A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 32


Bruce answered, "Yes, but he usually kills me. He's a ranked player and goes to competitions all the time." Then he asked, "Why, do you play?"

I said, "A little."

He asked, "Want to play a few games to kill some time?"

I accepted and we set up the board. Bruce is really a pretty good player, which surprised me. He has wonderful intuition, but I have more experience. After 10 games I had won 7 and several hard fought. When the day started I never would have thought that I would spend the afternoon playing chess with Bruce. We had to quit when the "guests" started arriving.

Scott was first, followed by Tommy. They both liked my outfit, but didn't seem to know what Bruce was planning. We broke out the snacks and sat around talking about school days and how I had given all the male students "woodies" all the time. The conversation naturally turned to the Pittsburgh adventure and the GB. That's when Kyle arrived and Bruce announced that the party could not begin. He handed a beer to his friends and gave me a Mike's.

Then he started up some music and me it was "showtime". I knew what he meant but the others looked confused. I took a deep swig of my lemonade. I don't remember what all the songs were, but the first one was "All She Wants to do is Dance". I started dancing like I had practiced that morning and when I started unbuttoning my blouse I heard a couple of them say "Oh yeah."

I was down to the bikini by the time the second song started and I teased them for a while to stretch it out a little. Eventually I took that off too and then I started the lap dances. Bruce was first and he loved to stick out his tongue so that I could brush my nipples over it. He also pulled me by my hips and ground his crotch into mine. His erection felt good though his shorts. Next was Tommy followed by Scott and finally Kyle. They all pretty much did the same thing as Bruce except Tommy and Kyle also kissed me. I was very horny by the time the lap dances were done and I slammed down the rest of my Mike's.

Bruce then told the others that my nickname was "Shar" (pronounced "share") because I like to be "shared". So he said he made up a new game for me called "Sharing Sharon". He showed us all four pictures of different parts of my body that he had printed: my face, boobs, pussy, and butt. He put them in a hat and each of them drew one out. He said that for the next hour each guy could only touch the part of my body on the picture they had drawn, and only with their hands. "And no trading cards," he added.

Bruce got another round of beers, and a Mike's for me. For the next hour they watched a porno on the big screen TV and played cards. I generally just circulated and spent some time with each one of them. They groped me a lot of course except for poor Tommy who got the picture of my face. He grew tired of only being able to touch me there.

After an hour I was ready for the next stage as I guessed the kids were too. They all drew new pictures but now they could use their mouths as well as their hands. Tommy got the picture of my breasts this time, so things tended to balance out. Another round of beer and Mike's was distributed to start the second hour. The best way to describe the next hour is pleasurable torture. I was licked and sucked almost continuously for the next hour. The highlight was near the end of the hour when Scott was licking my pussy while Tommy was sucking on my boobs and Kyle was kissing me. There wasn't really room in there for Bruce's mouth but he reached under me and squeezed my butt. I had my first orgasm of the night and it was pretty good.

For the third hour Bruce added their cocks to the list. I had anticipated this and knew I was going to take one in my butt. I was on my fourth Mike's in as many hours though, and I didn't really care. In fact, I had completely let go and was not Sharon Alderson anymore. I was a cock craving slut who was looking forward to getting ass fucked. This would have shocked the school teacher, but she was not there anymore.

When Scott did finally push his cock in there I did enjoy it after I got used to it. I remember Bruce trying to "titty fuck" me. I pushed them together to try to make a little tunnel for him, but they are a bit too small for that and he was not able to get off that way. Kyle enjoyed fucking my pussy, twice. And Tommy got a blowjob. I came twice more that hour I think.

For the final "hour" it was a free for all. No more pictures were drawn and no more alcohol was handed out. We'd all really had enough to drink anyways. They were now watching a video on housewives getting gang banged by groups of young men, ostensibly their sons and/or boys from the neighborhood. I didn't know there were such videos, but I guess there's some for every perversion. They enjoyed trying to act out some of the scenes with me. Some were not physically possible for me. Many were just too uncomfortable to be pleasurable.

For example in one scene the woman was upside down leaning her back against a couch. Her head was cocked at an odd angle so that her weight was on on shoulder and her head. The man knelt on the couch and fucked her savagely pushing her head even harder into the floor. Tommy wanted to try this and against my best judgment I tried it. I was right, it was very hard on my neck and I had to quit after less than a minute.

There were some other scenes that were fun, though and I had several more good orgasms. After almost two hours of that the kids finally got tired and Bruce sent them all home. Then after we both cleaned up a bit he led me to his parents bedroom and we curled up in their bed together. It was a little weird sleeping with someone other than my husband, but I still fell asleep pretty quickly. That tells you how tired I was.

The next morning I awoke to the feeling of my left breast being sucked on. It felt nice and I made a "mmmm" sound. Bruce responded by putting his hand between my legs. I opened them up to give him access and he slipped a finger inside me. I stroked his hard cock which was pressing against my thigh. After a few minutes he rolled on top of me and started a slow fuck. He lasted a long time, but I didn't mind. You know how I'm hornier in the mornings. I had a couple of nice climaxes before he pulled out and shot his load onto my belly.

He showered first and after I was finished I wrapped the towel around myself and looked for my clothes. I couldn't find them. When I asked Bruce he said, "Don't worry, we'll find some clothes for you after breakfast. For now you can go naked." And he took the towel away from me.

I made us some eggs and bacon for breakfast. I was starting to get used to cooking in the nude. After that he took me to his bedroom and I thought he wanted more sex. Instead Bruce said he wanted to play some video games with me. Initially I was not interested since most of the games these days are so violent. I changed my mind when he showed me something called the "Wii Fit". I don't know if you've played this or not, but it's actually kind of fun. I think Bruce just liked watching me bounce around in the nude. We also played some tennis and bowling. I'd rather do the real thing, but for a video game it wasn't too bad.

When we got tired of that Bruce led me to a bedroom I had not been in before. Bruce said it belonged to his little sister. Then he started rummaging around through her clothes. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "Getting you something to wear. You are about Cassie's size."

I asked how old Cassie was and he told me she was 16. Bruce handed me a tube top and a pair of pink shorts that said "Juicy" across the butt. My first thought was, I'm too old to wear this, but then Bruce, almost reading my mind, said, "Put it on. It'll look hot on you."

So I slipped on the tube top and pulled the shorts on (no underwear). They were one size too small and a little snug. Bruce loved it and said, "See, I told you. Smokin hot!"

Next he requested that I apply some makeup in a way to make myself look as young as possible. I had to think about this since I was used to making myself look professional. I ended up using his sister's makeup since I don't have the colors and such that I needed. After I was done with the makeup I brushed my hair out and then put a couple of big hair clips on either side. When I was done Bruce said I looked like I was 20 again. I didn't think so, but then to someone that didn't know me, maybe.

Then he had me drive us to a local Taco Bell. It's not my favorite place and I don't go there often. In fact, I tend to avoid fast food. We used the drive-thru and after we had ordered Bruce told me to pull down my top before moving up to the window to get our food. I wasn't expecting this and my first reaction was to object. To which Bruce said, "Get that top down or I'll take it off and not give it back."

Alarmed I pulled the stretchy tube top down to my waist making my boobs bounce a little. I pulled the car forward and waited for our food. The kid at the window had his back to us, but when he turned around to get our money he stopped in mid sentence. After a couple of awkward seconds staring at my bare breasts he stammered out the price of the meal and I handed him a 10. He had trouble making change because he kept glancing over at me. He was practically drooling when he handed me the change and our bag of food.

I was blushing pretty fiercely but I just rolled up the window and drove away. When we got to the road and stopped to wait for traffic Bruce let me pull my top back up. He was laughing so hard he could hardly even talk. After a few minutes when he was able to make intelligent sounds again he guided me to a small park on the edge of town next to a little river. I was kind of aware that it existed, but I had never actually stopped there before. It was kind of run down and usually overrun with young people.

Bruce led me to a concrete and steel table where we laid out our feast and started eating. Before we had even finished a couple of teenage girls strolled up and said, "Hi Bruce. Who's your friend?"

I recognized one from school. She was one of the seniors that had just graduated. I had been a substitute in one of her classes a couple of times. I remembered her because of her long blonde hair and very pretty face. She was quite popular with the boys. I hoped that she did not recognize me. I didn't know who her friend was. Bruce introduced me as his cousin Sharon from Pittsburgh. He said, "Remember when I went there for that wedding a couple of months ago? Well I ran into Sharon there and she promised to come visit me this summer. So here she is."

Yeah he ran into me in Pittsburgh all right, with his cock, I was thinking. The girl I recognized studied me for a second and asked, "Are you enjoying your visit?"

I said in my best shy voice, "Yes." I didn't want her to recognize my voice.

They continued to try to chat me up and I had to make up a story that I was attending college in Pittsburgh and still had one year to go. That seemed to satisfy their curiosity about my age, but the girl kept giving me strange looks. She never said anything though, so I guess we got away with it. It did make me nervous though.

When we finished eating Bruce had me stop by a video rental store. He rummaged through the video game section but apparently didn't find anything to his liking. He looked through the movies too, but eventually we left without renting anything. The next stop was the movie theater. There were a couple of matinees playing and Bruce bought us tickets. We made our way to the very back row of the auditorium and sat down. By the time the movie started there were only a dozen or so other people there.

Bruce was all over me once the lights went down, so I don't really know what move was playing. Some sort of science fiction thing with giant robots and lots of noisy explosions. It wasn't my thing so I didn't mind missing most of it. Bruce was a little restrained at first, being satisfied with kissing and feeling me up through my clothes. But as time went on he got bolder and began reaching under my top and pushing his fingers up the leg holes of my shorts. Eventually he just pulled the tube top down exposing my breasts to anybody that cared to look to the back of the auditorium.

I kept glancing around to see if we were attracting too much attention, but I never saw anybody even looking our way. I guess the movie was too loud to hear us and it was probably too dark in the back there to see much. I kept a sharp eye out anyway. When he started tugging at my shorts I briefly thought about stopping him, but I didn't. He pulled them off and spread my legs completely open by lifting my left leg and putting it over his thigh. (He had already lifted the arm between the two seats) That's when his attack on my pussy really began.

Bruce alternated between rubbing my clit and finger fucking me for the next hour. He also continued to kiss me and suck on my boobs. I tried to hold back my orgasm, but he seemed determined and eventually I came. It was a long shuddering whole body affair. I clamped my eyes and mouth shut and hoped none of the other patrons noticed. When I finally opened my eyes again I did a quick scan around the theater, but nobody appeared to have noticed our activities. That wasn't the first time that I had an orgasm in a public place (Jay), but it had been a long time. I had forgotten how intense that can be. Bruce sat back smiling and licked my juices off his hand.

He seemed to be done, so I pulled my tube top back up and retrieved the shorts from Bruce. The movie ended about 10 minutes later. On the way out I avoided eye contact with anybody else. I felt sure that at least one of them would give me that look back that said they knew what we had been doing back there. Bruce was amused by my sudden "shyness" and said it was "cute".

I was just looking back at how long this email has become. No wonder my back was starting to get a little stiff. I'm going to take a break now and write some more later, but I'll send this part just in case. Just think, I've only covered the first 24 hours or so and the wildest parts are yet to come.


Jul 07/16/09 6:02PM


I was hoping you would enjoy the "sleep over", although somehow I don't think you really got that much sleep. So it gets even wilder yet, eh? My mind boggles at the possibilities. So far your experience at the movie theater was one of the hottest you've told me about yet. I'm having trouble imagining what could be even wilder but still legal! I'll hold my comments and questions for now though, so that you can concentrate on finishing your narrative. I'm hanging on every word.



Jul 07/16/09 9:58PM


I started typing this earlier, but Joe came home and wanted to talk about the sleep over some more. There are some possible repercussions stemming from events that occurred at Bruce's and we needed to decide how to handle it. You'll understand later, but for now just know that visits by the kids are on hold. I'm going to get really horny in a couple of days but at least I'll have time to write you. OK, now back to Sunday afternoon.

From the movie theater we went back to Bruce's house. Once there he had me touch up my makeup and then he took about a dozen pictures of me in various poses. I guess he really wanted to remember that look. For the next couple of hours Bruce teased me sexually. By that I mean he would be doing something normal like watching TV while I was reading a book I brought along, and then he would just come over, flip up my top, and start sucking on my breasts. After a few minutes he would stop, pull my top back down, and go back to watching TV. It was frustrating, but very effective at making me hornier and hornier. By 5:00 I was ready to scream.

That's about when he flipped his phone open and ordered a pizza. When he was done with the call he said, "When the pizza is delivered I want you to strip and let the delivery person inside. Then I want you give him a blowjob for a tip."

I was shocked. What if it was a 16 year old boy, or a girl for that matter? But I was very horny and very much in my submissive slut mood. I asked, "Are you sure?"

He said, "Absolutely."

To which I relied, "All right. Whatever you say."

His huge grin told me he liked that answer. As we waited for the pizza to be delivered I was nervous, but also excited. When the doorbell rang I nearly jumped up to my feet. I quickly took my clothes off and jogged to the door. I opened it and there stood Tommy. I was kind of disappointed and I guess it came out in my voice when I said, "Oh, it's you."

Tommy replied with, "Yeah, and it's great to see you too," as he walked inside carrying the pizzas. He put them down on the table and the two boys dug right in.

I walked over and asked Tommy, "Don't you want your tip?"

He looked at me and said, "Hungry for my cock slut?"

I answered with, "I'm always hungry for yours."

He just pointed at his crotch and said, "Go for it then, but I'm not going to stop eating for you."

So I got down on my knees and sucked Tommy off while he ate pizza and talked to Bruce. Mainly they talked about what a "horny cock hound" I was, and how they were planning on enjoying my "hot slut body" over the next two days. It was fun giving Tommy a blowjob and I enjoyed the taste of his cum.

I had a couple of pieces of pizza, but what I really wanted was to get fucked. Tommy and Bruce were still making me wait though. After we were finished eating Tommy wanted to see what I looked like in my "teenie bopper" (his words) outfit. So I put the tube top and shorts back on. He liked it and said the "others" would too. I wondered who he was talking about.

Now both of them started teasing me. Sometimes at the same time. I was getting so hot that I was literally leaking juice out of my pussy. The crotch of the shorts were soaked by the time the doorbell rang again. Bruce told me to answer the door and give a big kiss to whoever was there. As I walked to the door Tommy added that I should rub their crotch too.

I opened the door and got my first big shock of the night. Standing there was a grinning Scott and a young woman. It took me a moment to realize who she was. Her name was Carla Wilson and she was in my class a couple of years ago. She was a smart girl, but lazy, and didn't earn a very good grade if I recall.

Bruce's voice snapped me out of my little reverie saying, "Let them in Sharon, and don't forget your instructions."

I gave Scott a big wet kiss and rubbed his growing erection through his jeans. When he was finished Carla stepped up. She was wearing a simple peasant blouse and a pair of cutoffs. She said, "Do you remember me bitch?"

I said, "Yes, I remember you Carla."

Then she said, "Good. Now kiss me like you did him."

I did as she asked and even rubbed her crotch much like I had done for Scott. She responded by squeezing my butt. When I tried to break the kiss she held me for another minute before letting go. I stepped away and she said, "Well, well. The untouchable tease really is a hot little slut. You weren't bullshitting me after all Scott."

Scott replied back to Carla, "I told you. Now you owe me big time."

Carla flinched at this, but didn't say anything. I wondered what Scott meant. Now they all participated in teasing me, including Carla. The theme of this party seemed to be "How hot can we make Sharon?"

They all had a couple of beers (I had a Mike's), but there wasn't a lot of drinking. So far Bruce had been true to his word to hold that down. Finally Bruce announced a new game. He led us all up to his bedroom where he had me strip. I didn't hesitate even though Carla was right there. That's how horny I was. Then he had me lay down face up on his bed and he tied me down spread eagle and blindfolded me. This made me a little nervous, but the sexual arousal pretty much drowned that out.

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