A Brother's Work is Never Done


I had to do something or it seemed like she was going to explode! I grabbed her firmly around the hips and held her tight so she couldn't move. She gasped and held her breath. This time I wrapped my lips around the area of the bump and sucked hard with my tongue poised. But instead of thrusting my tongue into it, I very slowly and very gently slid my tongue up and barely touched the bump with the tip of my tongue. The second I did that, my sister, who was clutching her breasts, screamed so loud I thought I'd killed her. Her entire body heaved violently over and over again while I held onto her for dear life.

I kept my tongue on the bump as best I could trying to follow her movements, which were more like convulsions. But the best I could do was to tap it with the tip of my tongue every time her hips forced it into my mouth. The sounds she was making were like nothing I'd ever heard from my sister before or anyone for that matter. She sounded like a wild jungle beast woman.

Slowly, after about twelve hard convulsions she relaxed her entire body and slid down so she was sitting on my chest. she collapsed on top of me with her tits hanging over the top of my head. She was breathing hard and still shaking, sobbing a little and giggling every once in a while. She didn't seem to know where she was or what anything was, or anything. Her dead weight on top of me felt so good I almost cried.

She remained there for a long time and I didn't try to move her. I could have stayed right there with her, holding her tight, forever. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep but with my sister's naked body pressed against me I was too excited to. My hands slid down to her buns and I started kneading them. Soon my fingertips found there way into the crack of her ass.

I felt her tight asshole and poked at it, touching all around it with my fingertip. Every time I pushed at it she clenched tight and it was turning me on to no end. My sister started wiggling and giggling as I pulled her butt cheeks apart and teased her asshole. She began rubbing her wet pussy against my abdomen and I knew we were far from done with this sexual interlude.

She slid down on me and I felt something wet on the tip of my cock. I instinctively thrust my hips and my sister gasped.

"Whoa! E-easy there Ray-Ray that's a really big cock you've got there. I-I don't know if I'm ready for it...Oh God, I'm ready!"

And with that she pushed herself down onto my cock at the same moment that I shoved it up into her. I felt myself hit a wall and it wouldn't go any further. My sister yelped. I thought I'd hurt her so I tried to pull it out but she followed keeping her vagina filled with the entire length of my cock. Then she started bouncing up and down on it and it suddenly dawned on me that I was fucking my sister.

It felt so good and it was such a turn on that I almost forgot all about the fact that I was not supposed to cum inside her. Apparently so did she because she was just riding me like a bronco, bouncing up and down and back and forth having the time of her life it seemed. But I cared so much about my sister that even in the throes of passion my protective instincts kicked in.

"He-he-hey All-llis-son I-I-I'm go-go-gon-na-a cu-um-m" I said.

"Go-go-ah-he-head I'm not ov-ov-u-u-la-a-ating," she said.

"Oh-oh-oh goo-oo-ood," I said, having not a clue what she was talking about but she seemed to think it was okay for me to cum inside her.

But that moment of fear somehow stopped me from cumming, and then wondering what avocadoing meant distracted me even more. Then I noticed how thinking about those things had stopped me from cumming and thinking about thinking had gotten my mind completely off what I was doing. I was no longer in any danger of cumming and I was just fucking away. It felt great and I was turned on as hell watching my sister enjoying herself on my cock. We were going at it hard for about ten minutes and still I showed no signs of cumming at all. My sister was even breaking a little sweat. Suddenly she stopped and gave me a wild-eyed smile. Then she flopped down on top of me and held my head in her hands

"Wow, Ray Ray! (pant) You're doing really (huff) well for your first time (puff). Most guys would have (pant) been done a long time ago (huff puff) What a stud you are!" said Allison as she mussed my hair affectionately. Then she gave me a big kiss on the lips.

"Did you wanna stop?" I asked.

"Tee hee No!" she said, "Do you?"

"Nope. Never!" I said.

"Well then let's go! Hee hee!" Allison giggled with delight. Then she sat up on me and commenced bouncing up and down like there was no tomorrow.

She looked so cute with her big open-mouth smile and wild eyes wide with excitement.

"Wheeeeeeeee!" She shouted and we both started laughing out loud.

"Better than Disneyland eh?" I said.

"Way better!" she exclaimed.

I felt like I could keep fucking all day and my sister showed no signs of stopping either. Her big tits were bouncing up and down so hard they were practically hitting her in the face. I remembered the silly thing I said that time when I scolded her for not wearing her bra.

"Stop bouncing them around like that, it's not good for them," I blurted out.

Allison shot me a look and at that moment we both remembered the encounter that started all this and how turned on we both were. Thinking about the thrill of that moment and realizing she was as excited by it as I was. I remembered her giving me the green light to enjoy her as a sexual plaything. And realizing that she, and probably most women, actually love being sexual playthings. That was the moment we first realized our attraction to each other. That meant there was a whole new world to explore in each other. And suddenly the roles we had played all our lives; dominant, disciplinarian big brother, and sassy but submissive little sister, could now be explored in sexual play.

It meant that we could use each others bodies and minds to experiment and learn about our sexuality. The joy of being horny and having the luxury of going into my sister's room and saying, "Hey sis, would you mind sitting on my face while I jerk off?" or "I'm telling mom you broke that lamp...but if you suck me off I won't say a word." We were turning all those years of sibling rivalry into sexual revelry. That realization seemed to elevate our excitement in a chain reaction and now we were about to experience our first mutual orgasm.

I felt her pussy clamp down on me and literally milk the cum right out of my balls. Even in the throes of an earth-shattering orgasm we never broke eye contact and watched each other in our most vulnerable and our most joyous state.

Allison's cute little eyebrows were all scrunched up in exquisite agony and she was biting her lip. Suddenly her whole face relaxed and her big beautiful eyes went half mast, then slightly crossed. She had no control of her body at all and looked like a rag doll. I too was helplessly ejaculating what felt like gobs of cum right up into my sister's tight pussy hole.

We were so in tune that we both had the idea at the same moment to kiss. My sister practically lunged for me and I rose up to meet her half way. Our lips locked and our tongues were exploring each others mouths frantically. Our orgasms slowly subsided but our kissing only increased in intensity because that was how we showed each other our love, not just our lust. The instinctive impulse to join our bodies had been satisfied but we were now connecting on a mental level, an emotional level, and a spiritual level as well.

We didn't stop kissing for at least ten minutes, and when we did we both did at exactly the same instant. Allison laid down next to me and cuddled up with her head on my chest. She kept whispering, "Beautiful...You're so beautiful...So beautiful." And I kept kissing her on top of her head and repeating, "I love you...I love you." We both fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up about two hours later and got up to use the bathroom. When I returned to Allison's bedroom she was lying there with her butt facing me and I could see her little asshole peeking out from between her cheeks. I laid down with my face just inches away from it, placed my hands on both buns, and spread her cheeks apart to get a closer look. I didn't know why but I had this obsession to bury my face in it and I went for it. I'd never enjoyed anything more than my lips kissing my sister's asshole, but It wasn't enough. I had to stick my tongue into her asshole and lick it thoroughly.

There I was tongue bathing my little sister's heiny like a madman when I felt her stir. First thing she did was push her ass into my face and start moaning. After a while I was pushing my tongue all the way up into my sister's ass and although I felt like I was being really weird, having never heard of people doing that, I didn't care because I didn't want to stop.

"Ray-Ray you are a true wild man, you know that? Hee-hee," giggled Allison in a sexy voice that sounded really mature and womanly.

"I'm sorry Allison, I don't know why I'm doing this to you. I just want you to know that I love you so much and you're mind and body are so pure and beautiful to me that I could even lick your very asshole. There isn't anything about you that could ever be dirty to me. I'd even let you pee right into my mouth if you were too tired to go to the bathroom right now."

There was a moment of complete silence while we both visualized that scenario and suddenly we burst out laughing.

"Am I the weirdest big brother in the whole world or what?" I said.

"Not at all, Ray-Ray," said Allison, "The things you're doing are all common sex acts that people do everyday."

"Really?" I exclaimed, "No wonder i wanted to do it so bad. But, Allison, where did you learn about all this stuff."

"I was wondering when you were gonna ask me that, brother dearest. I have a confession to make Ray-Ray. I have sinned."

"Really? Cool! What did you do? You've gotta tell me all the details," I insisted getting really excited by the idea of my sister being a little slut.

"Oh boy. Okay here goes. But Ray-Ray you have to swear you will never breathe a word of this to anyone! Do you swear?"

"Allison You're secret will remain with me to my death. I swear to you...Now tell me what you did, c'mon! Cm'on!

"Oka-a-y, you asked for it," said Allison shaking her head in embarrassment, "Do you remember when I was seeing that guy Brandon for a while? Well I kind of had sex with him."

"Oh well I kind of figured, that's not so bad..."

"And four of his friends," said Allison covering her face with her hands.

"Well I knew you'd had other boyfriends, that's not so..."

"At the same time," She interrupted.

"Whoa!" I said suddenly getting kind of turned on visualizing my sister with five guys. "What was that like?"

"It was the most fun I've had in my life until today," she said.

"Cool!" I exclaimed, now getting seriously turned on. "Tell me about it...Please?"

"Okay Ray-Ray," she said casually sitting back with her legs open giving me a full view of her pussy as she began describing what happened.

"Well, Brandon and I had been talking about it as a joke at first but the more i thought about it the more interesting it sounded. So I told Brandon I wanted to do it and he set it up with his friends. Anyway, we did it at Kevin McConlan's house and we showed up with me in my uniform, except I had a black lace bra, and fishnet stockings with garters and pumps. Ray-Ray you should have seen me! I looked so hot!"

At this point I was hard as a rock and getting so excited I couldn't control myself. I started masturbating right there in front of my sister as she conveyed the story

"Hee-hee, I see you like it already. Anyway I walked in and the guys were all watching the game. But the minute they saw me, the TV was off and they all stared at me in shock. I just came right out and said 'you guys ready for some fun?' Their jaws dropped and they started high fiving each other. So Kevin put some sexy music on the stereo and I started dancing really sexy in front of all these guys."

"My jaw was on the floor too and I was jerking off uncontrollably.

"You won't believe what I did next, brother dearest. I started stripping, hee hee! First I took off my shirt so I just had my bra on. The guys had been trying to act cool but when I did that they were hypnotized and stared at me with no expression at all. I reached back to unhook my bra and they were like little boys on christmas, it was really cute, and when my tit's popped out they went nuts. I'd never realized that I had this kind of effect on boys before. It gave me enough confidence to continue and take off my skirt and panties. I got down to my stockings and high heels and I was shaking my boobies and showing my ass and everything. The guys were very respectful and didn't try to grab me too much. It made me feel really comfortable, and even more horny! So you won't believe what I did. Oh my gosh, this is so bad. I stood there in front of them and I said, 'Okay who wants to have their dick sucked first?' "

"Are you serious?" I said whacking away furiously.

"Yes. So they all got their dicks out," said Allison turning red in the face and looking down, I don't think she even realized the whole time she was telling me this she was tugging on her nipples really hard and she started rubbing her pussy too.

"I got down on all fours and went around to each one and sucked them all off. I even let them cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all," she said with a defiant smile but still red in the face as she continued rubbing her pussy in little circles at the top.

I stood up at that moment, walked over to Allison and said "Would you please (huff) open your mouth (puff)?"

My sister looked at me and opened her mouth. I shoved my cock in and said, "sorry," then I ejaculated all over my sister's tongue. I'm pretty sure she had an orgasm too a second later 'cause she just clung to my leg with one arm, pushed her face in my crotch and whimpered while her other hand was squeezing her crotch.

"Then what happened," I asked catching my breath.

"Then we played Scrabble," said Allison.

"Aw that's all?"

"Yeah it was 'Scrabble-my-ass', the winner had to get fucked in the ass by the losers."

"But you're undefeated at Scrabble," I said.

"Exa-a-actly," said Allison.

"Wait a minute, you let them all fuck you in the ass? Doesn't that hurt?" I asked.

"Not if you know what your doing, which I do," she said proudly.

"Really?" I said, thinking to myself that it would be pretty cool to fuck my sister in the ass. But I wasn't sure if I should ask. suddenly it dawned on me that I wasn't really doing this right. I was the man here. I should be calling the shots with my little sister. I'm the big brother!

Just thinking about that made me get a chubby. Picturing her tight little asshole and me forcing my cock all the way into it, and sliding it in and out until I squirt cum into her...I was rock hard again and Allison was sitting across from me staring at me with a tousled and helpless look on her face, masturbating frantically.

"Hey Allison," I said with an authoritative tone.

"Yes, brother dearest?" she said stopping what she was doing.

"I wanna fuck you in the ass now," I commanded.

"But I..." she started.

"Now!" I said interrupting her.

"Yes sir!" said Allison, with a big smile. Realizing what was going on.

"And I think I wanna do it downstairs on the couch." I said.

"Yeah? I mean, yessir!" said Allison.

We were having so much fun we didn't realize how late it was and I was too excited about what we were doing to think or care about anything else. Allison and I scampered down to the living room. Allison scampered back up to her bedroom. A moment later she came waltzing down the stairs, stopped and displayed a tube of KY jelly Vanna White style. She proceeded to squirt a dollop on her hand, and in a dramatic gesture, turned around, bent over and slathered it into her butt crack. Then she waltzed the rest of the way down the stairs into the living room.

"How would you like me sir," she asked.

I pointed to the couch and she obediently knelt on the cushions and assumed a doggie style position resting her shoulders over the back, then she reached back and spread her cheeks exposing her greased up asshole to me.

"I'm ready for my ass fuck, Mr. DeMille," she said, but breaking character, added: "But be gentle at first Ray-Ray, heh heh."

"But of course," I said giving my erection a couple of swift strokes.

I got behind my sister and gently placed the tip of my cock at the point of entry and pushed slowly. My sister exhaled and relaxed. I was surprised to see my cock easily begin to penetrate her sphincter. As soon as the head was inside I felt it pop as it passed the inner lip of her asshole. My sister exhaled again and I slowly began sliding the rest of my cock into her warm anal fucking hole until it was three quarters of the way inside her.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yup!" she said cheerfully.

I grabbed my sister's plump cheeks firmly, spread them open with my thumbs just touching the pink wrinkles which were almost all stretched smooth at this point, and began reaming her in a steady rhythm. It was unbearably hot watching my meat slide in and out of my sister's wet anus, glistening with lube. Every time I pulled back I stopped at the inner lip so as to not pull all the way out but I liked the excitement of the initial penetration so much I had to try pulling it all the way out and then popping it back in. My sister didn't seem to mind so I did it a few more times. That started feeling really good to me because the entry was the tightest part.

Then just to tease her I pulled it out all the way, waited a few seconds and when Allison least expected it I shoved it all the way in real fast and left it there. Then I pulled it all the way out real slow so she could feel every inch of me. She moaned. After a while she was so relaxed her ass would stay open after I pulled out. I noticed after I was out for a few seconds she'd start to close up.

I did this a few times and while she was wide open I got the idea to I stuck my finger in and twirl it around the rim. But the next time I did that I accidentally touched her clit and her asshole snapped shut quick! I went to stick my cock back in there and it was tighter than ever. So I started fingering her clit while I fucked her in the ass. Her buns looked so plump and pink I really wanted to spank them. So with no warning I smacked my sister's ass really hard! It made a nice sound so I did it again, harder, harder I was totally having a field day trying out all the different things I could think of doing with my sister's ass.

Suddenly I remembered Allison was feeling all this crazy stuff I was doing! I started to imagine what it would feel like if someone did that to me and I felt really bad for her! I looked up at her and her face was the picture of submission. She was slack-jawed with her eyes closed and her cute little face all squished against the couch.

"Gosh Allison, I'm so sorry! Are you ok—"

"Don't stop!" she begged.

I guess she was okay. So I gave her three more hard smacks on the tush and shoved my cock up her ass without a care in the world. Then the front door opened!

Allison and I were like deer in the headlights. What were we thinking doing this right in the living room just a few feet from the front door which wasn't even locked? A few excuses ran through my mind but what could I say? I was standing there butt naked in the living room fucking my sister in the ass. Fortunately it was only Stacey. She's the type that's so oblivious she could walk right past us and not even notice what was going on...But no such luck.

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