A Crack in the Fence


Julie watched as Brad finished drying his chest with a paper towel. "Well, are you fellows going to get dressed, or do we get naked and join you?" she asked nobody in particular.

"Hells bells, you men go get some clothes on," Barb barked. "We can't have a serious conversation if we're all sitting around naked, can we?"

I shook my head obediently. "I guess not, dear, we'll go get something on. Back in a flash."


When Brad and I reappeared dressed, we found our wives in the TV room in easy conversation. "That's better," Barb said by way of greeting. "Julie and I were just recalling last evening's events, refreshing our memories a little," she related lightly.

I sat down next to Barb. Brad took a seat next to Julie. The two of us waited for the next comment.

"I want to say that I felt like I was put on the spot last night," Julie finally stated. "We all did things while under the influence of alcohol and sexual arousal. I must admit, it was amazing at the time, but I really didn't know how everybody felt, so I was pretty shook up when you all looked to me."

Barb nodded. "If you are going to blame someone, blame me, Julie. I was the one who hopped up on the edge of the pool, remember?. That's when things really started to happen."

"Oh, I'm not blaming anyone, Barb. In fact, I'll admit that I really enjoyed what we did. I don't think that it was wrong or anything, just that Brad and I hadn't talked about it at all, and I was afraid to make a mistake and cause problems. That's all."

Brad took a breath and exhaled, puffing his cheeks in the process. "So, you liked being screwed in their pool and having Ken give you some oral pleasure afterward?"

"Well, yes," Julie admitted sheepishly. "It was a fresh experience, at least the Ken part, because we've fucked in our pool a lot. I have little doubt that you enjoyed eating Barb last night, am I right?"

Brad glanced at us and then grinned. "Yeah, you're right, honey. It was something special. I couldn't believe it when Ken invited me to share his dessert. After that, how could I refuse?"

Julie then looked across at us. "What about you guys? How do you feel now that we all have our sense of reason back?"

"I see no reason to be upset or concerned," Barb replied evenly. "We all enjoyed ourselves and here we are together this morning. We've had a nice breakfast, plenty of coffee, and we're still friends. I must say, Brad gave me a couple of thunderous orgasms last night. Julie, you told me he was good, but now I really know what you meant."

I put my arm around Barb's shoulder and pulled her close. "I should be jealous after that last remark, but I'm not. I think that adding some spice may even improve what we already enjoy. Julie seemed to find quite a bit of pleasure from my own actions, so I guess we're all about even at this point."

"So, where do we go from here?" Brad slowly intoned. "Do we chalk last night up to booze and ignore it in the future, or do we continue our recent experiment?"

Barb took a sip of the coffee she carried from the kitchen. "Okay, I'll go ahead and step off the curb and into the traffic," she said. "I'm still as curious as hell about how you would feel inside me. Julie is shorter, so maybe it's also easier to reach her upper walls. I couldn't help thinking about that last night, then again this morning."

"It works best when I'm on top," Julie chimed in. "I can totally control how far it goes in and I can put it right where I want it." Then she covered her face with both hands and giggled. "I can't believe I just said that!"

"I'd like to see how you would handle Brad, given Julie's informative comments," I told Barb as I squeezed her arm softly. "Everybody would have to agree, naturally."

"Well, I sure don't want to try it out on that rough, pebbly deck! I think I still have dents in my ass from sitting up on our pool deck last night."

Barb's remark drew howls from all of us. I glanced over at Julie and Brad, trying to assess their mood following Barb's admission. I detected a lump forming in Brad's trousers. Julie noticed also and she ran her hand over his crotch, confirming her suspicion.

"Barb's been honest, so I will confess also. I had some very wicked thoughts about Ken last night, Barb, after we went to the guestroom. Brad went to sleep right away, but I kept thinking about the thick dick I'd just seen. I was wondering if Ken would fit and how different he would feel compared to my Brad. The thought made me finger myself and I gave myself another orgasm before I finally conked out."

"If I was on top, Julie, I'd be sure to take it slow and easy," I volunteered. "We have some very slick silicone lubricant that would really help."

Barb nodded. "It does make a big difference. I'm still tight and we use lube all the time."

Silence followed Barb's last remark. Everybody seemed to be in separate worlds for a couple of minutes. Finally, I decided to make the proposal that I knew the others were contemplating. "You all realize, we have most of the day and our king-size bed will accommodate four. All those in favor of adjourning to our bedroom, please stand."

I stood and looked around, feeling very alone for a few moments. At last, Julie slowly rose to her feet and smiled across at me. Barb sighed with relief and jumped to her feet, clapping her hands. Seeing Julie rise, Brad too stood up and hugged her.

Wordlessly, Barb led the four of us walked down the long hallway to the open bedroom door. She seemed to swivel her hips a bit more than normal. Barb stopped at the door. "Last chance to change your mind," she announced and boldly stepped into our room.

Julie and Brad followed her inside. I brought up the rear. Barb and Julie pulled the flowered spread off of the bed and folded it neatly on the floor near the far wall. "We won't need a blanket or top sheet will we?" Barb said as she quickly folded them up and set them on top of the spread.

We all looked around the brightly-lit room. "Close the blinds, Ken," Barb requested. "Let's add a little bit of romance, shall we?"

As I closed the blinds, Barb lit two large candles and lowered the rheostat lighting control to give the room a warm glow.

"There, that's better," Barb said. I watched as my wife kicked off her sandals and began to unbutton her blouse. Julie noticed Barb's actions and quickly followed suit, pulling her top off and unzipping her skirt.

I began undressing while watching for signs of concern among the others. Brad worked fast and he was the first one naked, his long cock dancing straight out as he viewed the arousing scene now taking place.

Barb was now nude. She approached the bed, on her normal side, and turned to Brad. "I think Julie said it would be best if I was on top, right?"

Brad nodded and moved next to my wife. He rolled onto our bed on his back and looked up at my lovely wife. "Is this all right?"

"Over a little more," she told him, "I need more room for my left leg."

Brad inched over some more and Julie sprawled on his other side. "You want to be on top of me, right Ken?"

I walked to my side of the bed where my cute neighbor now lay. Nodding my agreement, I opened my nightstand drawer and removed the bottle of silicone lube. "Before we use this, I simply must have another taste of your sweet pussy," I told Julie.

Julie smiled up at me and spread her short legs wider, allowing me an unobstructed view of her dark bush and her already-swollen inner lips. "You did me so good last night, Ken, please take your time and help me remember." Julie reached over and held Brad's hand.

While I crawled up between Julie's thighs, Barb slid onto the bed and straddled Brad's legs. "I want to see how your long dong feels in my mouth first," she told him in a voice we could all hear. Seconds later, I heard slurping sounds indicating that my wife was sucking greedily on my neighbor's prick.

Julie was soaking wet. I licked along her sticky slit and tapped her clit with my tongue tip. After several trips up and down her vaginal highway, I again ventured lower and rimmed her tight little ass. Her hips bucked up to meet my mouth and I slipped my hands under her cheeks to help support her wide-open crack. Her first climax came quickly as my tongue turned circles around her rear pucker.

As Julie came back to Earth, I returned to her juicy cunt and lapped up the copious quantity of nectar that now flowed from her pink flower. My tongue entered her warm depths and I used my index finger to open her even more. Once my finger was wet, I let it slip lower and slowly inserted it into her ass while I licked and sucked on her swollen clit. Julie emitted a high-pitched squeal as she climaxed for the second time. I had not yet approached her pussy with my hard, thick cock.

Next to me, Barb moved up Brad's body and I watched as her fingers found, then held his thin rod up against her juicy love tunnel. The head of his long shaft slipped between her cunt lips. Seconds later, Barb accepted another inch, then another. She was moaning softly as more and more of Brad's cock slid past her tight vaginal muscle.

"Oh, my God," Barb gasped. "I can feel you touching my cervix," she told Brad. "I've never felt that before." My wife moved to one side, then the other, enjoying the unique feeling of a cock head massaging the upper reaches of her vagina.

"Hold still," Brad pleaded. "I'll cum if you move again now."

"Okay, baby, okay," Barb told him, "tell me when I can move again. You feel wonderful all the way inside like that."

Julie listened to Barb and she knew exactly what my wife was experiencing at that moment. Julie looked up at me. "Use your lube, Ken. I want your thick cock in me now."

I poured an ample amount of silicone lube on my fingers and smeared it over and inside my neighbor's already sticky cunt. Her bush glistened with her nectar and my lube. Then, I put more lube on my erect cock and, as Julie watched, I stroked my cock to make sure it was completely hard, and to show her what she was about to enjoy. Her soft tits were hanging off her chest on each side and her nipples were erect and swollen with lust.

My fingers quickly discovered the path through Julie's puffy inner labia. I used two fingers to open her, then inserted the tip of my cock between them.

"Mmm, yes," Julie encouraged. "I can feel you there."

I pressed forward slightly and met with rather stiff resistance. "Uh, so big," Julie groaned.

Waiting for a few moments, I finally felt her relax a bit more. I pushed again and I felt the head of my prick slide past the protective muscle. "No, wait, I can't," she gasped.

I held my position for a while. It seemed like minutes, but I know it was probably only thirty seconds or so. "Does it hurt, Julie?" I asked.

"Not now," she whispered. "I've never felt anything so big before. I'm sorry."

"Don't be," I reassured her. "Just relax and think about how good it will feel in a few minutes."

This time, I pulled out slightly and dripped some more lube onto my cock. Once I felt the lube flowing, I pressed against my cute little neighbor again and my shaft penetrated about halfway.

"Oh yes," Julie mewed softly, "that's nice now. Try some more."

Encouraged by her desire, I pressed harder and finally buried my entire shaft in her tight hole. My balls touched against the cheeks of her ass and our pubic mounds collided with a bump.

"Oh, God, I'm so full, Ken. You've filled me completely. My pussy is stretched to the limit, I think."

After holding still for a minute, I slowly withdrew halfway and reversed to slide back in to the hilt. My slow, gentle fucking motion brought more moans from Julie and I began to feel the pressure building in my testicles. "Better take it easy before I squirt my cum too soon," I thought to myself.

Meanwhile, Barb continued to move her slender hips up and back, and side to side, milking Brad's long shaft. She stopped after every few moves to help him prolong his ejaculation. My wife's tits looked so good bouncing above Brad's chest. As I watched, he reached up with his right hand and cupped my wife's left breast, pulling gently on her nipple. I knew that would create new sensations in Barb's body. She grunted and accelerated her movements to increase the friction against her clit.

"Oh shit," Brad gasped, "I'm going to cum. I can't stop it now!"

Barb jumped up and down on my neighbor's staff in a frantic effort to cum with him. Her mouth fell open and her tits bounced carelessly as his warm, white semen drenched the uppermost end of her cunt. I glanced over just in time to see their combined love juices begin to leak out around their junction.

Julie was moaning too, listening to her husband as he squirted his sperm into my wife. "So hot," she said. "Oh, Ken, fuck me hard now. Please fuck me hard with your big thick cock."

Her urgent request was my cue. I pounded her fast and hard for a dozen strokes or so. To her surprise, I slowed down again and lay still. "What's the matter?" she asked.

"Nothing," I told her. "I just want it to last a lot longer. I want Barb and Brad to watch us when they're finished."

Julie opened her eyes and looked into mine. "I've had naughty dreams about that happening," she admitted. "Do whatever you want, baby."

I slid in as far as possible and held it there, raising up to see what Brad was doing. He had his head turned toward Julie. Barb was still riding his cock, but she was also watching. Julie had her heels up on my hips, urging me to keep going.

Then, Barb dismounted and I saw Brad's soft, thin prick lying on his leg. Barb turned so that she could watch Julie and I, then took Brad's flaccid penis in her hand and began to lick their juice off as if it was a lollipop.

"Julie, your husband and my wife are watching us now," I whispered.

She opened her eyes and turned her head to gaze into Brad's eyes. "He's really nice and thick, honey," she told him. "Watch him fuck me, Brad."

Julie held my shoulders with both hands and her heels pressed me against her. I took the hint and began to slowly move inside her. As we developed a steady rhythm, I began to speed up and push harder. Soon, Julie and I were fucking each other furiously as our spent spouses looked on.

"Oh, baby, fuck me good," Julie screamed. "Cum with me."

Her tummy muscles began to tremble and I felt her vagina start to spasm around my thick prick. Julie's legs pressed me hard, and her mouth opened as she gasped. "Oh fuck, oh yeah, oh my God!"

Julie's entreaties were too much to endure. My balls emptied into the channel and my sperm spurted from the hole in my cock in swift jets. I may not have reached the very top like Brad, but my thickness prevented all but a few drops from leaking out. Julie's orgasm lasted for about forty-five seconds. I rode along, like a cowboy on a bucking bronco as she enjoyed the pleasure bolts surging through her body.

"That was incredible," Brad said after Julie ceased her exertions. "I've never seen such pleasure before. I didn't know it was possible to feel so close to my wife, while another man was in my place."

"You were pretty wonderful yourself, Brad," Barb confirmed to him. "You touched places I didn't know existed when we were enjoying ourselves. Ken, did you notice?"

I nodded. "Oh yeah, I could tell that you were in heaven awhile ago. I got so aroused watching you ride Brad's tall stallion."

Julie lowered her legs and I finally let my limp meat slide out. Julie was quick to reposition herself and she began to suck our sticky nectar off of me while her husband looked on.

"Here, let me have some too," Barb insisted. She slid across Brad and began licking my balls as she and Julie took turns sucking on my flaccid penis. On her hands and knees, Barb's rear presented a tempting target for Brad. I watched as he lay on his back and used his hands to spread my wife's cheeks. Barb understood his intent and lowered her warm cunt onto his open mouth.

A minute later, I stirred. Wait, girls, I want a taste of my wife's juicy pussy too. Barb looked up and smiled. "Whatever you wish my dear," she told me and raised up. She put her leg over me and I gazed up at my wife's freshly fucked cunt, still wet with their juice. Barb returned to my cock and we continued our 69 for the next few minutes.

Not to be outdone, Julie climbed aboard Brad's face and began to swallow all his skinny dick she could handle while he feasted on her nectar and my creamy sperm.


"Is everybody still okay?" I asked, as the four of us lay exhausted on our big bed.

"No complaints," Julie croaked.

"Amen," Barb confirmed.

"I'm too fucked out to think about it right now," Brad whispered. "It was great!"

I tapped Brad on the arm. "What you need is a cooling dip in the pool. We've still got three or four hours before you have to pick up the kids. Let's not waste too much time."

Both women laughed out loud. "I might be able to go another round," Barb told us, "if either one of you guys can get it up again."

"I'm kind of sore," Julie admitted, "but I'm sure willing to give it a try."

Again, Barb led the way out to the pool. She didn't even hesitate and dove into the deep end, emerging halfway down the pool's length. "Feels great," she confirmed.

We splashed and played grab ass in the cool water for a quarter-hour, then stretched out on loungers to dry and rest. I looked around at the other three nude bodies and smiled. "It doesn't get any better than this," I announced.

Julie looked up. "That's what I said to Brad yesterday afternoon, but I was wrong that time."

Brad chuckled. "I think Ken's right this time, honey. When we pick the girls up later, find out when your parents have another free weekend and can keep the girls overnight."

I looked over at Brad, then to Julie. "Does that mean you two would like to schedule a repeat performance?"

"You bet," Brad confirmed, "but next time, we'll meet at our house, okay?"

Barb and I both smiled and nodded. "You're on," I replied.

Barb rose from her chair and strolled over to Brad. "I'd like to sample your love machine again if you think you can manage it. Of course, I'll be more than happy to help revive your ardor."

Brad smiled and took my wife's hand. "I'm sure we can find ways to make a connection."

As they entered the house, I turned to check on Julie. She looked back at me, smiling. "Why don't you go get your lube and bring it back out here, Ken? I want to ride your big boy right here on your lounge chair."

Nodding, I rose and slipped back into the house. I walked into our bedroom and found the lube next to the bed. Brad and Barb didn't even know I was in the room. Both had their eyes closed as Barb rode my neighbor's slim shaft in an unhurried manner.

"Thank goodness for grandparents," I said as I opened the back door and fell back onto the lounger. Julie was kneeling on an extra chair cushion next to my lounger with a wide smile on her face.

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