A Chance Affair

byAlex the Cat©

"Rhi, what's going on?" Veronica asks with concern in her voice. "Why did you run out here? I told you it's just a show."

The two figures pay no attention.

A gruff voice interrupts. "Good show Depardue. Let me give you a hand." The silver knight with long blond hair says to his friend. He puts out a hand and Jordan takes it.

On her feet again, she grabs the side of her head as a wave of dizziness hits her. "Were you trying to kill me Dubois?" she says sarcastically.

He chuckles and waves her off. "Oh you'll be alright. I've seen you take worse." He turns to walk off and catches the eye of the wild red head. He winks at her and continues walking.

"Are you alright?" Rhiannon asks softly.

Jordan looks at her; not believing this woman is standing here talking to her. She nods slowly.

"Let me see your head." Rhi takes the gloved hand away from the tall woman's head and sees a knot forming behind her presently red ear. "Well you're not bleeding but you're going to have a nasty headache." She turns to her friend. "Ver, I'll catch up to you in a bit if you don't mind."

"Sure Rhi. I'll see you back at the shop." She answers with a confused tone and turns to leave.

Looking back at the tall warrior, she says, "Let me help you. I'm sure it's not easy taking this ton of armor off, and I want to make sure you don't pass out."

Jordan being at a loss for words just nods her head.

Inside the battlefield tent, the young blonde motions for Jordan to sit on the bench. She kneels once again and begins unclasping the arm bracers.

Amber runs inside, talking a mile a minute. "Hey, I missed your performance, but I heard Dubois got you in the head." She then notices the woman assisting her aunt with the removal of the armor. "You okay, Jordie?"

"Yeah, I...uh...just got...um...distracted." She looks into green eyes, which are smiling at her.

Amber goes about the routine of taking the pieces of armor and placing them on the cart to be hauled out later.

"Amber, I'll meet you back at the shop. I believe...this...young woman is taking care of me just fine." She looks from green to charcoal eyes.

The teenager chuckles slightly. "Sure thing Jordie. I'll see you later."

"My name is Rhiannon. My friends call me Rhi for short." The young woman says as she removes all of the padding and chain mail.

"I'm Jordan." The tall woman now stands there only in her sportbra, boxer shorts and socks.

Rhiannon takes in the obviously muscular body, the broad shoulders, and the tanned skin, and her body reacts to what she sees. A fire begins to burn at her nether regions, and she can feel the redness crawl up her cheeks, so she quickly turns away. Clearing her throat, she asks, "Are your clothes in here somewhere?"

Jordan smiles knowing the young woman saw something she liked. "Yes, they're right behind the partition." She steps behind it to dress while Rhiannon sits on the bench.

Rhiannon thinks about what she should do now. Those damn eyes are haunting me. What do I say? Oh by the way, I've been dreaming about you for some time. Yeah, right. She is snapped out of her reverie when she feels sapphire crystals heating her flesh. Looking up she sees Jordan dressed handsomely in costume. "By the gods," she says throatily.

Not thinking about her actions or the reasoning behind it, Jordan approaches and kneels directly in front of the young woman and looks into the angelic face.

Rhiannon reaches out a small hand to brush the tips of her fingers ever so lightly down the dark woman's cheek. "Do I...know you...from somewhere?" She absentmindedly asks aloud.

Jordan speaks softly. "I think...we've known...each other forever."

"Yes," she whispers in response. Her fingers trace across pink lips that entice her. Without further thought they lean forward and lips touch. The heat of scorching flames pass between them. Rhiannon moans as she feels a tongue glide across her bottom lip. Opening her mouth, the kiss deepens with tongues caressing each other. The thought that passes through her mind is...I'm home.

Jordan's mind screams to her soul, It's Her. She is forced to break the kiss suddenly as a searing pain makes itself known. She clutches her head.

"Let's get you back to the shop." Rhiannon says. "I have some Excedrin there." She helps the tall warrior to her feet.

Upon returning, Rhiannon searches through her bag for the pills. "Here you go." She also hands the dark woman a bottle of water. "Have you eaten?"

Jordan shakes her head no.

"Well how about I bring some food to your shop? Where is it?"

"Just across the path. The sword and leather shop." Jordan points over the heads of the masses walking across the way.

"Okay, do you think you can make it there alright?"

Jordan frowns at her lightheartedly. "I've been hurt worse in the past. You don't need to do this."

Rhiannon looks at her. She cups a cheek in her palm, and the warrior leans into the touch. "Please. I want to. I...need to."

The dark woman takes hold of the hand and kisses the tender skin on the palm. "I'll see you later then." She says, and turns to walk into the crowd.

"Shit Rhi, what was that display at the tournament and just now all about? What's going on with you? Spill it." Veronica says with fists on her hips.

The strawberry blonde grins from ear to ear. "I will, but first I need to fetch some food for my warrior." She decides to forego the cape by hanging it on a peg behind the counter since the day has become warmer, and she walks out with a wink to her friend.

"Warrior? She said 'my warrior'? Oh, boy, this is going to be good." She turns to tend to a customer who just walked in.


"You holding up the fort Amber?" Jordan asks from the doorway.

The teenager beams at her aunt. "Just fine. So you wanna tell me about the blonde?"

"Uh...maybe...later." Jordan says with a smirk. Grabbing a short sword, she inspects the design on the blade to make sure all of the polish is off.

An older woman walks in checking out the leather satchels.

Jordan returns to the bench outside and closes her eyes. Minutes later she feels a warm presence next to her. Lips reach up to kiss her on the cheek, and opening her eyes she looks down into a smiling face.

"Here's some food. I hope it's enough, and I brought a tankard of ale."

Jordan looks at the array of chicken and beef kabobs, cheese fritters, and garlic mushrooms. "Looks great, thank you."

"I hope you don't think I go around kissing any beautiful woman when I first meet her." Rhi says with a tinge of guilt.

Jordan eyes her with deep sincerity and compassion. "No, I don't think that at all. Plus, I approached you...felt compelled to...like something was pulling me towards you.."

"I know what you mean. It's like we just had to...like we just haven't seen each other for a while...like a hello kiss after being apart for some time."

"Yeah, exactly." She takes a bite of a beef kabob, while the two of them contemplate what happened earlier.

Rhi breaks the short silence. "I wish I could stick around longer but I need to get back to help Veronica. The shop has gotten rather busy now. Maybe I'll see you later?"

Jordan looks deeply into green pools, and gently brushes her index finger down the young woman's lips. "Have dinner with me tonight?"

Rhiannon's lips part as she slowly nods under half lidded eyes.

"Meet me by the cluster of trees down the field on the west side of the gate at closing time." She places a gentle kiss upon the lips before her.

The strawberry blonde agrees as she stands on week knees and returns to the tarot shop.

Jordan chuckles at her own playful teasing on the young woman.


"I'm happy for you Jordie. I can hardly wait to tell mom tonight. I know she'll be ecstatic." Amber declares as she closes the shutters and latches them.

Jordan eyes her niece suspiciously. "I tell you about this afternoon's events, and right away you seem very sure of this." She places a lock on the cases containing the swords before continuing. "What's this all about Shrimp? You don't even know the woman."

"Jordie, I just know. And I know what you feel about her. You believe she's the One. You keep forgetting or pretending to forget that mom is Wiccan. And I am a product of my mother. I may not have her visions but I feel things."

The tall woman looks at her niece with a frown. "You mean like an empath?"

"Yeah, I guess. I've been talking with mom about these changes I've been experiencing, and she is going to introduce me to someone who can guide me."

"How long have you been having these feelings?" Jordan asks curiously.

"Can't recall exactly. Maybe a couple of months already." Amber pulls out the money box from below the counter and hands it to her aunt. "When it first started it was all kind of jumbled. Kinda of like someone flipping through the TV channels quickly. And I thought I was going nuts, but then I did a relaxation technique that mom taught me, and the feelings started coming in clearer. Slowly I was able to distinguish a couple of them. But there is so much more I need to learn about it."

"Okay Shrimp, you tell your ma about today and we'll see what she says." She slaps a large hand on Amber's shoulder. "I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning."

"Okay, bye."

"Oh, Shrimp? Thanks for all your work today."

Amber gives her a lopsided grin and walks out.


"Ver, now that I've told you everything, I need you to do me a favor." Rhiannon requests as she sits at the small wooden table.

"Sure, what's up?" Veronica sits to join her.

"I would like a reading, and you're the only one I can trust to do it right and honestly." Hands lying flat on the small table, her stance is imploring.

"Are you sure Rhi?" The redhead surprisingly asks, knowing that Rhiannon was never really interested in tarot cards in the past.

"Yes, I need to know why there is this intensity between us. Is she really the one in my dreams?" In exasperation, she puts her face in her hands. "I don't want to have any regrets."

"Okay, okay Rhi. I'll do it. Don't worry." She pulls Rhiannon's hands away and squeezes them light as she smiles to indicate everything will be fine. Taking the cards from the black velvet drawstring pouch, she shuffles them, and begins the lay out. She looks at each one carefully, and exclaims, "By the gods."

"What? What do you see?" Rhiannon notices her friend's brown eyes widen in surprise or horror. She wasn't sure which.

"Sweetie, calm down. It's not bad. Really, it's...I'm...just...surprised at what I'm seeing. Um...it seems the two of you have known each other for a very long time." She looks up into green eyes before continuing. "Before the medieval times. I mean a long time. Like before Christ."

"What?" The short woman asks with surprise and confusion in her voice.

"Rhi, the cards indicate that you have been lovers since the beginning. See the Lovers card here?" She points it out to her friend. "The placement of this card in the reading indicates she is your soul mate." She then points to the card of the High Priestess, and the Knight of Swords. "I remember you telling me about strange dreams that you've been having for years. This indicates that you were dreaming about her in a particular time period. Didn't you say you always saw knights fighting?"

"Yeah, that's right." Rhiannon answers enthralled with what she is hearing.

Veronica lays a few more cards down, and the Death card pops up. "It shows that she was taken from you. Rhi she was murdered by an enemy and the two of you were not able to live out your lives. As a result she has been searching for you and apparently you have been searching for her. You just didn't know it until now." She looks into green eyes as if searching for more truth. "I guess it was blocked from your mind."

A few teardrops run down the small woman's cheeks, and she wipes them away with the back of her hand. "I guess it makes sense but it's difficult to believe."

"Sweetie, I know this is really a lot to take in. We can talk more about it later, okay?" Veronica reaches out and hugs her friend.

Rhiannon quickly looks at her watch and realizes then that she is late. "Oh, no. I have to go. I'm supposed meet Jordan. Do I look okay?" She runs small hands through short locks of shaggy blonde hair.

"You look beautiful. Have a great time." Veronica admonishes with a smile.


The tall woman now dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, black boots, and a tan buttoned shirt that is untucked, waits on the hood of the vehicle. The Land Rover Freelander is high enough to allow her to see the young blonde coming from a distance. She takes a look at her watch. 7:30pm. Glancing up again, she sees the crown of a blonde head come near the cluster of trees, so she hops down.

Rhiannon stops by a tree for a moment, and leans against it. Trying to regain her composure after all that her friend told her, she wipes at her face. Okay, don't cry Rhiannon, get yourself together.

"Are you alright?" Comes the deep sensual voice from behind her. She turns to be captured in strong arms embracing her body and soul. Jordan wonders what happened to make her new friend emotional.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Um...just don't want to talk about it now. But I will tell you later."

Jordan looks into emerald eyes as she wipes the cheeks dry with her thumb. "Okay." She says hesitantly, and then leads the small woman to the black SUV.

They pull up into the lot of the Outback Steakhouse just down the road from the fairgrounds. They are escorted to a booth, and sitting down, they take a look at their menus.

Rhiannon is oddly feeling nervous. What the hell? Why do I feel nervous? I feel...almost scared --- but of what? Maybe it's because my soul mate is sitting across from me? Jeez, I can't believe I'm thinking that. Gods I'm suddenly remembering so much from my dreams. But Ver said we've known each other from the beginning, and yet 'us' living before that, I have no recollection.

"Rhi? Rhiannon? Are you alright?" Jordan asks.

"Huh? Uh...yeah. I just...got lost in my thoughts." With embarrassment surfacing, she puts the menu down, grateful the waitress is there to take their orders.

A few minutes of silence pass. Each woman is wondering what to say now.

Rhiannon finally finds the courage to start. "So what is your occupation at the fair?"

"Blacksmith. I make the weapons I sell." Azure eyes look deeply into the young woman's soul. A small sly smirk plays at the corners of her mouth.

"I...see. That explains your...uh...," gulp, "muscular build." Rhiannon feels the heat penetrating right through her being. Gods, I want to touch her...feel her. Damn it, those eyes are going to be the death of me. "Um...you need to stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" Jordan asks innocently. She realizes the torture she is putting the small blonde through, but she can't help herself. She clearly feels that this dance of seduction is not the first for them.

Rhiannon breaks the gaze by looking away, and quickly answers. "Like a panther about ready to pounce on her prey."

A big smile forms on Jordan's face, but she's quick to hide it again. "I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable."

"Okay ladies, here are your appetizers." The waitress interrupts and lays the plates on the table.

The two women dive into the Buffalo wings and the blooming onion while they drink their beers. Rhiannon is grateful for their food coming just in time. She didn't think she could tolerate Jordan's intense gaze.

"And what is your part at the fair?" Asks Jordan.

"I'm just helping Veronica at her shop. Doing sales mostly, but I'll also read palms when she needs me to. She does Tarot readings."

"You truly read palms?" Jordan questions seeking to know the extent of knowledge the small woman has.

"Yes. I'm...um...Ver and I are...Wiccan. So, yeah I do read."

The waitress returns with their dinners. "Chicken and pasta Alfredo is for?"

Rhiannon raises her hand.

"And here's your medium steak, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables." She sets the plate in front of Jordan. "Anything else I can get you at this time?"

They shake their heads no.

Once she leaves, Jordan adds in hoping to make the woman more comfortable, "My sister-in-law and niece are Wiccan."

"Really?" Rhiannon asks excitedly. "Well that puts me more at ease. I was kind of worried about your reaction."

"Did you think I would run out into the night yelling 'witch'?" Jordan questions lightheartedly.

Rhi chuckles. "Maybe."

"That would be too immature and closed-minded of me. Believe me, I know all about Wicca. My sister-in-law is very dedicated to her beliefs. I've gotten used to her and my niece, and their ways in going about their lives."

"And what does your brother think about? Being married to her?"

With eyes downcast, Jordan sadly says, "He's dead."

"Oh, Jordan, I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."

"It's okay. It happened many years ago. He and Delmar were only married for a year. Delmar got pregnant, and they were as happy as clams. The day that Amber was born, we were all at the hospital taking turns holding her and cooing. Heh, you know how silly adults can be around a baby."

Rhiannon solemnly nods.

"Well, David was holding her when he got a great idea. He pulled me to the side and told me his plan to surprise Delmar with a rocking chair that she's been wanting for a while. His idea was to go purchase it and bring it home, so that when he brought mother and daughter home, she would be surprised." She begins to pick at the mashed potatoes before continuing. "He handed Amber back to Delmar, and right at that moment, Delmar swore she had a vision. She grew very scared and pleaded with him not to leave the hospital, and that she needed to talk to him. But he insisted he had to run an important errand and that they could talk when he returned. He never returned. On his way back to the hospital after dropping off the rocker, a semi-truck, whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel rear ended him on highway 47, and they both collided into the cement pillars under the interstate 90 bridge. He died instantly upon impact."

"Oh how terrible. I'm so sorry." She reaches out a hand to grab hold of the larger one across the table. Her heart goes out to her friend as they sit in silence.

Not wanting to dwell on such depressing events, Jordan says, "Um, you asked if we know each other, and...I believe it's very possible. Delmar has told me that my other half is out there searching for me and I her. She said I would know her when I look into her eyes."

Emerald green eyes lock onto sapphire blue. Rhiannon gulps audibly. "And...have you...found...her?" She asks nervously already knowing the answer.

Jordan leans closer, looking deeply, searchingly in jade eyes. "Yes."

That one word alone consumes Rhiannon's heart. She lets out the breath she didn't realize she was holding. "I...want to talk further of this, but not in public. Would you mind if we talk at my place?"

A black eyebrow inches up Jordan's forehead. "Not at all."


"Would you like something to drink?" Rhiannon asks as she turns on the lamp near the couch.

"No, thanks. I'm fine." Jordan takes a seat.

"I have something I'd like to tell you."

"Alright." Jordan responds somewhat suspiciously.

"Veronica did a tarot reading for me. Um...about us."

"Oh, really?"

Rhiannon sits facing Jordan with one bare foot tucked under her butt. Pushing a lock of hair behind her ear, she continues, "Yeah. You're probably going to think it's weird but she told me we're soul mates and that we've been together from the beginning of time."

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