tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 01-02

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 01-02


*These first few chapters don't have much sex if any at all. There will be much to come so please rate and comment. Thank you.*

*Chapter 1*

He could smell his dinner across the parking lot. He had waited all night for this one and his hunger was growing more irritable with each passing moment. If he had a pulse, it would have raced when he saw the figure move from the doorway and exit the building. The slender female stood smelling of lilacs and Kael moved to attack. Suddenly, he froze mid step and a look of horror stole his face's normal handsome features away.

The sudden change left him baffled. The hairs on his neck stood at attention when a new scent filled his head. He took a deep breath and let the scent take over: human, female, and injured. Dried blood, bruises, broken bones and fear filled his head and his already cold heart felt like ice in his chest. There had never been a moment in his four hundred years that he had missed the south's well known heat... until now.

Kael followed the scent to see what could cause such disruption in his feeding. He jumped down from the roof of the building and landed behind the shopping center he frequented for hunting. Walking slowly in his usually determined manner, he rounded a corner and heard a door slam then a car speed off. Not giving the car another thought, Kael went to continue his hunting until a coughing sound coming from where the car had just been caught him off guard.

Cautiously, he walked towards the lump on the ground he hadn't noticed before. He inched towards the 'lump' that he now realized was the cause of the scent that had filled his head. He lifted the tattered blood stained sheet from the girl and gasped at what he saw. In all of his four hundred and some odd years, he'd never seen anything like what he did now.

He took up the girl's small hand in his right and braced himself. A flash, then a feeling of drowning in a whirlpool left Kael standing in a dark room. He felt his hands chained above his head while his feet dangled in the air mere inches above the ground. He looked at his surroundings as images became clearer to him. He hung there in horror as he saw whips, knives of different sorts, chains, and several sexual related items on a table not far from him. It was then that he felt searing pain in places all over his body. He felt something cool running down his face, as well as a few other places, running down his face and running into his mouth. He instantly knew that it was blood, his blood.

He used all of his strength to bring himself back to squatting beside the frail girl, dropping her hand at her side. He looked around to see if anyone had noticed the pair and when there was no one he turned to the girl and lifted her to his chest tenderly. He could tell that she wouldn't make it much longer without help. Her captors knew what they were doing and they nearly succeeded in killing her.

*Chapter 2*

His house was secluded; it was way off the highway and in the woods to where it couldn't be seen. It was a good size, too big for just him but he had hopes of an addition or two in the future. The second floor was floor to ceiling glass walls making the house seem more contemporary than he had liked at first. He climbed the stairs to his front door and sprinted into the house. He ran up the staircase leading to the bedrooms and master bathroom.

He placed the fragile girl on his bed only then taking the time to examine her wounds. He could tell that her left arm was broken and that the cuts on her body needed to be attended to immediately. He ripped off the remaining 'clothing' the girl was wearing exposing the rest of her beaten body. Kael winced when he saw the bruises that covered her, knowing that it would be a long recovery if she even made it through the night.


He steered clear of her mind for fear of being sent back to that terrible place she had been. He used his magic to keep her free from pain and from awakening before her body was ready. He waited for the water to run warm before he carried her to the bathroom and placed her in the tub. He gently washed the dried blood from her body then stripped his own clothes off before climbing in with the girl. With better access, he rid the girl's hair of the filth she had been living in with her captors.

With her body and hair clean, he lifted the girl and dried her off before returning her to his bed. He set her arm and used a splint to help it heal correctly, feeling thankful for studying medicine even with it so long ago. He nursed her wounds with a special medicine he had learned from a medicine man that would seal her wounds and hopefully prevent scarring. Kael sat beside his bed watching her sleep, trying to decide whether or not it was safe to leave her. Fearing of her waking alone, but on the brink of starvation he decided to feed off of his emergency stash.

After sleeping for three days under Kael's influence, her cuts were healed and merely a pink line remained to mark their territory. Kael prepared his home by stocking the cabinets with real food, hiding his dwindling blood supply, and placing fresh linens throughout the house. He knew she would be waking soon and had to prepare her for the shock she was about to receive. He had to tell her, there was no way around it.

Kael walked over to the bed she was sleeping in peacefully. He had grown attached to the young girl after watching her writhe in pain when he first brought her to his home. He took the hand that had taken him to the dreadful place she had been that first night he found her and prepared himself. But this time it was different, he was in control and there was no terror in what surrounded him.

He opened his eyes to what she was dreaming of, finding himself feeling warm and safe. It then hit him where he was, he was sitting in a field bathing in the warmth of the sun, something he hadn't done in over four hundred years. He reveled in the feeling of warmth on his skin when he heard a lazy yawn coming from beside him.

"Where are we?" he asked looking around amazed.

The girl stared at him for a moment then sweetly replied, "We're in the meadow behind my house. Its private property and secluded from everything, there's even a pond just over that hill." She said pointing to the left of them.

She looked at him over her shoulder and lunged at him with the biggest hug her body could muster pinning him to the ground, "I know everything you've done for me and you'll never know just how much it means to me. I don't know many people that would do as much for a friend, let alone a stranger."

Kael stared at the girl as she hugged him; he hadn't felt such warmth in years. It almost hurt when he felt her pull away from their embrace. He cleared his throat and went to introduce himself, "It's really nothing, and it didn't put me out in any way or anything. I'm Kael, what's your name?"

He stared down at the girl and felt his body warm like never before, as if her presence were a space heater made just for him.

"I am Elyah. I owe you my life and then some for saving me. Those men did things that I will never forget and never wish upon another, even my worst enemy. How can I ever repay you?"

She stared at him with dark eyes that seemed to pierce his and demand his gaze. He felt the sorrow in her eyes as she broke their gaze and looked to the ground frowning.

"Kael, I need to tell you something, something horrible. I knew the men who did this to me. I know them very well and... well, I want the strongest revenge there is. I feel terrible for feeling this way, but they deserve it. The things they did to me will always stay with me and that scares me. Every time I close my eyes, I'm going to see the place they took me and I'm going to feel their hands on me. I want them to feel at least a tenth of what they did to me!"

Kael wrapped his large arms around the small girl to stop her shaking, "I'll do whatever you wish Elyah. But you have to promise to stay with me."

Her body froze and she lifted her gaze to the tall man's eyes. "You... you want me to stay with you? What do I have to offer you? I've been mistreated and degraded, what could you ever want with a person that's been as degraded as I have?"

Kael looked at her, frozen with fear of her words filled with hatred for herself and her attackers. He pulled her close in a hug, kissing her forehead and smoothing down her hair.

"Elyah, how can you say that? A woman as beautiful as you, I feel blessed just to be around you which should make you feel special seeing how I'm eternally cursed. I don't even know you, but I would give my life to protect you and I will avenge you no matter what your decision may be."


He felt her heart race as she stared up at the stranger asking her to give him her life. He hoped that she hadn't missed his warning about being eternally cursed as she looked up at him.

"Are you going to tell me what you are? Or are you going to make me choose before?"

He looked to the ground, "I was turned into a vampire when I was 24 years old, but the vampire that turned me was part daemon and she passed it on to me as well. I don't age, I feed on blood like vampires, and I have magical powers as you can tell" he said looking around. "I have super speed and strength along with several other powers that I rarely use."

Elyah stepped back and took the man in. He towered over her at close to seven feet. His hair short and sandy blonde, and his eyes the most beautiful shade of blue she had ever seen. She looked at the arms that held her and felt so small and comfortable.

She grabbed the muscular giant around the waist sobbing, "How badly am I hurt Kael? If I wake up, will I be in a lot of pain? Or will I be able to wake up at all?"

Her cheeks streaked with tears as she sobbed into his chest, muffling her cries that broke his heart. He kept his eyes from her still fearing what her answer would be.

"You will be fine, little one. I've taken care of your cuts and your arm is healing well. You will be in very little discomfort if I can help it."

She looked up at the man and nodded "I'll stay with you on one condition," she paused and took in his expression, "You have to change me. I want to be like you or I'm leaving."

He stumbled back looking at her with a scared expression, "You... want to be like me? Do you have any idea what you are asking me to do? Do you know how much pain you would be in, what you would have to go through and put ME through?" He stumbled back and fell to the ground tripping over his own feet.

"What other choice do I have Kael? My family thinks I'm dead. They actually hope I am. The only reason that I was taken and done this way was so they could give my brother the family business legally."

Her body shook and she fell to her knees as she cried out what her family had done to her. "They have always hated me Kael, I was never wanted. They wanted a boy to take over my father's legacy, to control the company and hold the family name. They wanted me dead so that my brother could take over instead of me, they said it had to be the male heir and that I was nothing to them.

If I go back there, or they even suspect that I'm not dead, they will hunt me down and do worse than what I've already been through. I can't go through that again Kael, please, I'm begging you." She shook with sobs as he lifted her to his chest.

"You're asking something that's extremely horrible to go through, you go through pain that sears through your entire body and doesn't let up for days. Are you sure that you want to do this?" His eyes were pleading with her; he was torn between wanting to spend everyday of eternity with her and with the fear of doing something so horrible to her.

"We must leave here, I need to wake up and really be in your arms. Neither of us can make a decision like this in a dream world."

She looked up and made him let go of her. Stepping back from the tall man, she closed her eyes and disappeared right before his eyes. He followed her lead and left the beautiful meadow fearing it would be the last time he would see such a place. He felt himself float back to reality feeling her hand rest in his.

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