A Carol's Christmas


Carol's hand caressed up and over the bump in Manolo's shorts. "Oh si," She started as she rubbed and he shifted his legs in surprise, "Yes a big tip!" Carol giggled and squeezed at the top of Manolo's cock.

"Si?!" Manolo flinched again. "Oh big tip!" The dollar signs appeared in his mind and his hands found a new fervor. His wide hands separated Carol's cheeks and groped, to call it a massage would an understatement.

"Yesss..." Carol let out a relaxed sigh. Manolo's fingers were grazing and slipping down her crack. His thick fingers were carrying and mixing all her wetness with the massage oils. "Woo! Oooh, mmm." She called out in a near-silent cheer as Manolo's middle finger slipped into Carol's pussy.

"Si, big tip." Manolo indulged in the figurative gesture. He held his empty gaze at Carol's golden round rump in the candle-lit room. He had been here before, his technique didn't need change. Manolo plunged his fuck-you finger a little deeper and grabbed Carol's pussy with his other digits, giving the generous customer exactly what she wanted.

Carol cried out in delight, and though she couldn't see it, Manolo had been counting down the minutes to the end of their session on his wristwatch. She laid there having soaked the massage table. Manolo said something, probably the same thing he always said at the end, and she heard the door close behind him.

She thought for a moment to leave her number for him this time. But the thought of Tom and the kids always talked her out of it. Carol dressed slowly, in no rush to go home.

She stepped out of the spa to the already dimmed building lobby. The gym/spa had it's own outside entrance but Carol remembered the work she had given Janine. She thought that there was no way Janine would get it done and that she would have to do it herself.

The lobby-man had been gone for the night and he left the Christmas tree lights on. In the glow of the tree, Carol saw the dumb-looking Elf on a Shelf. Her kids had wanted one last year and of course Tom had given in. She hated the thing with a passion and made sure to sabotage any elf's mischief with her own. Carol called the elevator and rushed over to the desk, knocking the elf off to the floor.

She ran back to the elevator and hit the button for her floor, accidentally hitting a floor below in the process. The doors closed and she clutched her bag. The wrongfully-selected floor opened and Carol peeked out on the hallway that was eerily-lit with emergency lights. When she stepped back into the elevator, she jumped at the sight of a life-sized Elf on the Shelf.

Carol cowered into the corner, hitting the emergency call button on the elevator while the Elf smiled down on her with its signature smile. She closed her eyes and heard the ding of the elevator, only then she opened her eyes to see the doors open.

Music poured into the elevator as she stood up and looked out to see the floor lit. People had gathered all along the hallway, drinking and laughing. It was some-how familiar. Halfway down the hallway, the Elf stood pointing at a doorway.

Carol looked around as she approached it to see. The calendar on the wall read December 2006. She walked by and saw old colleagues that had moved on to other companies. She looked into one office to see Diane sitting at her computer, picking on her keyboard. In another office, a group of people were playing drinking games, an older man with a white beard dressed as Santa among them.

When she reached the Elf, she looked into the room and saw two ladies sitting and nursing shots. "Is that..." Carol started and looked at the Elf and back, "Is that me?" The Elf nodded. "And that... Julia? That's Julia?" Carol remembered her old co-worker that she considered a best-friend. She watched her younger self and Julia at the table.

"Screw these jello shots. I'm tired of doing Diane's grunt work. I need a promotion." Young Carol sank into her chair.

"You're really close for it." Julia said kindly. "Good things come to those who wait, right?"

"Fuck waiting!" Young Carol pounded her fist on the table and waved at her body. She and Julia had dressed up as sexy elves, not recognizing "Get in the Christmas Spirit! Costumes Encouraged!" was an inside joke on the flyer for the company party. "We already look like fools for dressing up. I'm telling you Julia, if you want something, you get it."

Young Carol got up, clicking her high heels across the break-room to the copier. Carol palmed her face, embarrassed. She pushed some buttons on the copier and lifted the scanning bed lid. "And I'm going to get what I want Julia." Young Carol turned around and dropped her green panties down the striped stockings. She propped up on the scanner and hit the copy button.

Moments later, Carol and the Elf followed Young Carol to the room with the group partying. Everyone dropped silent as Young Carol shuffled in. She had already made the impression of being the vixen of the office. She had held a folder under her arms and approached the Santa. "Um, Mr. James... I mean, Santa?"

Wilbur James surveyed Young Carol's stockings. He loved legs for days. When he finally got to the top, the sexy elf had leaned forward, showing her ample bust (even before her lift). "Yes?" Mr. James cleared his throat, "Is everything on schedule at the toy factory?" He laughed and turned to the others, roaring with laughter too.

"Yes sir!" Young Carol tried to play along. "I have the latest numbers here." She offered the folder to Wilbur James.

"Oh I see! Well come have a seat here." Mr. James patted on his thigh, though his red face and glasses would have convinced you he was Santa. Young Carol smoothed her tiny skirt and sat, offering the folder again. "Ah let's see then." Mr. James held the folder in front of him and his eyes grew wide. He flipped through the pages of black and white copies of Carol's pussy and ass, in perfect detail. "Oh my..." Wilbur James gulped and searched for words, "These... these are quite the... figures... Well done!"

"Thank you sir!" Young Carol beamed on his lap, she reached to his crotch and rubbed on his penis below the table. "I thought you would have wanted to consulted them." The room had gone uncomfortably silent and Carol turned to the Elf to make note of the awkwardness, they all knew this was strange.

"Yes, you were right." Wilbur James spoke up, wiping his brow. "In fact, I think I need to compare these numbers with the production last month." Suddenly he sounded less like Santa and more like the co-CEO, causing some surprise among the others in the room. Young Carol stood up and Santa made for the door, hiding the obvious small tent in his pants. "Will you find the figures from last month?" He beckoned for Young Carol.

The Santa hurried towards his office and looked back to see Young Carol emerge from the party room, waving her towards him. Her heels clicked all the way down as a signal to the rest of the floor, ending with the door closing behind her.

Carol and the Elf stood in the hallway in front of the door. Carol listened to the conversation responsible for where she was to be today. What startled her was to see that Julia had come to stand by too. Now it had become clear why Julia was so cold to her the day after.

The Elf walked through the wall and Carol frantically followed. Even though Julia couldn't see her, she couldn't stand the guilt of seeing Julia there. They had walked into Wilbur James's office, thick cigar smoke had filled the air. Wilbur leaned back in his chair with the cigar drooping from his smiling mouth. Carol noticed the green elf hat bobbing between him and his desk.

When they walked around to the side of the desk, Wilbur's Santa pants were around his ankles while Young Carol sat on her striped stocking clad knees. "Ho-ho-ho-oh yeah..." Wilbur puffed out some smoke, as he put his hands behind his head. The sexy elf's top had been pulled down and Young Carol's tits swung with each bob.

Carol watched her younger self dutifully suck off the CEO. She remember how such a tiny cock belong to suck a powerful man. When she recalled how much she wanted that promotion, she noticed how feverishly she pulled and pumped her mouth on it.

The Elf tapped on Carol's shoulder and walked back towards the hallway. Wilbur James started to cum and held down Young Carol's blonde head. Carol only turned to see her younger self employing a hard-work ethic in not leaving a drop.

Back in the hallway, the walked down towards what appeared to be Carol's present day office, except Diane was occupying it. It was suddenly day-time and Diane had been absorbed in her work. Carol and the Elf took a seat on the couch near the window, the same one she still had in her office. Wilbur James rushed in.

"What is it?" Wilbur asked. "I'm late for a flight."

"I'm going through the recommendations HR gave me for these positions." Diane flipped through the papers. "You know, to clean house."

"Well you know what to do, so just do it." Wilbur was impatient, half-way out the door, hanging there.

"I figured I would ask you, jackass. You are the co-CEO." Diane had taken her glasses off. "We have two junior account managers and we can only keep one." Wilbur's blank stare caused Diane to press further. "Julia or Carol?"

"Who?" Wilbur blanked again and Diane shook her head in disbelief.

"The brunette or the blonde." Diane said annoyed, rolling her eyes.

Carol and the Elf saw the distant stare followed by sly smile on Wilbur's face. "Ditch the brunette." He left before Diane could respond. Carol saw the disappointment in Diane's face. Carol coughed and sighed in the guilt, putting her head back.

She opened her eyes and the room had changed. It was her office again. She looked around and the Elf was gone. She checked the hallways again and it had all been just as she had seen it the day before. For a split moment, she considered laying back down on the couch but didn't dare want to have a dream like that again.


DECEMBER 22nd, 2017

When Carol checked her phone after what felt like a spell, she discovered a slew of text messages and e-mails. Most of them had been from Tom just checking in on her. Carol felt he was always too clingy when she would go an afternoon without returning a message. On her drive back home, she contemplated taking another highway straight to her in-laws, but shuddered at the thought of having to spend the next few days there.

Carol's house felt empty as soon as she had pulled into the drive-way. She tossed the keys on the couch and made straight for the bedroom. After the previous night's events, she had to steep herself in a warm bath to get all the tension out. She tossed out the idea that they still had an Elf in the house. After a thorough soaking, she slipped on her silk robe and indulged in some trashy dramas with box wine.

Carol wrapped herself in her blank as she felt a chill come on. It was her sign to call it a night. The show she had been watching had just ended and was in between commercials. She knew if the next one started, she wouldn't be able to escape.

"Not satisfied with your viewing experience? Get the magical remote to get all the channels. Watch live life!" A portly sharp dressed, big-chinned salesman boomed on the TV. Carol was dozing mid-way through his sentence and turned off the TV registering. She turned off the light and made her way to the kitchen to hydrate.

But the TV turned on again by itself. "Yes, I'm talking to you. The boobs watching the tube!" The man's voice boomed from the living room and Carol perked up, rushing back. The man pointed to her from the TV. "Just go to the guide and select the Live Remote option. We've got all the channels you want to see!"

Carol examined her remote and found the selection on the screen. The options for three channels appeared with the word "LIVE" in red bold letters next to each: Manolo, Janine, and Tom. Carol clicked on Manolo.

The image of a bathroom appeared with a spa-like shower. Carol watched for a moment and saw Manolo, her masseuse, appear in a towel. Carol instinctively reached between her legs. Manolo removed his towel and stretched to turn on the hot water in the shower. Carol sat down and spread her legs on the couch. But as soon as the water began to heat up the room, the camera lens fogged up and blurred the image. Carol changed the channel in frustration.

"Fuck this shit." A young man yelled and grabbed his things from a bed-room. He rushed off the bed as his big dick swung between his legs, approaching the door. "You go ahead and do you."

"Jimmy! I'm sorry!" A young lady cried in reply. She sat up in bed and her D cups jiggled in frustration as she pulled the cover up. Carol looked closer and couldn't believe it, it was Janine. "I don't have a choice, my boss will fire me if I don't get it done."

"I don't give a fuck, this is the last time I'm gonna be put on the back burner to your job." The guy said and slammed the door. "Shit I ain't no second option." Jimmy said to himself as he pulled on his hooded sweatshirt and tucked away his massive dong in the sweatpants.

"Wow... what the heck?" Carol said to herself. "Is this real?"

"YES! It is live!" The sound of the big-chinned man spoke through the speakers.

Carol changed the channel again and came across Tom. She stumbled upon him tucking in their children at her in-laws home. Tom read them a story and kissed them on their foreheads. He made his way down to a cold basement where a pull-out had already been made by him.

Carol squinted to see that Tom had pulled out his cellphone was checking to see his messages. She read the disappointment in his face while he lay under the covers. Carol withdrew into her own thoughts in guilt of leaving him alone, but the silence was broken by the sound of moaning.

Tom's blanket was pulsing and Carol saw his pupils dilated in the reflection of the cellphone screen. The moaning got louder followed by a steady grunt. A stacked blonde was being pounded from a big black dick. When her octave went higher, Carol saw Tom breathe heavy and heave, cumming in his boxers. Moments later, the screen timed-out and Tom had fallen asleep.

Carol turned the TV off and went around the set to unplug it. She hid the remaining wine from herself and whisked herself away to bed. Thoughts of Tom circled in her mind and his loneliness. She wondered if she had been responsible for Janine's relationship. And why couldn't she see Manolo there? The latter thought provided fodder for Carol to rub herself to sleep.


Decemeber 24th, 2017

The following morning Carol couldn't bear to stay in her own home. When she went back down the stairs, the TV was still unplugged and she remembered the channels she had seen. She packed an overnight bag and took to her phone to book a hotel room. Undoing Tom's Christmas decor was the last thing on her list to-do, but she dropped that as soon as she found a unused corporate voucher for the night.

Carol meandered around town, haunted by the experiences of the few nights before. The ghostly blue spirit of Diane had been right. She had told Carol to heed... and now Carol began to take it seriously. Her stomach grumbled and she didn't realize that many restaurants closed early on Christmas eve. But finding food was the smallest of her fears. Diane's foretelling of three spirits really got under Carol's skin.

She grabbed a quick bite and holed herself away in the hotel room across from her work building. The voucher only worked on a number of properties and this was the only one with vacancy. Not wanting the thoughts of the previous day to keep burdening her, Carol took to her laptop and started to consume herself with work. The hours rolled by and the glare of the screen finally took a strain on her eyes.

Carol looked away for a moment and rubbed her vision. It was approaching midnight and no odd happenings had occurred. Her thoughts had been clear for the first time in a few days. She thought to make sense of it and looked at the darkened building where her office was. A lone corner office was lit. Carol did a double tap and counted up the floors. It was her office.

She checked her the night stand clock and moved towards the window to get a closer look. As she peered closer, she noticed her office desktop monitor was on and a hooded figure sat in her chair. Carol gave a hard blink to ensure she wasn't just seeing things. A moment later, the figure spun to the side and faced in the direction of Carol's hotel room. It raised its arm and pointed at her.

Carol jumped back in surprise and quickly closed the shade. She spun around to her own room and yelped in silent fear to see the hooded figure now facing her laptop. A bone-y hand controlled her mouse and opened a browser. Once the window was open, it curled a finger to beckon Carol.

She hesitated but felt the pull of destiny on her. She had already seen the past, saw the present on the TV, and now... could it be the future? Carol stood a few steps behind the figure and the laptop. Peering on to the screen, she saw it was a browser history tab. URLs and search phrases like "big cocks," "milf," "bbc," and "queen of spades" had littered the tab.

"What the hell?" Carol was puzzled. "That can't be mine!"

The hooded figured nodded its head slowly and pointed at Carol again.

"How... what the...?!" Carol sat on the bed in a daze. The hooded figure stood and approached the bathroom door. It beckoned Carol again with its finger. Carol stood up reluctantly and moved slightly closer. The hooded figure started to open the door, revealing a pitch black darkness within, still waving to Carol to enter.

Standing next to the figure, on the threshold, Carol attempted to see the face but only saw darkness. It was unnerving and she stepped forward without thinking, finding herself in a different bathroom all together. The hooded figure followed in behind her and closed the door, making it vanish. The fixtures in this bathroom were very posh, gold plated everything.

Carol found the other door that appeared to lead out. She made sure to leave the hooded figure behind and rushed out the door. What she found outside of it was something she wasn't prepared to see. An immaculate office overlooked the city. Hardwood lined the floor and a heavy desk sat near a window. The windows became a focal point as they stretched around the outer perimeter of the office. Even the ones that faced the office floor were one-way mirrors, they had the tint of being able to see out and not seen within.

The name plate on the desk read "Carol Stevens." When it crossed her view, Carol felt a sinking in her stomach. Stevens had been her maiden name. As she started to make inferences, the office door swung open and a slightly older Carol rushed in, followed by an assistant. They didn't notice her, nor the hooded figure.

"Damn it Janine I need those numbers by the end of the day!" Future Carol yelled as she stomped her heels around the desk. She practically threw herself into the chair and pulled herself up to the desk, her breasts rest on surface. "Hard to find good help these days." She said to herself.

"Um, it's Sally ma'am." The timed assistant whispered, clearly still there. "Your three o'clock meeting is here?"

"What meeting? I thought I cancelled all my meetings for today. Send them away" Future Carol looked over her desk calendar and blurted in frustration. "Damn it, don't you have it there?" She pointed to Sally's calendar notebook.

"Oh! Sorry!" Sally frantically flipped through the appointment book. "It's the meeting with the DuSable Group."

"That's right." Future Carol's face calmed with remembering the details. "Yes it's very important we move that product. Go ahead and send them in." She took a seat at her desk and sifted through the mail as Sally left. A big envelope caught her eye, seeing that it was addressed from an attorney.

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