tagFetishA CFNM Wedding Ch. 02

A CFNM Wedding Ch. 02


Mark gets married in the C.F.M.N. Republic. (Part 2)

Office Chastity

Mark entered his workplace and reluctantly pushed open the doors. He was greeted by his senior co-worker Maria who howled with laughter when she saw his cock and balls trussed up in a cage and she quickly got the attention of her other, mainly female colleagues and their boss Linda.

They all circled Mark and their reactions were very different. There were gasps of astonishment and incredulity from some of the younger female staff. The older ones seemed to be bemused and quite titillated by the sight and started to talk to each other appreciatively about Mark's plight. His two male co-workers looked on in abject horror when they saw that his piss slit was securely plugged and they visibly winced.

"What the fuck is that dude?" asked Craig, bewildered.

"It's to stop him playing with that beautiful cock of his," retorted Cynthia. "Who put that on you Mark?" she demanded.

Mark told the office that his mum had fixed it to him and it was to stay on until his wedding day.

"Oh mummy put the nasty thing on Marky's dick then did she?" mimicked Tanya who secretly had always had a crush on the handsome office stud. She was going to have some fun with this.

"You're very quiet Daniel," said Linda. "Nothing to say?"

All eyes turned to recent employee, 18 year old office junior Daniel who was sat quietly, hands over his groin, which was in blatant disregard of the law and company policy.

"Hands by your side Daniel. NOW," shouted Linda "or do you want to be dismissed?".

Daniel slowly dropped his hands to his side, revealing a massive 8 inch boner that was pointing up to his navel. The girls giggled and shuffled from one foot to another as if uncomfortable at the sight.

"What the fuck is THAT?" said Linda, aggressively.

"I'm sorry ma'am," said Daniel.

"Perhaps he is a faggot Linda," said Chrissie. "He seems to have been turned on by the sight of Mark's trussed up cock."

"Is that true Daniel?" sneered Linda. "Well whether it is or it isn't, you are not going to be able to concentrate on your work in that state. You had better do something about it."

"Yes ma'am," muttered Daniel, starting to stand up.

"Where do you think you are going Daniel?" Barked Linda

"To the bathroom ma'am to take care of this as you said," replied Daniel meekly.

"I said nothing about going to the bathroom Daniel," snorted Linda with a nasty smile. "Since you so evidently like looking at Mark's cock, you will sort yourself out here. Now sort it or clear your desk and fuck off."

"Yes ma'am," said Daniel sheepishly.

Linda set the scene by standing Mark in front of Daniel, his restrained cock just inches from the young lads face. The rest of the office staff including the other male, 45 year old Steve, gathered round so they all had a good clear view.

Daniel's cock was already oozing precum so he needed no additional lube. He grabbed his hard shaft and started stroking his meat, slowly at first and then more vigorously. The office girls were cheering him on and some were recording him on their mobiles. Mark was so embarrassed, he did not know where to look. It was a good job he was not that way inclined otherwise the circulation in his cock may have been cut off by his own erection.

Daniel threw back his head and closed his eyes, trying to forget about his audience even though he could hear them. His hips bucked in his chair and the experienced office girls knew the tell tale signs and had their mobiles poised, set to video mode. With a shudder and an audible groan, spunk erupted from Daniel's cock and shot at least 2 feet in front of him. He spurted about 8 or 9 times and some hit the floor, some hit a desk and some hit Mark right on his lower abdomen, the spunk running down through his thick blond bush and dripped inside his chastity device. The girls applauded and Steve just had his head down trying not to acknowledge his co-workers predicament.

"Right Daniel, get back to fucking work and you will stay behind 2 hours tonight to make up for all the time your colleagues have wasted this morning. Mark, come to my desk where I have a key. I promised your mum I would ensure you were kept clean. I can't send you home with another mans spunk on you."

"Yes ma'am," spluttered Mark and padded behind her to her desk in the middle of the office.

"Come with me Tanya. I will need your help as well," said Linda. Tanya eagerly followed.

"Get back to work the rest of you. Show's over," instructed Linda and everyone returned to their workstations.

Mark and Tanya stood in front of Linda's desk which was still in full view of the rest of the office. She took out a small key from her desk drawer along with some wipes a bottle of sterilising fluid and a pair of handcuffs

"Mark, I am now just following your mothers instructions, which as your employer, I am duty bound to do. However, due to the time out of my day, your day and Tanya's day, I will be docking your pay by 50% for today. Now place your hands behind your back. Tanya, cuff him please".

Tanya picked up the handcuffs from the desk, put them round Marks wrists and locked them securely in place behind his round peachy ass. Linda then picked up the key and inserted it into the padlock at the tip of her employee's penis. She unlocked and removed the padlock and folded back the cage at the head of Mark's cock. Mark was unsure what was going to happen next as he had not had the device removed yet and was not expecting this so soon after it was placed there.

Without any ceremony, Linda pulled out in one swift movement, the tube inserted into Mark's urethra. He let out a loud howl as a burning sting shot through his cock like a lightning bolt. All heads that were not already on him, now turned to see the commotion.

"Stop being such a girl Mark," she scolded as Mark visibly and unashamedly cried in front of her. "We women have to go through much more than this when giving birth to the likes of you, so shut the fuck up."

"Sorry ma'am," whimpered Mark as the fire in his cock started to subside. Linda carefully cleaned the device with the sterilising fluid. She had left his ball ring in place. She then turned her attention to Daniel's cum that had now dried in Mark's treasure trail and luxuriant blond pubic bush. She started to wipe it but to no avail so ended up picking the dried cum from his long wiry blond curls.

"You need to take more care of this Mark," she stated as she pulled at his pubic hair, making the young man wince. "It wouldn't become so tangled and matted if you kept it trimmed a bit or even shaved but I suppose that is for Elaine to decide in a few weeks time, not me."

Bush cleaned, Linda picked up the chastity device and reversed the procedure. Mark now knew better than to protest this time and merely grimaced when the steel tube was forced back down his piss slit and the steel encasing locked shut.

"Now back to work and make up for lost time," snapped Linda and Mark meekly did as he was told.

As with any experience, the first time is always the worst and after today, Mark continued to work more or less as normal with only the occasional teasing and ribbing from the other staff as his wedding day drew ever closer. (To be continued).

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