A Binding Oral Agreement


Her pubic hair was immaculately razor cut into the shape of a heart and the tight black curls glistened with a scented oil. As she made herself more comfortable it became a broken heart with her pink inner lips forming a starkly contrasting slash and I found myself perversely wondering whether or not the taste would be any different from my experiences up to that point.

“You not started yet?”

I struggled desperately and in my imagination I saw myself getting to my feet and slapping her across her face for her temerity. In reality I was leaning inwards with the tip of my tongue already between my lips.

“Shit, she’s really doing it, she’s licking my pussy.”

Having established my submissiveness she elected for an altogether more direct approach. She twisted a hank of my hair painfully in her hand and pulled me more tightly against her sex.

“Get your tongue right in there.”

My mouth was already sore from my previous exertions but I did as I was told snaking my tongue deep inside her. Her muscles clutched at me, putting a painful strain on the root of my tongue, but I held my place.

“This is fucking freaky. Give me a cigarette Chlo I think this is going to take a while.”

She lit up and then tapped me on the head.

“Show me what you can do…”

For the next few minutes I brought all my new found skills to bear as I tried to get it over with as soon as possible but, having got over her initial excitement, Claudia was in no hurry. She smoked a second cigarette and discussed her plans for the weekend shifting herself slightly every now and then to direct my attention to a particular spot.

“Do my clit.”

She stubbed out her cigarette and used both hands to open herself. The smell of nicotine from her fingers almost made me vomit but then came the next shock. Her clitoris was enormous. It lolled from its fleshy hood like a miniature penis and, even as I looked, it seemed to swell. Were all coloured woman endowed in this way? I was given no time for contemplation.

“Suck it.”

I pursed my lips and sucked it gently into my mouth.


Claudia lifted her hips slightly, pushing herself at me, and I started to use my tongue. It was like licking the head of a tiny mushroom and it had an almost immediate effect. She started to swear under her breath and undulated her hips seeking more friction. Her sex was leaking and I was enveloped in her bitter sweet stench but I could not stop. As she started to come she bucked herself uncaringly against my face content to rub her clitoris wherever she could. By the time she finished my face was coated and I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

They gave me ten minutes respite and then they swapped places again. Over the course of that day and the next I lost count of the times that I was made to serve. The painful swelling in my knees was second only to the numbed and abused lump that my tongue had become. My sanity was seriously at risk but there was a single hopeful beacon on the horizon. When I got home on the second night there was message on my answering machine from Sebastian. He had wrapped up his latest business deal and was flying back the following afternoon. He did not like me to phone whilst he was away, he said it made him homesick, but on this occasion I broke the rule. I could not reach him direct but I left a message at his hotel asking him to meet me at my flat as soon as possible.

The next morning I tried harder than ever not to go to the office but each time I contemplated an alternative course of action I found myself descending into a trough of despond. Life only seemed to have any meaning once I made the decision to go in. When I arrived it was to find Gemma sitting at my desk perusing my office diary.

“Have you missed me? Still, I’m sure you’ve had fun with Chloe.”

My heart fell. The way she said it, and the cruel smile that now dressed her face, made me certain that she would be wanting some fun of her own now that she was back.

“You were going to take this afternoon off if Seb got back on time. Have you heard from him?”

I did not want to tell her. I had pinned all my hopes on confiding in Seb, if my conditioning would allow, and praying that he would come up with a solution. I tried to stay silent but she raised a questioning eyebrow and some inherent sense of good manners made me answer.


“Is he going to your flat?”

After an anguished hesitation I answered.

“I hope so.”

“Good, then I want you to invite me round.”

I felt my body start to shake and she must have read the terror in my expression. For a second or two she looked uneasy but then she said just two words.

“Good dog.”

I have no memory of the next quarter of an hour. When I next became aware Gemma was gone and I was sitting at my desk reviewing a client portfolio. I desperately racked my brains but nothing would come. For the next few hours I worked feverishly but with the constant fear that she would call me into her office. I was amazed that I could concentrate at all and I began to wonder if she had conditioned me to labour for the benefit of her prosperity in ways other than those which were totally loathsome.

In mid-afternoon the phone rang and I almost wept when I heard Sebastian’s voice. His flight was in and he was taking a taxi straight to the flat. I packed up quickly and walked briskly past Gemma’s office without looking in.

Once back at the flat I had an anguished hour’s wait until his taxi finally arrived and the sense of relief when I saw him in the doorway made me smile like a schoolgirl meeting her latest film idol in the flesh. I ushered him in and his lips were on mine almost before the door was closed. On one memorable occasion, following a particularly lengthy business trip, we had not even made it out of the hall before shedding our clothes and getting down to it on the floor. As we stood there I could feel his burgeoning erection and feared that we might be overtaken by our passions once again.

“Seb, no …not here. Come through to the living room, we need to talk.”

He had that petulant look that Hugh Grant does so well but Sebastian was more George Clooney. He looked older than his years but with him it was very becoming. He took pride in his well muscled physique and seemed happy to live with the premature lines that gave his face so much of its character but I suspected that his vanity would lead him to the surgeon’s blade before too many more years passed.

Another thing he had in common with Hugh Grant was his thick, dark, hair, now shot through with the odd strand of silver, which he wore slightly too long and brushed away from his face in much the same manner.

He held down a high-powered job, and projected a macho image to the world, but neither of us was in any doubt who was the dominant partner in our relationship. He was, therefore, surprised to find me so seemingly vulnerable.

I sat him down on the sofa but, as I took his hands in mine, the doorbell rang. I knew who it was and I did not want to answer it but Sebastian looked at me curiously as it rang a second time and I continued to wrestle with myself.

Finally, I gave in and went to the door and it was clear from the look on Gemma’s face that she was not happy to be kept waiting.

“Hi Seb. Not seen you in a while.”

“Hi Gemma. No, I’ve been away.”

As ever, they were cordial with one another but there was always a slight awkwardness. Sebastian was a client at our previous firm and Gemma had had eyes for him from the first but, as time went by, it became obvious that it was me that he was attracted to. At first I dismissed him as being too handsome for his own good, a man who could have any woman he wanted, but as I got to know him and began to appreciate his touching vulnerability, I changed my views.

Gemma sat down next to him on the sofa leaving me standing awkwardly.

“Is it too early for a drink?”

“No…of course…what will you have?”

I left them together whilst I went to open a bottle of wine. Gemma’s intrusion was both annoying and worrying. I knew there was more to it but the harder I tried to dredge it up from my subconscious the deeper it seemed to be buried.

I set the glasses on the coffee table and took a seat opposite them in an armchair.

“Was there something in particular that you wanted?”

Gemma looked at me in mock surprise.

“I was hoping you would tell me as I’m here at you invitation.”

For a second or two I was flustered and could not think what to say and my predicament was not helped by the look that Sebastian gave me. It spoke a thousand words and told me to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Gemma let the awkward pause hang for a couple of seconds.

“Well, if it’s a private matter, perhaps we can discuss it at the office tomorrow. I guess you two love birds have far more pressing business…”

As she said it she casually patted Sebastian’s lap.

“…Well, well who’s a naughty boy?”

He looked at me uncertainly with a flush of embarrassment on his cheeks. Gemma had left her hand resting on the crotch of his linen trousers and it was obvious that his erection had lost none of its vigour. Gemma could be outrageous on occasions but this was taking things too far. I wanted to tell her to behave herself but, instead, I found myself laughing it off.

Gemma moved her hand in a gentle circular motion.

“You know, that’s what I miss about being in a regular relationship the sex is so much better...”

Sebastian shifted enough to move her hand from the now prominent bulge so that it rested on his thigh.

“…Perhaps I could share you...”

Now it was Sebastian’s turn to laugh awkwardly.

“…Oh, come on Seb, don’t tell me that you’ve never fantasized about having a threesome…”

She gave a broad smile as her hand moved back to his bulge and he looked at me despairingly for a lead.

“You’d lend him to me wouldn’t you?”

Her coy question filled me with bile but I could not help myself as I gave a sly smile and made my reply.

“Of course I would.”

In the space of seconds Sebastian’s expression went from shock to bewilderment and then tentative expectation. After all, what was he to think? I had invited Gemma round and I was making light of her outlandish behaviour.

“There you are Seb, the seal of approval, reckon you could take us both on?”

At that point in time it could still have been construed as a joke; all it needed was Sebastian to get up from the sofa and make it clear that enough was enough. I sat there willing him to do just that but I could see that there was a new excitement in his eyes. Gemma shifted slightly allowing her already short skirt to ride a little further up her legs and then the heavy silence was broken by the slow harsh rasp of a zip as she deftly unfastened his flies.

Sebastian remained frozen his eyes darting to mine but all I could do was to grin stupidly.

“Now I know what you see in him…”

Gemma had freed his erection from the confines of his trousers and had it in her hand. Sebastian was proud of his manhood and justifiably so. Fully erect, it was nearly nine inches and Gemma could barely close her hand around its impressive girth. She toyed with him for a moment or two and then looked at me.

“Why don’t you come and unwrap this delicious package?”

I strained every sinew to stay where I was but the nature of Gemma’s pre-conditioning was just too powerful to overcome. I walked across to him and even smiled seductively as I pulled him to his feet. The fool looked as though he had died and gone to heaven as I slowly undressed him. When he was totally naked Gemma gently pulled him back down on to the sofa.

“Warm him up while I get undressed…”

Her words could have meant almost anything but, for me, they were just another pre-determined trigger. I knelt down in front of him and slowly eased his legs apart and he could hardly believe his luck. Whenever I had done it in the past it had always been in bed so that it was an act carried out on equal terms. Going down on my knees had all sorts of submissive connotations and I would not do it for any man, including Sebastian. Now, I played the whore that Gemma had made of me. I took his manhood in both hands and began to lick and suck at it with the relish of a porn actress but he did not have eyes for me. Behind me Gemma was slowly undressing and he was almost salivating as he watched.

“Don’t let him come.”

I came almost to a stop and held him still as he throbbed between my lips. Every now and again my mouth was invaded by a salty tang and I knew he would like nothing more than to come deep into the back of my throat and in some way I had rather he had done that than to hold himself back for his chance with Gemma. At that moment I hated him. I had no choice in what I did but he had so easily made light of our relationship. Far from being my saviour he was now revealed as a complete liability and it was fear and foreboding that I realized I was going to have to find another solution.

“Why don’t you sit and watch?”

I turned to face Gemma in her now horribly familiar nakedness and then, robotically, I took a seat in the armchair. Sebastian’s eyes were devouring her and she played up to it with devastating effect. She moved towards him with feline sexiness and he brought his legs together in anticipation. As she drew nearer she turned around so that she had her back to him and allowed him to take her by the hips. She eased backwards and reached beneath her to take hold of his erection. She paused for a moment, holding him ready, and than she slowly dropped onto his lap impaling herself in the process.

She sat astride him, such that I could no longer see his face, and she guided his hands upwards to cup her breasts. I wanted to close my eyes, to look away, but I felt compelled to watch. She caught my eye and then eased herself upwards, just once, so that I could see the glistening evidence of her arousal on his manhood. Then, she slowly sank down once more allowing him to fill her in a way that was so deliciously familiar to me. She was totally in control and behind her Sebastian grunted as he tried to hold back in a futile attempt to prove himself. I knew then that she had no interest in him other than as a means to humiliate me.

“Come for me baby…”

He needed no second bidding. He gave a single, animal, groan and his legs stiffened as he found his release in an act that had lasted barely a minute. When it was over Gemma rose from him and it was hard to say whether the redness in his face came from exertion or embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I…”

“No need to apologize…”

She pecked him on the cheek and then, sitting back down next to him, she looked at me.

“…I’ve saved some for you.”

It was another trigger and it was only as my body began to obey that I realized what she had in store. I got up and approached him in a theatrically seductive manner and went back down on my knees. He held his breath, hardly daring to believe, and I could see his heart hammering in his chest. I parted his legs, shook my hair from my face, and took his turgid truncheon of flesh into my mouth.

I had never before gone down on him after lovemaking and he remained frozen as though any movement might shatter the fantasy. I sucked at him, drawing out, the remainder of his ejaculate and then I took him deeper as I licked and cleaned the whole shaft. He was so lost in his own pleasure that it was only after a few seconds that it must have occurred to him that I was tasting not just him but Gemma as well. As soon as that thought registered, with all its connotations, I felt him beginning to swell in my mouth.

In an odd way I felt cheated. In all the time I had known him he had never come back to the boil again so quickly but now he was at full mast and he had the temerity to take hold of my head as he started to thrust at me. I sensed Gemma’s amusement but she had no intention of allowing him to come again quite so quickly.

“Hey, I’m getting jealous.”

Sebastian looked at her and I could see that he was puffed with pride because he was more than ready to attend to her once again. He withdrew from my mouth and held his erection in readiness but he was not to know that her remark was intended not for him but for me.

I got up and moved across as she opened her legs in welcome. I went down on my knees, taking up the penitential position that now came so naturally to me, and I heard Sebastian swear under his breath in amazement.

“Clean me up…then make me come.”

The dark fur was matted and wet as a result of their brief session but I dared not demur. I moved closer and began to preen her with my tongue. As I laboured she grew more aroused and her labia began to swell and to part. A runnel of mixed juices leaked from her sex and I went low with my tongue to lap it up.

“Get your tongue inside…”

With a growing sense of revulsion I did as she asked and was greeted by a co-mingled creamy mess. Both tastes were familiar to me but now they formed a bitter-sweet cocktail.

“Come on…I can’t hear you swallowing…”

I pushed my tongue deeper still and lapped up gobbets of the buttery mixture swallowing with a feigned relish which was obviously the result of another subliminal command. I could not believe how full she was; Sebastian had surpassed himself and I cursed him beyond measure.

“Make sure you get it all…”

After a few more minutes all traces of Sebastian had disappeared and now I was swallowing on account of her ever growing arousal.

“Do it…”

It was almost with a sense of relief that I switched my attentions to her clitoris which felt stone hard under my tongue. By then I knew her so well; she was more sensitive to the right than the left but she did not like to come too soon, she liked to be teased. I used the well-trained tip of my tongue to stimulate the left hand side of her clitoris and made random, fleeting, darts to the right. She had become a mistress of self control and it seemed an age before she finally relented.

“Suck it …”

I fixed my mouth to the apex of her sex and, as I gently sucked, I flicked my tongue, with newly learned rapidity, over the bulge of nerve endings. Her first orgasm came quickly, almost violently, but, these days, she was never content with just one. She had turned multi-orgasms into an art form and, as I continued to suck, swallowing her offering, the aftershocks were suddenly borne up to be transmuted into a second, distinct, climax. This one she controlled, riding it out, safe in the knowledge that I would continue to provide all the stimulation she needed for as long as she needed it.

I dared a glance at my watch when she finally released me and saw that she had had me on my knees for more than half an hour but when I could bring myself to look at Sebastian it was to find that his erection was undiminished, in fact, it looked stiffer than I ever remembered having seen it. He must have known, at that juncture, that there was something amiss: the tone that Gemma adopted was not what you would expect from two good friends enjoying a little Sapphic fun. As if to test a theory he posed a question.

“Are you going to trade places?”

Gemma’s reply was almost disdainful.

“I don’t do girls.”

“But you’re happy to be the recipient?”

“How could I refuse her? She just loves to worship at the shrine and, after all, she has such a talented little tongue. Now, you look more than ready, which one of us is it going to be?”

The casual use of the impersonal pronoun must have confirmed for him the skewed nature of the relationship between Gemma and I but, if anything, it only seemed to excite him more. Now, offered a choice, I was completely ignored as he gently pushed her back and eased himself between her legs.

Chapter 4

Gemma made me lick her clean afterwards. She did not want another orgasm, it was just one final display of her authority. Once she had left Sebastian made the mistake of trying to build on what he perceived to be a previously untapped submissive streak. Notwithstanding two powerful climaxes his manhood was still showing signs of life and in an echo of Gemma’s commanding tone he splayed himself on the sofa.

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