tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Complete Education Ch. 02

A Complete Education Ch. 02


(Thanks to the readers for the supportive comments. This is Chapter 2 of "A Complete Education." In this Chapter, Mary is our narrator. She sees things a bit differently from Jimmy. I recommend you read A Complete Education to get a feel for each of our young voyagers. But, here is the briefest of summaries. Jimmy and Peter are roommates. Mary is sleeping with Peter. Mary and Jimmy are also attracted to each other and have taken some baby steps in a relationship. Mary's roommate is Kelsey. Mary, Kelsey and Peter have shared a moment. Then, there's Anna, an art major and occasional lover of Mary. Sounds confusing but it makes some sense if you read the first part.)


Since the night Jimmy came to my room to model for me, all my relationships are becoming super-charged. I know sex is a powerful force, but Wow!

After my encounter with Jimmy, I talked with Peter. I only summarized what happened with Jimmy and Kelsey. He was taken aback at first, but a night of exquisite screwing helped overcome any doubts of my affections for him. I told him that I want to keep moving forward with both him and Jimmy. He promised to try to be as open as he could.

It's now about a week later and I'm lying in my bed, books and laptop scattered about, but no thoughts of schoolwork are clouding my mind. My roommate, Kelsey, is fresh from a shower and walking about naked. She has a wicked body and I am enjoying the movement of her around our room. Her large breasts bounce and sway with every movement. She catches my eye and winks. I flush and smile back.

Kelsey asks as she towels her hair, "Do you want to talk about last week?"

With my beatific smile I answer, "Why? Was there something unusual about last week?"

She flings a pillow at me and says, "I guess not. I mean doesn't every college girl come back to her room to find a well hung guy with a rocket boner, watch the guy jerk off, let him squirt all over her tits, have her roommate lick her tits and then she strips naked in front of both of them. Nah, nothing to talk about here."

We both laugh.

"Ok, Kelsey, what part do you want to talk about? How about that I licked your boobs clean or that you wanted me to do that?"

Kelsey dropped her towel and reflexively cupped her large breasts and pushed them together, pulling on her nipples. Her hands could not contain the bounty. Kelsey loved her breasts and loved touching them, often if I recall.

"Mary, I don't understand what's going on. Yes, I let you do it and yes, I wanted you to do it. Shit, right now my nipples are like rocks just thinking about how sexy your lips felt on my boob. Am I becoming a lez?"

I got up and guided Kelsey to her bed. We lay down next to each other and she rested her head on my chest.

"Kels, I don't like classifications. They really are meaningless. I know you like guys. Hell, I sketched you fucking a guy and you were enjoying the hell out of it. I like screwing Peter. I like it a lot. I'm hoping to be able to go to bed with Jimmy."

Kelsey cuddled closer and draped a naked thigh over my leg. I was dressed only in a long t-shirt and the warmth of her leg felt good against mine.

"You know that I've had sex with Anna. I told you all about it, even some graphic details, as I recall, upon your insistence on hearing them. You told me you never had sex with a girl. But now, you've had a small sample and you're curious. You think something must be wrong with you because you enjoyed having me lick your tits. See, that's what's so fucked up."

Kelsey hugged me tightly.

"Kels, sex is good. Sex is fun. Sex renews us. God, there is nothing like a great orgasm to restore you. To clean out your mind. It's way better than drugs or drink. What difference does it make if you get the orgasm by yourself, with a guy or with a girl? Really, what difference does it make?"

Kelsey spoke softly. "But, isn't it like unnatural or something for girls to be attracted to girls? I don't want to be labeled a dyke or something."

"See, that's just it. Why the need for labels. Kelsey, I consider myself a normal person and a good person. But, I like sex—a lot. If I find a girl attractive, I might like to enjoy physical contact with her. I want to touch her and have her touch me. It's sex. It's just that simple."

Kelsey nodded against my chest and asked, "But, wouldn't you want to get married and have kids. Lead, you know, a normal life."

"Hell, I guess so, if I knew what normal is. I love guy sex, too. I probably would want to get married and start a family, but not now. Now, I'm having fun exploring. God, I just want to find out all the fun things to do with guys and girls. I'm not trying to convert you or anyone to have same gender sex. I'm just doing it because it feels so fucking good. And, it's fun."

Kelsey raised her head, "Mary, will you kiss me?"

I smiled, stroked her cheek and lowered my lips to hers. At first, her lips were hard and pressed tightly together. I did not aggressively kiss her, but lightly brushed her lips with mine and then kissed around her mouth. Caressing her closed eyes, I slowly covered her nose with kisses. I brought my tongue to her lips and outlined their shape. She softened a bit. I kissed her full on the mouth and she parted her lips. I inserted the tip of my tongue between them and felt her teeth. Slowly I felt an opening and then was inside her mouth. I sought her tongue and teased it with mine. She finally began to respond and soon we were exchanging our tongues, exploring each other's mouths.

"That's nice, Mary. Real nice. Guys do it too hard."

I murmured my agreement and pulled her on top of me. I spread my legs and her lower body settled in between them. As we continued to kiss, I ran my hands up and down her back, enjoying the feel of her naked skin and letting my hands play with her pear-shaped butt. She ground in response.

"Take my shirt off, Kels."

She got up and slipped the cotton up my body and over my head, then lay back down on top of me, bare flesh to bare flesh. I felt her huge breasts pressing against mine, her nipples digging in. We rolled over on our sides. I moved my leg in between hers and softly rubbed her crotch with my thigh. She sharply took in breath and then let out a soft moan. I moved a hand to her breast and rubbed and fondled it. She closed her eyes as I moved my mouth to the large areola and prominent nipple. I licked it, then covered it with my mouth and pulled the nipple with my teeth. Kelsey responded by pushing her pussy hard against my thigh.

I rolled her onto her back and lay on top. I kept my leg moving between hers and began caressing her other breast. After teasing both nipples to a rigid redness, I kissed my way to her navel. She grabbed my head to prevent any farther descent. I removed my leg from between hers and placed my hand on her sex lips. She groaned, but kept my head trapped between her hands.

Slowly, I rubbed her lips, feeling the dampness and letting my finger slid up and down on her warm slit. My thumb brushed her clit under the folds of her lips. I kept brushing it until I felt it emerge from its safe refuge, large against my thumb. I rubbed back and forth, evoking moans from Kelsey. She kept her death grip on my head until I slid two fingers inside her and began pumping. She released my head and grabbed her tits, pulling the nipples out and smashing them back in.

I moved quickly until I was facing the swollen beauty between her spread legs. Her clit was engorged and totally exposed. I tongued it, smiled at the growl from Kelsey, and then took the center of her sexuality into my mouth. I sucked her clit, played it with my tongue and bit down on it ever so softly, all the while pumping my fingers in and out.

Kelsey cried out and I sucked harder on her clit, my face and chin now covered with the sweet secretions freely flowing from her. I stopped pumping and let my fingers roam the soft and wet inside of her until I was sure I felt the special bundle of nerves buried there.

I sucked hard on her clit and tickled the g-spot. Kelsey lifted her hips in response, used her hands to shove my face hard against her pussy, and clenched her thighs tight around my head. I did not let up at her first climax, feeling her vagina contract on my fingers, I sucked and prodded until her second wave hit and she cried out loud. I next rammed three fingers inside and sucked hard on her clit. Kelsey bucked hard, squirmed back and forth and I felt a warm rush of liquid pump out of her. She collapsed back on the bed. I moved away, discreetly wiping my mouth and hand on the sheets and moved up to take her in my arms.

She crushed me in her embrace and I saw tears on her cheeks. I licked the salty drops and placed tiny kisses on her eyelids.

She raised her head, opened her eyes and said, "Thank you."

I kissed her lips, wondering if she were ready to taste what remained of her orgasm. She kissed back and did not seem to mind the smell of sex or the lingering taste.

"Mary, I have never come like that. It's so freakin' amazing. Thank you, thank you."

I kissed her softly and she rolled over to face the wall. I crept out of her bed and covered with a sheet. She slept soundly.

In the early morning, I rose and finished up some of the work I neglected the night before. I was sitting nude on my bed typing on my laptop.

"You look beautiful, Mary,"

I looked over to Kelsey. The sheets were below her magnificent breasts and my tummy flipped at their beauty.

"Ok?" I asked.

"Very," she responded with a smile.

We got ready for classes and went our separate ways. I called Peter during the day, catching him between classes. He had left me several voice mails and wanted to see me.

"Hey, babe, what's up?"

He immediately started asking me for more details about what happened between Jimmy and me. I was surprised that Jimmy didn't fill him in.

"He just said that the two of you did not screw, like we agreed," said Peter. "But, he wouldn't tell me anything. He said that you should tell me or the three of us do it together."

"Ooh, the three of us together, I like that, babe," I teased.

"Come on, Mary. I miss you, when are we getting together?"

"Soon, but not today. I'll call you tomorrow. Ok? And, Peter, I told you what happened."

"Well, it sounded like there might be more."

I reassured him that our relationship was solid. Reluctantly Peter agreed and we hung up. I sat there thinking if it was love or lust between us. I figured it didn't matter since it was so much fun.

Later that evening Kelsey and I were back in our room, sitting on our own beds looking at each other.

"So, what now?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Do we like fuck each other every night, or what?"

I laughed and saw the hurt reaction to my laughter in her eyes. I crossed over and pulled her to me.

"Kelsey, I'm not laughing at you, honest. I'm just amazed that this happened between us. I loved last night. Loved it. And, I want more, actually, I want a lot more. But, honey, I also want Peter. I want Jimmy. I want Anna. And who knows who else. Can you handle all that?"

Kelsey was silent for a long time. "Well, does that mean I get to keep fucking Jason?"

"Ah, Jason of the large, make that V-E-RY large dick. Yeah, I say if that's what you want, absolutely. But, Kelsey, just so we have no questions. I know that time I sketched you and Jason screwing, you let him inside without a condom. That was stupid, sweetie. So, I need you to promise you will not let a dick inside you without a condom. It's for your protection and for mine. Deal?"


"So, when do we get to do it again?" asked Kelsey. "You have a lot to teach me."

"How about soon? I got my period this week, so I am taking a little time off. I should be fine by Thanksgiving, but we will be apart. But, soon, I promise."

"Going to hold you to it," she said as she kissed me.

The next couple days were totally devoted to class work. I had some catching up to do and made the most of my time. Peter and I spoke every day and I told him I'd see him before the Thanksgiving break.

I was a bit surprised I hadn't heard from Jimmy. I asked Peter if Jimmy was around. He said he was pulling all-nighters in the library trying to finish a major paper before Thanksgiving. Peter explained that he was about to finish a lab project due tomorrow, before the long weekend began.

"Reminds me, Peter, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?"

"Going to my grandparents in Rhode Island," he said. "It's sort of a family tradition. My parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins all go there. The family has like three houses on the beach and we just hang out. I know it sounds nerdy, but I like it a lot."

"Not nerdy, Peter," I reassured him. "Sounds cool. Are there any hot cousins that can help you make the time go by fast?"

He laughed out loud. "God, my girl cousins are bigger nerds than I am. I bet neither one of them has ever gotten laid."

"Hey, you're a nerd and you've gotten laid, a lot may I add. Maybe, you can't judge them by what you've always seen on the outside. Keep your mind open and maybe something exciting will happen."

"Doubt it."

We chatted some more and then hung up.

Immediately my phone buzzed. I recognized Anna's number and answered.

"Hi! Are you up for some naked modeling?" she said right off.

"Hell-o to you, too."

"Sorry, it's just that I just fell into the possibility of some studio time and wanted to scoop it up. You know it's rare to get a good studio. This means I don't have to work in my bedroom or some smelly basement storage room with shitty lighting and bad karma, or at, well, you know her apartment. So, are you in?"

"When and can I bring a friend?"

"Tonight, after seven and who's the friend?"

"Not sure, got a couple possibilities."

"Male or female?"

"Open question," I said.

"Well, it doesn't matter to me, and sure I'd love to draw two nudes as opposed to one. See you in Studio 4 at seven." She clicked off.

"Hmm," I thought, "I wonder if Jimmy is free tonight."

Since Peter said he was going to be tied up and sounds like Jimmy was finished with his paper, I thought this might be a pleasant next step in our journey. He wanted to see me nude and nude I will be. I also thought about asking Kelsey, but my damp panties brought me back to considering posing with Jimmy.

I rang him.

"Hear you've been bustin' it."

"True dat," he said with a pitiful rapper imitation. "But I got the fucker cracked and am just about to email my masterpiece to the prof. Actually, I think this is pretty good shit, but maybe my brain is just too fried to tell the difference."

"Got just the thing to take your mind off Shakespeare."

"Spenser, actually," he said.

"Whatever. Do you want to hear my cure for the Crammin' Blues?"

"Definitely, as long as there's beer involved," he said laughing.

"Not sure about the beer, but how about a naked girl?"

"Naked, as in unclothed?"

"As in all three B's," I said.


"Boobs, butt and bush, dummy."

"Well, yes I think you have pricked my interest, to coin a phrase. And, who is this denuded damsel might I inquire?"

"Who do you want to see naked the most?" I teased.

"Actually, it's 'whom' and the whom is you."

"Lucky day then, dude."

There was no smart comeback from Jimmy. Just silence.

"Hell-o? Anyone there," I called.

"Sorry, my dick knocked the phone out of my hand," he said.

I laughed and he joined in.

"So, really, what's the deal?"

"Deal is Anna scored some primo studio time and wants to make lewd images of my luscious naked bod. I asked if I could bring a friend and she is all eyes, so to speak."

"Do I get to look?"

"Oh yeah, look and drool, babe. And, you get to pose all nakedy with me."

"When and where?"

I gave him the time and directions. He agreed. I asked him not to tell Peter, that I would do it.

I grabbed a quick ptomaine salad at the dining hall and made it to my dorm by six. Kelsey was working at her desk. I shouted hi, stripped, wrapped a towel around me and headed to the shower.

I made the necessary attention to my sanitary needs and felt confident all would be well with my monthly flow until I came home later. Besides I always carried supplies in my bag.

I stormed back in the room and was drying myself and looking in our full length mirror.

"Shit," I uttered.

"What?" asked Kelsey.

"Shoulda' trimmed the ol' bush in the shower." I examined the dark stubble that surrounded the neat triangle I favored.

Kelsey smiled and said, "I can lend a hand."

She grabbed a washcloth and ran out of the room, returned with it thoroughly soaked.

She knelt in front of me and moistened the dark stubble with the wet cloth. She then spread some shaving cream around my groin. Using light strokes she neatened me to perfection.

"Pretty pussy, Mary," she said running her fingers through my dark silky triangle and lightly rubbing the fold over my clit.

"Kelsey, that feels so good, but now is not the time."

She looked disappointed, so I quickly explained my plan for tonight as her finger delightfully rubbed me.

"Oh, so close, yet so far," she sighed and gave my clit one last stroke.

I took the washcloth and cleaned the liquid running down my thighs.

I pulled on sweats and a tee shirt, no undies. Anna hated when I had lines from underwear. I meant to tell Jimmy to do the same. Well, too late now.

I kissed Kelsey on the cheek and was pulling on my North Face jacket when she hugged me from behind. Her hands took my boobs and she kissed my neck.

"I need a better good-bye kiss than that," she said.

I turned and made sure she felt better. After a couple minutes, we broke free and untangled our hands from where they were under each other's shirts. I realized that was the first time she touched my bare boobs. It was very nice.

I dashed across campus and ran into Jimmy outside the arts building.

"Hey, I meant to tell you not to wear underwear."

"You know, Mary, I can't figure out why all girls don't talk to me that way."

I slid my arm into his and we ran up the stairs to the second floor studio.

Anna was setting up the posing area and turned to see us. She smiled at me and took in all of Jimmy.

"Lock the door, please, Mary," she called out.

I did it and introduced Anna to Jimmy.

"I'd like to chat and get to know you, and all that shit, but I only have this space for an hour. So, why don't you guys strip and let's get going."

Jimmy gave me a comic leer and shrugged his down vest off. He removed his hoodie and kicked off his boots.

He raised an eyebrow and my inaction. I surprised myself by the butterflies in my tummy and an unaccustomed shyness.

Anna's plea to hurry shook me awake. I dropped my jacket, removed my boots and pulled my tee shirt over my head, exposing my boobs.

Jimmy was standing and staring at my chest. I blushed under his gaze. For some reason, I turned and dropped my sweatpants, exposing my ass to him.

Now, a little girl talk. Guys, you can skip ahead a couple paragraphs. We girls, and I think I speak for the majority of us, have a shitload of hang-ups about our bodies. Really. I even read where some perfect supermodel thinks her eyes are too close or another that her breasts are uneven. It's ridiculous, I know. Now, an even further truth.

Very, very few of us girls like our asses. We mostly think they are too big. Hell, even Anna thinks hers is too big although it looks like it was hijacked from a twelve-year old boy. But, I've looked at my ass and it's big. I would not call myself fat, but I am no model. So, I do not love my ass. My hips are a bit wide and that does not help the visual impact of my booty. My boobs, they're pretty good. Nice size, nice shape, small nips in tiny areolas. I have a bit of a soft belly that definitely has no six-packs in sight. My bush is brilliant, however. It looks great and I am now happy Kelsey spiffed me up.

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