tagGroup SexA Crack in the Fence

A Crack in the Fence


It truly was a day to remember. I stepped out onto my pool deck that Saturday afternoon, aiming to bring the water up to the proper level and check the chemical balance. Three neighborhood couples would be at our home that evening to share my locally-famous smoked ribs. I wanted the pool to be crystal clear in case we decided to swim too.

I turned on the water then moved to the pool equipment enclosure next to our tall fence. Barefooted, I made no sound. I bent to retrieve my test kit when I heard a low moan coming from the other side of the fence. It wasn't a hurt sound, but it aroused my curiosity. Although the fence is the board-on-board type for maximum privacy, age has warped a few of the boards so that there are cracks of daylight.

Silently, I put my eye to the widest crack to determine the reason for the low moan that I had heard. My next door neighbor, Brad, was lying on the deck on a pool float. He was nude and Julie, his young wife, was kneeling between his legs. As I drew in my breath, Julie bobbed her head, sliding Brad's stiff cock in and out of her mouth. From my side view, I could see Julie's hanging breasts sway as she ministered to Brad's throbbing penis.

I knew that I should turn away. Brad and Julie would be joining us for ribs in a matter of hours. They would be mortified if they knew I had seen them in their oral embrace. This was the gal next door with two young daughters. The PTA mom who volunteered at the local elementary school functions!

I couldn't move. As I watched, Julie pulled her lips from Brad's dick and slowly moved up his glistening body. She leaned forward to plant a long kiss on Brad's lips, then used her right hand to guide his length into her dark love tunnel.

Rubbing my cock through my trunks, I continued to stare through the fence as she slowly rode her husband's cock. Brad reached up and began to massage her ample tits and I saw her dark rose nipples come to long, erect points between his fingers. It had never occurred to me that the young couple was so accomplished as lovers. Julie was neither beautiful nor homely. She was rather short and curvy, with long brown hair. Cute, perky, and quiet would be a pretty good description. Her clothes did a good job of hiding her voluptuous body, for she did have lovely breasts and a sexy ass.

Brad held off and Julie rocked on his prick for quite some time. I watched, hoping to get a glimpse of her pussy from the front. Finally, Julie began to slide back and forth rapidly and Brad grasped her hips, raising up to meet her. "Oh God, yes, yes," Julie moaned as they fucked. Their frantic movements concluded as they both climaxed. Julie collapsed onto Brad's chest and they lay there for a matter of minutes with his cock still buried in my cute neighbor's slippery cunt.

Julie finally rolled to one side and Brad began to sit up. I moved away from the fence to avoid detection. Then, hearing a splash, I returned to the fence to see Brad in the pool and Julie at the top of the steps. I got a full frontal view of her curvy body as she stepped into the water. She had a dark, natural bush. It glistened with their combined juices and her nipples were erect in the center of dark rose areolas that appeared to be about the size of a half-dollar. Julie sank into her pool and Brad pulled her close. They began to make out. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs around his hips. They floated like that for a few minutes before drifting to the shallow end.

I left my spy post to turn off the water in my own pool and to check the chlorine level. When I returned the water test kit, I decided to take one more look to see if my neighbors were still swimming. I put my eye to the crack in the fence and instinctively jerked back. Julie was still in the shallow end of her pool, no more than ten feet from me. Brad was behind her and she was leaning on the pool coping. I watched, spellbound. Julie's expression changed as Brad's cock slid in and out of her submerged cunt. Julie's pendulous tits and erect nipples were plainly visible to my gaze and I could hear her breathing and groaning as her young stud plowed her wet snatch.

I felt a quantity of warm, sticky liquid seep into my trunks and ooze down my leg. Reaching down, I covered my finger with a glob and brought my finger to my lips.

When they both finished for the second time, Brad held his cute, young wife up as she floated on her back. I got an ample opportunity to survey her entire body as they relaxed in their pool. "Mmm, it doesn't get any better than this," Julie cooed as the couple lazed in what they thought was a most private moment.

Finally, Julie stood up in the shallow end and I watched her shapely ass undulate as she stepped out and began to dry her hair. Brad followed and grabbed his towel. "Let's take a shower together," he suggested, "we're supposed to be next door for dinner in another couple of hours."

Their sexy show was over, so I finished skimming some errant leaves out of my pool; then took a short swim to rinse off the evidence of my voyeuristic adventure before going back into the house.

My wife, Barbara, was in the kitchen making last minute preparations. "Why don't we take a nice long shower together before our dinner guests arrive?" I coaxed as I fondled her right breast.

"What's gotten into you, Romeo?" she teased. "We still have things to do before our guests begin to ring our doorbell."

I smiled as I continued to squeeze her. "It's Saturday, and I'm horny. Get Julie to help you when she gets here. We still have time for a little fun before dinner. Hell, I'll bet Julie and Brad are playing around in their own shower right now!"


Voyeuristic visions still raced through my fevered brain as the warm water played against our bodies and Barb's lips encircled my stiff dick.

"I sure hope this turns out to be an early night," I gasped as talented fingers fondled my shaved balls and my wife's tongue played around the exposed head of my cock.

It took a while for my cock to respond to Barb's warm lips and talented tongue. I couldn't admit that I had cum in my trunks just a few minutes earlier! It was the way she used her tongue tip on the underside of my cock that finally did the trick. I closed my eyes, recalled how Julie sucked Brad's stiff dick, and fantasized that it was really Julie sucking my cock.

By the time my cock was erect, Barb was breathing hard. "Hurry up, honey," she gasped as she rose and turned to face the shower wall. Barb presented her rear and spread her legs to allow me access. I quickly stepped close, guiding my hardness into her slippery slit. The water beat down on Barb's back and ran down her crack, merging with her sticky juices. It wasn't long before I felt my wife's body begin to tremble and her vaginal muscles spasm around my prick. Barb climaxed and her knees buckled. I held her ample tits in my hands and supported her as the waves of orgasms ebbed.

We finished our shower and hurriedly dried ourselves. "That was a nice surprise," Barb grinned as we dressed. "It's been quite a while since we've made love somewhere other than on our bed. I liked it." Reluctantly, we both got dressed.

We spent the next hour or so making final preparations for the evening. I checked my ribs, took them out of the smoker, and put them in the warm oven to rest. "I'll have everybody licking their fingers tonight," I quipped.

Barb reached around me and squeezed my now-flaccid cock through my pants. "Maybe you'd enjoy licking something else after the party," she chuckled.

"My, aren't you the horny bitch today," I replied as I slapped her ass playfully. "I hope you'll keep my dessert warm until later. You know how I like your creamy treats."

The doorbell rang before Barb could reply. She dashed off to greet our guests and I moved to the bar to begin pouring drinks. "This is going to be an interesting evening," I thought as Brad and Julie approached the bar.

I shook Brad's outstretched hand. "Don't I even get a hug?" Julie pouted.

Feeling a twinge in my groin, I stepped around the bar where Julie stood with outstretched arms. I opened my arms and she pressed against me, her soft breasts against my chest. She leaned away and looked up with her large brown eyes. Without further prompting, I leaned down and gave her a neighborly kiss on her cheek. "That's better," she announced and smiled over her shoulder at Brad.

I poured Brad a scotch and got Julie a glass of red wine. Barb joined us and I poured two more glasses of wine. "Here's to good neighbors," I offered and we touched our glasses.

Brad took a sip of scotch, then turned to Barb. "Where's my welcoming hug, eh?"

My horny wife quickly took the hint. She put her wine on the bar and pulled our young neighbor into a close embrace. "My goodness, where did you get all those muscles, Brad," she asked as she gave him a lingering kiss on the cheek.

Now, we've known Brad and Julie for a couple of years, ever since they moved in as a matter of fact. They have young children, as do their friends. We've always been friendly and I've invited Brad to the club for several rounds of golf. Barb always buys her Girl Scout cookies from Julie's girls, and the wives have had coffee or wine together a number of times. It's just that, being a few years older and without kids, we travel in different social circles as a rule.

We have helped each other when one or the other of us is out of town. They bring in our mail and paper, and tend our plants. We do the same for them, of course. I guess you would say we have been friendly neighbors, but not close friends.

Barb told me that she and Julie have confided in each other...girl stuff...without a more detailed explanation. "Has Julie told you about Brad's prowess in the bedroom?" I have sometimes joked. "And, have you told her any secrets?" Naturally, Barb just smiles coyly and changes the subject on me.

"Our girls are visiting Julie's parents this weekend. It sure is nice to have some time to ourselves once in a while," Brad informed us. "We're going to give the girls grandparent exposure more often," he added with a wink.

Our two other couples arrived minutes later and the evening filled with stories, jokes, teasing, and idle chatter. My smoked ribs were a huge hit and we all laughed at the smacking and finger licking that are always part and parcel of rib dinners.

The open bar had its own effect. By eleven, we were all pretty well stimulated with alcohol. Our other guests were a few years older and soon announced that it was past their bedtime. The two other couples thanked us and extended invitations to come to their homes for dinner in the near future. Carl claimed he made the best burgers in creation and Fred wanted us to taste his famous chili.

"Hells bells," Brad exclaimed, "it's still early and half the party is already gone!"

Barb nodded. "Yeah, but that doesn't prevent the four of us from enjoying ourselves."

"I'll help you clean up the table," Julie volunteered. "It will go fast if you fellows will bring the stuff from the table into the kitchen."

In no time, the table was cleared and the dishes in the dishwasher. "Whew, that was hot work," Julie said. "Now, I'm all sweaty."

"Tell me about it," Barb responded as she wiped her brow with a paper towel. "I'm all sticky."

Seeing an opening, I blurted out, "Well, we could all go skinny dipping and cool off."

Three sets of eyes turned on me. Silence followed.

"It was just an idea," I stammered defensively.

"Hell, why not?" Brad finally replied. "Haven't done that since I was a boy."

Julie shook her head. "You guys can do it if you want to, but count us out."

Brad wouldn't back off so easily. "You two were the ones complaining about being hot and sweaty. Evidently, you're not all that uncomfortable."

"Being sweaty and sticky is one thing, swimming naked with our neighbors is another," she retorted. "Are you guys serious?"

"I'm sorry I mentioned it," I said.

Brad put his arm around Julie's shoulder. "Shoot, Ken and Barb are almost family," he whispered. "What's the harm in a quick dip?"

"You're still horny from this afternoon," Julie accused. "You just want to see Barb without her clothes on."

Barb stepped in quickly. "Hey, you two, let's just drop it, okay? Ken's still a little horny too. He didn't think. We don't want to end this nice evening with a spat, do we?"

"No, we sure don't," Brad agreed with a chuckle. "I guess Ken and I let the booze do our talking. But, I still think it was a good idea, Ken."

I looked at the young couple whom I had earlier observed making passionate love. "We can think of something else, of course. I just have one question. Brad, did you really just want to see Barb in her birthday suit?"

Everybody cracked up laughing and the mood lightened considerably.

Brad stood grinning at my wife. "I'll have to admit, it would be quite a treat, Ken!"

Julie punched Brad's arm. "You horny devil, do you always have to tell the bald truth?"

"That's alright, Julie," Barb giggled, it is kind of flattering to know that Brad finds me intriguing at my age."

"You're not that much older than us," Julie offered, "and you're a very attractive gal."

Barb blushed at the attention and the compliment. "Why thanks, so are you, Julie."

Brad looked over at me and winked. "Does that mean you've changed your mind about skinny dipping?" he asked innocently.

Barb smiled. "It wasn't me who said no, was it Brad?"

"Barb! Are you seriously considering accepting their invitation?" Julie gasped.

"I will if you will," Barb responded, much to my surprise. "I'm really hot and sticky."

"Why does it have to be up to me?" Julie whined. "You're putting me on the spot."

Barb nodded. "You're right, Julie, us girls need to stick together on this. Tell you what, it wouldn't be so bad if we got in the pool first, then Brad and Ken could join us if they dared."

"Hey, yeah," Julie laughed. "We could cool off and they would have to be the ones exposed. That might be fun."

Brad picked up on the compromise. "That suits us just fine, right Ken?"

It was my idea to begin with, so I couldn't very well disagree. I nodded my approval, putting the decision back into the women's court.

Barb seemed to have a strong interest in seeing Brad's nude, muscular body. She saw me nod and came to a decision. "Okay, it's settled. Julie and I get five minutes head start, so we'll be in the water before you men can come outside, and so there's no peeking through the windows, you will both have to stay in the TV room when we go to the pool.

"Agreed," Brad pronounced. "We will give you five minutes of privacy. That okay with you, Ken?"

I nodded again and picked up my glass. "Grab another scotch, Brad, and let's go watch the tube for a few minutes."

As we left the kitchen, we heard giggles as the ladies headed for the back door.

"I still can't believe that we're doing this," Julie said as she and Barb reached the edge of the pool. "How did they talk us into swimming nude like this?"

Barb glanced over at her neighbor. "Who knows?" Barb replied as she unbuttoned her blouse. "I don't think they felt that we could turn the tables on them like we did."

Julie watched Barb unclasp her bra in the front, an action that pushed her breasts together. Her mouth went dry as Barb casually dropped her bra onto her blouse, exposing her small pink nipples. Instinctively, Julie pulled her top over her head and reached behind her to unclasp her own thin bra.

Barb enjoyed the feel of the night air on her bare tits. She felt her nipples begin to harden and glanced over at Julie just as her neighbor slid her bra down her arms. "You have beautiful boobs, Julie," she whispered.

"So do you," Julie responded and grinned as the two of them hurried to remove the rest of their clothes. "We'd better hurry and get into the water before the guys catch us."

Julie slipped her shorts and panties off in one quick motion, exposing her thick, dark bush. Barb stepped out of her shorts and hesitated, surveying Julie's nude form. Julie, in turn, glanced over and watched as Barb slipped her bikini panties off, displaying her sparse patch of light brown curls.

Julie followed Barb into the pool, noticing her neighbor's shapely rear. "Brad would get a woody if he saw you like this," she giggled.

"I know what will happen to Ken if he gets a chance to see your body, Julie. I guess we'll have to be careful."

"Here we come, ready or not," I announced as we opened the back door and strolled across the deck. There was just enough light to confirm that the women had, indeed, shed their clothes and were naked in the water. My mind reeled back to my earlier voyeuristic adventure, picturing Julie's luscious body riding Brad's stiff cock. The vision made my cock begin to swell.

Brad leaned over the edge of the pool, trying to see into the dark water. "Damn, Barb, I can't see much of anything."

The gals laughed and taunted us. "What's the matter, boys? Are you afraid to get naked now?"

Brad gave up his effort to see into the water. I began to undress in full view of all, hoping I could control my semi-erect penis until the water gave me cover. Brad returned to the deck table and stood behind a chair as he undressed.

I was nude first and slowly made my way to the pool steps and felt the cool water begin to surround me. I knew that both women had ample time to check out my package. I rationalized that the low light probably masked most of the details.

Brad hesitated, but was finally forced to come out from behind his chair and make the journey to the pool. I knew from my earlier view that Brad was well hung. Barb, of course was seeing his swinging dick for the first time. Brad stepped into the pool and I heard Barb moan as his long, skinny cock disappeared from her view.

We waded across the pool and joined our wives, laughing at the situation. "I guess you girls got an eyeful," I chuckled.

"And how!" Barb gushed, and we all laughed again.

Barb moved into my arms and pressed her body into mine. My hands cupped her ass and she wrapped her legs around me before kissing me deeply. I noticed that Brad and Julie were in a similar embrace, much like I had seen earlier.

"Maybe it's not just the men who are horny tonight, eh?" I quipped. This time, nobody laughed; we were all engrossed in sexier feelings and thoughts.

My cock began to stiffen and plant itself along Barb's crack. She moved down slightly to capture me between her cheeks. "That feels good," she cooed in my ear.

"Damn you, Brad, not here," Julie scolded in the low light.

Brad glanced at us and smiled. "Why not? You liked it earlier today and they don't care."

"Don't mind us," Barb told them. "We're enjoying ourselves too much to pay attention."

When I looked again, Julie had her eyes closed, head back on the pool coping, with her legs around Brad's waist. It was obvious from the ripples that Brad's cock was deep inside her. My gaze caught another sight. Julie's soft breasts were afloat on the surface and her erect nipples pointed toward the stars.

"I think Julie's getting fucked," Barb whispered in my ear. "I'm jealous."

Wordlessly, we adjusted our positions and I gently slipped my hard cock into Barb's slick gash. It was obvious that she was greatly aroused. Normally, we have to use a lubricant to ease my entry into my wife's tight cunt. As we slowly moved on each other, I whispered to my wife, "That's Brad's long cock you're fucking now."

Barb's reaction surprised me. She shuddered and I felt her tighten around my dick. A fresh supply of female nectar surrounded my cock and her movements quickened.

"Brad's fucking you good now," I whispered, encouraging her fantasy even more.

"Oh, oh yes," my wife groaned as our own ripples joined Brad and Julie's. "Oh, God, oh, God," she continued to moan as I gave her all I had.

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