tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Crime Saga Ch. 07

A Crime Saga Ch. 07


Agent Jennifer Lu became the prison inmates personal fuck toy overnight. Jennifer's holes were gaping, and covered with cum. Over twenty of the most hardcore criminals had their way with her; they had unrestricted access to all her holes. Jennifer was waning in and out of consciousness, waking to the blast of cum from a big black cock or another thick black shaft forcefully penetrating her holes.

Jennifer's face, hair, and body were completely matted with cum. The inmates took turns triple teaming her the entire night. They fucked her relentlessly, then fed her their cum. They let out their frustration on her, thrusting in long and hard. Jennifer's pussy had been thoroughly stretched out and her ass hole reamed open.

After the inmates got their rounds fucking her wet pussy, they concentrated on fucking her ass. They saw her as a target and wanted to punish her for their being imprisoned.

Jennifer was helpless to these men. Her ass hole was fucked wide open raw, she thought they were going to fuck her to death. She felt relieved and very lucky that this was all they were doing to her. Jennifer thought being triple teamed was nasty and the act never crossed her mind but was actually quite amazed that she took in three big black cocks at the same time. It became especially difficult when the big black cocks pushed in all the way to the hilt; she felt so full. Having all those big black cocks balls deep inside her was extremely filling, and excruciatingly painful.

They fucked every part of her body. They fucked her pretty face, her soft wet pussy, and stretched and reamed her tight ass hole. The fucking of her ass hole started becoming unbearable, as her gaping ass hole felt raw. Jennifer wondered if anyone would come rescue her or would she be at the mercy of these men without consequence.

The black inmates enjoyed pounding Jennifer Lu's tight holes. Her holes felt totally raw and completely stretched out. It was messy. Sperm was everywhere. Jennifer had cum matted to her hair, all over her face, on her tits and ass, and in her mouth. These guys wouldn't stop cumming. Her clothes were covered in cum. They fucked her for hours. All the guards had left for the night and no one knew when they would be back the next day.

At some point during the gangbang Jennifer passed out.

* * *

Today was the memorial for Sergeant Dittel. It has been a week since he was gunned down during a sting operation. Those who worked closely with Dittel attended the service. Among them were Lieutenant Fisk and Stacy. Stacy had gotten out of the hospital to attend even though she was technically still under observation. Her meetings with Dr. Zee were somewhat helpful, but mostly confusing.

Stacy felt guilty and blamed herself for Dittel's death. If she could have reacted better in the situation somehow, she could have prevented everything, or so she thought.

The memorial lasted about an hour. Shots were fired and the burial lowered. The crowd dispersed quickly and returned back to duty. None of the detectives showed up to the memorial because they were busy working on finding out who shot Dittel.

Crime Lab:

Roman observed carefully the grooves on the bullet that was taken out of Dittel's head.

"According to the point of entry and the gunpowder residue on the body when the autopsy was performed, the trigger was pulled at point blank range." Jill, the medical examiner stated.

"Not to mention from his own gun. So Dittel was already lying down on the ground, the perp took the gun and shot him. That means the perp had to be behind Dittel because Dittel didn't even put up a fight."

"Very good, detective, you got such a knack for these things. So when are you going to take me out for dinner?"

"When I solve this case, thanks Jill."

Roman left the crime lab and returned to his office, knowing that the sting operation was compromised from the beginning.

Club Deep:

Dozens of cleaning crew were working over time to clean up the mess from the shooting. Brock was upstairs busy counting his money. He figured this little setback would cut out a chunk of his profits. The second thing he hated most next to a girl who wouldn't put out is losing his money. Brock was going to raise hell against those who did this. But first he was going to work Christina some more.

Just then a knock came from the door. Trey had found his way back to the city. Brock and Trey were considered mutual acquaintances, neither of them really knew each other but both respected one another.

"Well, if it isn't Trey. I see you escaped. Saw it on the news. Welcome back."

"I'm not staying. Need to settle some scores. The top of my list is Lena, my attorney. She couldn't represent me for shit. I need her home address."

"Consider it done. Why don't you let out some of that frustration in that room. You can pick and choose. I recommend Christina, she's a bit of a…newcomer."

Without saying another word, Trey walked into that room. In the middle of the room was a large glass table with white powder sprinkled across the table. Trey looked over to see the famous rapper, DJ P, relaxed on the black leather couch. Bikini clad Gina Gail was sprawled out over the couch with a mouthful of big black cock. DJ P had one hand on the back of her head and his other hand grabbing her tits.

Trey and DJ P exchanged glances and continued on. Over in the corner Tyrone and Jamal were busy pounding away into Rosy. Rosy had her mouth and ass full of big black cock. They were so into it they didn't notice Trey standing at the door.

Bent over the pool table was a blonde Latina wearing a torn pink bikini and pulled down shorts with her hands tied behind her back. Trey walked over to her and pulled out his thick dark meat. He aimed the black snake at her already exposed pussy and ass and pushed in. Christina awoke from the big black intruder enter her pussy. Christina's pussy was wet, soft, and overused from all the abuse.

"Ungh…please, no more…" pleaded Christina.

Trey gave it to her with the ferocity he used to fuck Agent Jennifer Lu. Christina was being stretched out all over again. Her gaping ass hole was openly inviting Trey to plug her, which he did.

"Oh gawd… no more please, ungh…gawd…"

Trey pushed his giant cock head into her ass hole, feeling her sphincter stretch out around to accommodate him.

"Gawd, you're too fucking big, stop!" Christina cried out.

Just then, Brock entered the room. He proceeded over to Christina, pulled out his cock, and shoved it into her mouth.

"Mmrph! Mmrph! Ccrrk!"

Brock and Trey continued to plunge into her balls deep, letting her take in all that big black cock.

Christina tried to scream out of her stuffed throat. Rosy noticed Christina struggling, but the two big black cocks inside her didn't let her move. Gina tried to look up but her head was quickly pushed back down onto DJ P's throbbing black cock. Strings of saliva were attached to Gina's lips and the huge cock.

Rosy felt sorry for Christina because she knows how hard big black cock can be to take, but by now Rosy could deep throat the biggest of black cocks and her bubble butt could take the roughest of assaults.

Gina felt lucky to be the one on the couch and not the one on the pool table. Gina really wanted to be an actress, but taking in all these big black cocks were more than she bargained for. She was relieved to just sucking cock and not getting her ass reamed. Gina didn't like being forced to deepthroat DJ P's cock, but it was better than getting double penetrated. She just hoped she would be out of there soon.

After a while of fucking and sucking, the girls could feel the big black cocks growing, hardening, pulsing to an unbelievable thickness. Gina's throat itched a bit deeper, Rosy's ass stretched out a bit wider, and Christina's holes fucked open a lot bigger. The big black cocks unloaded a powerful stream of cum inside the girls. The girls took it all in.


"Did you take care of the body?"


"Good. Make sure you don't leave a trail."

"Of course, where is my pay?"

"Always eager to do business, I see. Fine, here. One more thing, stay away from those detectives, there are nothing but trouble."

"Brock already got to one of them."

"That detective Law is the one I'm worried about. See to it that he doesn't get any further."

"Should I kill him?"

"No. He did save my life in front of the public. His death would cause a riot in the city. That would be bad publicity."

"Fine, have it your way. You need anything done; you know where to reach me."

Back at the Precinct:

Roman met with Stacy and Kim to discuss possibilities and options on their next move. Stacy had been restricted to desk work for the next couple days.

"Do you remember anything about the hotel, Stacy?"

"No, not really," Stacy muttered.

"Did you hear Dittel?"


"What do you think we should do, Kim?"

"Well, I think we should go back to the hotel and look around. Not a sting operation, of course, something more low key."

"I could go in undercover." Roman answered.

"No way, an Asian face in a black community? You'll be made before you set foot on Happy District. I'll go." Kim retorted.

"Without backup?"

"It's better than another sting op. We can't afford another botch. Besides, Omar can watch my back."

"Alright then, in the meantime I'll look around to see what I can dig up."

Later on:

Rosy had finally gotten the break she had wanted. She felt guilty, dirty, and ashamed for everything that happened at Club Deep and in that room but it had paid off. Jamal and Tyrone didn't back out on their word after all. They had told her that someone did notice her performance at the club and wanted to interview at his office. His name was Jerome and he was a producer at BBC Entertainment.

Surprisingly, out of all the production companies Rosy had never heard of BBC Entertainment. She thought it was strange to find it on the edge of Happy District. More surprisingly, Rosy thought it to be strange that it was not an office at all.

Rosy had come upon Blackened Alley, a non-through street that consisted of a brick building with a rusty iron door and large trash compacter. Initially Rosy thought she had the wrong address but she double-checked the piece of paper Tyrone had given her and it was correct. Rosy wondered why Tyrone didn't just give her his business card.

The rusty iron door didn't look to appealing but she wanted her break. Rosy wanted to make a good impression so she wore a small shirt that exposed her lean belly and tight jeans wrapped around her bubble butt. Now, staring at the big iron door made her think that there was nothing to impress. There was a buzzer next to the door and she rang it.

Rosy was greeted by a tall thin blonde with big breasts that were about to spill out of her tube top.

"Yes?" The blonde answered.

"Is Jerome here? BBC Entertainment?" Rosy asked hesitantly.

"Oh, yeah, he's in an interview right now, actually. Come on in." The blonde giggled.

Rosy checked out the blonde and thought how a secretary could wear such a skimpy outfit. The blonde secretary wore a tight black mini-skirt and fishnet stockings with six-inch stiletto high-heels. Her hips swayed seductively as she walked to her desk.

"He should be done in a moment."

"Ungh! Oh gawd!" The moaning could be heard from the next room. Rosy made a strange face and asked, "What's going on in there?"

"An interview." The secretary said without even looking at her.

"How weird…"

Moments later the door opened and a busty brunette walked out, fixing her skirt. There were some white globs stuck on her lower lip and chin as she licked her lips. The brunette smiled and walked towards the iron door. Rosy noticed some white gooey substance left in her hair but the brunette probably didn't know.

"You can go in now." The secretary said.

"Oh okay."

Rosy walked in the room and was assaulted by a nauseating aroma. It smelled very familiar.

"Hi. I'm Jerome."

Jerome held out a rather bulky hand and Rosy greeted it with a slight hand shake. She noticed he was black and bald with thick lips. Rosy was distracted by his attire; his suit and tie were lying on the couch. He was only wearing a tank top and shorts and something was bulging from them.

The first thought that crossed Rosy's mind was, "Wow, that is a large cock."

"Yeah it is."

Rosy didn't realize she had just said it out loud. "Oh I'm so sorry."

"No you're not."

Rosy didn't say a word.

"So you're here for the interview? Then get on your knees and suck that large cock."

Rosy was shocked. "Uh… I thought…"

"This is the interview, girl. They've all been here, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, even Shania Twain. They forget their roots, they all started right here."

"I… uh…" Rosy didn't know what to do. She really wanted this. Was he serious when he said Britney and Christina and Shania started here? She had to find out.

"I could tell you right now that you have Christina's body, that big bubble butt. You need to introduce that big round ass to my big black cock."

"…okay." Rosy got on her knees and stared at the steel foot pole now sticking out of his shorts. She tugged on the waistband and pulled down the shorts.

Big was an understatement, she thought. "It's huge…"

Rosy was staring at a tremendous thick black shaft and bulbous cock head. She was just gazing in awe. She held the cock at the base in her hand and wrapped her fingers halfway around the shaft.

"It's so thick." Rosy said looking up at Jerome.

"Suck it."

Rosy kept thinking how thick it was and how it's been inside Britney, Christina, Shania, and who knows who else. Somehow she thought that she would receive this blessing as well by taking in his cock.

Rosy parted her lips and kissed the cock head. She wrapped her other hand around it and began stroking the shaft. Rosy stuck her tongue out and licked the head, and then she licked all around the head. Her hand lifted the shaft up so she could lick the underside of his length. Then she parted her lips some more and took the cock head in her mouth.

Rosy held it in her mouth and let her tongue lick under the cock head while stroking his shaft. Rosy just kept thinking his cock was really thick and it was really thick. She became more adventurous and took more cock in her mouth.

Rosy thought this was her big break. If she could just convince Jerome to give her a chance, she would be a great star. Dreams of multi-platinum records raced through her mind. Then her dreams were interrupted by a thick black cock hitting the back of her throat.

"Ccrrk, ccrrk!"

Jerome's big black cock hit the back of her throat again and again. He was face-fucking her, stretching her throat out.

Rosy choked on the enormous thick organ. It was hard for her to breathe. She tried to protest by slapping her palms against his powerful thrusting hips, but that just made him thrust harder.

"Mmrph! Ccrrk!"

"Fuck yeah, babe, suck that big black cock."

It was more like fucking than sucking, Rosy thought. Jerome had grabbed the back of her head and plunged his cock into her mouth until his balls slapped her chin. Rosy's eyes bugged out when she stared at twelve inches of black meat slide into her mouth. She looked up at Jerome for approval.

Jerome was too busy fucking to notice. "Fuck. Gonna cum soon. Get ready to swallow. Gonna make you sing better."

Rosy wondered if that was true. Was his cum going to make her sing better? She couldn't believe she would be taking in so much big black cock. Then she felt Jerome's already thick shaft grow even thicker. Rosy wondered if he was going to fuck her ass after he came in her mouth.

Jerome's force fucking was taking a toll on Rosy's throat. She felt swollen and tender. Jerome pumped his big black cock rapidly down her throat and with one final thrust, he pushed the entire rigid shaft in until his balls rested on her chin. He force fed her his black cum, pumping thick load after thick load of hot gooey cum.

The semen clung to the walls of her throat, making it hard for her to swallow anymore. He held the rock-hard black meat in her throat for a moment, unloading the last few spurts of cum. As he pulled out of her throat, Rosy felt a sense of relief. To her surprise, the black cock was still hard. She was still in awe at how amazingly thick that cock is; the black shaft was glistening with a mixture of sperm and saliva.

Without saying a word Jerome pushed Rosy down on all fours. She felt his thick cock head pressing against her ass hole.

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