tagInterracial LoveA Crime Saga Ch. 01

A Crime Saga Ch. 01


A bright sunny sky covers the noon day this July thirty-first. A dense crowd stands in front of city hall as the mayor prepared to make his speech. Behind the mayor stand four of the city's finest detectives of the Special Investigation Division. The four detectives are Roman Law, Charlotte Hall, Kim Valentine, and Omar Jones.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for attending this glorious ceremony on this fine day. Today we recognize the best of the best for their work in keeping the peace in this city. Without them this city would not be the city we all love. And now, I present to you the honorees."

A beautiful young brunette walks up the side steps holding with both hands a tray with four shiny medals inside. The crowd cheers loudly and applauses as the mayor presents the awards to the four detectives. Unbeknownst to them a mysterious man wearing a brown overcoat and shades carrying a briefcase disappears into the building across the street. Atop the roof of the building the mysterious man emerges, walking towards the edge then opening the case. The man pulls out a sniper rifle from the case and attaches a scope and extended barrel to it. With that he takes aim straight towards the podium and sets his sights on the mayor.

"It is my honor and privilege to award you with this medal. On behalf of the city I would like to thank you for your dedicated service to this city. Thank you."

The four detectives smile broadly as the mayor salutes them. More cheering and clapping covered city hall. A clown carrying flowers and balloons walks toward the mayor to hand him a flower when a sharp whistle pierces his head, dropping him instantly. The dense crowd panics and scatters chaotically in all directions.

"What's happening?" Cries the mayor.

"Get the mayor out of here now!" Shouts Roman.

"Where the shot come from?" Omar shouts back.

"The rooftop!" Yells Roman as he points to the building.

The four detectives rush across the street pushing away the scared crowd. Roman and Omar charge up the stairs of the building from where the shot came from while Charlotte and Kim ran around back. Kim started lagging behind a little, as if something was on her mind.

"What a way to end a Friday," she thought.

"Come on, Kim!" Charlotte said.

The sniper, looking for an exit, quickly jumps the rooftop across to the building below. Roman and Omar rush to the edge of the rooftop. Roman leaps off the edge, tackling the sniper to the floor.

"You're under arrest for the attempted murder of the mayor."

"You're making a big mistake."

"I got him, Roman."

Omar lifts the sniper from the ground and hauls him away. The sniper turns to look at Roman, "They're all corrupt!"

"Let's go." Omar shoves the sniper down the stairs.

Roman looks down from the rooftop, thinking about what the sniper meant.

Night time at Club Deep: "Yo man, you ready for tonight?"

"Yeah, man I tell ya, Rosy's a hot piece of ass."

"Is that right? Well, we better get some of that then tonight."

"Don't worry, I got everything under control, Tyrone, you don't got to worry about nothing."

Rosy was a pop star who liked performing at the local night clubs. Her albums were not selling too well as of late, so she was hoping that live performances would help her record sales. She was to perform at Club Deep tonight, but little did she know, the owners were planning a performance of another sort.

"Hi Tyrone, Jamal. So, are we ready to perform tonight?" Rosy greeted the two as she walked in the club. She wore a tight sheer halter top that hugged her ample tits together, just barely covering her nipples and showing off plenty of cleavage. For the bottoms she wore leather shorts that couldn't conceal her butt and rode up between her cheeks. Her thigh high boots accentuated her long legs, making her five seven frame look even taller. Simply put, she was hot. The bulging packages in the two black men were evident that they were ogling her body. Rosy tried not to notice it, but they saw the surprised look on her face.

"Sure am, but let's deal with the money first, okay?"

"Um… ok."

"Alright, for performing at our club we charge a five hundred dollar service fee. For selling your records on the premises, two hundred dollars. And for our live band, another two hundred dollars. You with me?"

"Uh, yeah. I think so."

"Great. We also charge a ten percent performance fee at the club, so we'll just take a thousand dollars at the end of the night. Cool?"

"That's a little steep isn't it? I mean what if not that many people show up?"

"Well, you'll just have to cover then. But I'm sure that it will be jam packed tonight."

Tyrone smirked at the naïve girl. He well knew that there was no way she could cover the price. He looked at Jamal who also had a smirk on his face. They were excited about what's to come tonight.

"Oh yeah, one more thing Rosy. The band's gonna be all new. Don't worry though, you'll be satisfied." Jamal said, laughing.


Later on: Tyrone and Jamal were setting up the hidden video cam in his desk. The upper floor was Tyrone's base of operations. Cameras and monitors lined the wall. All the screens were focused on Rosy's body, her legs, tits and ass. They could tell her performance was faltering, as she was busy trying to count the number of people at the club. Also, the new band wasn't what she had hoped for. They were all big and black and dressed like thugs. She really wasn't paying any attention to her performance at all. She could feel all the eyes bearing down on her barely covered body. She regretted wearing so little.

As the performance ended, the only thing on Rosy's mind was whether or not she made enough to cover the expenses. She had never had to pay out so much money before, but she had heard that Club Deep was the place to go for recognition. She was wondering if she had made a mistake to come here. She was so anxious she decided to go to Tyrone's office.


"Hey Rosy, come on in. Jamal and I were just talking about you. Great performance."

"Really? Does that mean I'm covered?"

"Not really, the turnout wasn't enough to cover the expenses. We're going to have to pay some heavy costs for this one." "Sorry, I could pay for it later, is that okay?"

"I'm afraid that's not possible."

"Why not?"

"We like our debts paid in full, up front if you know what I mean."

"But I don't have the money."

"You have other assets that you could pay with."

"I'm not sure what you mean."

"Tell me Rosy, have you ever sucked black cock?"

"What? Uh… no…"

Tyrone gets up from his chair and walks in front of Rosy. She takes a couple steps back but then bumps into Jamal. She has a frightened look on her face. She turns to see Tyrone holding a huge, thick black cock.

"Suck it."

"What?" No, you can't make me…" Rosy tries to make for the door but is held in place by Jamal.

"What are you doing?" She cried as Jamal pushes her down to her knees.

Tyrone's cock was staring at her right in the face. Its veins were pulsing, causing the shaft to twitch. The cock head grew closer to Rosy's lips, threatening to invade her mouth. Rosy stared at the cock cross-eyed, overwhelmed by the size of it. Tyrone pushed forward as the cock head penetrated her lips. She couldn't resist. She didn't know how. The cock head was so thick it filled her entire mouth. She knew he was going to push his cock down her throat and the thought terrified her. A sudden chill flowed through her body as the thought of big black cock invaded her body.

"You want to get out of here tonight, you better perform then, bitch."

She realized now that she had to do what they wanted. She wondered if they planned this all along. She began loosening her jaw to take in more cock. The cock in her mouth was ten inches long, and eight inches thick. She started gagging on five inches of cock as it reached her throat. Tyrone put his hands on the back of her head and began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Mmrph…crrk!" Her mouth was too stuffed to protest. Another pair of hands lifts her from behind as she just remembered Jamal standing behind. She knew what he was going to do to her, and there was nothing she could do about it. She wondered how big Jamal's cock would be.

Jamal, taking her shorts off, started rubbing his cock head on her pussy lips. Her shaven cunt was well lubricated because she knew of the fucking she was about to endure. With that, Jamal rams his cock in to the hilt.

"Ow gawd, fuck! Ungh… mmrph!"

Rosy released her mouth's grip on Tyrone's cock and squealed out. Jamal's cock had filled her completely, stretching her tight little pussy out. Tyrone pushed his cock in her mouth and down her throat, his big balls slapping her chin.

"Crrk! Mmrph! Ungh, ow gawd… it's too big… mmrph, crrk…"

Both Tyrone's and Jamal's cocks pistoned in and out of her simultaneously, stuffing both her holes. They both slammed their cocks in to the hilt hard, lifting her off the ground. She felt disgusted with herself at how much black cock she took in. The two black men violated the depths of her orifices, and she feared they were not done with her yet. Tyrone and Jamal just overpowered her, and all she could do was take it. She tightened her throat muscles hoping they would hurry up and cum. She didn't care if they unloaded in her mouth or pussy; she just wanted to get this over with. The fucking seemed to last forever. Rosy's body felt too weak to move, she started feeling faint. Then, she felt Tyrone's cock become more rigid, and more forceful, her throat stretching even more to accommodate the width. The black meat pounding her pussy grew larger, too. Both Tyrone and Jamal increased speed, thrusting harder into her holes. They started grunting, scaring Rosy, and causing her to tighten up even more. All of a sudden, both cock heads erupted, spewing forth copious amounts of torrent sperm into her. She gagged on the big black cock pulsating in her throat, shooting load after load of hot cum down her throat. Tyrone held her head still, his entire shaft jam packed in her throat. Jamal unloaded as well, spraying cum deep inside her. Finally, they both pulled out, Rosy tasting the sperm for the first time. Her mouth was filled with semen, so she swallowed it down. She felt exhausted, sore, and relieved. This ordeal was over, or so she thought.

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