tagInterracial LoveA Bittersweet Love Story?

A Bittersweet Love Story?


This started out as a straight up romantic story, but I went back and rewrote it as an interracial story. Still, I ask you to be gentle with me. This will be a stand-alone story; there are no additional chapters planned at this time...and I promise that a lot of you readers will probably hate me by the end of this. I won't apologize for it. Either you'll like it or you won't.

This story comes from an idea that's been running around in my mind since before I started the first story I ever posted here. That being the first chapter of my BDSM series with Dawn and her master. It's long overdue.

One other thing...to avoid any possible confusion....

************ Indicates a break in the story, may include change of

perspective (point of view).

~*~*~*~*~*~ Indicates a flashback.

-- -- -- -- -- -- Indicates a change of perspective

And finally...in the words of that great entertainer, Michael Lee Aday. "...Life is a lemon and I want my money back."


April 13, 2012: The Rendezvous, a nightclub somewhere in California.

It was a Friday evening in the early spring. He sat at the bar in a semi-upscale nightclub named The Rendezvous, nursing an MGD and taking in the sights. The Rendezvous was what he used to call a meat market in his Navy days. It resembled a late `70's disco club, complete with DJ and an oversized disco ball above the center of a large dance floor lighted from underneath. A variety of music was played there. Mostly old disco music, but they also played more modern tunes as well...including some techno and thankfully only a very little hip-hop. Many of the clientele were dressed in brightly colored disco era clothing. That did not include him. He was dressed as he always was when out on the prowl. Entirely in black. A conservatively tailored solid black three-piece suit, a solid black tie and black shirt. Spit shined black western style boots completed his ensemble. People came here for just three reasons, to drink, dance and 'hook up' with someone to spend the night with. You know...a meat market.

Oh! Where are my manners? His name is Jonathan Q. Doe...no kidding...he even has a driver's license to prove it. He goes by Jonathan, never by John for obvious reasons. His appearance can best be described as average. His skin has a lightly tanned appearance due to some ethnic mixing in his family history a few generations back. Average height, average weight, average brown hair, and average brown eyes...just...average. Actually he's just a hair under 5' 10" and 180 lbs. As I said...average.

Next to him the bar, was his best friend since high school, Casey Covington. Casey, Case to his friends was everything Jonathan wasn't. At 6' 3" 210, with long blonde hair, blue eyes and movie star looks, he was the consummate babe magnet. Case almost never went home alone at the end of the evening...unless it was by choice.

There were times when Jonathan hated going out clubbing with Casey. With Casey there, he was all but invisible. Women never seem to even see him with Casey around. He is no different from most other guys. He liked to meet, to dance and talk with the ladies. And if he ended up spending a wild night of sexual passion with a hot woman...great, but it wasn't at the top of his priority list. Besides, it wasn't Casey's fault that it seemed like every woman in the free world wanted his body. It wasn't his fault that nobody, especially women ever seem to notice Jonathan with him around.

Still another night out. As usual, there were many women in the club giving Casey the eye and subtlety trying to attract his attention. Occasionally, bolder girls would approach him directly and start talking to him...a few of them flirting shamelessly. It never changes, Jonathan thought forlornly.

They'd been there less than an hour, when Casey leaned over and said. "I think I can understand why some good looking women hate all the unwanted attention they get."

"Really?" Jonathan asked.

"Nah...." Casey laughed, "...I'm too much of a guy for that."

Jonathan rolled his eyes at him. "Ten-thousand comedians out of work and you're trying to be funny."

"I can't help myself, Jonny." Casey was the only person on Earth that Jonathan allowed to address him by anything other than his full first name.

He was about to hit Casey with still another snappy comeback, when two devastatingly beautiful women approached them. The first was a raven-haired knock out, nearly as tall as Jonathan in 4" stiletto heels, with eyes as blue as Casey's, wearing a denim mini-skirt and a red blouse that plunged in the front nearly to her navel. A shapely hourglass figure with what appeared to be about DD...or maybe larger breasts.

The other was tiny in comparison. An inch or two under five feet, maybe 90 lbs...after the quart of Bask&Robbins. She had smooth milk chocolate colored skin. Her eyes were a very lovely shade of green. Long straight, silky hair hung down her back just below her shoulder blades and was as black as ebony. She was easily one of the most beautiful women he had seen...ever! He had always preferred what he referred to as 'women of color.' Something about the contrast between their skin color and his got his juices flowing, so to speak. Jonathan estimated her breast size at a B cup...maybe a small C, which looked rather large on her diminutive frame. She wore the cutest little green, strapless cocktail dress that matched her eye color almost perfectly.

As always, Jonathan might as well not even been there. They only had eyes for Casey. Casey however, seemed to have trouble tearing his eyes from the taller girl's mammoth mammaries.

"Hi!" The short dark skinned beauty said brightly to Casey. "I'm Eve Hollingsworth, and this is my friend Karrie King. He shook their hands and then pulled Jonathan close.

"I'm Casey Covington and this is my best friend, Jonathan Doe."

Eve looked at Jonathan with an arched eyebrow and amused grin on her face. "John Doe?"

Don't go there." He chuckled. "I've heard every joke there is...trust me on that."

"What did your parents have against you"? Eve was also chuckling now. Oddly, she seemed to have lost any interest in Casey. Jonathan certainly wouldn't complain about that. This dark skinned babe was hot!

"Mom really wanted a girl." Jonathan laughed.

"So, that was her payback?" She replied, her chuckle turning into a soft giggle.

"Yeah, she even wanted to put just John Q. Doe on my birth certificate, but Dad shot that down."

Still giggling, Eve asked. "So where are they now?"

"Dead. Motorcycle accident back in November of `95."

Her giggling stopped instantly. A sad sympathetic smile washed over her face. "I'm so sorry." Her green eyes showed genuine sympathy.

He waved her off. "Ancient history for me now...but, I do still miss them at times."

As Eve and Jonathan continued talking, he began to feel unusually comfortable with her. It felt as if...she and Jonathan were meant to meet. He almost felt like he could tell her anything. The only thing disconcerting to him was he had no idea why he felt so comfortable with her. Jonathan just knew that he liked her...a lot. And, Jonathan thought that she seemed to like him as well. The best part...she was not hanging all over Casey, drooling all over him, like her friend Karrie was.

Jonathan was not able to take his eyes from hers. A light emerald green with a dark circle at the outsides of her irises, very nearly black. She had long thick lashes. The kind of eyes, one could fall into and get lost forever.

As usual, in this type of club, the music was almost too loud and nearly all of it up beat and fast. Jonathan always told folks that he suffered from what he called 'white man's disease', an affliction in which the victim has no rhythm and no ass. He could dance, just not very well. Still, he asked Eve to dance anyway, but she shook her head, leaned in close and spoke so that only he could hear. "I don't like all this disco music...wait 'til they play something slower." She said, and then looked up at him, a soft sweet smile on her lips. She had a dazzling smile. He could almost hear his own heart pounding in his chest. And, he felt an almost irresistible need to kiss her. Jonathan somehow managed to not take her into his arms and do just that.

Finally after nearly an hour, the DJ played a slow song that caught Jonathan by surprise...an old classic rock tune, Journey's "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'." Eve grabbed his hand and led him to the dance floor. He took her hand in his and wrapped the free arm around her waist. She brought her free arm over his shoulder, put her hand on the back of his neck and pulled him close. She rested her head high on his chest, her nose almost touching his throat...close enough for him to feel her breath. "Mmmmm...this is nice." Eve murmured just loud enough for Jonathan to hear. About half way through the song, she pulled her head back a bit, looked up into Jonathan's eyes and said. "You're starting to scare me a little."

"How so?" He asked.

"I met you just a little over an hour ago and...and somehow, I don't know why, I feel like I known you all my life."

Jonathan shrugged. "You want to stop dancing with me?"

"Oh, no...I'm fine. In fact, I think I could do this all night." She smiled.

"So...is this a good thing?" He asked her.

She gazed up at him, a smoky look in her eyes. "Right now, I'd have to say good...very good."

The next song was "Livin' For You." by Boston. At least the DJ had good taste in music for slow dancing. Eve showed no interest in leaving the dance floor and Jonathan was quite happy to have an excuse for holding her. They spent the entire song, saying nothing and gazing into one another's eyes. To Jonathan, for that brief period of time, there was him, Eve, the music and nothing else. Something seemed to pass between them. What it was, he had no idea.

For the final song of the three song slow set, the DJ pulled another one from deep left field, so to speak. Johnny Mandel's "Suicide Is Painless."

After another minute. "Jonathan?"


"Would you kiss me, please?"

Their lips met. The kiss started gently, open mouthed, but with no tongue...then it became more urgent. He had no idea when he released her hand and put both arms around her, pulling her closer. Or when she whimpered...and started running her fingers through his hair. Or even that they stopped dancing. There was only him, her and the kiss...nothing else mattered. Their tongues finally came together. Gentle caresses at first, then it was like a WWE wrestling match inside their mouths. They 'came back to Earth' when the music changed. Now playing, was Rednex's version of "Cotton Eyed Joe." They slipped off the floor blushing under the stares of many of the club's patrons.

Jonathan looked at her. "Sorry if I embarrassed you. It couldn't be helped. I was so wrapped up in the kiss that...." He shrugged.

Eve returned his gaze. "Shut up and kiss me again, Jonathan...please."

He kissed her again...and again everything else seemed to vanish. Eve's kisses were like no other he could remember. He wished they would never end. Finally, the kiss ended. Eve clutched Jonathan close. "Wow!" She said softly.

"Wow doesn't even begin to get close, Babe." He murmured.

Karrie broke in giggling. "Looks like you won't be going home alone tonight, huh Eve?"

Eve looked at Karrie, and then glanced back at Jonathan shyly. "That's really not up to me."

Jonathan said. "Actually, it is. I don't go where I'm not invited."

"I really want to invite you, but I don't want you to think I'm a complete slut."

"I'd accept the invitation and without trying to sound too cliché, I'd also promise to respect you in the morning." He gave her a careless grin.

They stood there silently communicating...Her asking and he accepting her intimate invitation. "Okay, but let's stay a little longer and have some fun." He said. She nodded enthusiastically. They'd been talking and sipping drinks for a while. Jonathan figured Eve might be a bit tipsy but was certainly not drunk...yet. He hoped she wouldn't change her mind about taking him home with her, but if she did, he would be okay with that too. Maybe he should ask her for her phone number in case she did have second thoughts?

"Oooo, Mama...if you ain't jus' the sweetest lookin' thang in here tonight." A strange voice interrupted them. They both turned to the source of the interruption. It took all of Jonathan's will power not to burst out laughing at the man he saw staring lecherously at Eve. He was short...maybe an inch or two taller than Eve. He was dressed like a pimp in a dark purple double-breasted suit, complete with the matching fedora that had a long fake feather of some kind and thick-soled disco shoes. He reminded Jonathan of the rap artist Flavor Flav sans the large watch/necklace, except that he was Caucasian. His hair was blonde and done up in an afro. The man was leaning back in a greatly exaggerated slouch. His cologne was overpowering. It smelled like...like green apples. He went on. "I'm here, Baby. You can dump dis loser now," jerking a thumb lazily toward Jonathan.

Jonathan glanced at Eve...She shook her head and looked to be a little fearful. "At the moment, she's with me. I suggest you set your sites elsewhere for now." He said to the 'little pimp' with much more politeness than he felt.

"Wasn't talkin' to you, suckah." The guy replied smugly. He turned his attention back to Eve. "My name is Amadour...It's French...means lover." He licked his lips and waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her.

"I'm with Jonathan...I don't know you and really don't think I want to get to know you." Eve said to Amadour, still clutching to Jonathan. He felt her discomfort.

Amadour ignored her last comment. He caressed her upper arm with a finger. "C'mon Baby...you can come home with me. I promise you're gonna be screaming my name all night long."

Jonathan was instantly furious! The audacity of this guy was unbelievable. But, he controlled his anger and said in an icy calm voice. "Are you deaf? Or can't you just take a fuckin' hint. Shove off, asshole!"

Amadour lifted one finger as high as he could. Jonathan and Eve stared, wondering what this idiot was doing. Then from behind Amadour came two huge men that looked like defensive linemen for the New York Giants. Then he turned, face Jonathan and actually starting poking him in the chest. "Listen muthah-fuckah...you don' ever tell me what to do. This little bit of sweet meat...." He placed a hand on Eve's shoulder. "...is gonna be suckin' my dick an' fuckin' a real man tonight."

Eve shuddered, began shaking her head violently, and clutched onto Jonathan even tighter. A dangerous calm came over Jonathan. "I don't think so."

Amadour raised an eyebrow. "You don' think so, cock-suckah? I can have my boys...." He gestured to the two giants behind him, "...take care o' my light work. You don' wan' dat...do ya?" He slipped his hand off Eve's shoulder to her upper arm and began pulling on her.

That was the proverbial last straw. Jonathan reached out with his open hand and actually hit Amadour in the middle of the chest with the palm of his hand. Amadour stumbled backward awkwardly five or six steps and fell on his ass. His posse started moving toward Jonathan but were stopped by four of the Rendezvous' bouncers who had been apparently already on their way to where Jonathan and Eve were standing.

Amadour jumped back to his feet. He screamed, almost hysterically at the two large men with him, pointing at Jonathan. "Fuck dat cock-suckah up. Now!"

That proved to be impossible as the club's bouncers stayed between them and Jonathan. A fifth bouncer approached...the boss, Jonathan figured. The new bouncer was tall, thick, with long blonde hair and bore a striking resemblance to Clay Matthews, an outside linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. "Now, now Elroy...you know you're not supposed to be in here. You were 86'ed permanently...remember?" He said calmly.

"Who's Elroy?" Jonathan asked.

The Clay Matthews look-a-like looked at Amadour, then back at Jonathan and said. "That's his real name. Was he throwing that phony French name of his around again?"

As two of the bouncers literally carried Elroy out, he yelled. "I'm gonna get you muthah-fuckah! He pointed at Eve. "Her pussy's gonna be mine. I'm not gonna fergit! Your ass in goin' down, cock-suckah!" He looked at Eve again. "You're gonna be my little bitch, girl."

Jonathan hugged her. "I'm really sorry baby. Eve, I should not have let that go as far as I did."

She looked up at him with a bright, silly little girl grin. "My hero." She giggled and hugged him more tightly than he thought she had the strength to. Then she rose up on her toes and whispered to him. "Be warned. I plan to fuck your brains out when I get you home." She grinned mischievously and then broke into peals of gay laughter. He guessed she was a little more buzzed than he thought.

Jonathan gave her a perfectly evil grin and said softly. "We'll see who screws whose brains out."

Eve put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her until their foreheads were touching. "Sounds like a challenge." She kissed him yet again and it was just like in the movies...train wrecks and fireworks. It was suddenly difficult to breath.

A large butch-looking woman with hair shorter than Jonathan's snorted and said, "Get a room," disgustedly.

Jonathan laughed and said. "This one's mine, Robin...go find your own...or better yet...go home to Alice."

"Yeah, I think I will...." Robin grinned and said, then she walked away.

"You know her?" Eve asked, kissing him on his chin.

"Yeah, Robin's okay. Queer as a three-dollar bill though. Hell, she put the "L" in lesbian." He chuckled. "But she's good folks."

"Not my type...even if I was gay," she laughed.

"You're sure...?" He asked jokingly.

"I love cock wa-a-ay too much to ever give it up. I'll prove how much I love cock later...okay?" A seductive wink.

Jonathan laughed easily. "I believe you."

"You are going to let me prove it to you later, aren't you? She asked with a playful pout.

"You have my word on it."

Eve turned to Karrie. "Are you going home with him...or are you two going back to our place?"

Casey said. I'll take her home with me...with your permission, of course."

"You don't need my permission. She is, after all, a big girl now...ask her." Eve responded.

Karrie looked at Casey and nodded. "We're going to his house." She said to Eve. "You two can have the apartment."

They all decided to have one more drink, and then call it a night. Eve was the only one even close to being drunk. And she was only buzzed real good. After that, they left and went to the parking lot.

Casey got to his car, helped Karrie in, then jumped in himself and started it. It gave off a low deep-throated rumble and eased out of the lot. Eve never saw it. She had eyes only for Jonathan. Then they arrived at his black 2012 Ford F-100 pick-up truck. A car would have been easier to drive, but he bought the truck to have something to haul his Harley-Davidson around in when needed. Eve backed him into the truck and kissed him again. One hand was holding on to the back of his neck, the other kneading his already hard cock through the fabric of his trousers. She then guided one of his hands underneath the hem of her dress and brought it in contact with her drenched panties. "See how ready I am for you? Let's go to my place, have a nightcap and spend the rest of the night making love." They got into Jonathan's truck and he drove to her apartment, following her directions...and with her gently squeezing his cock through his trousers all the way. In what seemed like no time at all, they arrived and went in.

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