tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Conversation with Diana Ch. 02

A Conversation with Diana Ch. 02



(After our initial chat, I emailed Diana on Sunday morning.)

Hi Di

I do hope you're ok after yesterday. It was so good - particularly after all the confusion of trying to get a connection together. I had hoped to make love to you slowly and erotically, bringing you to a peak of ecstasy and joy - but the delay in connecting rather put paid to the leisurely session I had in mind. So it was a bit of a rush in the end - just before your daughter got home - wow! We only just made it in time after all! Next time may be more relaxed. But, even so, I hope you enjoyed your first time on line - and with me!

Love and kisses

XXX Sarah

(It was Monday morning before I had a reply.)

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for an amazing experience. Although I wanted a slow, erotic seduction, I needed you so much that the speed of our love making was irrelevant. I know how lucky your girlfriend is. After you gave me the hardest, most intense orgasm I've every experienced - truly - I was left so spent. But when I saw my daughter come home I couldn't resist showing her my body. I'm sure she knew something amazing had happened, my nipples were so hard and my clit ... well, I've never felt it so big, I'm sure she saw it.

Afterwards I went to my bedroom and left the door open while I played again, I was using your name so often, I hope she heard me, I'm sure she did.

I can't wait for our next episode. I'm at work now, but being Monday morning, I have a few hours of meeting free time, and I can close my office door. Hope to hear from you soon. Let's see.

Di xx

(Di came on line)

'Hi Sarah. Yes! I saw you were on line and available.'

'Wow Di - I was just in the middle of reading your email. So, you're at work?'

'Blushing again. Yes, in my office.'

'And your daughter? Did she actually see you masturbating on Saturday?'

'I think so. No, I know so ... I'm really blushing now.'

'Well! Did she say anything? Were you masturbating at the time?'

'Yes, I was on my bed. But she said nothing.'

'So she saw you masturbating, Di - well, that's a start.'

'I hope so. I did call out your name a few times as I was coming.'

'You've got me slipping my fingers into my knickers now! That's so horny!'

'You are naughty.'

'I know - I like it though - lol. So perhaps I should get under your desk and slip my head between your thighs.'

'Darling that would be wonderful. I've taken my knickers off in anticipation, but I'm not sure about it here.'

'I'm so very pleased to hear that you had the best orgasm ever - now for the next one.'

'Oh Sarah ... no! You mustn't make me come. Not when I'm at work.'

'Mmm ... under your skirt I can wiggle my head between the warm soft flesh of your inner thighs.'

'Oh darling. Tell me what you're wearing?'

'I'm in a house coat at the moment but slipping my knickers off for you. I shall inhale the scent already building up between the thighs. Mmmm. Rub my nose against the fleshy labia. Your vagina's already beginning to ooze.'

'Oh baby, slow down please. Wish I was there with you. Savoring your scent.'

'Well, I shall, first of all, come up for air and kiss your mouth.'

'Oh dear ... I like where you are ... but I'd like a kiss, though.'

'Come on then - soft chewy kisses. Mmmmm. Whilst my hand wanders over your breasts. Your head back against your headrest.'

'I hope you like my breasts.'

'I think you have fantastically beautiful breasts darling. I shall kiss those soon. My lips are covering your face - kissing eyelids - ears - neck. Just whispering in your ear 'I love you Di!'

Come and feel me. My pussy is waiting anxiously for you ... so wet for you.'

'Oh Sarah ... running my hands over your bottom.'

'Pussy juice trickling down my inner thigh. I want your fingers exploring my vulva.'

'Oh ... I'm so wet too. OMG ... I can't believe this.'

'Yes darling. Yes. Whilst I slip my hand inside you bra.'

'My nipples explode. So swollen!'

'Caressing the wonderful breast - thumb rubbing the stiffening nipple.'

'I run my hands inside your house coat. Feeling your soft thighs.'

'Thumbing your teat. Kissing you hard, tongue in your mouth. Hands grasping desperately at those lovely boobs.'

'Sucking your tongue.'


'Finding your pussy ... oh it's so soft, Sarah.'

'It's urging you to slip your fingers inside. I want you Di. So horny.'

'And wet. I want you too Sarah. This is madness ... in my office.'

'So so exciting though. All your staff unaware that you're having sex on line. Wow!'

'I hope so. Yes ... it is exciting. I run my fingers along your pussy lips. '

'I've pulled your right breast from its bra cup, and am now kissing the nipple.'

'Feeling you, Sarah, so wet, so soft. Suck it darling.'

'Suckling the superb teat. Your areola with its little pimples. I LOVE it.'

'I'm pushing a finger inside your wet sexy mystery. OMG. Hands stroking your inner thigh. So warm and thrilling.'

'I run my finger over your clit, it's growing as I touch it, Di. Ready to explore that delicious part of you - so secret - so enticing - so exciting ... squeezing the clit - you have a big clit darling. I shall suck it shortly.'

'I know, so big. You are naughty. I want you to see it one day.'

'You have fleshy large labia as well.'

'Eat me, Sarah.'

'My head is now slipping between your thighs.'

'And really eat it.'

'Inhaling the delicious aroma ... your own personal, secret scent. I wish we could get into 69? Are you always this horny. So adorable - so sweet - and my tongue now searching for your vagina. I want to taste the diving juices ... divine.'

'Can't type, just touching.'

'With you, Di darling, I can't stop being horny. Just rub yourself while I slip three fingers into your vagina.'

'I am. Why me, Sarah? You have lots of lovers.'

'Because you are so fucking sexy... with those wonderful boobs and that large clit and these fleshy labia. Rubbing your vagina, feeling your hot, wet, hard clit. Whilst I finger your pussy my other hand is stroking your bottom. Slipping a finger into the puckered rosebud. I could cum just suckling your nipples.'

'OMG, not at work, please. For God's sake ... I will cum if you suck them. No! Sarah, no, please.'

'I think an orgasm at work is really cool. Orgasm at your desk - so secret - our secret.'

'I do too, but ... OMG ... someone could come in.'

'Your PA will keep them out. Just you and me cumming together. I'm so hellish horny. I want to feel you. I want to feel your thighs trembling ... your belly lurching with lust ... your muscles tensing, wanting release. I can feel you cumming.'

'I'm close ... Trying not to cum. Oh Sarah ... no, please!'

'Come for me Di, just relax and let go.'

'Oh Sarah.'

'You can cough when you cum.'

'You're so naughty.'

'Fingers driving deep inside you. I'm pressing your bottom. Finger fucking your bum.'

'I'm sure I'll shout. OMG!'

'Four fingers deep in your vagina.'

'OMG NO. Baby ... please. PLEASE!'


'No, no no.'

'And I'm cumming for you.'




'To feel you at your desk is something else again ... can't stop now ... pheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew.'

'Please stop.'

'Play with me, Di. PLAY WITH ME.'

'Sarah ...'

'Fuck me ... fuck me ... Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm fingering your vagina. Three fingers inside you. Deeper. In and out. I'm chewing your labia I have the whole vulva in my mouth ... filling my mouth with your labia. Sucking your nipples. Feeling them grow. You taste delicious. The nectar is pouring from your vagina. Feeling your inner muscles grab my fingers as I fuck you. I'm eating you darling.'

'Yes baby, cum for me. Eat me darling.'

'Trying to hold back here ... wanting to feel you cum as well. Sucking your nipples. Eating them. Mmmm all of your delicious pussy in my mouth.'

'So hard. Fucking you. Cummmmming. SUCK IT ... SUCK IT SARAH.'

'WOW .... NOOOWWW Di.'


'Cummmmin here too. YES YES YES. Yessssss. FUCK FUCK FUCK.'

'Oh baby. Cummminggggg.'



'I feel you cumming.'

'I am. Oh God!'

'Trying to hold back is no good.'

'No good at all. Oh baby rub me. Make it even bigger!!.'

'I'm rubbing your clit hard.'

'So hard ... Oh yes.'

'Middle two fingers.'

'Rub it.'

'Round and round.'

'Suck it Sarah.'

'Under the hood.'

'Fuck it.'

'Round the clit.'

'Baby yes.'

'I'm biting it now. Masturbating your clit with my lips. Fucking you now. Three fingers inside you. Wow! In and out. Deeper. Faster. Your thighs really shaking. Wanting release.'

'Fuck me. Cum for me. Yes.'

'Cum for Sarah.'

'Cum ... OMG ... NOOOOOOO!


'Aggghhhhh. Yesssssss.'


'Yessssss. I'm so wet. So hard. Omg nooooo.'

'Holding my palm under your vagina, feeling the juices spurt out, you're cumming darling



'Don't hold back ... let it all go ... you're in paradise.'

(A short pause while we both recover our breath.)

'OMG ... that was intense. Mind spinning. Gasping for breath.'

'Was it a quiet one?'

'Probably not. You are bad. Really wicked. Very wicked.'

'OMG, Di - you're fantastic. Kiss me again. I want to taste those lips.'

'If I do, you'll make me cum again.'

'Why not? In for a penny.'

'You're wicked, Sarah! Oh no ... I can't believe it ... I'm ready again.'

'Your pussy is still wet and swollen ... your nipples hard as nails ... swollen as well.'

'Do you always tease innocent frustrated women. Oh, yes. Yes. Don't stop Sarah.'

'I'm fingering them lightly ... if I can ... if they'll let me.'

'How can they stop you, you're so naughty.'

'Well, they turn me on, wanting me to play with them, how can I refuse? Particularly with a body like yours.'

'But you never stop. You like my body? It's responding to your touch.'

'You have a body to kill for. And a pussy - oh so delectable. To eat - to fondle - to explore. Still horny Di?'

'Yes, always when you're here. Are you?'

'Wanting a second coming ... how can I not be with you darling .'

'I have to get ready for a meeting soon. But OMG ... I can't avoid feeling so horny.'

'I'll make it quick then. Fingers deep inside your mysterious vagina. Finger inside your bum. Biting your nipple. Rough. Painful. Cum for me, darling. Cum cum cum.'

'OMG. I'm cumming again. Oh nooo ...'

'I can feel the muscles clenching. YES, your cumming!'


(A pause.)

'Oh Sarah - that was fast ... even more intense than the first. Phew! Breathless. How do you do it?'

'Mmm better go and clean up then.'

'I ought to. I'm wet through.'

'Me too. Tomorrow?'

'Oooooooohhhh ... Yes.'

'While you're in a boring old meeting I might be playing with my pussy and looking at your photo of those glorious boobs.',

'Touch them darling. Arrrrgggg. OMG. Must go.'

(Someone had entered Diana's office.)

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