, his shaft surged up and out, pressing once again on her downy soft belly. She circled her hands around his balls, lifting them and feeling their weight. She squeezed them and pulled them up to her, waiting for his response. It was not long in coming; he groaned and leaned his body back away from her. She fondled his balls, pulling on one and then the other, weighing the cream that they contained. Pushing her back he wrapped one hand around her shift and pulled up. Removing it from her body, exposing her nakedness.

"Tell me, My Lady; is your bottom still sore from the ride today?"

"It is My Lord; do you have a remedy for such an affliction?"

"I may, let me view the problem site."

She turned away from him, as she did, her hands slid from his distended balls, up his shaft to caress the spongy head.

His hands slipped down to cup her ass cheeks, pulling them up and slightly apart as he fingers played and explored her rear cleavage.

"Does this hurt?" He breathed into her ear

"Oh no...it feels warm, and a little tender."

"I think I have something for this problem." He slid down to his knees behind her, his face level with her ass. Then gently he separated her hind parts, his lips moved over first one cheek then the other. Light kisses and lingering tongue licks moving slowly ever closer to her anus, causing her to shake when his tongue ran over that sensitive area. Hearing her moan and feeling her vibrate he continued to lick around her anus, lightly running it up and down over it with his tongue.

"Ohhh...p.p. please lick further up to my front." She leaned more forward from her hips, exposing her moist lower lips and erect clit poking out from under its hood. He lengthened his tongue strokes, going from her waiting anus slowly between her wet lips and finished with a flick on her clit. She was in rapture, her legs shaking with every time his tongue moved. All the while his hands massaged and kneaded her ass cheeks. She felt the eruption building in her belly, as it spread up to her breasts and her hands went there to pull and play with her own nipples. Her climax came in waves, washing up and down her body and centering on her breasts and her tongued lashed wet slit. He sensed that she was in the throws of an orgasm and rested his oral play. Rising off his knees he wrapped his arms around her and swept her up and onto the bower.

He stood looking down on her as the last waves of her climax ebbed away, ending in her closed eyes and smile. Her hands quickly found his manhood, still erect and wanting. Pulling him down on the side of the bed he was on one knee over her. She stared at his desire as she once again began fondling his heavy balls and pulled them to her mouth. His head went back as she sucked first one then the other into her wet mouth. His hands held her head as she opened wide to take in his entire sack and pulled back, stretching his balls and ridged cock down and away from his body. Releasing his balls from her mouth, his cock sprang up slapping his belly, as his balls bounced up and down. Her mouth now encircled his cock head and shaft and it slid into her throat, looking up at him she watched his head go back as his eyes closed with the emotions of the sensations she was giving him.

Slowly she held him into her mouth and then let it slide out again until only the ridged head remained to slightly pull out her lips. Releasing it for a moment she slid her tongue around the head and over the hole at the tip. She pulled back to admire her efforts and squeezed his shaft, a drop of liquid formed at the tip, and she cleaned it off with the tip of her tongue.

He eased fully onto the bed, and she reclined with her legs tucked up to her chest in want and need. He moved over her, resting his weight on his arms. Her hands went to his chest and she pulled and rolled his nipples between her fingers.

His cock went automatically to her waiting crease, still wet from her spending. Sliding into her, she exhaled and rolled her eyes as he filled her up, she felt his balls bounce lightly against her ass cheeks as he reach bottom in her. Slowly he slid in and out of her, pausing at her entrance, then plunging down into her warm silky depths. Her breath came in ragged gulps of air as it rammed into her, and she exhaled as he withdrew it. He bent down to nuzzle her neck and bite her ear lobe...lightly. Her legs went around his hips and her ankles crossed themselves on his firm ass cheeks. She dug her nails into the flesh of his back and he tilted his head back and growled at the feeling while increasing his thrusts into her. Now he was pounding in and out of her in lust and need, she had completely forgotten about the storm outside until an ear splitting boom of thunder came to her as her own storm broke inside her as she felt his cock swell, jerk and pulse... spending inside her... driving her over the edge to orgasm.

He slid off to her side, and as the echoes of the thunder drifted into the distance she settled against him. She nestled against his side, her head on his shoulder and his arm close about her. He threw the fur throws over to cover them. Their breathing slowed and in time became normal again.

"Are you warm, My Lady?"

She looked up at him with her liquid, soft, smoky brown eyes.

"Ummm...certainly, next to your body, how could I be any less?" As she burrowed her head deeper into his chest.

"I fear that this was wrong, Lady, but it was so right, in feeling and desire, long have I wanted to love you and your body."

"Your pleasure was also my pleasures...or could you not tell?"

"Aye Lady, we fitted our parts together well, I am spent in mind and body with your... administrations."

"I am glad you feel so my lord, I rejoiced in the feeling of desire for me as a woman that I haven't felt in many years."

"Much is the pity for that, since you are worthy of both song and deed."

"As you may say now that you have slaked your desire...Rouge knight."

"Me a Rouge? Perish the thought M'Lady." He said as he laid a gentle slap on her warm ass cheek... playfully.

Unlike most men, he continued to make small talk with her after loving her body. Instead of falling asleep and leaving her alone... to herself. He spoke of general things as he continued to let his fingers trace and roam over her form. She replied to his talk as best she could. Even though she was deep in the twilight of the afterglow of multiple releases she responded to his hands holding her, and the kisses he lingered on her forehead and tip of her nose. As he continued to hold her against his warm and vibrant body.

All the while they talked together of many things, of the fair and the road ahead and of what the future may hold for them both. Outside the night darkened as a new set of storms marched through. Thunder echoed through the glade getting ever closer as lightning split the darkness.

He lit another candle to reassure her in the dark, and his hand slid down to hold her rear end and press her to his thighs. "Seems that the storm which had past is on us again My lady."

Her hand also slid down to discover his arousal; she held his desire in her hand finding it was warm and reassuring in her palm.

"Aye. My Lord it does seem it is about to begin anew."

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