A Change in Jenny Ch. 01


So as we approached them, the looks on their faces went from surprise to curiosity and then to delight. Both men had the presence of mind to duck just enough as the car passed by so they could get a better look, the car slowing down a full 8 or 10 miles per hour. And as she passed them, involuntarily she looked at them, turning somewhat to face them, making the view even better for them.

As she passed them, her bare tits exposed, bare, nipples pert and erect, both of them projected out for them to see, they were no more than six or eight feet away. Even as it passed them at better than 45 MPH, they got a great view of my wife's bare tits.

Jenny instantly blushed bright red, knowing they had seen her tits. Then she immediately looked over at me. I could see the shame she felt of having those two men look at her and then it was replaced with the fear of my reaction. My immediate response was "Give it some gas, or they will think you are stopping for them. Unless of course you do want to pick them up."

This broke her somewhat out of the trance as the thought of actually meeting and riding with the two men with them knowing what her bare tits looked like suddenly filled her with dread. She instantly floor boarded the car and it shot forward. I followed with "Not too fast dear. You don't want to get stopped."

She slowed down to 55, the blush still very evident on her face. She was breathing very heavily now and then glanced quickly over to me and then, face and eyes straight ahead she said in a very timid, pleading voice "I'm sorry, I didn't see them until it was too late. Please don't be mad."

I realized she was most worried about my reaction. I could see an exit up ahead a mile or so and just said "Pull off at the exit."

She started to cover herself up and I let her. By the time we reached the exit, she was almost in tears. There was an abandoned gas station and I had her pull up in front of it. Once she pulled in and stopped the car, I turned to her and looked her in the eyes. She had a hard time meeting my gaze, but she tried hard, so afraid of what I would say.

"Did you enjoy the comments those truckers had about you."

She was a little confused, and thought about it for a second and the slowly said "Kinda."

"Did you like them checking out your legs and your tits?" She quickly countered, misunderstanding my question, with "But they didn't see anything."

"They saw it covered up, but they imagined you sitting there naked. Did you like that?"

Once more she hesitated and then said a little sheepishly "Yes."

"Did you like having those two hitch-hikers seeing your bare tits?"

She bit her lip a little and cautiously said "A little."

"Did it excite you?"

Again a cautious "A little bit."

Now it was time for the big question. I pulled her top back down so that her tits were out. Cupping one in each hand, I slowly started rubbing her still-erect, hard nipples. I asked "Would you like to show them again?"

She leaned her head back when I started, enjoying the sensation of having her tits fondled and her nipples teased. Her eyes flew open and her breath caught when she heard the question and it took her a few seconds before she closed her eyes once more, took one more deep breath and whispered "Yes."

Then she bit her lower lip a little and opened her eyes cautiously to look at me, trying to judge my reaction.

I smiled at her and said "Surprisingly enough, it actually turned me on too."

I waited a second or two for that to set in and then said rather authoritatively "Ok. For the rest of this trip, we are going to try this out. If we don't like it after we get home, we won't do it again."

She just nodded.

"And sweetheart, eventually, before this trip is over, you will show everything."

To Be Continued

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