A Brother & Sister Ch. 10


Mary was mesmerised by the sight of the sister and brother intimately enjoined, Steve sliding his cock in and out of Julie's shaved pussy.

"Fuck I love your cock Steve," Julie said, leaning forwards so that she could see it sliding between her lips.

"I think you should fuck my Mother now uncle Dave," Adriana said, extricating herself from her uncle's cock.

"What do you say Mary, are you ready for this?" Dave said, turning and holding out his cock before him.

"Oh yes, come and fuck me with it," Mary said, lying back upon the pavers beside the pool. Dave moved over to her and knelt down between his legs so that he could slide his cock into her pussy in the missionary position. He held himself over her, levering up on his hands and then lowered his head to first one breast and then the other, sucking and nibbling upon her nipples as he effortlessly slid his cock in and out of her. Mary thrust her breasts at her brother-in-law's mouth the tension on her nipples sending thrills of pleasure shooting through her body as her pussy was speared over and over again.

"Lay down Julie, I want you to lick my pussy while Steve fucks you," Adriana said, moving over to where her cousin's were happily enjoying each other. Julie lay back and allowed Adriana to lower her pussy to her face, greeting it with her tongue, probing and licking.

Dave thrust his cock into his sister-in-law's pussy, feeling her lips as they slid along his shaft. He could feel himself reaching the point of no return, his activities with Adriana having pumped him to the edge.

"I'm going to cum Mary, do you want it in your pussy?"

"Don't cum yet, I want it in my arse!" Mary said, surprising Dave. He pulled his cock out and Mary spun around to suck it. "I want this thing in my Bum, spreading me and filling me." She moved to her hands and knees and Dave moved in behind her. Dave slipped two fingers into her pussy, giving himself time to allow his proximity to explosion to subside. Withdrawing his fingers, he smeared her juices over Mary's butt hole. He then slid his cock back between her slick lips to get his cock wet again before nudging the head of it against her puckered anus. He felt Mary push back and her anus expanded around his cock, allowing it to slowly slide within her ring of muscle.

"Look at you!" Adriana called out, laughing, "sounding so shocked that we'd been fucked in the arse and then begging for it the first chance that you get!" Mary offered no reply other than a satisfied moan as she felt Dave's cock begin sliding back and forth within her bum.

"Oh Fuck!" Dave called out, pushing his cock as deep as he was allowed in her butt and holding there as his balls ejected their load of semen through his shaft and into Mary's anus.

"I want you to fuck me like that Steve," Adriana said to Steve as he thrust into his sister's pussy whilst she licked Adriana's.

"What do you think Jules, should I put my cock in Adriana's arse, or do you think I should keep doing this?"

"Hey, I don't mind if you fuck her arse, just so long as you're prepared to do mine as well." Julie replied.

'Oh you know I will."

Adriana moved away from Julie and went over to where her mother lay naked, recovering from her bout of sex. Adriana was on her hands and knees and lowered her head to her mother's breast, sucking on her nipple. "Watch Steve fuck my arse mum," she said, pulling her nipple with her teeth.

Steve moved in behind Adriana and slid his cock into her pussy, then dragging it up over her anus and back down again, smearing her juices before he started pushing the tip of his cock inside her.

"God its big mummy," Adriana said as her anus was stretched, "I can't believe how full my bum feels." Mary found her breath quickening as her daughter vocalised her pleasure at having her cousin's cock in her butt. She knelt up so that she could see the cock as it slipped and slid within her daughter's bum.

Dave too moved to where he could see his son's cock spearing within Adriana's tight anus, wishing that it were his own.

"You should go fro a swim Uncle Dave, then I could suck your cock some more." Dave wasn't one to miss a hint like that and tumbled into the pool with a splash.

Julie moved over from where she had been watching and knelt behind her aunt. She pressed her breasts into her back, wrapping her arms around and cupping her breasts, squeezing and fondling them, pulling at the nipples. She allowed one hand to run down over her abdomen, across her bald mound until her fingers were exploring Mary's pussy. Mary moaned against the sensual touch and felt Julie's lips begin to caress her neck as she continued to watch Steve impale her daughter on his cock.

Julie moved around to her aunt's side so that she could further explore her pussy with the fingers of her left hand. Her right hand ran across the small of Mary's back and then down over her butt cheeks, pinching and squeezing before she slid her hand between her cheeks so that her fingers met up with her other hand exploring her pussy. When they were nice and wet, she slipped her middle finger up Mary's anus to an appreciative groan. She then worked a second in beside it.

Mary turned her head to her niece and they kissed passionately as Julie continued to finger and tease at her holes, causing her to wiggle and squirm with the movements.

Dave emerged from the pool and moved over in front of Adriana who told him clearly that she wanted to suck his cock. Dave knelt before her and Adriana took the head of his cock in her mouth before allowing Steve's thrust to push her head down over it, taking a little more each time.

John sat up in bed. He was sure he'd just heard a splash in the pool. Surely no one was still carrying on drinking at this hour? He glanced across to Mary's side of the bed and noted that she wasn't there. He figured that she must be in the toilet and rolled over, seeking to go back to sleep, his hand drifting down to his cock, stroking and working at it, bringing himself to erection. He wondered if he'd be able to get Mary to fuck him in the middle of the night.

Olivia too was awakened by the splash. She didn't know what it was that had awakened her, but as she lay in bed, she wondered where Dave was. Probably in the loo after what he'd had to drink she decided.

Mary watched as Steve worked his cock in and out of Adie's anus and her uncle's cock disappeared and reappeared from within her mouth. She couldn't' believe how turned on she was by the sight. Especially because of the fact that her niece was madly fingering her holes.

"Know what you should do Aunt Mary?" she heard Julie whisper in her ear.

"What?" she queried with a hoarse whisper.

"You should lie down and slide your head under them so that you can lick Adie's clit and get her to explode whilst Daddy fucks her bum." Mary moaned at the thought and Julie started pushing her down, encouraging her. When she had lain upon her back, Julie told the others what was to happen and everyone stopped long enough to facilitate the adjustment to their position. Then Steve slid his cock back into Adriana's arse as his father filled her mouth with his shaft.

Mary could see up close now as Steve's cock stretched her daughter's sweet little puckered hole, but she could also see just how wet her pussy was. She lifted her face and licked at Adriana's pussy, bringing a muffled squeal of delight to the evening air.

John couldn't take it. Where the hell was Mary? He decided to go and check for himself. He pulled his hands from his boxers and crept silently from the room.

Olivia needed to pee. She cursed having awoken and quickly pulled a t-shirt on so that she could make her way to the toilet and wait for Dave to finish. As she stepped from the room, she got the shock of her life and nearly squealed as she all but stepped on John as he moved past the door to the room.

John stopped in a dead fright as Olivia appeared before him in the hallway. He recovered quickly though when he saw the shape of Olivia's breasts highlighted through the thin fabric of the t-shirt that she was wearing. The light was right for the perfect silhouette and his cock reacted happily to the view.

Olivia's eyes were doing their own assessment of her semi-naked brother-in-law and she quickly spied the rising erection in his boxers.

"Why John, am I doing that to you?" John was thankful for the dimness of the light pool that he was standing in as his face flushed a furious scarlet.

Olivia grinned, liking the effect that she was having on him. "Imagine what would happen if I did this ..." she said seductively, reaching out to brush her fingers across his cock. It twitched and she purred in appreciation.

"Olivia ..." John began, as his mind searched for how he found himself standing in the passage of his home with his sister-in-law brushing her fingers against his cock. The brush quickly changed and he gasped as he felt his shaft firmly gripped, Olivia dropping to her knees before him.

Before he could even rally himself to speak, his boxers were pulled down and Olivia had his cock in her mouth.

"Oliva!" He hissed, shocked that his sister-in-law had just done this. He'd always eyed her off over the years, wondering if she was anything like the sex fiend he'd turned her into in his mind. But he'd never acted on the impulse. After all, you just don't do that with your wife's sister. Especially if you want to stay married!

'Shut up and enjoy it," Olivia said quietly as she ran her tongue over the head of his cock and down the side. She didn't quite know what had come over her, but the sight of his cock against his boxers had simply started her craving a sexual encounter and she'd made a hasty decision on how to get one.

"I am enjoying it, but Mary could be back from the toilet any second!" John urged, torn between enjoying the taboo sensation and his fear of being caught by his wife.

"Shit, I thought that that was where Dave is," Olivia said, releasing John's cock and scrabbling to her feet.

"What, he's not in your room?" John asked.

"No and obviously I assumed Mary was in yours or I wouldn't have been quite so brazen about sucking you ... well, maybe," she giggled.

"I was woken by what I thought was a splash in the pool, maybe their back down stairs mucking around?" John suggested.

"Could be, I needed to pee. Wait for me and then we can both check," Olivia said.

John moved with Olivia until she entered the toilet, confirming that neither of their spouses was there. John leant against the wall outside and was surprised when Olivia didn't even bother to close the door. He checked her out as she lifted the t-shirt she was wearing and sat on the toilet, revealing that she shaved her pussy.

"Nice pussy," he commented, grinning.

"Thanks," laughed Olivia before starting to pee. When she finished she wiped herself and stood and flushed the toilet, moving back to where John stood, ready to find out where their spouses were.

"Hang on, I need to go now," John said and stepped past her. He swung the door closed behind him, but Olivia stuck her foot in the way before it caught and pushed it open as he started to piss. She walked in behind him and reached around to hold his cock, aiming it as he drained his bladder.

"It must be fun getting to aim," she giggled as he flexed and finally stopped.

"Well its easier when there isn't a hot woman holding it for you," he laughed. "Now let's go see what's going on.

Julie moved between her aunt's legs again, using her tongue to caress her pussy as she watched her lick at her Adriana's pussy, her arse being pounded by her brother's cock.

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming," Adriana announced as her mother continued to tongue at her clit, her cousin's cock sliding into her anus and her uncle's in her mouth. Steve held his cock in her butt, feeling her flex and convulse with her orgasm. It was enough to bring him to orgasm and he felt his balls tense and then unleash their load into her butt. Mary stopped licking her daughter's pussy and watched as Steve's cock eased from her anus, leaving it gaping for a moment before it closed. Mary slid out from under her daughter, just as Steve's cum began to oozed from Adriana's anus.

"Oh God that's good," Adriana said, neglecting her Uncle's cock as her body recovered.

"It looked fucking hot from here," Dave said, looking down at his cute niece as she shuddered and shook slowly.

"Want to see it from the other end Uncle Dave? Want to slide that nice big cock of yours in my arse now?" Adriana purred, rolling onto her side and looking up at her uncle, past his erect cock.

"Oh you know I do Adriana," he replied, his eyes glinting with lust.

"Well I tell you what, if Steve can get his cock stiff again, I want you to both do me at once, you in my butt and Steve in my pussy."

'I'm up for it if Steve is, what do you say Steve?" Dave said to his son. He could see from the look on Steve's face that this wasn't going to be a problem for him.

"Hell, just let me wash off and get stiff!: he announced, tumbling into the pool.

Julie continued to lick at her Aunt's pussy, Mary having provided her access again once she'd freed herself from under Adriana who was passing the time until Steve returned by sucking on her Uncle's cock some more.

"Fuck me for a bit Daddy, before you please Adie again, I want your cock in my pussy." She pulled her knees up under herself and continued to eat her Aunt's pussy. Dave extricated himself from Adriana's mouth and moved in behind his daughter, sliding his cock deep insider her wet shaved pussy.

Mary turned to where Adriana lounged, "You know if you clean yourself up a bit you could come and sit on my face for me." Adriana grinned at her mother and went over to the pool, where Steve was just getting out. She slid into the water and stood there, cum oozing from her butt. She reached down with her finger and ran it over her anus, finding the slime and moving her finger about to clean herself. She was pleased with how it felt, sliding her finger inside her hole as she watched Dave slowly moving his cock back and forth in Julie's pussy.

As she watched, Steve moved over to where his Aunt lay and offered her his flaccid cock to suck. She willingly accepted it and began the task of returning him to a state of erection, preparing him to penetrate her daughter.

Olivia stepped quietly into the shaded patio area where others had spied before her, John stepping lightly behind her. She stifled a gasp as she took in the scene before her. She felt John pressing against her, his cock clearly erect as he peered over her shoulder. He too stifled an exclamation of surprise. As Olivia watched, her niece climbed from the pool, water cascading from her taught, hairless and delicious body.

John felt a surge in his cock as he spied on his daughter's wondrous form and he thrust his boxer-clad erection against Olivia's arse as he saw her advance on the orgy before them.

"Sorry mum, I can't wait, its time for my double," they heard her say as she reached the enjoined mass of bodies. Steve turned from where his Aunt had been suckling on his cock and at Adriana's instruction, lay upon the ground. Adriana moved over him and effortlessly eased her way back onto his cock, sliding back and forth before leaning forward and calling for her Uncle to complete the connection.

Dave stopped fucking his daughter and moved in behind Adriana, eyeing off her tightly puckered little anus.

As Olivia watched her husband and son impale her niece, she wished for nothing more than to be able to swap places with her and feel the two huge instruments of pleasure spreading her wide. She ground back against her brother-in-law who moved slightly, his hand now rubbing down between her legs, past her anus until he had two fingers buried between her bald pussy lips. Mary growled low in her throat and worked back against the penetration, reaching back with her hand to find John's cock and stroke it.

Mary moved and watched as the head of Dave's cock started to slip within her daughter's anus. Julie took up a position behind her father and brother and reached between them, her hands obviously beginning to caress their balls as they slowly moved within Adriana's holes.

"Oh my fucking god," Adriana exclaimed as she felt the two enormous cocks working her over. "One more cock for my mouth and I'd couldn't be any fuller!"

Olivia felt John's cock twitch at the suggestion and she knew that he wanted to go out there.

"Go fuck her mouth," Olivia whispered over her shoulder. "Then you can fuck me later. She felt his finger's slip from her pussy and she groaned as the pleasure departed her. Together, they strode from the shadows, shedding their minimalist clothing.

"Fancy having an orgy without us," Olivia announced, causing everyone to turn in shock at their approach.

"Well it was probably naïve of us to think we could get away without someone else discovering us," Dave admitted as he slid is cock back into Adriana's bum. John walked over in front of his daughter and knelt before her, his cock levelled at her mouth.

"I'm always happy to make my daughter's wishes come true," he said as she grunted at the application of the cocks in her holes and swallowed his cock.

"Come here you two," Olivia said to Julie and Mary, "I need to cum and I know you two will get me off." She lay upon the ground and Mary moved in between her sister's legs to start working on her clitoris and pussy lips with her tongue. Julie straddled her mother's face, feeling her tongue begin delving in and exploring her pussy.

Adriana couldn't believe that she was taking on three of her relative's cocks at once. She could barely move, though couldn't help but squirm and wriggle as each of the men thrust at her. She could feel Steve pulling on her nipples as his cock slipped back and forth within her pussy. She could tell that he could move least of the three guys. Her uncle was the most active and she could imagine that he must be slipping his cock at least half way in and out of her butt, stretching it with each thrust.

John found himself quickly approaching orgasm. He had already been aroused by his encounter with Olivia and just the thought of being a part of this decadent experience was powering his arousal, let alone the thought that it was his daughter sucking on his cock or the sight of his wife, sister-in-law and niece engaged in a three way lesbian lick fest only a metre from him. He thought back to this afternoon and the fact that he'd been the one fucking Julie up the arse and lost control. His sperm spewed from his cock into his daughter's mouth.

Adriana swallowed some of her father's cum, but it overflowed her mouth as she was pushed forward by the cock in her butt causing some of it to dribble down her chin.

Julie exclaimed her delight as she watched her uncle cum in his daughter's mouth and she gave a commentary to her mother and Aunt who were unable to see the action.

Hearing Julie telling them all exactly what was happening at the other end of his niece's body was enough for Dave. As Julie announced that she was going to go and lick the cum from her chin, he lost control, sending his seed into Adriana's bum, following the path so recently taken by his son's seed.

Julie removed herself from her mother's face and went over to where Adriana had pushed herself into a seating position now that her uncle had removed his cock from her anus.

Julie licked her tongue across Adriana's chin, taking her Uncle's cum into her mouth and then kissing Adriana, sharing the warm salty taste between them. Then she told Adriana to get back into the doggy position that she'd been fucked in and moved around behind her.

Julie could see her father's cum leaking from Adriana's stretched anus. She reached out with her finger, rimming around the puckered hole before bringing her finger to her mouth and sucking it.

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