A Close Friend


"Oh damn lover! Take my cock and suck it...oh damn that's it!!"

"ssshhhhhh...don't forget Bill is here! We need to keep the noise down, but after 3 days I have to have your cock. Just keep it down."

I had just come out of the spare bedroom and heard voices. The door was slightly ajar and I could hear them talking clearly.

"I know...but my balls are full and watching you do me is driving me crazy! Lay down here beside me and suck me while I fuck you with this dildo and you can do yourself with the vibrator. You know how I love that!"

"Are you going to tell me a story and then shoot your cum all over my breasts?"

I had been invited to stay with Jerry and Terry for a week while a crew worked on my house. The foundation in the basement had shifted and they were rebuilding it. To save the money of having to stay in a motel for a week Jerry had suggested I just stay with them. He and I had been best of friends all through school and had both lived and worked in the same town all of our life. The difference being he was still married while mine had ended in a rather messy divorce. My cock was pressing against my shorts and I allowed my fingers to rub along the length. At 50 years old I hadn't been to "lucky" in the sex department the past year. I had visited some of the single bars but felt rather out of place, so had relegated myself to porno flicks and those pictures and stories on the Internet. Masturbation wasn't all that bad, and I had begun to enjoy it more than the actual act of lovemaking.

"Ohh, the precum is leaking! You must be thinking of a good story for me, aren't you?"

"I just might be." I could hear Jerry chuckle. "One of your favorites and now all the better."

"Ohhhh, Gawd!! Jerry!! Yes, tell me. With Bill in the next room it will be so real! My pussy is wet thinking about it!... tell me! Tell me!!"

My cock throbbed listening to them! Did they have a fantasy that included me?! I moved closer to the door. Jerry continued with his story and I could hear the hum of the vibrator working over Pat's clit. She was getting aroused and began to moan. My own cock raged inside my shorts as I listened to Jerry telling Terry how he and I would have her body...

"That's it fuck him lover! Take that cock of Bill's deep! You want his thick hard cock fucking you and then shooting his load all over your pussy and belly...wouldn't you?"


Terry started to cum and I could literally hear the dildo as Jerry slammed it in and out of her pussy. As her orgasm subsided she then began...

"...and you would be straddling my head, stroking your cock watching him cover my belly with his white sticky cum... wouldn't you...you would love to see him cum...wouldn't you lover..."

"Yes...yes...you know I would!"

I could hear his fist working up and down his cockshaft

"Do it lover...let him see you jack off and shoot your hot cum across my tits and down my belly to mix with his cum! That's it stroke that hard cock of yours...ohhh, you balls are getting full!"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My cock strained inside my pants a large wet spot of my precum had soaked through. My fingers ran along my shaft through the material.

"Oh my God, Jerry! ...He's licking his cum off my pussy and sucking my clit!...Watch him...watch him do me Jerry!"


There was no mistaking that he was unloading his cum all over Terry's body! As it became quiet in their bedroom I moved silently towards my room, undoing my shorts as I went. Lying across the bed I pulled the skin down tight towards the base of my cock and cupped my balls. Using my other hand I circled the crown with my finger and thumb and began rubbing over the highly sensitive area. Closing my eyes I pictured Jerry's fantasy and my balls filled. My fingers moved faster, I could feel my cum building. 'Damn I'd love to lick her pussy!' I thought to myself. Squeezing the base my entire fist closed over the shaft and I stroked faster. "...grrrr..." I released the base and my fist slammed the length of my cock. 'Terry's pink slit stared at me, my cock head pointed directly over her clit.

She takes her fingers and spreads the lips and I can see it protruding from the hood.' My hips rise off the bed. "gggaaawwwwdddDDD..." Cum explodes and I feel it landing on my chest and belly. My fist moves faster and faster, emptying my balls. All the time picturing it landing on Terry's open slit! My hand slows and I milk the last of the cum from my softening cock. The cream covers my fist as I slowly stroke. Drifting off to sleep my thoughts are of what I had just overheard.

"Did you sleep good last night?" Jerry was still in his sweats sitting at the table drinking coffee. Terry was dressed in a pair of fairly tight jeans, sneakers and a sweater that clung and outlined her breasts. This was how she normally dressed on her days off, not overtly sexy, but after last night I looked at her in a very different way.

"Yes, I sure did!" I laughed and thought to myself, 'if they only knew how good!' Grabbing a cup of coffee I sat down at the table with them.

"Bill, I'm going to do some shopping and then get some groceries this morning. My Saturday shopping spree. How about I get some steaks and we'll do them on the grill this evening?" Terry smiled at me. I felt my cock stir in my pants as I looked over at her and could see her nipples adding another outline to her sweater.

"Sure! Here let me give you a couple bucks and let's do some real nice Prime Rib, and pick up a couple bottles of wine too." I handed her a couple twenties. "I'm going to run over to the house for a bit and see how they are coming along."

"Going to be a busy morning," Jerry chuckled. "I've got to take my truck in for service, so I'll be gone awhile myself. Which I better get myself dressed and out of here." Jerry got up and headed out of the kitchen. I glanced casually and couldn't help but notice the outline of his cock hanging freely inside his sweats. I don't usually 'checkout' guys cocks, but his had to be 8" long hanging down against his thigh. I had always thought that my cock fully erect at 8" and 5" around was big! I couldn't help wonder what his was erect!

Terry giggled. "Yeh, he's a stud!" I could feel my face turn beet red as I looked back over to her, not realizing that I must have been staring.

"Ah...ohh...I didn't mean...I mean...I..." Damn this was embarrassing!

"That's ok, you couldn't help but miss it! Besides Jerry has always enjoyed showing himself off when he has the chance." Terry laughed again. "Well, I better be on my way."

I watched her walk out the door and couldn't help but admire her soft black shoulder length hair, and the gentle movement of her ass as she moved. I wondered what her nipples looked like on what must be about 38C breasts? My cock began stirring again. I shook the thoughts from my head and finishing my coffee headed out the door.

It was about an hour before I got back and noticed that there was no one at the house yet. I hadn't been able to get the thoughts of the night before out of my mind, and then to top it off I couldn't help but wonder what Terry's comments had meant. My cock had it's own ideas and as I walked in the house it was pressing tightly against my jeans. Since there wasn't anybody around I headed up to my bedroom and pushing my pants down around my ankles I laid back across the bed. Reaching for the oil I coated my cock and began stroking along the length. Closing my eyes I pictured what Terry's nipples would look like naked. My fingers played along the crown. Replaying everything I had overheard the night before I grasped the shaft and the sound of the oil slickly moving between my fist and cock was erotic. I pumped faster feeling my balls begin to fill...

"I guess I'm not the only one that likes to masturbate."

I jumped up, my cock still in my hand! Jerry was standing in the doorway with a grin on his face. I began trying to pull my pants back up.

Jerry smiled. "Hell man, don't be embarrassed. I do it all the time myself. Besides after listening to Pat and I last night you must really be horny."

"Huh?!?!...," was all I could manage.

"I saw your shadow pass the doorway last night and knew you were listening... then when you went back to your room we opened our door and listened to you jack off. Terry found it quite exciting... as did I." Glancing down I noticed that his cock was hard and outlined along his leg. "Terry won't be back for a few hours, come here I have something to show you." Jerry turned and walked towards his bedroom. My cock was still half hard as I pulled my shorts up and followed.

"This is one of my favorites." Jerry pushed a video in and hit 'play'. On the TV came a picture of a woman who could only be Terry was half sitting on the bed completely naked with her legs spread wide. "Sit back and enjoy, I am." Jerry pulled his shirt off and dropping his pants sat down on the bed. I looked at the screen and then at Jerry. He slowly slid his hand up and down the length of his cock. It was huge! It wasn't as thick as mine but it had to be at least 10" from base to tip! Looking back to the screen I could see Jerry standing next to her. She held his cock in her hand and was licking along the head, slowly sucking it into her open mouth. His hand held the end of a thick dildo that he pushed into her open pussy.

"damnnn..." I raised my hips pushing my shorts and boxers down around my ankles. Lying back on the bed next to Jerry I grabbed my hard cock and began stroking. Jerry picked up the remote and adjusted the volume.

"...you'd like to suck Bill's cock wouldn't you? Get it nice and hard then feel his white prick fill your naked black pussy." Terry's free hand found her clit and as the dildo slammed into her pussy she spread her slit open and her finger began to rub furiously on the hard button. "You want to feel his cock fill with cum and explode... feel his hot cum fill you and run out of your used slit!" Terry moaned as she listened to Jerry and her finger continued rubbing her clit. Jerry stood over her breasts his fist moving in a blur up and down his cockshaft. "I'm going to shoot cum all over your tits while he cums in your hot black cunt!"

"OHHHHHHHYESSSSSS..." Terry's hips bucked off the bed as her orgasm peaked. Jerry slammed the dildo into her spasming pussy. His own hand a blur as his first loads of cum shot across her breasts and nipples. You could hear Jerry groan as the screen went dark.

I was completely engrossed in the scene and my own hand was jacking my length. I could feel my balls tighten as they filled with cum. The only sound in the bedroom was of our fists pumping our cocks. It wasn't planned but I felt Jerry's fingers wrap around my shaft and I in turn reached over and took his long hard prick in mine. Our eyes met for a split second then we each watched our hands stroke the others hard cock.

"ohhhh...ohhhhh." The sight, the feel, the sound of Jerry's hand doing me was like nothing I had ever felt before. His large black fist wrapped around my white cock and pumped. I couldn't contain my cum any longer and felt it course through the shaft and explode into the air blowing load after load onto my belly and chest. "ahhhhhhhdamnNNNNNNN..." The end of my load oozed from the tip and over Jerry's hand.

"Bill...finish me...ohh damn!" Jerry was staring at my shrinking cock and the cum running down over his hand. I could only stare at his huge black prick in my own fist. The thought of the old song "Ebony and Ivory" flew through my mind as I watched the muscles in his belly tighten and his hips push up off the bed. His hand still held my cock and my hand increased the tempo and I could see his balls begin to rumble in the sac. "ohhhOHHHHH...aaaHHHH..." I could feel the load streaking along the inside of the shaft. My fingers continued stroking, my thumb and index finger encircling the crown. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" Load after load exploded from his cock. Cum landed on his chest and belly...I continued jacking his cock until his cock became limp in my hand. We both lay quietly in our own thoughts but yet holding one anothers spent pricks.

"ugh..uugghh...ohgawdyesss..." We both jumped at the sound and looked to the doorway. There stood Terry! Her blouse open, the straps of her bra pushed over her shoulders exposing her breasts and large hard nipples. Her jeans and panties pushed down around her knees. Leaning against the doorjamb one hand holding her slit open while two fingers of her other hand were bringing her to orgasm. We both watched as she orgasmed. Her eyes fixed on our hands holding each others cocks. Undoing her blouse and bra Terry moved towards us, pausing to remove her jeans and panties. Naked she approached the bed and looking Jerry directly in the eyes whispered..."I want to suck that white cock..."

Jerry smiled and nodded...

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