A Crack in the Fence


Julie could hear Barb's voice now and it evidently excited her even more. Soon, Julie's moans joined my wife's as Brad and I did our best to keep up. Barb began to climax and I couldn't hold back any longer. I envisioned her being fucked by the young stud a few feet from us and shot several jets of sticky cum into my loving wife.

"Come on baby," Brad groaned. "Cum for me now."

Julie's large tits swayed in the ripples as she enjoyed the multiple waves of orgasm flow through her. "Ah, yes, baby," Brad urged. "Feel my hard cock squirting into your hot pussy."

"Holy shit," Brad finally said as the four of us returned to Earth. "That was unbelievable! What an amazing feeling."

I looked over at our neighbors. Julie still had her eyes closed and was smiling. "Yeah, we enjoyed ourselves too," I agreed.

Barb stared into my eyes. "Ready for your dessert?" she asked coyly.

"You mean right here?" I asked, hardly knowing what to say.

Barb nodded. "It will be nice and fresh."

"I'm game if you are," I replied smiling. "You'll need to get up on the edge of the pool."

I helped Barb onto the pool coping and caught Brad watching intently, surveying my wife's lush figure. She lay back on her hands and spread her legs wide, giving us both a full view of her just-fucked pussy. Barb's tits sagged to each side of her chest and her nipples were erect with anticipation and with the knowledge that Brad was leering at her nude body. Barb felt the rough pebbly surface of the deck on her soft ass and palms, but the idea of being licked in front of our neighbors made the discomfort worthwhile.

Julie opened her eyes and realized what was happening. "Oh my God, Barb, we can see everything!"

Barb just smiled down at her friend. "That's okay, I promised Ken dessert."

I moved between Barb's thighs and began to lick our combined juices as they escaped from her now open labia. "Mmm, you taste so good, honey," I mumbled as my tongue caught another droplet. "I love the way you taste."

Brad watched as I took several more licks and inserted my tongue into my wife's swollen cunt. "I want my dessert too," he told Julie. "Here, let me boost you up onto the edge of the pool."

Julie, by now, was past her previous modesty and she allowed Brad to perch her rump on the pool deck. Julie opened her legs and Brad dove between them and began to eat her sticky, hairy cunt with gusto.

"Oh, yes, honey," Julie began to moan. "Eat me, eat my pussy."

Barb's thighs tightened around my head and I knew that another orgasm was overtaking her. New juice met my tongue and I swallowed as much as I could. When Barb released my head, I looked up to watch Brad lick his cute wife. A new idea zipped across my fevered brain.

"Hey, Brad, I need some help here. Barb is soaking wet. Want some of my dessert?"

I heard Barb moan as she heard my invitation. Her legs fell apart, providing her own visual invitation to our hunky neighbor.

"You sure?" Brad asked me.

I nodded and pointed to my wife's open snatch. "She'd love it," I replied. "Please, help yourself."

Brad first hesitated, then moved toward us and Julie looked up with a pleading look on her face. "What about me?" she whined.

"Ken can help you," Brad answered as he slid past me.

I looked into Julie's wanton eyes and shrugged. "I guess it's you and me, Julie."

I halfway expected to be rebuffed. Instead, Julie leaned back like Barb and her legs fell apart. She looked down at me with an impish grin on her face. "I hope you like my dessert too," she cooed.

My mouth covered her entire pussy at first and I sucked her hairy outer lips while my tongue explored her open slit. Julie jerked her hips in an effort to drive my tongue deeper, so I began to concentrate on tonguing her hole and licking across her clit. She had a slightly different taste, but it was still pleasant. I couldn't tell if it was her nectar or Brad's cum that made the taste seem sweet.

Overcome with lust, I let my tongue wander below Julie's vaginal opening and onto the small, fleshy area just North of her tight rear. "Oh, God," she moaned loudly, drawing her legs tighter around my ears.

Moving from that very sensitive area, I probed lower and used the tip of my tongue to trace circles around her crinkled hole. Julie squeezed even tighter and pressed my nose partway into her dripping cunt. "Mmm, uh huh, she groaned as she slowly rotated her hips on the deck.

After treating her ass to a brief teasing, I returned to her wet pussy, licking in earnest and tapping my tongue on her swollen clit.

I heard my wife gasp and moan louder. I knew that she was having another orgasm while my neighbor licked her just fucked cunt. Julie must have realized what was happening next to us, because she, too, began to moan and move erratically, holding my head tightly between her fleshy thighs. Her taste changed again as fresh nectar flowed from her.

As the two women collapsed on the deck, Brad and I rinsed off and stepped out of the pool. We dried off and took towels to our wives. We helped them up and patted them dry, wrapping the towels around them and guiding them into our house.

I finally broke the awkward silence as the four of us stood in the kitchen staring at the floor tiles. "That was an incredible experience just now," I began tentatively. "Why don't we move into the TV room where we can be comfortable and talk?"

"Maybe we'd better just get dressed and go," Brad replied, looking to Julie to judge her reaction to my offer.

Julie surprised us. "No, I think we should talk now, Brad, okay?"

Brad smiled. "Sure, honey, fine with me."

I led the way, followed by Julie and Brad. Barb followed them and sat close to me on the couch. She let her towel slip free and fall to each side, fully exposing herself. Brad and Julie took chairs across from us. Brad and I didn't bring our towels inside, so Julie was the only person covered.

"I can't believe we just did what we did," Julie said quietly. "I hope you guys don't think we do this all the time. As a matter of fact, we've never been naked with other people before at all...and certainly never done that other stuff before."

"That's right," Brad confirmed. "We've been pretty conservative all along, until tonight that is."

Barb nodded. "You're not alone. We've never done anything like this before either. I guess it was the party atmosphere, the drinks, and the weekend horniness that caused us all to get a little wild and crazy. We don't need to let it upset things though, do we?"

"I hope not," Brad responded. "Frankly, I rather enjoy the freedom of skinny dipping. We did a little of that this afternoon, before we came over," he added with a wink.

Julie gasped. "You don't have to confess everything, Brad!"

"That's okay," Barb countered, "Ken and I had a little fun in the shower before you rang our doorbell. More than a little fun, actually."

I looked around the room. This wasn't the time to admit that I watched Julie and Brad as they played with each other. "Well, it seems we were already in heat before the party. We like to swim nude most of the time. It sure beats a soggy suit. By the way, that's not the first time that I've enjoyed dessert on the pool deck!"

"Hey, " Barb chirped, "you don't have to confess everything either, big boy."

We all laughed loudly at our absurd situation. I also noticed that Brad's gaze was fixed on the space between my wife's open thighs. "I must admit, I enjoyed our pool play, especially getting to taste two desserts. How about you, Brad?"

Brad glanced around and shrugged. "Yeah, it was really something all right. I loved being inside Julie in the pool, knowing you two were doing the same thing just a few of feet away from us. I can't remember when I've been so hard."

"Did you enjoy both of your desserts?" Barb inquired coyly.

Brad actually blushed and glanced at Julie before answering. "Uh huh, I really did. I couldn't believe my ears when Ken invited me to, uh, move over so to speak."

"I know Ken enjoyed his desserts," Julie chuckled. "He even licked a cherry," she added softly.

Brad looked over at his wife. "What do you mean, hun?"

It was Julie's turn to blush. "Well, nobody's ever put their tongue on my other spot," she admitted. "It really pushed my buttons, I'll tell you."

"I've wanted to," Brad replied, "but I was afraid you'd freak out. Now, when I do it, I'll always think about Ken beating me to it!"

I shook my head. "Sorry, old man, I didn't know that Julie's ass was still virginal. Please forgive me."

Brad looked up at me. "Aw, yeah, sure. I really should thank you for breaking the ice. I'll be happy to take care of that area from now on, Julie."

"That's so funny," Julie said as she reached over and stroked Brad's arm. "You were afraid to do it and I was afraid to ask you. We need to be completely open from now on."

Barb nodded as she ran her hand up and down my bare leg. "Good communication is always best. We like to tell each other what we want, and share our fantasies. We've talked about skinny dipping with another couple many times. I guess that's why Ken thought about it tonight. I never thought we'd do it, but we did. Now, I wouldn't mind doing it again."

"I feel that way too," Julie admitted much to Brad's surprise.

"Really, Julie? You'd be willing to skinny dip with Ken and Barb again?"

Julie looked at Barb then nodded to Brad. "Yes. I guess that is a start toward good, honest communication. Are you surprised?"

Brad exhaled slowly and his cock twitched. "Actually, I am a bit surprised. Happily surprised, that is. I guess most men dream about doing things like we did tonight. I'm no exception, but I don't want to do anything to upset you."

Barb now held my semi-erect cock in her hand and she slowly stroked me as we listened to our neighbor's exchange. I put my arm around Barb and began to fondle her right tit. "Brad, how did you feel when we changed partners for our second dessert?"

Brad mulled my question for a few moments. "Well, I was so anxious to taste Barb, I really didn't think much at the time. It was such a thrill to lick her and taste the juices. Then I thought I about you eating my Julie. You know, instead of being upset, I got even more excited. I could hear Julie moaning and I knew that she was receiving wonderful pleasure. It made me work harder on Barb."

"Ken, you were incredible," Julie volunteered. "You brought me to the top so many times and I had a couple of little orgasms. Then, when you licked and teased my ass, I thought I was in heaven. Brad likes to eat my pussy too, but tonight was really special. I kept thinking about how your thicker cock would feel inside me. I'm sorry, Barb, I shouldn't have said that."

I'm sure that we had all noticed the differences between Brad and I. Brad was a bit longer and his dick was skinny. I'm just shy of seven inches, but well over two inches in diameter. Barb loves the way my thick cock stretches her vaginal opening.

Barb merely smiled at Julie. "Don't apologize, Julie. I've seen you stealing peeks at Ken's dick. I've done the same with Brad. Just a couple of minutes ago, I caught myself daydreaming about Brad's long cock and wondering if he is long enough to reach bottom. Hope you don't mind."

Julie giggled and looked at both of us. "Not at all, Barb. I guess there are still some unanswered questions."

A long silence followed Julie's last remark as the four of us processed the last few exchanges.

I turned my head and caught Barb's eye. "Honey, I won't object if you decide you want to see if Brad can touch bottom. I know I can't. I've tried so many times. Of course, the final decision will have to come from Julie and Brad."

Barb looked into my eyes for several long moments. "You really mean that? You are okay with Brad doing more than just taking a taste?"

I nodded, then looked over at Brad and Julie. Brad's long, skinny cock was as hard as a spike.

Julie noticed her husband's erection and grinned. "I know what Brad thinks," she giggled. "Barb, he's been looking at you ever since we sat down."

"Guilty as charged," Brad admitted. "But I know what giving Barb her answer will mean. Julie will find out if she can stretch enough to accommodate Ken's thicker, uh, staff. She'll have to be the final vote on this."

"I should halt this discussion right now, but I can't seem to resist the temptation," Julie shrugged. Maybe we're all too drunk to think straight, I don't know."

Barb looked across at Julie and sensed the younger woman's hesitation. "You're right, Julie, we've had a lot to drink tonight. Things got pretty crazy out in the pool, but I think we're all adult enough to forget that, given a little time. Let's not let our earlier excitement possibly spoil our friendship. Why don't we sleep on it and see how everyone feels in the morning when we're sober?"

"That's a good idea, Barb," Julie responded, a look of relief in her eyes. She felt like she was on the spot and didn't want to be the one blamed if things went wrong.

Brad tried to hide the disappointment, but his hard on gave him away.

"Besides," Barb replied, if anything more does occur, I want to be able to remember every detail instead of being half in the bag!"

I could sense that Brad and I definitely wanted to keep the possibilities alive. I decided to try for a compromise. "It's late and we're all inebriated. There's no reason for you guys to have to dress and go next door. Use our guestroom tonight and then we'll be able to talk about things in the morning over breakfast. Okay?"

"Okay by me," Brad quickly agreed. "Are you sure it's no bother?"

"Certainly not," Barb said as she looked at Julie. "You can have that end of the house to yourselves. Sleep as late as you like. You really should stay the night."

Julie nodded. "It would be more convenient, I suppose. We can fix a big breakfast and take our time sorting all of this out."


I kissed Barb goodnight and we cuddled together. "What do you want to do?" Barb whispered as we lay together.

"Why don't we leave it up to Julie and Brad?" I replied tentatively. "I meant what I said about you being free to experience Brad, you know. That stands, even if Julie decides to forego any experimenting with me. So long as they are agreeable, I don't have a problem."

Barb pulled me close. "I love you," she murmured in my ear. "You've always satisfied me in every way. You know that don't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"But, I've never experienced another man in my whole life, and Brad seems so agreeable. He sure knows how to please a girl orally, I'll say that."

"He's also got that long stiff prick," I half-teased. "He was more than ready to give you a sample tonight, you know."

Barb reached down to hold my cock in her hand. "Yes, I know, but Julie's a neighbor and a friend. I don't want to be the cause of any problems. She already told me that Brad is a terrific lover, and she told me about his long, skinny cock. He can actually touch her cervix inside. Of course, I had to brag right back. I told her how thick you were and how we used lubricant so you could stretch out my pussy easier. Aren't we naughty?"

"I'll say! Brad and I have never compared notes like that. Men don't normally provide vivid details about their wives."

"Well, I want one more taste," Barb giggled as she pulled off the sheet and turned to engulf my semi-erect penis with her warm lips. Moving up between her legs, I licked her full length, again tasting the combined juices still oozing from our earlier activities and her recent re-arousal.

I felt the familiar sensation and precum began to form as she licked and sucked my head and shaft. "You're going to make me squirt," I warned.

Barb continued to hold my swollen cock tight with her lips and swallowed the small amount of remaining semen as my balls released. Turning back around, she gave me a long kiss and our tongues exchanged the flavors we'd collected.

"Goodnight sweet prince," she murmured. "Let's wait and see what tomorrow brings, shall we?"


"Good morning!" Barb said as Julie walked into our kitchen. I was already sitting at our breakfast table, sipping a mug of steaming coffee.

"Morning," Julie responded sleepily. "That coffee has a wonderful aroma. It woke me up. I could sure use a cup."

Barb poured Julie a pretty porcelain cup of coffee and motioned toward the table. "You take it black, right?"

"Yeah," Julie muttered as she plopped into the chair across from me. She didn't seem at all perturbed by the fact that Barb wore only a thin nightshirt and that I was still nude.

I smiled. "Brad still asleep?"

"Uh huh. He went right to sleep. I was awake for quite a while, but I finally managed to get some sleep. He snores when he's been drinking, you know."

Barb laughed. "He's not the only one, Julie! How's your head this morning?"

"I'll be all right after I down this coffee," she said nodding. "Then, I'll be able to help you get breakfast on the table. Got any aspirin?"

I glanced across the table at Julie. She wore the clothes from the night before, but she hadn't bothered with a bra. Her nipples produced noticeable dents in her blouse. "I think I'll take Brad a mug of coffee and get the lazy sucker out of the sack," she said as she walked back to the counter. Julie glanced back at me after pouring coffee into the mug. "I'll let him know that you were too weak to dress, Ken," and grinned.

Barb looked over at me. "Julie sure didn't give us any indication about her feelings this morning, did she?"

I shook my head. "Nope. Maybe they haven't had a chance to discuss the situation yet," I replied. "Let's wait for one of them to bring it up."

"Right. Meanwhile, I'll brown the sausage if you'll mix up some waffle batter."


"Something sure smells good in here," Brad announced as he and Julie rejoined us. Brad seemed cheerful enough for all of us. Ah, youth and its vigorous recovery power! Evidently, Julie was true to her promise to tell him I was sitting nude in the kitchen. Brad, like me, was naked; his thick hair still tousled.

Brad pulled out a chair and sat down while Julie worked with Barb.

"Julie, turn the meat while I make the waffles," Barb suggested. "We'll feed our hungry lions, then relax and enjoy a nice cozy breakfast."

"You mean feed my snoring pussycat," Julie retorted. "He left me in quite a state last night...just gave me a peck, rolled over and went right to sleep."

Barb laughed. "I did a little better than that, didn't I Ken?"

I actually blushed slightly at Barb's response. "No fair telling," I whined.

"I just needed my beauty sleep," Brad grinned. "Now, I'm a new man, ready for anything."

"Anything?" Barb teased as she placed a plate in front of Brad and refilled his mug.

Brad looked up, obviously admiring my lovely wife. "We'll have to talk about that later," he replied cryptically.

"At least Julie and Brad didn't rush out the first thing this morning," I thought. "They must feel like discussing last night instead of running away."

Brad put his fork down and finished chewing the last bite of waffle. "Everybody reasonably sober this morning?"

"Sober as a judge," I replied.

"I'm okay, now that I've had some nourishment and two cups of coffee," Julie agreed. "But, honey, you've got a piece of waffle caught in your chest hair," she added, pointing at Brad.

We laughed as Brad looked down and captured the missing morsel. "It's all sticky," he announced. "I need to get the syrup off."

"Heavens, Brad, I thought you liked sticky things," Barb teased.

"It all depends on what that sticky thing might be," he chuckled as he stood and marched to the sink, his long, skinny dong swaying in front of him.

Barb's eyes followed his movements, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Julie, nor me.

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