tagLoving WivesA Command Performance

A Command Performance

byLiz Browner©

A few years ago my husband and I had fallen on some tough times. Mike and I were from a really small town in central Texas where everything was dependent on farming and ranching. Unfortunately, if you didn't own either one and had to do work at one of the local small companies you were pretty well doomed to a meager existence at best.

Being right out of high school, the best he could do was a job at a small feed mill and I waited tables when I could at the local café. The town was so small there wasn't even a movie theatre so it was the best we could do financially to go the twenty miles to another town where we could enjoy an inexpensive dinner and a movie. Denny's would have been a swank restaurant to us. We wanted better but was able to deal with it and make do.

Like many of the kids around, we were married at way too young an age. He was nineteen and I was eighteen when we got married and having done nothing more than engage in heavy petting neither of us knew a whole lot about sex. All we had was the stories I heard on overnights and the lies he listened to as told by the regulars in the local convenience store. It was the only thing to do after ten at night.

Oh, we went pretty far with the petting. It became pretty common for us to be in the car on one of those old dirt country roads with both of us stripped. He would play with my breasts and rub me a lot but it only went so far. I'm not saying I didn't get aroused by it because I did. Many times I went home and went to sleep after masturbating to orgasm several times.

After a while he convinced me to play with him, so I would stroke him slowly until he was so hard I thought he would burst. When I felt him leaking all over my hand I would stop it. I'm sure that after a while it must have been getting to him. He never got mean or nasty but he did let me know how disappointed he was. I would always give him a hug and a little laugh and blew it off.

"If you want to go that far you need to see somebody else." I was petrified of becoming pregnant and being the talk of the town.

"Okay, I will." Sometimes he came back with that, especially the closer to school being over and our little wedding approaching. I never took him seriously and didn't think he did, either. Without fail on those occasions, when I saw him the next day he had a real strange look on his face, one that I couldn't distinguished as being a smug or being sorry.

But, we did get married and I felt very lucky about that. My Grandmother was Mexican and I inherited a naturally tan skin and dark hair. I had played sports all through school so my body was slim, my ass tight, and somehow I had at least ample breast for my build. I was very attracted to Mike and loved the time we spent fondling each other before sex. In the end, though, he would always get on top of me and come real quick.

After each moment he never failed to ask, "Did you get it?" I would always smile and assure him I had. In fact, it was a huge lie. Even though I loved the tenderness of the moment, he always ended up in a rush and never could bring me over the top. As far as him experimenting, a big deal to us was when I straddled and rode him. He enjoyed me playing with his cock but instead of it leading to any fulfilling experience for me it just meant he would spurt all over the two of us instead of inside of me.

Actually, it was starting to get to me a little. Maybe I didn't quite know what it was all really suppose to be about, but what I did know was that my body was responding before he would leave me hanging there with it on fire. It never crossed my mind at the time that I had done that to him for a couple of years.

Our problem started about three in the morning in October. When the fire alarm went off I knew it would be bad but I wasn't expecting the impact on us. The mill he worked at burned to the ground and he was out of work. With twenty men looking for work, Mike had no chance against their experience and two months later he was standing in an Army recruiting office with his right hand in the air.

I was a little surprised and disappointed when on the day before he had to leave he spent several hours with Coach Lemons. I understood in a way, I suppose. Keith Lemons had coached Mike all through high school and since there were only about nine years difference in their age they really hit it off together. Even before graduation they had become steady fishing partners and spent many days and nights together.

Keith was a very large, very handsome man who was the "dream guy" of every girl in town. But he was also married to the prettiest woman in town, too. Actually, he had tried as best he could to talk Mike out of marrying me. Not because it was me, but because he didn't want to see him tie himself down to this little hole with no chance for escape.

During the last few months that we were dating before marriage, I found out that there was a number of nights that after we had been through some real torrid petting he had gone to Coach's house after letting me off rather than going home. I never quite understood that but it was on those occasions that the next day he had that sort of smug look on his face.

Of course I bawled like a baby when he left. He told me Army basic was tough, not so much the activities themselves but more being separated from his family and me. I moved back in with my parents and started paying off our bills, hoping that would allow me to travel with him once he finished his technical school in North Carolina.

Not soon after he was gone I started to miss him sexually. At times I would chastise myself for not enjoying him more when he was here, even though he left me sexually hanging every time. But just the thought of him buried deep and shooting his sperm deep into me would send my fingers deep into my panties at night, fulfilling my needs for a short time but always leaving me wanting in the long term.

It didn't help any when all the guys coming through the restaurant would tease me unmercifully about Mike being gone. When I would turn red at their comments they called me "Bashful Beth," with Elizabeth being my real name. The problem was that about two months after Mike was gone I couldn't deny that I started finding a couple of them attractive and silently and inwardly responded to their teasing.

One of them that especially seemed to leave me shaking was Keith Lemons. What made it even worse to deal with was the closeness that he and Mike had. When he came in with what I would call his very stunning wife he behaved himself. But most of the time she wasn't with him and he never missed a chance to tease me about "doing without." Thank goodness he carefully chose his timing and never made any comments that could be overheard. The town was awful small and was always looking for a new story to spread.

What bothered me more than anything, though, was that each time I was around him I would get that little unwanted tingle, both in my mind and between my legs. I always hoped for a call from Mike as soon as I felt that way in order to shake the unwanted illicit thoughts. Even though I did nothing to attract his attention, I did little to stop it and was aroused when it happened.

It was almost as if Mike was reading my mind. I don't know what was setting him off; stories around the barracks, just sexual thoughts that he found exciting, or what. But all of a sudden he started asking me little things, things concerning my social life and whom I was hanging around with, things like that.

I was upset with him at first about even thinking that way. One night though he called me very late and told me he was housesitting for one of the instructors. He started talking pretty dirty and asking me about my social life again. I got into a little groove with him and started kidding around with him, making up a little story about some guy playing with my tits.

I meant it as a joke but by the time I was through I realized that it had taken a different direction. He was breathing so hard I knew he was getting off on the story. I could hear him when he came, then he totally backed off the subject.

He got into a good deal with some of the instructors there and started house sitting when they were on leave. It seemed like it was every weekend and it allowed him to use his phone card to call me in private on a regular basis.

Very quickly every conversation we had went to the subject of my sex life and me. It was more of "Are you doing okay with me gone," than "Are you screwing anybody?" but I could tell when he wanted to be aroused and I made up something, each time getting a little more graphic.

He added to it all when he started insisting that I use the speakerphone in my room. Although he called mostly when he knew my parents would be out, he knew I had a private line and was situated in the house so that I could talk in private. I wasn't sure what being on a speaker did for him but it seemed very important and I didn't refuse. I'll have to admit that many times I talked to him my hands were busy, too.

He seemed satisfied with our little games at first but I guess they were starting to wear thin. All of a sudden he wanted me to name somebody in my stories. When I refused to go that far I was shocked when he mentioned Keith. He wanted me to make a story about the two of us! I wasn't about to go there at all.

I didn't get a bit suspicious and thought it a coincidence, but the next couple of days Keith started showing up at the café on a more frequent basis. Every chance he got he would start touching me slightly and giving me little compliments. I won't lie to you and say it didn't affect me. The little tingle that slid down my spine was unmistakable and my senses seemed to be heightened.

On a Friday night Keith and Marla were in the restaurant with Marla's mother and asked if I wanted to come over to be the fourth person for cards. It wasn't my idea of a great night but it was the best offer I had. I changed clothes after work and went over, slowly warming up to the evening. There was some wine flowing, which I don't handle very well. Everybody was friendly and the evening was going nicely. We were around a small card table in the middle of the living room and I was seated next to Keith.

I had dressed pretty sloppy and was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts. After a while, Keith started touching my leg with his. I tried not to pay any attention to it but as I sat there his touches became more brazen. He replaced the knee "brushing" with his hand. At first it was just a slight touch, hardly enough to feel. Then it went to more touches and became more frequent. Finally, he gently placed his hand on my knee and left it there. Maybe he had been encouraged by my lack of response to his advances. This time, I acknowledged the intrusion and put my hand under the table, gently and slowly moving his hand away from me.

I was frozen with the events happening to me. How was this going on without them even noticing? Keith didn't give up. Even as I brushed his hand away, he casually continued to search for me under the table, never giving away his intent to the other two. I pushed his hand away a number of times and moved my leg over to try to escape him.

Finally I had moved over as far as I could without being noticed and gave in a little, allowing his hand to stay on my knee. Even though he was making no attempt to go any higher, his fingers started a slow, light massaging just above my knee. I started to shake a little and I could definitely feel the beginning of something that shouldn't have been there. Instead of being as upset as I should have been, I found it to be a little bit of forbidden excitement.

Thank goodness the game started to break up. But just as it did and there was movement around the table, he quickly shot his hand up my leg and under my shorts. It all happened so fast that I wasn't sure if he had just brushed the outside on my panties or had slipped under them. What I did know was that there was a very quick but very definite contact on my pussy. My face turned red and I hoped that he hadn't noticed how wet it was down there. I couldn't feel the dampness but I didn't have to. I knew it was there. His hand on my leg had been too much and I had responded.

I stammered my good-byes and got out of there in a hurry. When I got home I found my initial thoughts to be right. I was soaking wet down there and my panties were, too. I tried to wash it away in the shower, but the tingling I felt wasn't going to leave me that easy. As had become a regular thing with me, I finally resolved it to some degree with my fingers between my legs.

When my body started a familiar undulation in response to my touch I couldn't help but let my imagination drift a little. Instead of just a slight brushing, in my thoughts it went much further with his fingers driving deep within me and extracting a gushing orgasm.

Just as my imagination drifted on to include his mouth I had a huge, silent orgasm. When I was through writhing quietly on my bed, all my thoughts turned to shame. What was happening to me? Where was this coming all of a sudden?

Sleep didn't solve my problem. A fitful night tossing and turning with those illicit thoughts crowding my mind and tantalizing my body wore me out. When Mike called early the next morning I wasn't really ready to talk to him. And I wasn't at all ready for the conversation.

He knew that my parents always go grocery shopping every Saturday morning and that I would be by myself there in the house. After a few minutes of casual conversation he started to steer me into our new pattern.

"Where did you go last night?"

"Keith and Marla's."

"Who else was there."

"Her Mother."

"How'd it go?"

"Okay. We had a good time."

"Did you get to spend any time alone with Keith?"

I almost gasped. Where was this going?

"No, not really."

There was a pause.

"Would you have liked to?"

Wow!! Where did that come from?

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know. He's just such a nice guy."

"Oh, he's okay to talk to." I was thinking about his fingers touching me.

"What would you do if he tried to touch you?"

It was like I had been hit between the eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"You know, touching you. Your legs, tits, something like that."

I managed a nervous little laugh.

"Well, for one, he wouldn't want to. Not with a wife that looks like Marla. And no, I wouldn't let him."

"Well, I just wondered how you might react to him feeling you up a little."

I know the timing was very strange, but then I realized he was trying to engage me in one of our little games.

"Okay, okay. He touched me a little under the table last night."

"Did he? What'd he do?" His voice perked up.

Then I proceeded to tell him in detail exactly what happened. I thought, "What the hell!! If he wants to hear it I'll tell him. He'll never know the difference."

As I went along and he got more into it, I actually got caught up in it. I could hear him breathing and thought I could hear him bringing himself off. When the story slowed a little he begged me for more. I don't know exactly what got into me, but instead of stopping where it really did with Keith brushing my pussy once, instead I told him what I had visualized while I masturbated in bed.

Instead of a one-time light brushing, now there was a strong finger caressing my clit and delving deep into me, bringing me to a crashing orgasm while I was impaled on it. I fell short of telling him about my thoughts of Keith's mouth on me. We had never gone that direction and I didn't want him to be upset about it.

It all worked for him. His breathing got real shaky and he went silent when he came. It must have lasted at least thirty seconds. Then, very quietly, he started quizzing me about Keith again. I really didn't understand where he was coming from and told him so. When we hung up I was really upset with him.

Then all of a sudden my face must have turned red. For all my anger at Mike, I realized that my hand was between my legs and giving my clit a gentle massage. How long had I been doing it? Was I responding to my story as well as Mike? I knew it was going to be a long day. I had no idea what I was in for that night!

About six that evening my Mom tapped on the door and announced that we had visitors. You can imagine my surprise when I walked in to greet Keith and Marla. They said they were just passing by and saw the car outside and thought they'd ask about Mike.

My parents were thrilled that they had come by but as soon as it was polite they mentioned that they had been on their way out of the house to go play bingo. Saturday night bingo was the only entertainment in town. Mom said that she knew I wasn't interested but asked did they want to go.

"I'd love to. I haven't gone in such a long time." Marla was in.

"Na-a-a-a, you three go ahead. I've got homework to grade."

Mom, Dad and Marla hustled out, waving goodbye to us as if they were late to catch a bus. That left the two of us and I was petrified. How did this happen so fast?

Keith looked at me for a minute then started just looking around the house. When he turned and asked me for a drink of water I'm sure my face turned red. He had a very visible hard on. He took a pill out of a small bag in his pocket and washed it down. When he came to my room he just stood there for a while.

"So, this is it."

"This is what?"

"This is where you and old Mike do the dirty." He plopped down on my bed as if checking it out.

I couldn't answer and flushed deeply. I'm sure my face was even more red than before, maybe as he had hoped.

Moving very slowly, he sat up on the bed, reached over and took one of my hands. Before I could utter a complaint he pulled me down beside him.

"I'll bet you really miss it."

"What do you mean?" This was way too cozy for me.

I had barely noticed that his hand had slid up my arm. He pulled it gently, causing me to be pulled down on my back.

"What do you think I might mean, little innocent girl"? His teasing laugh caused me to shiver. Just as I was thinking of how it had flown over my head at first, he leaned over me and tried to find my lips with his. I turned my head, taking his mouth on my cheek.

"Don't, Keith." I kept my face turned from him.

"Why not?" His voice was gentle, not demanding.

"Lots of reasons, the biggest being we're married."

His hand had slid down to my leg, touching and then rubbing me through my jeans.

"I know all that. I just thought that after last night there might be something there." His touch became bolder and moved up my thigh.

Reaching down, I grabbed his wrist and stopped the action. He was right. I knew that I had allowed him to touch me in a very promising way and now it had evolved into him teasing me. I felt bad about it but it had to stop here.

"You weren't turned on, even just a little?" Keith looked closely into my eyes with the question.

I hesitated, and then decided on the truth. "A little. But, that doesn't mean anything."

My apology was heart felt and sincere. I thought that he accepted it as it was. "Okay," he said. "It's best if we both know where we stand."

I turned slightly away from him to break the eye contact. It was very awkward for a minute. Finally, he quietly said, "Look, lets not make this difficult or ruin the day. It's just something that came out of nowhere, ended up as nothing, and is gone. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't anything there."

I turned back to him in relief. "Thank you, Keith. I really didn't mean to start anything."

"How about this? One nice kiss to seal it and call it quits." He had a begging look on his face.

There was a long hesitation. "Okay, but just one time, Keith."

He gently pulled me over on my back, pulled both my hands up over my head, and slowly lowered his mouth to mine. I guess since it was a one shot deal, he was going for the gold. It was soft yet somehow strong, very deep and then very intrusive with his tongue finding mine. As much as I had hoped to be strong, it was still difficult to resist and I had promised him the kiss. Somehow, I returned it as he offered it: deep, full and intense.

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