tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Cubicle Conversation Ch. 04

A Cubicle Conversation Ch. 04

byDecayed Angel©

It had been several weeks since I had worked over time, or I should say it had been several weeks since I had worked overtime at the same time Carla did. I didn't expect to spend much more time peeking back and forth through our cubicles after Carla's last performance. Watching her so thoroughly fuck her boyfriend right here in the office, knowing that she knew I was watching her the whole time was an incredible turn on. I mean hell, I was close to coming without even touching myself, the action was so hot.

The whole incredible situation would have left me pining for more except that just as everyone was coming, Carla's boss, the division's Vice President came walking into the cubicle area looking for her. Fortunately I was able to clean up, zip up and head him off just seconds before he barreled into the middle of Carla and her boyfriend as they disengaged from some of the sexiest things I have ever witnessed.

Though I was only able to distract the Vice President for just a few moments, Carla was able to get it together enough so he didn't suspect anything. Returning to my cubicle, I was amazed as she carried on a normal conversation with her boss.

After such a close call, I understood her reluctance to attempt another in office escapade and I really didn't expect anything else to happen. After filing our previous encounters, well I guess really observations, away under fun while it lasted, I didn't figure to have much more contact with Carla.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her hand reach over the top of the cubicle and drop a folded piece of paper. Wondering what was happening, I immediately grabbed and unfolded the paper, reading the note inside:


I've missed our little shows. I don't know what it is, but feeling you watching me just... we'll I'm getting wet just thinking about it. Take a peek and see..."

Take a peek? Damn, it was right in the middle of a workday! I leaned forward, carefully pulled the corner trim aside and peeked in the narrow opening between cubicles. She had worn one of those knee length skirts that had a split in them. Well, the skirt was neatly folded open, her legs were spread apart and her pussy seemed to sparkle with moisture.

I immediately picked up the phone and dialed her extension number.

"Hello," she answered in almost a moan.

"Are you crazy? There are people all around us!"

"Yes I know. Isn't it exciting?"

"Exciting? We could... you could get caught," I answered.

"I know, like last time."

"Last time? If I didn't step in last time, you'd have been caught."

"Yes, that's true."

"They'd have fired you!"

"Perhaps, but they didn't catch me, but I do realize you saved me. You know, I never really thanked you for that."


"Peek back through the opening there and I'll see if I can't show you my appreciation."

"Your apprec....?" I looked back between the cubicles and saw her sink two fingers deep into her pussy, slowly withdrawing them. She then moved them, glistening in her wetness, up to her mouth. Slipping them between her lips, she moaned into the phone.

"Do you like that? I mean when I penetrate myself, or do you prefer when I touch my clit... like this," she whispered into the phone as she moved her fingers back between her legs onto her clit. "You like that?"

"Yes," was all I could say.

"Hmm... It feels so good, especially with you watching. Will you tell me something?"

"Of course."

"Are you hard?"

"Oh yes," I replied, moving my hand down to the tent in my pants and gently squeezing myself.

"Did I make you hard?"

"You made me so hard."

"Immmin...," she moaned, her breath now noticeably harder. "Do you want to come while you watch me?'

"Yes, but I... I..., Wait, someone's..." Before I could finish, Carla quickly fixed her skirt back over her lap an turned, bringing her legs together as Angie, one of Carla's administrative assistants, stepped into Carla's cubicle.

I carefully hung up the phone, adjusted my erection and tried to remember what I was doing before... well before Carla distracted me. I moved my mouse to get rid of my screen saver and waited for the password prompt to appear. As I started typing in my password, my phone rang.


"Take a peek now."

I immediately looked back through the opening and saw Carla's pussy, once again beautifully displayed for me. I also noticed something else, Carla wasn't alone!

"Someone's there," I whispered urgently.

"Yes, Angie agreed to be my lookout, isn't that sweet?"


"Yeah, now I can continue without any distraction," she said sliding her fingers slowly up between her lips. I took a deep breath through my nose, wanting desperately to catch a whiff of her fragrance. "Oh yes, this is good, see how I'm touching myself?"

I noticed how she held her clit firmly at the top with her thumb as she took the fingers from her other hand and slid them over the glistening knob. Her fingers then returned to her wet opening, probing it just enough to pick up a bit of lubrication and then returning up to the clit.

"You like being touched like that?" I asked, feeling the ache between my legs.

"Oh yes, if only... well, if only I could reach it with my tongue."

"Yes," I answered, wishing I could reach her with my own tongue. "My tongue," I whispered.

"Your tongue? Yes your tongue on me, here..." she paused, her index finger touching the side of her clit, "and here..." again pausing, this time with a finger pushed deep inside herself. "Oh yes, yes... I'm coming."

Fuck, she came right there, surrounded by co-workers, all busy with their jobs. She came while Angie and I watched her raise her hips, spreading her legs from one corner of her worktop to the other, her fingers pushed deep into her wet cunt.

Shaking, I hung up the phone, adjusted my cock once again, and tried to get back to work. In a few moments I noticed another slip of paper fall onto my desk. Opening up the noted I read:

"Wow, that was incredible. I talked to Angie and she agreed to act as lookout for you next week if you're game. Let me know, I'll be wet and waiting for your reply."

I gently folded up the paper and put it in my shirt pocket. I then carefully replaced the cubicle trim, adjusted my erection once again and began daydreaming about next week.

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