A Brother & Sister Ch. 10


"Oh god I feel like such a slut and I love it!" Julie announced as her mother, father, aunt and uncle looked on. Then she dropped her face to the point where her brother's cock was spearing into her cousin's pussy and started licking and sucking at his balls. Then licking upon the part of his shaft that didn't fit within Adie's pussy, she ran her tongue up and around her anus, cleaning up the cum that was leaking from it.

"God Julie, you are a dirty little whore. And if you're going to be a whore, then you'd better keep me in the loop," her mother exclaimed. Then she demanded that she return to kiss her. When Julie's lips were pressed against her own and she tasted the cum on them, Olivia finally exploded at the attention of Mary's tongue.

Mary continued to gently lap at her sister's convulsing lips until Olivia bucked her hips and demanded release from the over-whelming pleasure.

Steve announced that he was going to pump Adriana full of his cum and she called out her welcoming acceptance as his cock sent forth a stream of cum into her womb. Mary moved over from where she'd been licking her sister and told Steve to pull his cock out. She sucked it clean for him as Adriana watched and then lowered her mouth to her daughter's pussy, using her tongue to lick and clean it as Julie had done to her anus. It was enough to send Adriana cascading over the edge of pleasure, bringing her second orgasm of the evening.

They all sat around naked, eyeing each other's bodies, each waiting for someone else to say something or to move.

It was Olivia who broke the silence. "I don't know about you lot, but I'm going for a quick dip, then I'm going to go into the living room where I'll be waiting for someone to fuck me." And she stood up and walked over to the pool, six sets of eyes followed her movement as she lowered herself into the water. Then one by one, they stood up and joined her in the pool.

Olivia ensured that as she passed John in the water that she grabbed his cock so that she could give it a couple of strokes and begin to return it to the state in which she'd had to abandon it as he'd moved away from her.

Olivia's weren't the only hands to caress another's body in the pool; it was a touch-fest, with each person taking an opportunity to caress a cock, breast, pussy or arse as it arose. It wasn't long until all three of the guys were swimming around with hard-ons and the girls were starting to think about where they might end up.

Once again it was Olivia that made the first move. True to her word, she moved inside to the living room and waited, naked, for someone to come and join her.

Not wanting Mary to think that he'd taken the opportunity for granted, John moved past her, his hands sliding over her lower back and bum, "Mind if I fuck your sister?" he asked her quietly.

"Be my guest," she replied, turning and kissing him, giving his dick a tug as he left her in the pool.

John walked into the living room and Olivia smiled up at him from where she was sitting on the couch. "I was hoping that you might be the first one in here, it's always nice to have sex with someone new."

"Yes, well I did leave you in a quite a state of arousal, it only seemed fair that I come back to finish the job," he replied. Olivia parted her knees and leant back upon the couch. John knelt between her legs and lowered his mouth to her left breast, sucking upon the nipple whilst his left hand began kneading the other. His cock was rubbing against her inner thigh and Olivia moaned.

John decided that he would take his time and gradually kissed his way down Olivia's body, his tongue and lips trailing across her smooth, damp skin until he was licking along her inflamed labia ... down one and back up the other, around and around until he finally relented and ran his tongue directly up her slit to her clitoris.

Mary decided that she wanted to witness her husband fucking her sister and was the next one out of the pool. When she came in side, John was on his hands and knees, his face, buried in her pussy. Olivia smiled at her over his head, though she said nothing.

Mary watched for a few moments, then knelt down behind her husband and began stroking his cock between his legs. He moaned, looking back to see who it was. Mary smiled at him and he resumed the attention that he was plying on Olivia's pussy.

After a little of this, John decided it was time to fuck Olivia and moved. He pulled her knees towards him so that her arse was balanced on the edge of the couch, then slid his cock home inside her bald pussy. Mary moved in behind John, wrapping her arms up under his, her hands upon his chest, her breasts pressed to his back, his firm butt pushed back against her own hairless mound. She became one with him as he pumped back and forwards inside Olivia's pussy.

"Come inside and suck my cock for me Adriana," Dave said to his niece, when she moved past him, her butt scraping along his stiff cock.

"Well if you insist," she replied, grinning.

"Oh I insist," he laughed, clambering out of the pool. Steve and Julie were left to their own devices, which happened to be clinging to one another, their lips locked in a passionate kiss, Steve's cock pressed against her belly.

Dave strode inside, his pert little niece beside him. They took a moment to admire the action that Mary, John and Olivia were enjoying before Dave sat down on the couch beside his wife. Adriana took up a position between his legs and lowered her mouth over the end of his erection, her tongue swirling around the tip, teasing at the small hole before she plunged downwards. Dave ran his hands through Adriana's hair as she pleasured his cock, up and down and around and around with her tongue and lips.

Dave looked across next to him, watching his wife's breasts rise and fall with the heave of her breath as her pussy was slammed into by John's cock.

"You know, I wasn't sure that you'd even want my cock after seeing the size of the other two you have access to," John said at one point.

"Oh don't worry about the size, there's always something pleasurable with a cock in my pussy. Neither Dave nor Steve are able to slam into me so that I can feel their balls slapping my arse you know. And I LOVE a good hard pounding!"

John renewed his efforts until he could feel that his cock was going to unleash its load. He announced the fact and Olivia told him that she wanted to take it in her mouth. Mary freed her husband and moved to where she could see Adriana sucking on her uncle's cock at the same time that Olivia took John's into her mouth, sucking her own pussy juices from it.

She thrust her mouth down his shaft, taking him as deep as she could and then sucked on him like she was the last vacuum cleaner on earth. John grunted and tensed, holding still until his cock pulsed and short forth its load into Olivia's willing mouth. She swallowed it all. John collapsed beside her on the couch. Mary wasted no time in moving into the position that he'd vacated, bending to kiss her sister, tasting her husband's cum upon her lips. She pressed her breasts against her sister's and then said to her, "Time for you to make me cum now." Olivia grinned at her and they moved so that Mary was able to take up the position on the couch whilst Olivia knelt between her legs, applying her lips, teeth and tongue all over her exposed skin, gradually working towards her pussy.

Adriana stopped sucking on her Uncle's cock, deciding that she wanted to fuck it again. She turned around so that she was facing away from him and lowered herself onto his cock, sliding up and down his shaft, moaning with each penetration deep within herself.

"What do you reckon, time to go and join the others again?" Julie asked her brother as they broke apart from another extended kiss.

"Well, I guess we should since we seem to have been the ones to have turned the entire family into sex-mad maniacs," laughed Steve as Julie led him from the pool by his cock.

"Hey, I think we only unleashed what was already there!" Julie said.

"Well, yes, I think you're right."

As they entered, they took in the scene before them. John seemed to have collapsed into exhausted sleep on a chair, but Adriana was riding their father's cock, now grinning at her cousins as she saw them approach, and their mother had her face buried in her Aunt's pussy. Mary was busy kissing Dave as her daughter rode him while he stroked and pulled Mary's nipples.

"Oh wow, I can see what I want," Julie said to Steve and she moved over to kneel before Adriana. She lifted her hands to her breasts and stroked them before running her hands down her sides, over her thighs, back up the inside where she grasped her father's balls. Then she sucked on Adriana's tits, causing her to tip her head back with pleasure.

Steve moved over so that he was behind where Julie and his Mother were both now kneeling to please their partners. Julie had started to lick and suck on her father's balls, occasionally moving up along the exposed part of his shaft to her cousin's clit, where she licked and lapped, drawing squeals of excitement. He slid his erect cock within his Mother's pussy and ran his hand over his sister's butt and pussy, slipping a couple of fingers between her wet lips. He ran them, in and out and up over her anus as he slid his cock backwards and forwards within Olivia's wet pussy.

After a minute, he pulled his cock out and then switched places, sliding his slick cock within his sister's pussy and using his fingers to continue pleasuring his Mother.

Adriana moved herself up and down on her Uncle Dave's cock, feeling Julie's tongue as it worked over her pussy as well. And as that happened, she could see Steve's long shaft disappearing into Julie as he fingered his mother. She didn't think she'd seen anything so erotic before.

Dave felt his daughter take his balls into her mouth as Adriana lowered herself down onto his shaft. He didn't think he'd be able to take much more of this. He couldn't believe that he was being so well serviced by his daughter and niece, especially given the fact that his wife was busy eating her sister's pussy next to him. Julie drew his balls away from his body, pulling his scrotum tight with her mouth as Adriana slid down his shaft again. It was the straw that broke the camel's back and his balls tensed and pulsed as they sent his seed spurting within Adriana's pussy.

Adriana felt the cum spurt within her pussy and moaned her delight aloud, telling Steve that he should fill his sister the way his father had just filled her. Steve thrust hard at Julie's pussy, pushing her face against her father's cock and Adriana's pussy. Julie was slurping and licking at the point of their connection and exclaimed delight when her father's cum started oozing around his cock. She licked at it, alternating her tongue between the cum and Adriana's clit. Adriana slid off of Dave's cock; sitting on his stomach and Julie continued to eat her father's cum from her pussy, making sure that she paid lots of attention to Adriana's clit.

Steve watched as his sister cleaned out Adriana's pussy and then pulled from her, moving back in behind his mother to fuck her some more.

"Fuck my arse Steve, put that big cock of yours up my bum," Olivia begged him around Mary's clit. Steve slipped his fingers into his sister's pussy and then used her juices to lube his mother's anus. Then he eased his cock inside her, pushing and probing, sliding deeper and deeper up her anal cavity.

"Oh yeah, fuck that's good Steve," his mother said.

Adriana glanced down at Julie as her tongue flicked about her clit and squealed, feeling the release of yet another orgasm. She was quickly followed by her mother who lay there with Olivia licking her clit. Watching her daughter quietly convulse in the throws of cumming sent her over the edge. She held her sister's face to her pussy as she leaked the fluids of her pleasure.

"Oh thank you Liv that was wonderful," Mary said to her sister.

Olivia grunted a response as Steve thrust his cock deep within her anus. Julie stood from the floor and moved over in front of her mother, getting her Aunt to move aside for her. Julie spread her pussy before her mother, telling her to eat her and get her to cum like she'd just done for Mary. Olivia willingly began tonguing her daughter's pussy, reaching back between her own legs to caress her clit gently as her arse was reamed. She slipped two fingers into her pussy and then brought them up to Julie's mouth, feeding her her juices. Julie sucked noisily on the fingers then pushed her mother's face back to her pussy, burning with desire for a second orgasm.

Olivia sensed her daughter's need and focussed her attention on her clit, licking and sucking and nibbling until she heard the satisfied release vocalised in time with the thrashing of her orgasmic body.

Olivia continued to lick at her daughter's convulsing pussy, her hips and torso shuddering and shaking with the intensity of the orgasm that careered through her body.

Then she lay her head on Julie's flat stomach as her son shoved his cock deep within her anus again. It was so big! She loved the intrusion, the absolute stretching of her anus as he impaled her.

"Yes Steve, fill my bum with your fat cock! Fuck your mummy's arse!" she cried out. Dave watched as his son fucked Olivia's anus, Mary and Adriana also looking on.

"Lick her clit Adie," Julie encouraged her cousin. "Get under there and lick her clit so she explodes with Steve's cock in her bum."

Adriana moved as she was bid by her wild cousin. She slid her face in under the point of connection between Steve and his mother. She reached up and ran her fingers along the slit of Olivia's pussy and then plunged them inside her, feeling the movement of Steve's cock through the thin membrane separating the anus and vaginal passages. She slipped them in and out a couple of times before withdrawing them and sucking her fingers clean. Then she applied her tongue to Olivia's clit.

Olivia squealed with delight when she felt the contact on her pussy. She felt Adriana's tongue as it twirled and twitched on her clit as Steve drove his cock deep within her anus again.

"God, look at you, you whore," moaned Dave, stroking his semi-erect cock as he watched his wife.

"Ha, you can talk, get over here where I can use that thing," she said to him, indicating that he should get his cock in her mouth. Dave quickly moved so that his wife's face was between his legs and she started expertly sucking and licking his cock as the two youngsters worked her nether regions into a frenzy.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum mum," Steve announced from behind her.

"Yes Steve, fill my bum with your spunk," she moaned around Dave's cock, feeling her own orgasm on the brink of explosion.

Steve shoved his cock deep within his mother's arse again and held still as his balls unleashed their flood of cum into her.

"Oh fuck!" cried Olivia as she felt the stream injected within her. Adriana renewed her efforts on her clit, licking and slurping at her wet love button. Steve allowed his softening cock to slip from his mother's anus and watched as his cum leaked from her and then ran down over her pussy to mingle with the juices that Adriana was tasting on his mother's clit.

"ooo, that's nasty," laughed Adriana as she worked her Aunt's clit and tasted Steve's sperm mixed in with the cocktail of juice.

Olivia let out a squeal as she orgasmed and fell forwards onto her husband, away from the tongue that was threatening to continue to drive her nuts.

Alexis pulled on her t-shirt and shorts and moved to go downstairs and see where everyone was. She'd slept through the night and was surprised when she woke up that no-one was sleeping in her room given there was enough people for the house to be full. She'd half hoped that Julie or Steve would find their way in there, because she'd been horny. She ended up fingering herself to a quiet orgasm before dropping off to sleep.

When she went to enter the living room, she froze. It took several minutes to come to terms with the scene that she was presented with.

Her entire extended family was asleep in the living room. And not one of them had a scrap of clothing on.

Julie was asleep with her head on her father's lap, her face only an inch from his flaccid cock. Steve was lying on the floor, between Alexis' mother and Aunt, all of them naked. Her father was asleep in a chair and Adriana wasn't far from them all.

Part of her screamed in outrage and ran from the room (but it wasn't the part with control over her faculties) whilst part (the part that had fucked her sister and cousins) stood and surveyed the nudity, appreciating the beauty of it.

As she stood quietly watching, Julie stirred. Alexis now thought that if she moved, she'd be heard or seen for sure, so she stood quietly, wondering what would happen next. She watched as Julie stretched, thrusting her wonderful full tits from her chest (making Alexis wish that she was close enough to envelope them in her hands). Then she seemed to focus on where she was and see her father's cock so close to her face.

Alexis had been telling herself that Julie would look shocked and quietly move away, pretending she wasn't where she was. But instead, she moved her head a bit lower and started to suck on her own father's cock!

Dave stirred, but did not awaken immediately. Alexis watched, aware that she should be fleeing the scene, but fascinated enough once Dave's cock started to harden to stay and see if it would be bigger even than Steve's. From her position, as Julie's mouth started to work up and down it, it appeared to be in the same order of magnitude as Steve's.

Dave stirred to find his daughter enveloping his cock with her mouth, gently sucking on the head and moving slowly up and down the shaft, her tongue lovingly caressing the smooth skin.

"Now that is what I call a wake-up," Dave said quietly to his daughter, who stopped sucking him and turned to smile up at his face.

"Well I woke up with my head on your tummy and it was just begging for attention ... how could I refuse?"

"Well I'm not complaining, that's for sure. "Though I wouldn't mind a chance to eat you. In the frenzy of last night I seemed to have missed out on getting to eat any pussy."

"Be my guest Daddy, you know its yours whenever you want it," Julie told him, moving on the couch."

Alexis ducked behind the corner of the wall as Julie and her father traded places on the couch. She stood there, holding her breath, wondering where to go, listening as she started to hear Julie croon her pleasure as her father worked away at her pussy with his tongue. She was about to leave when she heard Julie say, "Morning Uncle John, would you like some help with that?"

"Well, if you're offering, I wouldn't mind a little more fun," John answered.

"Come closer and I'll suck you."

Alexis paused. Curiosity was fuelling her desire now. She could picture in her mind Julie on her back on the couch, her father with his face buried in her bald pussy and now Alexis' father with his cock slipping in and out of her mouth. But there was a detail missing from her picture. She didn't know how big her father's cock was.

She knew that she wouldn't be able to leave without sneaking a look. It was going to be a matter of timing. How did she dare manage to look without being seen? If her father had his cock in Julie's mouth, he would be looking almost straight at where Alexis was hiding.

Adriana woke and stretched, her body pleasantly feeling the effects of all the fucking of the night before. As she opened her eyes, she took in the scene of her father fucking Julie's face whilst her own father ate her in turn.

"I see you've decided to have some fun without me. How rude," she said cheekily.

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