tagLoving WivesA Cream Pie Delight

A Cream Pie Delight


My wife and I have been married for 12 years, and have been together since meeting at school. Lately, like many long-term couples, we found our sex life had become somewhat stale. We would spice things up with pornography and toys, but what always did it for me was imagining her with another man: the build-up, the foreplay, the first penetration and the climax, with him coming deep inside her as she bucked through a shattering orgasm.

I had taken these thoughts no further but then saw a porn movie which featured a vaginal 'cream pie'. This obviously put me in mind of my earlier fantasy but moved things on somewhat. Now I was desperate to see and taste Pam's stretched, post-coital cunt, dripping with seed. Pam had always been reasonably open-minded and after I explained the scenario we tried it together but it wasn't very satisfactory – after I had shot my load I went off the whole idea. It was clear that to achieve the full effect someone else would have to fill her up first. Pam took my hints about another man rather badly (as far as I knew she had been faithful to me and had only had sex with one other before me) but I persisted, and when she was really turned on in bed she would respond enthusiastically to my frantic, whispered fantasies, unable to hide her increasing lubrication from my thrusting cock.

In my original fantasy I had always thought that my old friend Mike would fit the bill as the 'other man'. We had all known each other from school days and kept in regular touch with each other, although we lived too far apart to see each other often. Mike had just split from his girlfriend and was back to being a bachelor again, playing the field and (as far as I could tell) having a ball. My plan was to bring him down to our town for the weekend, go out for a few beers and engineer a scenario when we got home where he and Pam could get it on. I knew she liked him and when she had a few drinks could get quite flirty – but how far would she go? I decided not to reveal my plans to either of them, but to let nature take its course...

The weekend trip wasn't too hard to arrange, and on the appointed Saturday I heard his car pull up outside. I put all thoughts of what might happen later out of my mind and greeted him warmly at the front door. 'Well Mike, looking foreward to tonight's action?'. 'You bet!' he replied. He looked around cautiously to see if Pam was around before adding 'I can't wait to see what the pussy is like down here – it's been a while since we were out together!'. I ignored the unintentional irony of his comment.

At this point Pam came through from the kitchen. 'Hi Mike!' she called cheerily, and kissed him lightly on the cheek. She always dressed sexily and today was wearing a mini skirt and tight fitting top which showed off her D cups nicely, and I could see from Mike's eyes he was appreciating the view. 'Long time no see' he said, and they began chatting about the old days. She had a bottle of wine in for the evening and explained to us that she would be watching a selection of sappy movies and kicking back while we were out.

Soon we were downtown, easing into the first of our beers. We caught up on our careers, and then moved on to the more interesting business of sex. It seemed Mike had been carving notches in his bed post at an incredible rate and had become something of a sex addict! 'I dunno man, the more I get the more I seem to want – from anywhere!' he explained, taking a slug of beer. Keeping my thoughts to myself, I realised if I could get him back to the house tonight with him in this mood, half the battle would be won.

We hit a few bars, chatted to a few girls, but Mike didn't seem to get anywhere with them. It occurred to me that he might be deliberately spoiling his plays to get back to see Pam, but as quickly as it formed I dismissed the thought, putting it down to optimism on my part.

Soon it was time for the cab ride home. I'd been careful about how much I drank as I didn't want to be too far gone by the time we returned, and Mike had paced himself with me. We had always prided ourselves on how much we could put away and it was good to see we could both still handle ourselves.

'Honey, we're home' I shouted from the hall. 'Come on in' Pam replied, and we both walked into the TV room. Pam was wearing a thigh length white cotton nightdress and was curled up on the sofa watching the box. I told Mike to make himself comfortable while I went for a leak and some beer. As I left the room a frisson of excitement ran through me as I saw Mike sit down beside her, his hand accidentally (or was it!?) touching her bare leg.

I stayed away a little longer than necessary to give them a chance to become reacquainted then headed back into the TV room. Mike seemed to be sitting very close to Pam and she was leaning into him, giggling in her cute, slightly intoxicated way. Sitting down on a chair opposite them, I joined the conversation. We kicked off our shoes, shot the breeze and sank a few more beers, all the time Pam becoming more flirty and suggestive. Her breasts could be seen through her flimsy nightdress and as she shifted in her seat it rode up and I could see her white lacy thong forcing its way up between her beautiful tanned thighs. My imagination ran riot over what was happening underneath that flimsy gusset.

It was time for the next step of my plan. Over a short period of time I pretended to drift off to sleep. Pam was used to this as the end of my night usually ended up with me falling asleep in front of the television. I kept my eyelids just open enough to make out what was happening on the sofa. After a few minutes I saw both of them glance over then continue to talk, although they both lowered their voices. Mike was very close to her ear now and I couldn't make out what he was saying, but Pam giggled again and seemed to blush, before looking over at me again as if to confirm my state of unconsciousness. She said something back to him, quietly, then leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. Mike turned at the last minute and caught her full on the lips. My brain nearly exploded at this point and I was glad I had my baggy chinos on as otherwise my excitement would have been visible.

She seemed to start back from Mike, but he put his arm gently round her shoulder and pulled her in. I kind of half-hoped she'd put up a bit more resistance but her own arms came up to embrace him and she responded enthusiastically. As they kissed deeply Mike's hand moved down to her thigh and began moving upwards, pushing the hem of the nightdress even higher. He looked over at me and, breaking their kiss, reassured Pam. I think by this stage she was too far gone to worry about me. Her hands now moved to Mike's belt, and I realised with a shock that she was actually going to fuck him. Emotions flitted across my mind; fear, jealousy, lust... but mostly lust! It was all I could do now to stay still and keep up my pretence of sleeping.

As his belt was undone he sat up slightly and Pam, breaking away from him, pulled his pants and underwear down as one, over his feet and off. Immediately his hard cock sprang into view, slightly larger than mine, thick and veined with a pair of heavy, full-looking balls hanging tightly underneath. Pam seemed to be mesmerised by the sight, as she reached out in what seemed to be slow motion and grasped it with her right hand. She kneeled up on the sofa and leaned across to take the glans into her mouth. Mike tilted his head back and moaned softly. From my position I could see Pam's butt cheeks and tight thong as she bent over, doggy style, and slowly masturbated Mike with one hand while sucking the end of his penis.

This went on for a few minutes, and if Mike felt anything like me he wouldn't last much longer. Eventually he held her head in his hands and pulled her off his cock. 'I want to fuck you' he said quietly to her breathless, upturned face. Her expression was one of complete lust, and she simply nodded her response. She reached back, pulled up her nightdress and pulled her thong down to her knees. I could now see her glistening pussy under the soft light, swollen and red, waiting to be filled. Moving from one knee to the other, she transferred her underwear to her lower legs then pulled the tiny garment off completely. This was it, I thought to myself, the point of no return...

Mike moved to lie down on his back, underneath her as she manoeuvred herself into position. Straddling him, she pulled her nightdress up and over her head and took his throbbing cock in her right hand. With her left, I could see her spread her pussy lips. She placed the crown of his cock there. I nearly came at this point, but before I could register the scene properly she had lowered herself fully onto his pole. First penetration! I was ecstatic. Both groaned, Pam leaned forward to kiss him and began moving back and forward. I now had the perfect view from behind her of his long thick tool entering her cunt, pushing the lips to each side of the shaft when he was fully in, them coming back together as he almost came out at the end of the stroke. They were both clearly enjoying themselves, moaning their pleasure as they kissed and their hands played across the other's body. Pam now sat straight up on Mike and I knew from experience she was about to orgasm. Sure enough, her and Mike's thrusts sped up and she grabbed at her nipples whilst biting back the cries.

Watching my wife buck her way through her climax and no doubt having his cock gripped tightly by her slick vagina, Mike gritted his teeth and held her hips. Then he seemed to stiffen, with his cock fully buried in Pam. I realised through my excitement that he was coming inside her, having the suspicion confirmed by a suppressed, ragged 'Aaaahhhh!' escaping from him. A few slow, deep, penetrations immediately followed. Again I somehow managed to avoid coming, despite this being one of the most erotic experiences of my life. They moved together for a few seconds more before relaxing, when Pam flopped down onto Mike's chest, spent.

I watched, fascinated, as Mike's penis slowly deflated in my wife's cunt. I knew what was coming next. Eventually, his cock popped out, swiftly followed by a white creamy flow which dripped down onto his pubic hair. Pam, climbing off him, swiftly pulled her thong on again, I guessed as a way of keeping the cum from going all over her and the sofa. Mike got up, gathered his clothes, kissed her on the nose and said he'd best get off to the guest bedroom before I woke up.

Pam put on her nightdress and made for the bedroom. I knew now I'd have to act quickly if I was to intercept her before the shower. As soon as I heard our bedroom door click shut and the bedside light snap on I got up as quickly as my erection would allow and made my way through.

'Oh – I thought you were asleep!?' Pam said, suddenly ashen-faced, as I came into the bedroom. She had just taken her nightdress off but was still wearing the thong. 'I just woke up there, and thought everyone had gone to bed' I replied as innocently as possible. 'But now I'm awake, and you look so good standing there in that thong...' I added, taking her in my arms. I could smell the dusky aroma of sex about her and this added fuel to my fire. 'Let me take a quick shower and I'll be right out' Pam whispered nervously, but I wouldn't let go. 'Let's just do it now!' I retorted, and before she could do anything else I'd pulled her down onto the bed with me. As we began kissing it was almost as if she could sense my knowledge, my keen awareness to sample the delights she held for me down below. She pulled my face to her, and stared at me: 'you watched us, didn't you?'. I held her gaze for a second – 'Yes'. With that, the hesitation and fear was gone. We had discussed this in our fantasies, and now here we were.

I moved down her naked body, towards the cum-drenched thong. Pausing, I knelt between her legs, looking first up at her beautiful, lustful expression, then down at the soaking gusset, stained from Mike's cream and her juices that it held. Taking each side of the flimsy material at her hips, I pulled it slowly down her thighs. It stuck to her pussy for a moment, then came away, and there was a perfect cream pie.

She had pulled the thong on before most of the cum could escape, but now the barrier was removed it poured out of her red swollen pussy and down onto her asshole, then began pooling on the bed below. I moved in for a closer look, catching the sights and smells of this unbelievably erotic tableau. Tentatively I kissed her clit, then licked lower, before plunging my tongue into her cream filled hole. It seemed much wider than usual. 'Lick me out' she moaned, just as she had said during our fantasies, and clean her out I did, licking and poking her as deeply as I could to encourage the cum to flow. Pam was writhing around in ecstasy. The taste of their mixed juices left me reeling with lust, and I realised I had to cum inside her too, to complete the fantasy. Tearing off my pants, I lay down on top of her and inserted my throbbing cock into her silky, sopping depths. The feeling was fantastic; she felt somehow more than lubricated, and it only took a few thrusts for me to add my cum to the remains of Mike's as she writhed in orgasm beneath me.

In the post-coital afterglow, we lay and talked for a long time. My fantasy had been achieved, and with it an acceptance by Pam that she had kept her desires and passions wrapped up for too long. In the morning, Pam went through to Mike's bedroom to say 'goodbye' and it was all I could do to not masturbate while she was away. Half an hour later she was back, with a full, fresh cream pie from Mike, and breakfast in bed for me.

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