tagLoving WivesA Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 03

A Chat With A Loving Wife Ch. 03


When I arrived at work it was an hour early. I didn't get a whole lot done yesterday afternoon because I had spent a long time jerking and sucking off Rick's big cock. When I went to my desk I have a message on my phone. Answering it I heard my husband's almost crying as he said: "You left without any panties on!! They are lying on the bed. You did that on propose Bonnie. You put them there to show me you were gong into work without them You are going to show Rick your body again! Please don't do it Bonnie. Please don't let him fuck you! Oh God now I will be so upset all day! Why did you do this?"

He had left the message and then hung up. I sat there wondering if I had done the right thing. I mean I was testing him to see if he wanted what I was almost 100% sure he did. I pushed back away from the desk a little and crossed my legs. My skirt was short, and with my legs crossed it was high up on my thigh maybe 8 inches about my knees. I turned a little and saw Rick sitting there looking at me. I smiled and said: "Morning Rick did you have a good evening?"

He smiled back and walked to my door way. He looked at my legs and said: "It was OK. It would have been better if you would have come home with me like I asked you to do. We could have really given each other a work out baby! By the way, that skirt is really short. I like it. Uncross your legs for me."

I smiled and slowly lifted my left leg which was over my right one and uncrossed my legs extremely slowly. I wasn't sure if he saw that I wasn't wearing any panties today. But he did see my garter belt and stockings. He smiled and said: "I love light blue, and those stockings are beautiful. They look really good on your long shapely legs Bonnie. Now open our knees for me and let me see if the panties match."

I smiled and told him: "No Rich. I can tell you for sure they don't match at all."

He said: "Show me. Open your knees for me and let me see."

I smiled again and very slowly teasing him I opened my legs and spread my thighs wide. There I was smiling at him and taking his picture as they say. His hand went to his crotch and he adjusted himself holding that big lump of a cock and balls showing me his size again. Then he said: "I see you're wearing flesh color panties today. Lift your feet and put them on your desk for me. That's it! NO! Keep your legs open baby!"

I did exactly what he asked, no what he told me to do. I lifted both feet and with my thighs spread wide I place my heels on the desk letting my pussy smile at Rick now. He had a big hard on I could tell from the budge pushing out in his slacks. He smiled at me and asked: "Should I come in and lock the door, I haven't had breakfast yet and you look so ready to be eaten baby!"

I just moaned the word: "Yes"

Rick stepped into the office and closed the door. I heard the lock close and knew what he was going to do. He turned my chair around and had me put my feet on the edge of the chair. Then he knelt right in front of me and put his face against my already wet swollen pussy slit. I moaned again as his mouth found my cunt and he began to suck and lick me. He held my thighs open wide with his strong hands and licked and sucked and licked and sucked my pussy and I gushed as I came in minutes of his touch. It was an earth moving orgasm and I shuttered and thrust my pussy into his warm wet talented mouth! I held his head and pumped my pussy hard against his lips cumming and cumming and cumming!

When it ended I was like someone had put a sugar cube in a hot cup of tea. I was melted I had slid down in the chair, my feet now on the floor. My skit up around my hips and my legs still spread wide open and completely wet with my cum and his spit. My head was back and my mouth open and my eyes closed. I had a huge smile on my face. My heart was pounding hard and fast and I was drained.

I had no shame I stayed like that as Rick watched me. He wiped his mouth and face with his shirt and helped me sit up. Then he said: "You taste like fine wine Bonnie. No don't close your legs yet, just let me take in that beautiful cunt and smell your sexual musk and feel your wet cum seeping out of your hole."

I left my thighs open for him to do with it as he wanted. He rubbed my pussy and then took his fingers and sucked them. He did that a few times and then told me to sit up. He helped me straighten my clothes and then he told me he would see me after work. That's all he said and walked out of my office. I called my husband but he had left for work.

The day went by slowly and all day we kept missing each other and finally around 4PM he called and I answered. He again was bitching about me not wearing any panties and that he was scared I was going to fuck Rick. Finally I told him to shut up. He did and then I told him that when and if I ever fucked Rick that I would tell hi first and make sure it was OK to do it. He told me it would never be OK. He was scared thatonce I samplede Rick's big cock I would leave him!

I asured my husband i would never leave him for a cock and I felt he liked me thinking and telling him about Rick. He told me he didn't like it. But I laughed a little reminding him of how hard his little cock was when I told him what happened the other day and how great the sex was that we had afterwards. He didn't comment but I did. I asked him to tell me the truth and I asked if his cock was hard now. He stuttered for a few seconds and finally told me yes. I knew it would be.

I told my husband that I would be about an hour late tonight but I would not be fucking Rick. I was only going to talk with him and maybe show him I didn't wear any panties today and tease him. Of course I told my husband that it might mean I would have to jerk Rick off again but I swear that I won't fuck Rick....today!

He finally agreed that his cock was very hard and that he had enjoyed talking about what I did with Rick and that the sex was in fact the best we had in years. But he wouldn't agree that it was what I did with Rick that made the sex so good. But I told him I felt it was and we agreed to talk about it later tonight when I got home. Again I reminded him I would be late and we hung up.

At 6 PM everyone had left for the day. Rick came to my door and stepped into the room. I smiled and told him he was right on time. I undid my blouse and unhooked my bra and pulled back from my desk and opened my legs again so he could see my pussy. My breasts were out and my legs open and Rick could see and I saw that he was enjoying the view.

Rick moved to the side of my desk and he didn't say a word. He just undid his slacks and his big cock came falling out standing straight out at my face again. I didn't need to be told this time what to do. I took it in my hand and put my lips on the head. He said: "Yes baby! Suck it. Suck my cock. Worship it baby! Make me cum like I did you! Suck my dick baby and drink my seed again today. We will do this everyday Bonnie if you agree to it sweetheart. You will soon learn to love drinking my cum as much as I love eating that sweet tight little pussy. I don't think I'll ever get more than two fingers in your hole until I fuck you a few times and open you up, stretch your hole so we can really enjoy the sex and time we will spend together. Your husband's cock must be thin because you are as tight as a virgin."

I moaned as he filled my mouth with his cock head and then his shaft chocking me from time to time as he fucked my mouth! I felt his big balls as I held them in my hands. I needed two hands to hold both of them completely. His cock had begun to hit the back of my throat now and move into my airway. I sucked and sucked him following his directions. I tried to take him deeper down my throat. I was learning but it would take time. He told me that too.

You see this was all new to me. I mean my husband's cock was small enough that I could take all of his into my mouth and suck it. Rick's cock filled my mouth and I still could hold part of his shaft with my other hand. I used it to pump his shaft making him feel as good as he had made me feel early today.

Rick sighed deeply and held my head as he said: "To bad you didn't bring any panties today. I'm going to cum and you're going to be covered with it baby! I held up my skirt and took his cock out of my mouth long enough to tell him: "I want you to cum over my tits thighs and pelvis. I want to watch as that big cock spits its cums today. I want you to cum on my body so I can take it home tonight. Cum like that on me tonight baby!"

He said: Shut up and suck!"

I did and he told me he would do what I wanted only if I would let him fuck me one day next week. He said he wanted me badly and that my body needed to feel what a real cock, a man's cock, could do for me. He told me I would feel sex like I never felt before and that I would cum more than I ever did before when we had time together alone without the fear of someone coming into my office.

He told me I should just tell him the day before and he would arrange a place for us to fuck in a hotel room at first then at his place and then before we finished our affair he would fuck me in my bed at home in my house. I maoned with lust!

And then Rick told me that if my husband wanted to watch us fuck he could. If he didn't we could do it when he wasn't there. Rick didn't seem to care either way.

That was the hottest thing Rick ever said to me and I moaned again in agreement as he dripped pre cum in my mouth and around my lips. He held my face upward so I could look him in the eye. He told me later on that it much more erotic to see me looking at his face when I suck his cock.

As his pre cum almost ran into my mouth now I knew he was close to shooting his cum! He took a big deep breath and pulled that beautiful big cock out of my mouth and I knew we were both sad to see and feel his cock coming out of my mouth!

But I wanted this badly, I wanted Rick to cum on me so I could show my husband when I got home what happened. Then Rick stood between my wide open thighs and as I kept my skirt up and out of the way he began to stroke that monster dick directly at my pelvis.

It didn't take long before he was grunting and he began to shoot ropes of cum all over my belly, pelvis tops of my thighs and as I arched up to take it he finished cumming directly between my inner thighs on my pussy.

Once he was done he quickly moved back to my breasts and dripped the last of it out over my breats. Finally I took it into my mouth and I sucked, drained and cleaned his cock feeling it deflate in my mouth and hands.

When Rick was completely drained he stepped back and I was able to see his completely deflated soft cock for the first time. I put my hand over my moth in amazement! Rick's cock was 6 inches long soft. He was as big soft as my husband was hard. I couldn't believe his size and I knew I wanted him even more now.

We said our goodbyes and he pushed me again about going to his place or a hotel so he could fuck me and show me what it was like to fill my cunt with a "huge dick" as he called it.

I declined again but told him one day we would. I knew deep inside it wouldn't be long before I felt that monster beautiful dick inside me giving me the fucking of my life.

I made sure Rick's cum was all over my lower body and breasts and my clothes. I knew I most likely smelled like a fuck fest as I went to the parking lot but I didn't care. I got into my car and drove home wondering if my husband would get a hard on when he saw me covered with Rick's cum. I knw he would smell it on me and I would get him to touch Rick's cum on my body and then make him taste it. If he did I would know for sure that he would be OK with mew fucking Rick. Maybe he would even want to watch me do it. I was excited as hell when I pulled up in front of the house. My husband's car was already there and i knew he was waiting for me and was scared.

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