tagInterracial LoveA Boss's Liking

A Boss's Liking


So engrossed was he in his work he barely realised that he'd stayed past the time he'd earlier planned on. His intention had been to go through the meagre paperwork in his IN-tray for at least an hour before calling it a day and heading back for home. He would have kept working had Lami, his secretary, not knocked at his door and poked her head into his office.

"Mr. Simmons, wouldn't you care for something to eat?"

He looked up from the papers laid out in front of him startled by the sound of her voice. "Pardon me?"

She glanced at her watch before replying, "It's almost eleven. I wanted to head out and grab something to eat before returning back here. I wondered if you'd like me to get you something as well."

Tim thought for a moment, an idea building in his head, then pushed his chair back and stood up. "How about you and I go get ourselves something to eat. I'm famished as well."

He wore his jacket and pocketed his cell phone but left everything else on his desk as he walked out of his office. They went to the bank of elevators and pressed the button on one of them that was already active. The doors came open and in there stood Jeffery Boam. He was wearing a light shirt and pants, looking like he was on his way off to a golf course, which actually he was.

"Hey there, Tim," he smiled at him and indicated for both of them to share the elevator with him. "You two running down to the ground floor?"

Tim answered that they were. He pushed the button for the lobby and the doors closed and brought them to the ground floor seconds later. Lami walked a step behind both men as they walked out the building, both of them making idle conversation till they separated when they got to the parking lot. Lami said her car was still at the mechanic shed; Tim told her to get into his. They drove out of the building, behind his boss's Corolla, and then Lami pointed him in the right direction to a suitable restaurant she often went to.

They got themselves a table and made their order and while they enjoyed their meal, they filled the time with conversation.

"So, who's the lucky person you said you wanted to avoid at home?" he asked the question after they'd finished their meal.

"No one that important," she said with a downturn of her lips. "Just my stupid ex."

"Ex, as in ex-husband?"

She shook her head. "Boyfriend."

"What happened? Did he hurt you or something? Cheat on you?"

She smiled. "Not exactly. I guess I'm the one expecting too much of him. I want us to settle down, but he's got ... other priorities. I figured the best thing is for us to remain apart from each other till whenever he gets his head thinking straight again."

"That's smart of you. I guess he's not taking things that way, right?"

"No, he isn't. I figured he might be dropping by my place today to check up on me. He keeps making out like I'm someone he has to protect. He can be pretty childish sometimes, and romantic too."

"Are most Nigerian men like that?" Tim asked. "I always thought that majority of Nigerian men tend to be more masculine or manly, if I may use the word."

"Are black men in your country the same?" she threw the question back at him.

Tim paused for a moment before answering, weighting the question in his mind. He would have lied, but that wasn't his type of person. He opted to tell the truth instead. "I'm not going to lie to you when I say this, but prior to my coming here, I've had few dealings with black men back home to know what sort of personality theirs is. Not like I'm racist or anything, I've just never had much contact with them."

"How about their women?" Lami's eyes held his. "Ever had any dealings with them before?"

Recollection flooded his mind as he remembered a black damsel he once used to know back in college. So brief had been their time together, but so special it had been for him that he could barely allow himself to forget it.

"Once, but that was a long time ago," he spoke hurriedly, as if getting the words out would stop the memory from returning to his mind.

"What happened between you two?" she asked.

"Nothing really," he said, wishing he'd never opened up about his past.

"Yes, something happened. The look on your face tells me so. It's just between us here," she said with reassurance.

Tim thought for a moment then bite the bullet and divulged his past to her. "We met in college, during our freshman year. We got on fine with each other, except my parents didn't really approve of her. She got the gist and months later we broke off. She and her folks moved out of the city a year later. I've ever wondered since where she could be right now. If at all she's married and what her life is like right now."

Lami was silent for a moment. "Don't you often wish you could be with her right now?"

"Time after time, I have thought of it. But it's in the past, nothing to do with the future anymore. You're about the second person I'm telling about it."

"Who's the first?"

"My wife, Monica," he said.

"Well then, I'm honoured. And don't worry, your secret's safe with me."

Done with their meal, Tim paid the bill and then they left and drove back to the office. There were now few cars in the parking lot; majority of the staff who'd earlier been around had undoubtedly left. They shared the elevator and Tim pressed the button for their floor. As the doors clanged close, Lami turned to him and pulled him towards her and they shared a deep kiss. Tim pushed her back against the wall, ran his hands over her arm while they remained interlocked with each other. They were still when the elevator got to their floor but came off each other just as its doors slid open. They walked with quickening footsteps towards their office and when in there got into Tim's office and locked the door behind them.

Their bout of kissing this time was fierce and demanding. Lami assumed control of her boss, pushing him against his desk and pushing his jacket to slide down from his arms. Both of them gasping with excitement. Tim's hands worked the buttons of her blouse; Lami impatiently opened them for him and pushed down her half-cup bra to reveal her black tits with their even darker aureolas with jutting nipples. He pulled Tim's head down on her chest and muttered a gasp when his mouth sucked on one of her tits. Her hand went downward to rub his crotch; his erection was crying to be let loose from within. Tim rotated his mouth between both pair of tits till her pressed them both in his hands and gummed them with his lips. Lami moaned against his ear, running her fingers roughly between his sandy-blonde hair. They changed position. Lami pushed up her skirt—Tim sucked in air through his teeth when he saw she was wearing pantyhose and leg stockings. Lami pulled her panties down her legs, but not before Tim fell to his knees before her, holding one of her legs in his hands and began kissing it all the way up to her thighs. She sat back on his desk, slapped her palm on her pussy opening. She slipped a finger into her pink cunt and gave it to him to suck. Tim accepted the finger, licked his tongue over her nail polish, loving the taste of her nectar. She pushed her finger further into his mouth, told him to suck it like a good white boy that he was. Tim did just that, memory of sucking Olu's cock came to his mind while he lavished his mouth and tongue over her finger, sucking it as if it were a black cock.

"That's enough, white boy," she took back her finger and pointed at her awaiting pussy. "My cunt needs to be watered. I hope you're ready for some black Nigerian pussy," she moaned.

Tim crawled towards her, held her legs apart, and pressed his face between her legs. His tongue lapped up her pussy as if it were ice cream, then drove his tongue between its pink walled recess. Lami, balancing herself on her hands which rested on the desk, threw her head backward and exhaled a lengthy moan. She brought a hand to her chest and clutched her breasts while her hips went on pressing her boss's face between her pussy. She rested her legs on his back, still urging him not to stop; Tim wasn't even thinking of stopping. At the moment he was lost in a candy shop and no calling would turn him away from his beloved prize.

"Lick that black pussy, white boy," Lami hissed at the same time moaned through her teeth while also squeezing her tits. She grabbed Tim's hair and kept pushing his face roughly against her open twat. "Don't stop sucking it. I want to cum ... Uhhggghh ... yes, I want you to make me cum!"

Her breathing was getting harsher, so too her moans were rising in elevation. Tim suckled on her juice that poured down his face, his tongue and lips pulling at her labia flesh. He too was groaning from the exercise, but with deep-seethed happiness. Had he ever dreamed that such would happen to him? That he would, after many years since college, be having his first taste of black pussy. And to think that Fate hadn't always been good to him, that he had to travel halfway across the world to someplace years ago he never once thought he would visit, to have a pussy as sweet as this waiting for him. He applied more vigour to his sucking, slipping a finger into her anal hole and fucking her with it. The moment came when Lami couldn't take the punishment anymore. She raised her legs high up and pressed his face to her crotch and released a high shriek that could have alerted the security downstairs had they been outside his door listening in. Lami fell on her back on his desk, her chest heaving with gasping breath as the course of her climax travelled through her nerve cells and arteries all across her body. Tim was still lapping up her cum as he raised himself from his former position. He eventually unzipped his pants and whipped out his cock, realising that he'd ejaculated inside his pants.

"Come here, white boy," Lami gasped at the same time indicated at him to bring his cock to her. Tim came beside her face and she grabbed hold of his cock and he winced at the raw way she did it, like she wanted to rip his member from his body. She popped his cock into her mouth and began sucking him hard. Her mouth was wide enough to take in all of what he had to offer and more. She undid his belt buckle and Tim loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and left it open; he was feeling rather hot under his clothes and with the way his secretary was treating his cock, he felt as if he'd swallowed a nuclear reactor inside his stomach. She was attacking his cock like only a black vixen would. She grabbed hold of his waistline and kept pressing her face against his crotch, growling like a female lion as she held his cock inside her mouth for a couple of seconds before pulling back for air, gasping while she did, then repeating the same action once again. Tim was breathing like an Olympic long-distance runner and it wasn't long before he felt his climax come about. He was still groaning as Lami held his cock in her mouth, gulping every drop of semen he had for her. Tim's legs felt rubbery and he shuffled towards his chair and collapsed on it, breathing heavy. Lami turned on the desk to look at him; she licked off a droplet of semen from the side of her mouth.

"I hope you don't think I'm done with you yet?"

She came down from his desk and walked round to stand before him. She grasped his deflated cock and began stroking him. Her other hand rubbed her tits and squeezed her nipple. Tim realised too late that in matters of sex, he was nowhere close to being her equal. This was a lioness whereas he was a depleted bull. No, he wasn't even close to being a bull—that's something Olu Shango would know more about. He cursed him in his head. How dare he would fuck his wife with such uncaring, bold and aggressive manner, and yet here he was, looking like an extinct animal that could no longer run with the pack. Had he always been like this, he asked himself. It's no wonder he seldom made love to Monica anymore.

Lami pulled her skirt down her legs and kicked it on his. She removed her blouse and bra and stood before him naked with nothing to hide. Her body was nubile and exquisite like something a model would be jealous of. Tim felt a perceptive kick coming to his groin just from watching her.

"Do you like what you see, white boy?" she asked him.

She widened her legs and then planted one on the arm of his chair. Tim caressed her leg up to her thigh, ran his lips over her lovely black skin. This was a day he would mark in his mental diary as a list of events he prayed never to forget.

Lami bent down to kiss him, still stroking and tugging at his cock. She felt him gradually becoming erect once again. She turned around and lowered her buttocks down on him; her hand went underneath to guide his cock into her. Tim just about jumped in his chair when he felt the tip of his prick slip inside her. She straightened up, her hands holding onto the chair's arms, and continued lowering her buttocks down on him, wiggling it till she came to a rest on his thighs. She remained like that a few seconds more before pulling herself up from him and then lowering herself once again. Her moans grew slow but steady as more and more she lowered and raised herself from him. Tim grabbed her by the waistline and assisted pulling her up and then back down on him. The emotion, the delight he was soaking in was unlike any he'd had in a long time. He ran his hand over her backside, down to her rump, wanting to believe that this wasn't some dream he was having that just seemed too unbelievably real to him.

By now Lami increased the speed of her butt bouncing down on his cock, taking everything he had to offer. Her tits bounced in front of her; she reclined against him and rocked her hips back and forth, side to side against his thighs. Tim wrapped an arm around her front and planted his lips on the back of her shoulders while she went on rocking against him. Lami, after a while, pulled out of him and stood facing him, her face disappointed with the action they were doing so far.

"You've got a small cock, white boy," she told him. "I'm not getting much feel out of it. Come here."

She took his hand and pulled him out of the chair. Tim stopped to pull his feet out of his pants and kick off his shoes too and allowed her to lead him away from his desk towards the centre of the room. He was her boss, yes, but right now their roles were reversed. Right now, he was the cock servant, and she was the boss. Lami made him lie on the carpet floor on his back, his cock standing straight like a flagpole before her. She came on top him and lowered herself down on his cock. It slipped inside her and she released a soft moan and didn't stop lowering herself on his crotch until her pussy had consumed his cock. She rode him while balancing on her legs, her buttocks beat a percussion-like sound as her ass cheeks slapped against his thighs. Eventually she lowered her legs and brought his hands to grasp her butt cheeks and began riding him wild. Her tits bounced above his face. Lami lowered herself so he could grasp her tits with his mouth. She stopped moving her body, allowing him to feed on her breasts, and the only part of her that moved was her buttock still bouncing on him, milking his cock for all it was worth. Both of them were groaning almost in tandem, like kindred spirit.

"Ohhh ... you love that black pussy, white boy?" she snarled the question at him.

"Ohh yes," he muttered between groans. "Oh yeah ... I love fucking love it!"

"You love the way I've got that pussy of mine bouncing on your white dick, don't you? You look like you're going to be wanting it all the time."

"Fuck! Fuck, yeah! Oh my God ... Lami, you're incredible!"

Tim gathered up the last bit of strength he had left as he knew his climax wasn't far from coming. He grabbed her ass cheeks just as Olu Shango had grabbed his wife's butt cheeks, and began bouncing his cock hard into her, slapping his balls against the bottom of her ass. Lami loved it and her breathing came in staccato gasps as he took in the brunt of his cock slamming inside her. She could sense his cumming and she tightened her pussy muscles on him, wanting him to hurry on about it. Tim caught the signal and gave a lasting groan as he felt himself let go inside her. Lami kept her ass pressed on him, letting him shoot his load inside her, felt it coming as one with her climax.

It was a perfect finish to a Saturday afternoon.

She rolled off him and they lay beside each other staring up at the ceiling, gasping from their just concluded sex exercise. Tim looked down at his cock which now was back to its deflated self, stained with his beautiful secretary's cum juice.

"I'm gonna ... I'm going to have to get you a recommendation for a raise," he said to her.

Lami burst with laughter. "Now, why would you want to do a thing like that, boss?" she asked. Just like that, their roles were once again reversed. He was back to being her boss and she now assumed the submissive role as his secretary. Neither of them needed to refer to it to know what had just taken place between them.

"I think you deserve it," he said. "Not only that, it's something I'd had in mind to do. Just had other things pressing in my head not to have thought about it since."

"Would you have brought it up if we hadn't fucked?" she raised her head on her arm and looked squarely at him. "You look like you've been having problems at home."

"You could put it like that. I guess it's something every married man goes through."

She ran a finger across his hairy chest. "Is it something you'd like to talk about? I'll keep it our secret."

"If you'll keep whatever it is I tell you a secret, then I wonder what you're going to say about what we just did. What's going to happen once we put back our clothes on?"

She shrugged. "You're the boss, and I'm the dutiful secretary. Do you want us to do it again, or are you afraid others might find out?"

Tim thought about the question for a moment, then decided to come clean. "I love my wife, Lami. Though right now, we're going through some strange type of phase I just don't know how to explain it. But that aside, I would really like for us to continue with what we've just started, if it's alright with you."

"That's way too much language for me to go through, white boy. Tell me, do you want us to keep fucking, or do we go back to the way things were before we had lunch. I want you to be straight about it."

Tim looked at her; she looked back at him. The air hung between them.

His lips opened to say something.

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