tagLoving WivesA Classic Line Ch. 02

A Classic Line Ch. 02


Warning!!! The central male figure in this story gets cuckolded! Those of you, for whom this is a problem, should go on to something different. If you do decide to read on, please know that I have intended to portray him as an exceptionally strong character and anything but a wimp! However successful I have been doing that is, of course, in the eyes of the reader.

Although Part 2 would probably stand on its own, reading Part 1 first should add a great deal to the over all story.

* * * * *

After 26 years of marriage to the finest man I could ever hope to know, I was on my way to my version of skydiving.

I was off to sample the thrill of fucking another man.

Not an affair.

Just a one time, no strings attached, night of fucking and sucking, for nothing other than the sort of thrill that my husband got from his skydiving.

I packed a very small bag with a change of underwear, a towel and some make-up, then drove off to meet Brian. I was well down the road when I noticed I had forgotten to fill the tank. I probably had enough gas but was determined to leave at first light in the morning and didn't want to run out.

Once I was well on my way I realized that I had also left my mobile phone in Tim's Navigator when we were out together earlier in the week.

There was a service centre on the highway a few minutes from the resort road where I stopped for gas, paid cash and moved on. The directions were easy to follow. The resort was on a local road less than 15 minutes off the interstate. It was a very pretty place built on the side of a lake. There were a string of cabins well spread along a dirt lane and I followed it to a copse of trees, behind which, there was a cabin, visibly more luxurious than the others. I parked my car and went to the door but before I reached it, Brian came out, kissed me on the cheek and hugged me.

He asked if I was hungry or thirsty and after a small glass of wine he asked if I would like a little tour. I could see that he was trying to put me at ease and I was grateful.

After a 20 minute tour of what was a really beautiful area, we returned to his cabin which was well stocked with prepared food and all kinds of booze. Brian said I was welcome to have a soda, wine or whatever but that if I didn't mind, he was going to have a martini. After he offered, I decided to have one too.

After I had finished most of it, I went to look out at the scenery and a few moments later Brian came up behind me and put his arms around me, cupping my breasts in the process. I felt a thrill rush through me and it continued as he turned me around, kissed me passionately, led me inside, then undressed me.

Once I was naked, I realized Brian had already stripped and was wearing only a terrycloth robe. He laid me gently on the bed and took off the robe giving me an opportunity to see him. Brian is as tall as Tim but is much bigger across the shoulders and chest. Everything else appeared to be about the same size and Brian did me the courtesy of putting a condom on his erect cock.

He licked hungrily at my breasts for quite a while then moved down to lick my pussy. It didn't feel bad, but somehow not as exciting as I expected. Not having slept much for the past few nights, I put my lack of excitement down to being tired.

It seemed he was at it for an unusually long time and it finally occurred to me to relax and let an orgasm come on.

Although not earth shattering, I finally came and Brian moved up and pushed himself into me and now I was being fucked by the only man, besides my husband, ever to do so. In a few moments we established a rhythm and once again I concentrated on relaxing and once more, after a while, it worked and I came again.

Moments later Brian came as well.

He rolled his weight off me but put his arm around me and for the next while he encouraged me to relax and enjoy.

As nice as he was trying to be, it all too late occurred to me that this was a mistake!

I even remember briefly thinking that I hoped Tim got a bigger thrill out of his skydiving than I was getting from my adultery.

It's funny how that word popped up!

I hadn't thought of using the term until now. I had convinced myself (not a difficult task) that this was to be a thrill ride, like jumping from a plane, and had, consciously or otherwise, avoided "telling it like it is".

Damn. Damn. Damn. Where in hell do all these classic lines come from?

Some time later, Brian rolled away and then back with another condom, which he asked me to put on for him. Being out of practice, given Tim and I hadn't used them in the past 25+ years, I fumbled a bit with it but that seemed to turn Brian on and he seemed anxious to get on with it.

This time he lasted much longer and try, as I did, I couldn't relax enough to cum, so I finally resorted to the age old practice of supporting your man's ego and faked it, something I don't recall ever having done with Tim. Initially, I couldn't tell if Brian was fooled, but it soon served its purpose as he came while I was at the height of my performance.

We lay together for quite a while all the time Brian encouraging me to relax. When he finally got up he said he needed to shower and did I want to join him. I said no thanks as long as he didn't mind, so he went into the shower. I heard the water go on but he couldn't have done much more than get wet as he came out of it in a matter of less than a minute, I'm sure.

He asked if I wanted another martini but I said no thanks. At that point I was thinking of ways I could get out of there. I had hoped that maybe Brian was done but I remembered the tales of his amazing recovery power and was reminded of not only that, but also the stories about him getting bigger as the night went on for when he took off the robe and sat at the side of the bed, his cock was noticeably swollen. I could see that it was bigger, as I had a first hand view when he, as he had done earlier, handed me the condom to put on him.

I fumbled at it once again and once again it seemed to enflame him and I had no sooner got it on, when he pushed me back and began again to lick my nipples with renewed enthusiasm. I discovered I couldn't relax enough and finally realized that. . . I wasn't turned on by him at all!

The fantasy was better than the reality!

Yep, another classic line.

Somewhere in the time Brian moved from my tits to my pussy and then pushed in to me, I made another in a series of very bad decisions.

In my twisted thinking, it occurred to me that the sooner he got his rocks off, the sooner I would be able to leave.

I did everything I could think of.

I pushed back. I let my breathing get ragged. I licked and sucked on his neck and ear lobes. I drove my tongue into his mouth when he kissed me. I moaned and I groaned. I urged him to "fuck me" and I faked as many orgasms as I dared. I was thinking this was going to be an Academy Award performance.

It worked, as Brian came more quickly than he had the last time.

"That was fantastic!" he said as he rolled off me and lay back, catching his breath, "You're the best fuck of all! I wish I had invited you first. I may never have invited the others."

"Thanks Brian, but this is a one time only event, entirely confidential, with no strings, right!"

"Yeah! Sure!" he said as got up on his knees beside me.

I was fearful of facing what came next but I had to know it was going to happen, as Brian pushed his large, semi erect cock into my face. Staying with the plan, I gave him the performance of a lifetime and licked and sucked with all the energy I could muster, moving as fast on him as I possibly could. I took the head into my mouth and ran my tongue back and forth under the knob of his cock. I licked up and down the sides and over his scrotum time after time. I racked my brain to remember all the things that Tim had told me he liked me to do.

Brian was excited, he was swollen and he was hard, which was all the proof I needed of the stories, all of which, I had so forcefully insisted were exaggerations.

They were not!

He had already cum three times and he was still at it. I was near the point of giving up, when I could feel a swelling of his already large cock. Then, in spite of having cum three times in the last few hours, he almost filled my mouth. I swallowed it down.

"Damn! You are by far the best cocksucker too." He exclaimed as he fell back on the bed, a look of extreme satisfaction on his face.

For the next 40 minutes Brian tried to be accommodating. He offered to get me a drink or a sandwich. I declined both, but for himself, Brian poured a martini from the shaker into a mug and drank it down as he devoured a large bun stuffed with some kind of meat. While he did, I noticed it was 2:15 AM. All I wanted to do was go home. He asked if I'd like to get some air but I was too busy trying to think of how I could broach the subject of me leaving and by the time I realized what he said, he put on the robe and went out the door.

He reappeared moments later and said it was a beautiful night and I should come out to see it. It was and it gave me the courage to ask if he minded if I called it a night. After his initial objection, we agreed on "one more for the road" and with an end in sight, I returned to the bed with enthusiasm. He put the condom on himself this time, then had me on all fours. I continued with my performance with the same results. He was turned right on and came seemingly as quickly as he had much earlier in the evening and by 3:30 AM my ordeal was apparently over.

I showered, put on the change of underwear and threw the stuff I had worn there, into the garbage, then got dressed. When I returned to the bedroom to say goodnight, Brian had visibly had second thoughts about my leaving. I told him my mind was made up and that I was leaving, warning him that although I had come there on my own, detaining me would be an offence and as my husband already knew I was there, (I lied!) he had nothing that could keep me, except force.

His mood had changed dramatically and more than a little fearful, I ran from the cabin.

"Fuck you!" he shouted as I left.

All the way home all I could think of was what an ass I was.

I was home just after 6:00 AM and I headed straight for the shower. Scrub as I did, I could not wash the stench of adultery off my body. It's strange how easily that word "adultery" came to mind. It never occurred to me while I was planning it.

At one point, while sitting on the floor of the shower cabinet, I began to laugh out loud like some kind of lunatic. Somehow, out of nowhere it occurred to me that I wished I had gone skydiving rather than do what I did!

When I finally realized that I was not going to be able to wash my infidelity away, I dried off, put on a nightie and went to our bed where I dozed on and off for several hours then made coffee and a small snack. Afterwards I dozed on and off for the rest of the day and through the night; my conscience punishing me relentlessly.

The telephone startled me!

When I finally got myself together, I answered to hear Tim's voice ask if I was O.K.. I answered "yes" but said I wished (sincerely) he were home. He said he was only a few minutes away and did I need anything from the supermarket.

I said no but added, "Tim, I love you!"

"I love you too Babe. We need to talk when I get there."

"There's a whole lot I need to tell you too Tim, but most of all, I love you! Hurry home!"

Strangely, it seemed like Tim pulled into our driveway as soon as we hung up. I had no idea where to begin but I knew I had to tell Tim of my foolishness. I had thought to spare him the hurt and embarrassment but I knew it would be worse if he found out elsewhere. Brian seemed quite angry when I left and might not live up to his word. Besides, I knew Tim loved me and I knew I'd get a fair hearing if nothing else.

I ran into his arms the moment he came through the door and felt comfort and reassurance there, but when we finally broke apart I could see he was tired and worn looking. I was embarrassed to realize that I had no idea where his meeting had been or how long he had been traveling.

Well, no matter! He's home now and that's what counts.

"Tim, I've done something selfish and foolish and I need to tell you about it." As I spoke the words, I looked into his face and was taken back immediately. He looked sad, tired and worn out already. He must have been a long way out and had had a long drive home.

I got us coffee, then we sat in our living room where I proceeded to tell all.

"I love you Tim! More than I know how to say, but in spite of that I've selfishly satisfied my own curiosity by meeting and fucking Brian!"

"I'm so sorry!"

"I had originally planned to do it when you were not home to satisfy my curiosity and never tell you. I cannot do that. In spite of my embarrassment over what I've done and even knowing how I have hurt and embarrassed you, I can't keep it from you. The original deal with Brian was to spend the whole night. Very early in the evening I discovered that it was no great fun at all and that there was no thrill. I just felt stupid and dirty and I just wanted to leave and when I finally did, it pissed Brian off. I decided that leaving was more important than keeping him happy, so I left."

As I was speaking, Tim's expression seemed to hold fast, not changing at all. He was tired and, now that I think of it, very, very sad. As we sat in silence for a while it finally dawned on me why.

"Damn you Em!" he said, as his eyes began to tear. "Damn you!"

As bad as the experience had been Friday night; as bad as it had been that day while I was waiting for Tim to finish his skydive, I have never felt such pain as I did looking into his eyes, as I told him of my idiocy with Brian. Never, in my wildest imagination, did I realize how much this would hurt him and seeing him in such pain and knowing I caused it, hurt me even more.

The worst part was realizing Tim already knew something had transpired.

It was a long night.

Tim made it clear he wanted none of the details. He had stopped on his way out to meet up with some of the guys who were attending his presentation and had seen me pull out of the service station on my way up. He had attempted to follow me to try to stop me, but by the time he got into his car and got on to the highway, I was nowhere to be seen. I remembered the resort road was only a few minutes past the service station. He had tried calling my mobile, only to hear it ring inside his own vehicle.

He had spent the past two nights suspecting the worst and hoping for the best.

He also said, as he had promised, he would do his best to handle it.

Things were pretty uncomfortable around our home for the next few days. Tim spent a lot of time sitting in his home office or out walking around the property by himself, deep in thought and in pain.

I felt the pain too, but it was my doing that had caused it. I had it coming! Tim didn't.

Without consulting him, I gave notice at the company and indicated I would be finished in two weeks.

Finally, exactly one week later, Tim asked if I'd like to play some golf. We played nine and although still a little tense, things were better. We ate dinner at the club and Tim opened a bottle of wine when we got home that evening and seeing that, I showered and dressed in a negligee and short housecoat before joining him for a drink.

We sat on the deck and as I enjoyed the drink he got for me, he stood behind me and began to massage my shoulders. Tim gives the best massages but in this case I was ecstatic just to feel his loving touch.

From there we went to our bed and, once in it, Tim kissed me, gently at first, then more and more passionately. He started moving his kisses down to my neck then, after removing what little I was wearing, spent a very long time sucking on each nipple. My excitement level was very high and by the time he got to my pussy, I went over the top. As I gradually came back down from that incredible high, I realized he was still there, licking and sucking my clit.

This was new, and certainly effective, as a few minutes later I came again.

This time he crawled up and kissed me again, our tongues battling and I could taste myself on him.

After a brief rest, I started to reciprocate. I worked my way down to his erect cock and took it into my mouth, savoring not only the taste, but the closeness of what I knew was the only man I would ever want. I felt gratitude and joy in having such a wonderful, forgiving man.

My joy rapidly turned to concern!

Tim was wilting in my mouth. His lovely erection was fading.

I renewed my efforts but to no avail and after a while he pulled me gently up beside him.

"Tim! I'm so sorry. I've been a fool." I said, the tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Easy on yourself Babe!" he answered, chuckling a little, "This is the price you pay when you get older. It was going to happen sooner or later. We'll survive!"

It a way it made me both happier to have him respond like that and sadder to realize what a wonderful man I have wronged.

Twice more during the following week we tried making love but although he was initially hard, it didn't stay that way and we were unable to bring him to orgasm. Both times however, he had eaten me to a delicious climax beforehand. On the third attempt, rightly or wrongly, I insisted that we get him off first and after a valiant effort but with no success, we gave up and he held me for the rest of the night.

By this time I had finished at work so Tim and I were together all day and all night and our relationship became even more strained over the next two weeks. Then Tim had another seminar and had to be away both Friday and Saturday.

As it was just two days, we had never got into the habit of him calling while away. He always left his hotel information when he travelled and, of course, he had his mobile phone, but this time I asked, "Would you call me each evening please?"

"Sure." Was his response and he kissed me and off he went that Friday afternoon.

About 6:15 that evening my phone rang. It was Tim. He told me it was an easy flight that got off on time and arrived early. He confirmed his accommodation information and that he expected tonight's meeting to end about 9:00 or 9:30 and tomorrow they would go from about 10:00 AM to 5:30 or 6:00. Most of the participants lived locally and would go home. A few, like him, would stay and catch an early flight Sunday morning.

I asked him if he would call again after his meetings finished later that night.

"Em, I'm not going to start checking up on you every time I'm away. That's no way for us to live. I'll be home about noon on Sunday."

By the time that conversation ended I was wishing it had never started. Tim had every right to check up on me. I had lied, albeit silently, and I had cheated, yet he continued to trust me as he always had.

As promised, he called that Saturday night, again at about dinnertime and again declined to call later. It amused me to think that maybe he didn't want to call later because he had something going on.

If he did, I certainly had it coming.

By 10:00PM, I was no longer amused.

What is it they say, . . ."Liars think everyone else is a liar.", "Cheaters think everyone else is a cheater."?

(Two classic lines in one!)

I called Tim's room about 10:05. He answered immediately.

I told him I was lonely and I needed to hear his voice. He was so sweet and we talked about his presentation and some of the characters he met there and after a while when there was little left to say, he invited me to call anytime through the night if I needed to talk I didn't, but knowing I was invited to, made me feel a lot better.

We didn't even try making love the following week. It was as if we were both afraid of failure.

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