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A Compassionate Enchantress


To my readers, this piece is a practice writing and I have written this off the top of my head, a continuation of my other piece "A Cautious Trust" (terrible title, me thinks!) and it is quite cheesy and an idealists dream. You will see Kathryne's compassion & her faith in Bernard in this longer chapter. And her boldness for a man she is heavily attracted to with his romantic personality to please Kathryne emotionally. To those of you wondering, yes the main character is written after me (to a point) and has my name, but I am not so clumsy nor do I stutter. I sincerely hope you like this one as there is a few emotional moments together for this sensitive "mailman" as Kathryne's kindness heals a lost soul with her kind nature.


Description: Bernard and Kathryne's relationship turns for the better.

The next morning I woke up with a raging boner and a big smile on my face as I had a really nice dream with Kathryne's mouth on my big cock. Even though I had gone through several bad relationships and I had become somewhat jaded, I was always proud of my dick. It wasn't circumcised and it just barely passed the 8inch mark and was as thick as a paper towel roll.

After walking into the shower and standing under the hot water for a couple of minutes, I started to think of the dream I had of her last night and masturbated until I was cumming onto the floor of the hot shower a few minutes later thinking of her beautiful face, breathing heavily. Leaning against the shower wall, I wash myself and climb out of the shower ten minutes later, drying myself and humming a little tune with my head in the clouds.

Using a towel to dry my hair and use the blow dryer, I put my hair into a braid and grinned at myself in the mirror. I put on a dark blue button up shirt and put on my black leather pants followed by my black leather jacket; making sure it looked impeccable in the mirror. After making sure I looked nice, I was on my bike towards work.

Parking my bike in the lot early, I walk into the office and head towards the mailroom after noticing Kathryne's car wasn't parked. Stepping inside the mailroom, I go grab the mailcart. While I sorted the mail, I got lost in my thoughts of Kathryne and missed the sound of her footsteps coming to my dungeon as we jokingly called it.

I jumped and almost dropped a box as I gasp, turning around at the sound of her clearing her throat and looked up just as she came into view. Kathryne's eyes looked similar to dark green shiny emeralds as they landed upon me and I was struck speechless for a moment as she smiled at me beautifully with her enchanting lips.

She spoke in a sultry voice that sent more shivers of pleasure down my spine and made me tremble inside. It made me feel a little intimidated and thrilled at the same time; it was both a humbling and flattering feeling that she wanted me.

"Good morning, handsome."

I smile back nervously and walk up to her quickly before grabbing her chin within my fingers, I start kissing her full lips and we stay like that for a while as the kiss turned more intense. I could tell by her sighs that she was loving every second of it and after a few minutes, we broke apart and she caressed my chest through my shirt and smiled sultrily when I replied.

"Good morning, my enchanting princess."

Kathryne giggled at my new pet name and kissed me again. I stopped our kiss and grabbed her mail I put by the door earlier to hand it to her. Kathryne grinned one last time and gave me another toe curling kiss before making her slow way back to her work space and I stared after her longingly with my fingers touching my lips until she was out of view. I sighed as I felt similar to a pile of goop after that kiss.

The hours slipped by slowly as people trickled in & out of my office to get their mail, grumbling the whole time because I forgot to do my rounds until lunch time came around.

Kathryne visited me and we were chatting during our one hour break, smiling and surprising me when she started to touch me; tantalizing me with her soft touches and caresses on my hands or arms. It was completely electrifying, leaving goosebumps on my skin while her alluring smile left me a pile of goop and I was quite glad my pants were loose from all of her caressing.

Our discussions ranged from funny stories to the totally outrageous as she told me tales of her friends. Her laughter was music to my ears and her smile not just lit up a room or a castle to me, but it instead lit up my whole universe like millions of stars in the sky.

I was really not used to women being so touchy and it honestly felt good, despite the fact that it was mentally distracting me as well. Mentally berating myself for my stutter in my speech and I often blushed when she touched me, by the end of lunch I was literally shaking inside with a pleasuring buzz that left me almost breathless and with my idealistic nature I was naturally daydreaming scenes in my head all day.

Kissing sensually one last time that made my toes want to curl and with her sparkling eyes, we parted and I watched her big firm butt jiggle inside her form fitting jeans until she was gone. She saw out of the corner of her eye that I was openly staring at her ass and grinned to herself, knowing she had me bewitched by her allure and driving me mad with desire.

At the end of the work day we were standing in the empty parking lot as darkness descended upon us, holding each other as we talked and kissed for a few minutes. Kathryne looked up at me with a sultry smile with words that made me blush heavily one last time before saying,

"Good night my shy, yet very adorable and charming lover."

I grinned with my red face and kissed her, murmuring a quiet goodnight as I watched her drive out and bit my lip in embarrassment as the other male workers started laughing at me and making the classical whip noise while I stood there with a silly grin on my face. I ignored them and drove home on my Harley to feed my cat and played around on my computer for a while before going to bed later that night.

The rest of that month went the same fashion as we talked and kissed during our breaks and started to get to know each other on a deeper level during our time together. We would talk about our interests in the mornings of the week and I found out she absolutely loved romantic gestures. She told me she absolutely loved reading.

I started to write love letters (they were quite sappy and erotic) and leave them on her desk that soon had Kathryne giving me such adoring looks in her eyes while we talked. When she asked how I came up with such creative letters (more like short stories), I fidgeted under her passionate stare until I blushed and told her that I fantasized and daydreamed about her that made her smile.

On the weekends I would bring little post-it notes and leave them around her house for her to find, thus earning me many bright smiles and warm kisses that turned me to mush. We spent the weekends at the park or inside her house with her always caressing my hand or arms every day that sent my body in a continuous buzz and gave me slight shivers.

One weekend, knowing she liked the water I bought her some scented candles along with some massage oil that smelled like the ocean and decided to surprise her with it after dinner, not really understanding the true meaning of giving a woman something as intimate as a foot massage meant she wanted something else afterwards.

We sat together as we ate and talked, sharing our food with each other with smiles and much laughter. After we finished the dinner I cooked, we spent the next couple of hours just cuddling and kissing while we talked and watched TV, just enjoying each other's company.

At the end of the two hours I for once became a little impatient while watching TV, I turned it off and told her I had a surprise for her that earned me a stunning smile. For many an hour I listened to her complain how sore her feet were, not knowing she was deliberately luring me; so I bought some massaging oil earlier to surprise her.

That night I laid her out on the couch on her back and started to rub and work out the sore muscles on her toes and for the first time I had her mewling and cooing in pleasure with soft sighs while I worked her delicate toes and soles for almost an hour. Each time my fingers played with her toes her legs would tremble under my tender yet firm touch.

It was an incredibly erotic thing to hear her mewling like a cat under my touch. I learned that night I was very good with massages. Who knew? And to think, I wasn't even putting all that much effort into it. When I fantasized romancing her in my mind during the days, I hadn't really thought of her sexually yet.

But what made me nervous as I went on was the fact that she was getting super horny and I wasn't expecting such a reaction out of her. Ignorant for a guy my age, I know. I figured she'd just enjoy another intimate moment together while I massaged her delicate feet and that she would appreciate the intimacy of just the act itself, I really didn't expect she actually wanted sex afterwards which she had originally intended.

That night I could see the effect it had on her after I was done by the complete lust and desire that had reflected in her pretty green eyes. I could tell that she wanted to fuck me senseless that night after I touched her feet so intimately and I could tell that she was having a very hard time controlling herself by the way her thighs rubbed together. Even as oblivious as I was on any given day I had just scored big on brownie points with at least easing the pain in her feet and I was suddenly feeling really nervous about it.

Somehow, even though Kathryne knew by my body language that I wasn't ready for anything more that night, she was still frustrated by the fact that I didn't go any further and realized that I was being oblivious.

Putting aside her wanton desire to fuck me silly, she opted instead to wait for the right moment even though I knew I drew her just as insane with desire as she did with me through just stares and touches.

Despite that she knew I wasn't ready, I told her that I wasn't ready yet anyway. I explained to her that I wasn't familiar to the unconditional love she was showing me since we first met and I wasn't even sure what it felt like. I wanted to be sure before we went too far. I explained to her that night to the best of my ability that she did mean a lot to me and I knew she had already fallen for me with the look in her eyes.

Kathryne's slight frustration and annoyance melted away when she saw that I was honestly flustered, fidgeting nervously under her compassionate stare as I sit next to her on the couch.

"I'm sorry Kathryne, I really didn't know. I'm not used to bold and understanding women like you who can understand my anxious behavior all the time. I honestly just wanted to make your feet stop hurting you all the time, that's all."

Kathryne's eyes shined with my thoughtful intentions and she smiled at me with a coy smile, caressing my blushing cheeks with both sets of fingers that sent shivers down my spine.

"My dear Bernie, you are so sweet to be so thoughtful of that. Just for your pure intentions, I must confess that I fibbed about my feet hurting; I feigned it all as a test to lure you into bed thinking you had caught onto what I really wanted to do and in turn, I'll give you a reward for being so kind hearted and pure in your gesture. Not many men will do what you did expecting nothing in return, my handsome lover."

My eyes went wide as half-dollars with her confession and I was rendered mute for a moment as her voice took on a slight purr at the end. I was honestly expecting a harsh response for my oblivious ways of thinking.

The look in her eyes made me worry a little as I could see that she was planning something, but I couldn't tell what she was thinking and I could see that she wouldn't tell me. So I let things be and decided I would do my best not to think about it lest it drive me up the wall. But it did anyway and I had to deal with it.

The rest of the night she cuddled with me contentedly and smiled up at me with her enchanting lips as we talked softly, I could tell my magical hands and my pure intentions had really impressed her.

We often had short sensual make out sessions with her bold tongue dominating my mouth quite soundly that had my toes curling every time. I could feel the passion within her kisses that it shocked and floored me, kissing her thick lips often had me breathless and my head spinning and melting at the same time; it was quite a wonderful experience.

Later that night, I drove her home and we stood under her doorstep kissing each other a few minutes before I reluctantly went home with a promise to see each other again, she surprised me by grabbing my ass in both hands and wriggled her eyebrows at me playfully as I left for home. That night at home before I went to bed I could feel that she was going to surprise me in the least way expected and I was right.

The day afterward, we were at my house watching yet another movie that weekend during the late evening. I had bought two comfy chairs back when I started to invite her over so we could sit close together in our own chairs instead of a couch since it was the only thing I could afford at the time.

It was a good movie about a woman rescuing her husband as Kathryne's hand started to rub up and down from my knee to the middle of my thigh at the start of the movie and it was giving me a raging boner. I was feeling it throb inside my pants and I had to move my thigh every once in a while to keep her from finding it and to relieve the pressure against my boxer briefs even though she couldn't see it.

Little did I know she was about to implement her shenanigans that night. She came close to finding it a few times while I had to keep my breathing slow with how difficult she was making it for me since her touch drove me crazy every day and she knew it did by the look in her eyes. The bold little enchantress knew she already had me around her delicate fingers with how I'd act around her.

I moved my thigh a little to avoid her hand again but I underestimated her. At that moment her fingers touched the head through my loose slacks halfway down my thigh and I immediately turned bright red and held my breath as she lifted an eyebrow at me; her eyes slowly flickering back and forth between my red face and the outline of my dick in my pants.

I sucked in a strangled breath as her soft sensual fingers started to caress the head through my slacks. Her green eyes widened almost comically as her fingers trailed down my thick shaft to the base and back up, I moved my thigh to the side so she could have better access to repeat the same action a few more times to make sure it really was as big as it felt. She stared at it in shock with wide eyes and I couldn't help but to snicker, I guess she wasn't expecting it to be the size it was.

I arched my back while my left leg shifted subconsciously due to the immense pleasure I felt so she could caress the whole thing easier with her fingers and she took full advantage of it. She saw the strong effect it had on me and started caressing it much more firmly.

My breath caught in my throat and I let loose a strangled moan as her palm and fingers stroked it's thick length; it was driving me crazy and my breathing went out of control as I moved my thigh again so she could wrap her fingers around it through my slacks. All of the pleasure I felt made my brain shut down completely.

Her smile turned absolutely wanton and predatory as my body reacted to her touch and she quickly straddled my knees to continue to caress it. I closed my eyes and moaned as she squeezed it firmly, literally purring her next sentence that sent pleasuring tingles up my spine while I pulled my shirt off with trembling fingers.

"My goodness, Bern. You have a really big dick! Mmmm. I didn't think it'd be so big, I see why you wear loose pants now. The thought of sucking on it really makes me wet. Now I can't wait to suck on it like a lollipop and make you cum in my mouth like I've been wanting to do since I first saw your adorable face. And here I thought you were getting nervous because it was small! Not that it would have mattered anyway."

Smiling at me, she suddenly giggled as I turned beet red. I have been called cute, handsome, hot, and sexy before; I have never been called adorable.

She quickly excused herself and gave me a chaste kiss before disappearing into her bedroom before she was back in just a couple moments. She sat in my lap and molded herself to my chest with that disarming smile on her face she had only for me while I could feel her shapely breasts mashed against it and I could feel her nipples poking it sharply; I realized then how such nice tits she had when they rubbed against me.

She had her hands behind her back while speaking to me with that sultry and charming voice of hers and it suddenly made me feel intimidated when she put the emphasis on the S word; the word I hated,

"Close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you, Bernie, I got a Surprise for you."

Seeing that look from last night in her eyes again, I swallowed as a sudden cunning look in them made my stomach turn into a knot full of butterflies and I felt unsure of myself. Knowing I could trust her, I closed my eyes and missed the wicked smirk she plastered on her face afterward.

Using my helplessness against me, she quickly grabbed my hands and using a strength I didn't think she'd possess had my hands handcuffed around the back of the chair without being uncomfortable in just a second.

My eyes flew open and I jumped with a surprised yelp,

"Hey! What's the big idea?!"

I struggled for only a moment under her before I saw the look of pure want and desire in her dark green eyes that made me melt and I went rigid when her fingers continued where they left off and for the first time in my life I was completely helpless to stop a woman having her way with it.

Her fingers played with my rock hard dick through my slacks for a couple of minutes that had me about to blow my load in my pants and it felt so good I couldn't help my brain shutting down into a blank state from the intense pleasure.

Acknowledging that fact, she stopped and tied my ankles to the chair to make me feel truly helpless. The last thing I saw before she blindfolded me was the devious smirk on her lips and in her eyes as she giggled into my ear giddily before speaking into it with a very sultry voice that made me tremble in desire.

"I think I found a way to help you with your nervous problem, sweetheart. This is going to be fun, my sweet Bernie. Being tied up and blindfolded will take away your fear."

And she was completely right.

She unzipped my pants while talking and the feel of her fingers made me jump at the sudden contact of her warm delicate fingers slipping inside to pull out my throbbing flagpole. She looked down and stared at how big it was in fascination with all of her fingers caressing my warm thick shaft.

Seeing that I wasn't circumcised her fingers played with the skin covering the head, delicately pulling and stretching it this way and that. It caused my knees to tremble and shake under her tender touch as her fingers explored inside the crevices, rubbing the edges of the head as she did so.

I started to breathe heavily in pleasure and moaned, I stuttered a little and couldn't stop the pleading sound from entering my voice; fearing I was going to disappoint her if I came too soon.

"Oh f-f-fuck, Kitten! If you don't s-stop r-right now I'm going to make a big mess in your h-hands."

She let it go suddenly and it slapped against my stomach causing her to giggle out an "oops" after the loud smack of skin against my belly echoed in the room. While my near-orgasm was receding, Kathryne knelt in front of me and she grabbed my cock with both hands at the base and started languidly licking it with her big tongue all over like a cat.

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