tagInterracial LoveA Carol's Christmas

A Carol's Christmas


Stave I

December 19th, 2017

The halls were decked and the banister was wrapped in a tinsel-holly aberration created by Tom. In fact, if you looked around the whole house, it was all Tom's doing. The lights around the windows, an obsession of his from two Christmases ago. The fiber-optic tree, no doubt found in a sky-mall catalog from their last trip to the Caribbean. And finally, the thing that really irked Carol the most, was the toilet seat projector that cast holiday images into the porcelain bowl.

"Are you serious?" Carol said, peering through the slit of her eyes into their master bathroom toilet.

"What? It was on sale, isn't it awesome?!" Tom elated from the walk-in closet. He pulled out a suit-case and plopped it open on the bed. "I got one for my folks too. They're going to love it."

Carol rolled her eyes and feigned some enthusiasm as she smiled before closing the bathroom door. Her mind wandered in the steady stream while she sat on the toilet. It was her least favorite time of the year, and for some reason, this had been the worst year. It wasn't just the gaudy decorations in the house.

When she emerged from the bathroom, Tom could read the gloom on her face. "Come on, come with me. The kids will love it. My parents will love it." He saw her eyes glued to her phone. "And you can leave all that stuff behind."

Since she had taken over the company's CFO role, Carol's tension had rose along with her penchant to take on the duty. "You know I can't." She didn't even look up. "All those morons at work are going to be out and I'll be on the hook." She frantically looked in her purse for her other work phone and felt Tom come up behind her.

"Oh I think I have something that will help you forget about all that." Tom leaned into her. Carol felt the small prick on her behind, insignificant but impossible to not register. "I'll put in work for you, boss." Tom teased as Carol kept sifting through her purse.

She finally found the outline of the device and pushed past her pocket rocket disguised as lipstick. Carol paused to think about how it was really the hardest worker for her when she worked late. A quick turning check on its battery gave a low whir in her hand and she switched it off. She quickly forgot about Tom's advances and made a mental note to charge the damn thing next time at the office.

"No I think that's okay." Carol turned around with the phone in her hand. "A bunch of e-mails just came up. The Asian markets are coming up, I need to be plugged in soon." She scrunched Tom's shoulders with false sympathy. "You take the kids and go, I'll be busy no matter what and I don't want to damper your fun."

Tom was defeated, but he hid it well and gave an almost-apologetic agreement. "Alright well, if you change your mind..." He had trailed off, but Carol already had her work-bag in hand.

"I know. Don't worry about me." She gave him a side-hug and called out to their children as she took down the stairs. "Have fun you all!" Carol shouted out, in reflex, as she shut the door behind her.


The dimly lit open office floor was not a strange sight to Carol. Her office sat in the corner and could often be seen as the only illuminated corner window from the street late at night. Even when the clock read 11:30 pm, Carol didn't bat a lash to it.

But on this evening, it was eerie when she looked out to see the rest of the room was dark save for the few emergency lights around the perimeter of the large floor. The cubicles all glowed dimly from the computers they all housed. Carol was used to seeing a few stragglers still working, making a good impression for the boss. But now when she looked out, she only caught the faint reflection of herself in the glass that separated her office from theirs.

Nerved by the loneliness, but desiring to deny herself the sympathy, Carol turned off the harsh florescent lights overhead and opted for her desk lamp. She eyed the lipstick connected to her laptop. The light had changed from red to green, the sight of a full-charge was enough to entice her.

Carol pulled it off and turned it on, excited by the familiar, nearly silent welcoming feeling. She knew just where and how to put it. Her fancy executive chair had a dip in its seat that she could prop the vibe just right. She undid the top buttons of her blouse and felt the cool air on her tight cleavage. Carol found the sweet spot with no trouble and instantly relaxed back in her chair.

Generally, she would turn her chair around and look out during the day when she had her "boss-time." It was a name unknown to her, but her employees had coined. One observant employee overhead the noise of the vibe when she had asked Carol a question while her chair was turned. Since that day, whenever they needed something to be approved, they made sure to get Carol when she had thoroughly had her "boss-time."

On this night however, Carol didn't need to swivel around for her time in that personal oasis. Her lips had melted into a smile while her eyes flitted in a bliss. She could feel her wet panties cling to the lipstick vibrator. Carol's conscious swam in the subtle noise of the quiet office building. Until a loud thud registered on her desk.

Carol's eyes jarred open and the vibrator had dislodged the sweet spot. On her desk were a stack of folders, ones that she had no recalled placing. She looked around the dim office floor and saw no-one. She looked behind her chair in panic as well. When she swiveled around again to see the stack, a blue glowing figured stood at the foot of her desk.

"Dammit Carrie." The blue old lady shook her free fist. Her other arm had held another whole stack of folders. "What in blazes are you still doing here?"

"Di..." Carol rubbed her eyes, "Diane?" She wide-eyed the figure and her desk lamp went flickered off. The figure readjusted the folders again and looked down at Carol through her thick glasses.

"Duh, you dummy." Diane replied and pulled at a cigarette from her free hand. Carol hadn't seen it before but now could smell the smoke. "Who else would it be?"

"How are you--" Carol started.

"I'm fine thanks for asking." Diane cut her off. "Just dead."

"Here?" Carol stumbled out and rolled her chair back.

"Me? Well why else would I be here?" Diane started. "I work here don't I? Always have, always will be." She waved her spectral cigarette around the room.

Carol was mesmerized by the smoke and remembered how Diane used to rule the roost in the office. She had been co-CEO with Wilbur James back when Carol had joined the company. Diane had groomed Carol to take over for when Diane would eventually step-down. But then, for an unexplained reason, Diane passed Carol over as her successor and worked til her death. Carol still harbored sour feelings for her.

"I know that look." Diane wheezed and pointed her cigarette at Carol. "You're still that dumb little bitch." Diane laughed and coughed. "You just don't know when to quit do you?"

"You weren't exactly the best mentor. You'd be mad too if you got passed over for a promotion." Carol defied in disgust.

"Mentor?" Diane said curiously. "I never set out to do such a damn thing." She slammed the folders on the table and took on a more other-worldly tone. "If you didn't always have your panties in a bunch, you'd have seen I was doing you a favor."

"You? Do a favor?" Carol laughed.

"Yuk all you want. That's what brings me here tonight." Diane gravely replied and Carol's countenance changed. "Back then I was trying to save you from my own fate. I saw a lot of you in me. I knew you could go places with your hard-work... but you could also suffer like me. And I wouldn't, couldn't bear that."

"But I did make it and I did it better than you." Carol's nose and smile were sharp with arrogance.

"Yes you did." Diane replied, ominously. "You have the model husband, the perfect kids, and the power. Hell, you even still have the tits and the legs." Diane had always been brutally honest. "But that's all at stake."

"What?" Carol's eyes had a glimmer of panic.

"Over the course of the next few nights, you will be visited by three spirits." Diane began gathering her folders from Carol's desk. The lamp began to flicker on and Diane's figure began to haze apart and gave a final whisper. "Heed—."

Carol rubbed her eyes again and looked around. The office was just as it was before she closed her eyes earlier. There were no longer any folders on her desk, but she could still smell the faint smoke of a cigarette.


Stave II

December 20th, 2017

The next morning was almost blissful and it had been long overdue in Carol's fresh opinion. The bed had been all hers and she wasted little time to sink in between the sheets. Overcast skies outside let out a pristine coat of snow in the yard but allowed little sunshine to come in. Carol took the quiet opportunity to explore the comfortable space for herself.

Whenever Tom and the kids were away, Carol took the liberty to sleep in the nude, knowing she wouldn't be disturbed. The body pillow had become a familiar lover when she was pregnant and she couldn't shake it even after two kids. She squeezed it tight and felt her fabric lover part her breasts, lending a soft rub Tom couldn't replicate. Carol hips rocked themselves as they squeezed the pillow, imparting her wetness that no doubt would take the cover to the washer later.

"Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell rock..." The alarm clock radio erupted the silence. Carol's eyes darted open. Even when he wasn't around, Tom managed to make an impression. She looked at her phone, her hips having stopped rocking, and Carol sighed.

The rest of the day was to be consulted off of the to-do list she had made for herself the day before. She liked to make sure she got everything done, including scheduling time to pamper herself. Usually the lists weren't long, Carol made them manageable and enjoyed the small pleasure of a completed check-list.

To do #1: Send the Prepared Files

Carol had programmed this first time into the list along with the number to her assistant, Janine. The phone rang and Carol rubbed on her pussy, aimlessly while the phone rang.

"Hello?" Janine answered.

"Hey Janine, it's me." Carol launched in, "Do you have your computer up?"

"Oh hey... ma'am," Janine caught herself from being too familiar, "Um, I don't... give me a second."

"Okay." Carol waited a split second, pressing on herself in impatience. "I updated some of the forms we need to send out before the weekend is up. Can you go in and make sure the formatting is right?"

"Um, yes ma'am..." Janine sounded as if she were still stumbling for her laptop. "Yes I ca--"

"And make sure you print out hard-copies too. You can do that Friday can't you?" Carol interrupted.

"Uh yea- yes but it's Christmas ev--"

"Yeah yeah, it doesn't take that long. I can make sure you have clearance to the office. You remember the security code right?" Carol went on.

"Yes, but ma'am, I'll be out of town after tomorrow, visiting my—"

"Just get it done. I'm sure your boyfriend won't mind." Carol belted out, calling forth the image of Janine and her fiance when Carol had seen him pick Janine up from work. Her pussy felt a little wet just recollecting it.

"Okay..." Janine was defeated. "Yes ma'am. Is there anything else?"

"No that's all. Thanks." Carol said without thinking and hung up. She took a deep breathe and smiled as her finger rubbed a little deeper at the satisfaction of a list-item checked off.

To do #2: Gift Shopping

Tom had left behind one job for Carol and she had dreaded it endlessly. The only saving grace was that she didn't have to truck the whole family along to do it. Naturally the gifts were for the kids and they couldn't be around to get them. Tom had done the leg-work and made a small list of what to get.

Carol felt the chill of the room on her nude body and she briskly made it to the bathroom. A quick turn of the shower knob poured out cold water that she didn't feel like waiting for. So with that, she put her hair up in a pony-tail and put some foundation on. When she surveyed her closet, all the work clothes invited her but her mood was not matching them for once.

In the corner, deep in the closet, a maroon fabric hung from the far garments. Carol chuckled to herself when she pulled it out. If it wasn't for the softness, she would've burned it. She pulled the pants on and felt free even without underwear, though she could feel the letters "J-U-I-C-Y" on her butt. With the top in her hand, Carol strut to the mirror on the door and checked the waist. Yes... it still fit flawlessly and she couldn't help but smile.

She guided her arms through the jacket top and found the zipper. The cool room had made her nipples stand and she could see them poke through the velour fabric. No underwear... and no shirt? Carol zipped up the jacket and thought why the hell not? Her boobs surely didn't need the bra. One of the first things she had done with her promotion bonus was get a breast lift.

"You should've seen them stand on attention," Carol recalled telling Tom about her first day back with them in the office. "All those stuffy big wigs were tuned in," She shook her tits to herself, "and perked up, to hear what I had to say." cupping and bouncing them.

She smirked to herself at the sight of breasts holding up behind the zipped up jacket. She remembered that they have never missed a meeting after that. Everyone came for her "boardroom boobies."

And the attention had not faded much thereafter. In the store, Carol strutted the aisles with her cart full of presents while she enjoyed every glance at her "presents." She took a thrill in the power her curves had still commanded.

Tom's list was exhaustive and Carol felt that she earned a treat. Her cart had found itself to the wine aisle and she finally felt like she had surrounded herself with the holiday spirit. A stock boy had taken to his small step-ladder to retrieve more boxes of wine. Carol searched the shelves for her favorite brand but couldn't see it.

"Excuse me young man." Carol called out.

"Um yes?" The boy appeared to be of college age but Carol could never tell. She did notice him not making eye-contact. "Can I, uh help you?" He looked directly at her chest.

"Yes, I'm looking for this Pinot Noir, do you have it?" Carol exaggerated on the Pinot.

"Hmm," The clerk looked above and searched, "Peen-o Noir?" He looked back at Carol and fixated on a new surprise.

"Yes, peen-o noir." Carol gave a devilish smile. She had unzipped her jacket to mid-chest, displaying a full set of cleavage. "I need a big bottle." She touched a bottle on the shelf nearby.

"Oh!" The clerk shamefully looked away and panicked in his survey. "Peen-o... peen-o... oh here is this it?" He nearly dropped the bottle as he held it down for her to check the label. He moved it quickly over his crotch to hide his boner.

Carol leaned in and examined the bottle. "Oh hmm... yes..." Her tits nearly bared themselves as the jacket opened further. When she looked back up at him, the clerk had glued his eyes to the feast she presented them. "Oh my god!" Carol yelped and zipped her jacket all the way up, holding her hand and arm in front of her chest. "Pervert! You were looking at my boobs!"

She had said it nearly so loud that the clerk looked around frantically. No-one had seen and he breathed in a panic. "N-n-no-no ma'a—"

"Oh my gosh!" Carol continued the charade. "I can't believe this! I want to speak to your manager! I am so embarrassed!"

"I am so sorry!" The clerk breathed his apology and fished out a coupon. "Please take this, I am sorry!" He stepped off of his ladder and packed it up, rushing to another aisle and out of Carol's sight.

Carol pocketed the free bottle of wine coupon and finally made for the check out line.

To-do #3: Treat yourself

This was always an item on the list that Carol ensured would be less of a chore and more of a selfish obligation. She had always schedule a massage at her gym. The premium for a luxury gym was already astronomical, but the added bonus of a 24 hour masseuse on-site was the cherry on-top. It was Carol's idea once she stepped up to the big leagues, to have a spa on the first floor of their company's building. She would frequently slip out early on a Friday to treat herself.

Though this wasn't the end of a work-week, Carol had went ahead and scheduled a massage the moment Tom had told her when they would be gone. After a lite bite to eat, Carol checked in to the gym and went about her normal routine. Again, even while working a sweat, she turned heads. She skipped the shower and toweled down as she made her way to the spa wing.

At the desk, a co-ed checked her in and gave Carol a shaded look. She often wondered what the staff had thought about her visits. Carol always chalked it up to them being jealous. They wished they looked like her at her age. The co-ed led her to a dimly lit room with aromatics and soft music playing. Carol put her water bottle down and primped her pony-tail.

The door opened behind her and a tall Hispanic man entered. The white shirt on clung on his muscles and his little white shorts did the same. Carol smiled at his appearance in the mirror as he closed the door. "Manolo." She almost whispered in an excited welcome.

"Ello." Manolo nodded and waved his hand to the massage table.

"Ah ah ah," Carol wagged her finger, "Remember?" She imitated unbuttoning.

Manolo shook his head and chuckled. "Si." He said simply and began to unbutton his shirt. He revealed a chiseled six-pack and a deep-v torso. He held his hand out again to the table. "Por favor." His smile was just as inviting.

"Yes..." Carol started and grabbed her water bottle. She shook it in front of him. "Juice?" She offered him.

Manolo scrunched his face and waved it off. "Non, gracias." He waved to the table again. She had offered him the juice before. He remembered Carol as the white lady who carried wine in her opaque water-bottle.

"Okay!" Carol gave a simple understanding smile. She started to undress, maintaining a gaze on Manolo. She deliberately jiggled as she got out of her shorts, hoping to elicit intrigue from him. She gingerly got on the table and sighed in comfort.

The oil wafted in the room as Manolo coated his hands and soon took to Carol's back. It was generally Carol who broke the silence since Manolo did not speak much English.

"How have you been?" Carol kept it simple and slow.

"Eh... good." Manolo answered with his accent. "Si, bien. And... ju?"

"Mmm," Carol vocalized the effect of his hands on her shoulders, "Muy bien now. But stressed."

"Si?" Manolo knew that word. "Si, stress, heer." He put a bit more pressure on her shoulders.

"Oh yes." Carol started. "Mmmhmm. Si, here too." She took a free hand near her side and gestured above her butt. "Very stress here."

Manolo recognized her dumbed down English for him. He looked at the towel that had been draped over her thick, curvy butt. He looked at his watch and believed she had started the juice much earlier on this day. "Oh si." He rubbed on her thighs as a consolation.

"Mmmm..." Carol registered his strong hands over the draped towel, but gestured for him to remove it. "Here. Here." She gestured at her whole cheek again.

"Oh..." Manolo kept his hands on her thighs. "Em-- no, err, policies." He tried to smile his apology through his voice.

"Manolo." Carol said in a playfully stern tone. "It's me, no policy. You know me!" She feigned a laugh to comfort him, reaching up and rubbing at his inner leg. "How about a tip?"

"Oh tip... hmm." Manolo racked in his silence. Carol's tips ranged wildly since he had met her. Often-times it was very worth it, but other times not as much. He usually obliged so she wouldn't push further. This evening, he really wanted to just get off work and get his own gift shopping done.

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