tagNonHumanA Blaze of Crimson Ch. 04

A Blaze of Crimson Ch. 04


Tom led the way down and out to the parked sedan, he held the door open for her. Valerie sat down into the car. The leather upholstery seemed to enfold her as Tom closed the Bentley's passenger door. A passing car caused his blonde hair to move a bit, and he brushed at it. He glanced at the hood, of the green car, and picked up a cigarette butt and instead of flicking it out onto the street like last night he put in a jacket pocket. The movement revealed the black leather strap of a pistol holster. Tom climbed into the car and sat down. For a second, Valerie was tempted to ask about the cigarette butt, but his cold unfeeling nature dealing with Kathy, caused her to wait.

"You said we had things to do?" Tom pulled the car away from the curb. He nodded.

"Yeah, "the car accelerated. Valerie waited. A minute passed, she glanced over at him.

"Are you going to tell me or do I have to guess?" Tom chuckled. It was like a switch, one second he was cold, clinical, almost like a robot. "Just like a weapon." She thought. Then he was almost normal.

"The first thing is, I have to pick up some information, and I want you to look at where Stephanie was killed." Valerie glanced at the other cars driving alongside them.

"Why?" Tom stared straight ahead.

"You can give me a different outlook on it. I am too involved and I think I am missing something. " A little voice spoke up in Valerie's head.

"He's lying, "it whispered, she could see a woman's eyes glinting with amusement behind the internal voice. Again the smell of almonds and oranges filled the car.

"Why did Kathy kill her?" Valerie asked, what the hell was she going insane? Tom sighed.

"She didn't. She let in those who did." That seemed to be a sticking point with him. Something wasn't right.

"So why did she let in those did?" Tom slowed the car, and pulled into a parking lot.

"Because she loved her, and Stephanie picked me over her. Kathy thought they were just coming to kill me, because "Tom seemed to catch himself. "We're here." Valerie looked; they were parked in front of a store, Becki's. Valerie blinked the sun seemed really seemed bright. Tom opened the door for her. A short brown haired woman looked up from the pages of a book she was reading.

"Can I help you?" The smell of antiseptic and ozone seemed to fill the shop. Becki's, Valerie noticed seemed to be a tattoo shop. She noticed some of the shiny black chairs had arm, she glanced down, and ankle wrist restraints. The tattoo shop was brightly lit, almost garish. The girl behind the counter glanced first at Tom and then at her, a slight smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Valerie noticed the girl wore a black buckled collar.

"Yuri sent me." Tom produced the black card, and handed it to the girl. Her face paled even whiter than the white makeup caked on her face. Valerie noticed the girl tug on her collar as she looked at the card.

"Elise is still sleeping." The girl glanced nervously behind her.

"I don't care," Tom's lips pulled back in a smile. Valerie heard, or rather felt a pulse like a heart beat ripple off of Tom. "Be a dear and show us where she is sleeping, I have to deliver a private message." Valerie noticed the collared girl's eyes become glassy, a small smile twist her black lipstick stained lips. "A good girl, after all would want her mistress to be happy, with her."

"A good girl," she smiled again. She turned and walked slowly, as if she were drunk towards the back of the shop. Tom loosened his jacket.

"Follow her." Valerie nodded. She walked behind the little goth girl. She opened a door in the back of the room. She turned and looked at Valerie, her blue eyes glassy, the pupils almost completely dilated. Valerie looked through the door it was clean store room, at the back was a stair case going up.

"Elise is up stairs. " She whispered, a wistful tone. Valerie started, as her fingertips stroked her neck. "Am I a good girl?" Valerie stammered.

"Yes, yes." A sad smile formed on her lips.

"Can, I be yours when he drinks her?" Valerie shuddered and walked through the door. Tom was right behind her.

"Be a good girl and go back and lock the shop door and make sure the sign says closed." Tom ordered her, before joining her in the back store room. Valerie leaned against a grey metal rack, sterilized packs of needles rustled.

"Why the hell am I here?" Tom had drawn out his pistol, he glanced at her.

"Yuri, told me to show you what was expected of his Oprichniki." He motioned for her to go up stairs.

"Hell, no. I am not going up there." Valerie hissed at Tom. Tom smiled, cold almost feral.

"Okay, follow close." The staircase creaked and squeaked as he climbed up them slowly. Valerie waited and then followed him up. The top of the stairs opened into a tiny studio apartment, on a fold out bed a figure laid completely covered with a red patterned quilt. Tom hooked the corner of the quilt and dragged it from the fold out bed. A red head lay on her stomach, completely still alabaster pale skin. Valerie looked the body wasn't breathing.

"Is she a..." Valerie let the question trail off.

"Elise, she owns Becki, just recently too." Tom spoke almost absentmindedly, as he holstered the pistol, and drew out a black bladed knife. Tom narrowed his eyes, Valerie felt a rhythmic pulse like a giant heart beat fill the room it seemed to radiate from him. The body on the bed stirred. Valerie resisted the urge to close her eyes and let the wave carry her away. Is this what happened last night in the sedan? Elise stirred some more, another pulse this time stronger, angrier?

"She's one of them." A voice whispered in her mind, Valerie again saw the white smile behind the woman's voice.

"One of whom?" Valerie muttered, to herself, to the voice in her head. Tom walked slowly to the side of the fold out bed.

"Who are you?"Elise hissed as she tried to move, her pale hands clawing helpless at the air.

"Tagblut." He whispered and dragged the point of his knife down her chin, down Elise's neck.

"Please." The vampire whispered, the fear seemed to radiate off of her body like heat shimmering off of a street at noon.

"Yuri has a message." Tom paused the point of his blade resting between Elise's breasts.

"What is it?" Elise's voice trembled.

"It's not for you," Tom's hand was a blur the knife rose up, "it's for your friends." Tom slammed his hand and blade down into Elise's chest, the blackened blade stuck through her heart. Elise's scream was like a steam kettle that slowly died down to a gurgle. Tom, pressed his lips to Elise's left wrist. Elise's thrashing and screaming died, with her. Tom pulled away his lips black stained, an almost euphoric gleam in his hazel eyes. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, and dropped a familiar black plastic card on the now dead still body that was Elise. Valerie pressed her lips together, afraid that if she opened them the slightest she would scream. "I am going to go down and take care of Becki."

"You drank her." Valerie's voice was a whisper. Just as Becki had said. "What the hell are you, Tom." He didn't hear her; he was walking down the stairs, down to take care of Becki.

*** *** ***

Valerie stood in front of the Teal station, Yuri wanted her. She felt his voice in her head, his hands on her skin. Even before she opened the envelope addressed to her in his hand. She dropped the note half-read, she knew where and when. She walked into the restaurant, and flashed the black Oprichniki card; in her other hand was her shoes. She dropped them and walked into the main dining room, she knew where he was, and before he could rebuke her, Valerie dropped to her hands and knees. Andrew opened the curtained for her, her face was burning as she crawled past him.

"My little valerie, "Yuri smiled down at her. Her face was red hot. "Tom, took you to deliver My message?" valerie nodded. "Good girl." She glanced up at him. Yuri stood up and walked around her, he bent over and grabbed a handful of her black hair. "You have seen some ugliness today, do you still want this?" Yuri's dark eyes bore into hers. Valerie averted her eyes.

"Please, i need ..." Her voice trailed off. Yuri stood up, his hand still full of her hair, the sudden pain caused her to gasp. He pulled her to her feet by her hair. Tears filled her eyes.

"your needs?" A toothy smile, white and hungry, crossed his face. "I give you one more night, then you will make your choice." Yuri was behind her and pressing her head to one side, exposing her neck. "Either you will serve Me, or not. All of this will be gone." His teeth pressed lightly, a teasing tap on her white throat. Yuri's other hand wrapped itself around her to cup a breast. Valerie sucked in a sudden breath, as his fingers pinched and tugged a nipple. Yuri's teeth again pressed harder, his fangs at the edge of piercing her skin. Slowly, he pulled his mouth from her neck. She could feel tears running down her cheek.

"Please, please," her neck throbbed, and ached.

"Tomorrow night, you will give Me your answer. " Yuri chuckled, his lips suddenly against her throat. "Good girl," Yuri's mouth opened his fangs pressed stinging. Valerie's mouth opened as Yuri fed off of her, her body shuddering in waves of pleasure. The room spun Yuri's lips red stained floated over her as she fell to the grass covered floor.

"Andrew make sure Ms. Ashley makes it home safely." The lights faded out.

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