tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 05

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 05


A/N* Hey guys! Sorry for the long time between updates. I've had college finals recently, but now I'm free until January 15th to write! I'm trying a new style of writing so let me know which chapters' style you like better. Rate, comment and continue to enjoy the relationship between Kael and Elyah. *KayVamp*

*Chapter 5*

Elyah's POV

I awoke to two strong arms wrapped tightly around me. I froze, realizing that I was not alone in this strange bed. I looked around the room careful not to wake the owner of the rather large arms. My eyes roamed over a familiar room when finally, my memory came rushing back to me. I was surely in Kael's arms and safer than I had ever been. Memories of last night came flooding back into my head.

~"Oh god, Kael! Please, yes oh god. MMM! I want you so bad Kael, please make me come."~

~"Elyah, be still or you're going to make this end before either of us wants it to..."~

My cheeks burned and I could feel the heat of embarrassment flood them. I looked up to see Kael's sleeping face and noticed just how normal he really looked. Besides his massive height and muscles, he looked like a normal everyday guy. I pushed myself up and placed a soft kiss on his lips waking him.

"Mmm. Good morning little one, did you sleep well?"

Kael was rubbing his eyes as I got up from the bed. I was suddenly aware of the almost pleasing ache all throughout my body.

"Did we really... do... that last night?" I looked away from his naked body knowing I was beet red, but thoroughly enjoying the view. Kael jumped out of the bed and grabbed me in his arms.

"Look at me little one. You don't regret last night do you Elyah? I admit it was a little soon, but nothing has ever felt so right to me and I mean that with everything I am."

I looked up into those ice blue eyes and I could tell instantly he was hurt and worried.

"No, of course I don't. I was just wondering if it was a wonderful dream or real. Oh god Kael, please stop looking so damn sad hun, I mean it."

I felt Kael's arms wrap possessively around me and as he kissed me deeply. He picked me up and carried me towards the bathroom.

"Let's get you into the shower little one. I feel like washing you down."

Kael's POV

By the name of all Gods! How could this one little human make me feel like I'm exploding in all the good ways? I feel like my heart is going to burst through my chest, and when I thought she regretted our romp I felt my entire body sink down. But when she kissed me back I felt like I was human again and that nothing bad had ever happened in my life. I don't really care how she's doing this, but I seriously don't want it to stop. If I don't change her soon, I'm going to end up breaking her with one good romp.

I carried her into my bathroom and pressed her into the wall kissing her while the water warmed up. I felt like a horny teenager and couldn't believe how incredibly attractive I found her. With the water finally warm, I picked up Elyah and walked into my shower. I pulled away from our kiss took take her in as a look of horror stole my passionate expression.

"Kael...? Wha... what's wrong, why are you looking at me like that?" Fear filled Elyah's eyes as I continued to look at her in horror. My eyes roamed her body and the faint glow she was emitting.

"Elyah, you're... you're glowing! You're glowing a faint blue color!" I stepped back to take her all in. I've never seen anything like this on a human before, how could I have missed it last night when I was so close to her?

"Elyah, there's no way you're human." I thought for a minute before asking my next question, careful to word it so I wouldn't scare her anymore than I already had.

"Honey, remember when you were telling me about your childhood and you said something about your family never being able to seriously harm you when you were happy or felt safe?"

She nodded looking me in the eye afraid to move, I wrapped my arms around her tightly and watched as her light strengthened and the color darkened.

"Elyah, I need you to be still and stay relaxed ok? I'm going to try to figure out what's mixed in with you. Don't be scared baby; you should know that I would never hurt you intentionally."

She nodded as she closed her eyes while I wrapped my arms around her. I took a deep breath and my head spun, whatever this new scent is, it's rare and unlike anything I've ever smelled. She smelled fresh and inviting, while a sudden calming feeling washed over me. I knew instantly but needed confirmation before giving her details.

"Let's finish washing up and I'll give an old friend of mine a call and see what he can tell me about this. Don't look at me all scared now; I really don't think anything is wrong it's just that I'd prefer to know what you are. It's just so I can take better care of you Elyah, I swear to you that I don't think anything's wrong."

I slipped out of the shower and demanded that Elyah finish and try to relax. I pulled out my cell phone and scrolled through my contacts. I landed on the one number I knew would be able to help me and answer the thousand questions going through my head. I quickly dialed the number and waited for an answer.

"Kael, it's been too long my good friend. This must be important for you to call me after so long." I sighed; I knew I had neglected my good friend Titus for too long.

"I'm sorry Titus, it's been too long and I'm actually in need of a favor." By all the gods I knew how bad that had sounded.

"Geez Titus, I'm sorry. I know how bad it sounds, but I have an extreme situation over here with a human um... friend of mine and I was hoping you could help me."

I told Titus of what had happened to Elyah and about our encounter in the shower.

"Well, obviously she's not human. I know that's a bit of an understatement Kael, but I can't really be sure without observing her. Is it possible for me to come there?"

"Titus, you know my home is always open to you, you really shouldn't even have to ask. Besides I asked for your help, so it would be awful of me to not have you stay in my home. You're like a brother to me old man; I wouldn't have you stay anywhere else!"

"I'll old man you, you're older than me thank you! I'll be there by the end of the day, make sure she knows of me and what I plan to do so she's comfortable with the idea. I'll be leaving in a few hours, I'll see you then."

With that I hung up the phone just in time to see Elyah's naked body walking towards me with her glow a pinkish color now. Her small hand began running up and down my chest while working the button on my jeans with the other hand. I dropped my phone and wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her small body to me while I carried her to the bed. I ran my hands down her body as I licked her nipple feeling it harden beneath my touch. I ran my hand down between her legs and felt her warm wet folds begging for my touch. I slid a finger inside her and felt her body tense as she started moaning into my kiss.

I started pumping my hand into her and kissed her harder. Her body writhed beneath my touch as she screamed out for me to fill her body. I kissed down her body while lining myself up with her tight entry. I filled her with one swift movement and paused to let her adjust to me. I lifted her and rolled over on the bed making her straddle me. She road me hard, scratching my chest and shoulders. My hands roamed over her breasts and found their way to her hips. I squeezed her hips and ground her into my lap causing both of us to yell out in ecstasy. My body tightened as I came deep inside her womb and felt her collapse on top of me.

I held Elyah close while she slept on my chest. I was too worried to sleep; Titus couldn't get here soon enough for me. There is no way that she's what I'm thinking... although, it could help out our situation a little.

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