tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Creative Challenge Ch. 15

A Creative Challenge Ch. 15


"Sam, Tracey. Tracey, Sam."

Tracey shook my outstretched hand a little tentatively, as if she wasn't sure what I might do with it next. She was holding herself stiffly, obviously a little nervous, and in an almost inaudible voice she said hello to me and then turned to look at Amy, seemingly for reassurance.

"I've told Tracey all about you, Sam, so you'd better be on your best behaviour."

"In that case I'll try not to fart while she's here."

"See? That's what I have to put up with. I did try to warn you what he was like, Tracey, but you wouldn't listen."

Amy had a knack for putting people at ease with her light humour, and she brought a little smile to Tracey's face, which helped to relax the tension of her posture.

"Show her some of your drawings, Sam, I'll get some coffee before we start". Amy busied herself with the espresso machine at the back of the studio, leaving me to introduce Tracey to the sort of modelling we wanted her to do for us. As I pulled some of the recent drawings from the plan chest and laid them out on the floor in front of her I saw her eyes widen and her mouth dropped open. She had clearly never seen any artworks like them. I deliberately said nothing, waiting for her unprompted response, but Amy as usual felt obliged to fill the silence.

"Good, aren't they? How do you take it?"

"Mmm... black no sugar, ta. They're... amazing."

"That sounds tactfully non-committal", I said, "but it's OK. You don't have to like them. Not everyone does."

"No", said Tracey quickly, "I do like them. I'm just a bit surprised at how ...explicit they are..." Her words tailed off, and I could sense her unease.

"And...?" I prompted.

"I'm not sure I could... do that, for instance." She pointed to a drawing of Amy lying down with her back arching up, half her hand buried in her pussy.

"We don't expect you to do exactly that," I said. "and you won't need to do anything you're not comfortable with."

Amy jumped in to help. "That's not the sort of thing we asked you here to do. Those are all about me being an exhibitionist, about the connection between me and whoever is looking at the image. They are very demanding, they insist that you are involved in what I am doing. See, in most of these, I am looking straight at you."

"I think that's what makes them so confronting," said Tracey.

"It is," said Amy. "But if you and I are both in the picture, then it's what's going on between us that becomes important, so it won't be like these at all. Mind you, we still want them to be erotic."

"OK. What do you want me to do," said Tracey, taking a deep breath.

"Just sit down here and drink your coffee," I said, indicating the dais. "I'll let you two know when I'm ready."

Amy and I had talked about how we would gradually introduce Tracey to what we wanted from her. It was important that she got involved in the process, but we didn't want to scare her off by rushing her. I took my time selecting some nice paper, pinning it onto my easel board, and sharpening some pencils, while Amy took over.

While Tracey drank her coffee, I casually kept my eye on her. She was wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with low-slung jeans, and although she was not quite as tall and a little heavier in the chest than Amy, she had a dancer's long waist and long legs and was obviously fit and supple. Tracey was watching Amy, looking at her very much like I would, enjoying her relaxed grace and beautiful proportions. It was not hard to conclude that she was as attracted to Amy as I was. She didn't seem to be all that aware of me and what I was doing, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

Amy stood in front of her and untied her hair, letting it fall down over her shoulders. Calmly and deliberately, she tossed her hair out of her eyes, then lifted her T-shirt and peeled it up and over her head. This made sure that she had the undivided attention of the new girl who was motionless, absorbed in watching her friend undress. Amy untied the drawstring in her track pants, pulled them out from her body to loosen them and then dropped them to the floor. Naked, she stepped out of them, and took two short steps forward so that she was standing right in front of Tracey, her silky smooth pussy almost level with Tracey's wide eyes. Tracey looked up at Amy's face as she bent slightly at the waist, put her hands on Tracey's shoulders and kneeled up onto the dais, one knee on each side of Tracey's lap. Shuffling forward, she wrapped her arms round Tracey's head and pulled it towards her to rest it on her breast. Tracey put her coffee down and wrapped her arms around Amy's waist in a hug, and she closed her eyes.

"Ready?" I said quietly.

"Ready," said Amy. "Hold it just like this, Tracey. Ten minutes enough, Sam?"

"Should be plenty," I said, drawing quickly.

It was a new and different experience for me drawing the relationship between two figures rather than just trying to capture the essence of one. I realized immediately that I didn't have the freedom to exaggerate and distort any part of one of them without affecting the proportions of the other one wherever the two intersected, so I went for a simpler treatment, where the actual proportions of the figures were more accurately but coarsely rendered. It was then a couple of details of the two hugging bodies, one naked, one clothed, that became the focal points of the whole image. Amy's head was turned away from me and shielded from view by her hair, but most of Tracey's face was visible to me, pressed against Amy's slightly squashed right tit and framed by the soft spikes of her short blonde hair. I tried to capture her facial expression because it was obvious Tracey was happy to be just where she was, with Amy's nipple pressed against the corner of her mouth. She had a gentle half-smile on her face, like some martyred saint blissfully floating to heaven in some baroque Italian ceiling fresco. The other main detail I emphasised was the strong S-shaped curve formed by Amy's lower back sweeping down and around her gorgeous buttocks as she sat on Tracey's lap.

"You OK, Tracey?" I asked when we had about two minutes of the pose to go.

"Oh yes," she said with conviction. "I'm just fine."

There was an oddly incongruous feel to the picture, because it was an intimate embrace, yet one of the figures was fully clothed while the other was fully naked. I was very pleased with the result I managed to achieve, and finished it quickly, within the ten minutes we agreed.

Amy slowly unwound her arms and stretched backwards, but she was still seated with her legs apart on Tracey's lap. She took Tracey's face in both her hands, bent down and kissed her on the lips. Tracey was as surprised as I was by this move, but it did not take her more than a second or two to respond, and happily kissed her back. I took the drawing down and pinned it on the wall, and put a new blank sheet on the easel in its place.

I knew Amy was in control of what she was doing, so I didn't interrupt her, as the two young women gently tasted each other for the first time. Their faces parted, both of them smiling at the other.

"Yum," said Amy. "Wanna get naked?"

"OK," said Tracey.

Amy stood up, pulling her friend up onto her feet. They stood close, almost touching. Amy lifted the bottom of Tracey's shirt and pulled it up and over her head. As she had been asked, Tracey wasn't wearing any underwear, and after she dropped the shirt Amy stroked her hands slowly down over Tracey's breasts and down her belly to the waistband of her jeans. She undid the button and the zip and pushed them down Tracey's thighs as far as she could reach without bending down, then taking hold of both of Tracey's arms just above the elbow, pushed her gently back and down so that she was sitting again on the dais. Reaching down, she pulled Tracey's feet up and slid the jeans all the way off, leaving the now naked Tracey leaning back on her elbows with her bottom on the edge of the dais, legs straight out in front of her.

Tracey's pubic hair was light mousy brown, like the hair on her head would probably have been without the blonde streaks, and it was thick and bushy. Amy reached down and picked up a small tuft of the curls, pulling it up between her fingers. Out straight, the hair was between two and three inches long. Amy looked Tracey in the eye, and raised one eyebrow.

"I know," said Tracey, screwing her face up. "They've got to go, haven't they?"

"You bet they've gotta go. Girl, yer a real shaggy bitch." Amy had put on a broad southern drawl. "We gotta give y'all a goddam haircut."

"I think Sam's ready to do some more drawing," said Tracey momentarily looking over to where I was standing, hoping I would rescue her. "The grooming can wait, can't it?"

Amy looked at me quizzically. I was keen to see Amy shave her friend's pussy, but I thought it would be better if Tracey was more comfortable with us and more used to being naked in front of me before she let us do that, so I mimed some drawing movements at Amy, and she got the message.

"Yes, it can wait. What would you like us to do, Sam?"

I set them down together with Tracey leaning against the wall, Amy leaning back against her, sitting between Tracey's thighs. Amy's knees were bent and open, and Tracey had one arm draped over Amy's shoulder with her hand holding and gently stroking one of Amy's tits. It was a very casual but intimate pose, and they looked like two people who had just finished making love. Neither of them was looking at me, but it was still a very erotically charged scene, partly because I could see how much Tracey was enjoying this close embrace with my lovely Amy. They were very comfortable, so I made this a long pose and did two versions of it, working a lot of good detail into both of them, before letting the girls take a break.

For the last pose, I threw a couple of quilts over the little platform with some pillows and made them both lie down, face to face, with their legs intertwined, Amy's arms enveloped round Tracey's, like two lovers asleep. This looked wonderful, but was less successful for me, because Tracey's hands were trapped between the two bodies and one of them was in just the right place to stroke Amy's pussy, which of course she did. Amy tried to keep still, but being expected to play dead when someone is stroking your clitoris is a big ask. The session ended with the two of them giggling and squirming so much I gave up trying to draw.

Amy was keen to get the shaving kit out, but for me, this had been a fairly short but intense session. I definitely wanted to draw Amy shaving Tracey's pussy, but I needed to be fresh for it. We agreed that's how we would start the next session, and Tracey put her clothes on again ready to go.

"It wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked her as I gave her $50 for the session, even though it had been a bit less than the normal two hours.

"No, it wasn't," she replied, "I wasn't really keen to do this, but Amy is a very difficult person to say 'no' to, and it was better than I expected. I thought I would be more nervous and embarrassed than I was."

"That's funny, I once said the same thing."

"What, about being nervous and embarrassed?"

"About it being hard to say 'no' to Amy."

Amy jumped into the conversation at this. "Sam, do you want me to move out of here and go live with Tracey?"


"There, it wasn't hard to say at all. I don't know where you two get such strange ideas."

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